Brianna: Bri’s First Day of School

Jayna and Bri are into initiating the new kid on the soccer team.  The prank is going so well… until… well, it doesn’t.


It was the first day of my junior year and it was already hectic! My brother had ironed the wrong skirt to wear to school so I had to go and iron one by myself, which took entirely too long, and then I couldn’t find my tie and I almost just went to school without it. But, it was hidden under my backpack and I wished desperately that I had searched there before I got all irritated. Did I mention that I decided a private school would be better than my old school? Of course, all the uniform preparation made me wonder if it really was a better choice.

At any rate, I had decided to go to Addington Academy to be with Jayna and a few of her soccer friends that I had met over the summer. I was ecstatic that I was finally going for a change in schools and I would be on the soccer team which already kicked ass. In fact, after I tried out for the team, I would be going to the school on a scholarship for soccer, so Terrence wouldn’t have to pay tuition. He was pissed about having to pay it in the first place, and he was more pissed when I told him that I wanted to go back for my last two years of high school. But, I promised to keep my grades up and do soccer so I could get a scholarship, and after the first semester, if things seemed okay, I could finish school there.

So anyway, I was headed off to school not so bright and very early in the morning on a Tuesday. The overcast sky promised rain, but I wasn’t really concerned with that. I was concerned with how I was going to make it to school being so sleepy.

Fortunately, I made it there in one piece, exactly seven minutes late to my homeroom class. It was a lot different than my old school was with running things on the first day of school. Since it was so small, all of the junior girls had the same homeroom class which was American History. It was weird because all of the teachers were the same for the middle and high schools, they just taught at different times. And the elective was held during sixth period for all students, and it was their extracurricular activity, which for me was soccer. There were no other electives and all grades took gym, and that also meant that I was in for a packed year my senior year… filled with physics and advanced math, two classes I didn’t want to take at all. But, it was something I’d have to deal with if I wanted to be on the best soccer team in the state.

“Have a seat, Miss Carter,” Mrs. Jacobson said. She had never really liked me that much, thinking that I was a troublemaker who would end up in jail before I was twenty. She was partly right, I must say… I had been as close as one could get to being arrested without actually going to jail. I took a seat next to Jayna, who grinned. The teacher rambled on and on about what types of things we’d be learning this year, but neither Jayna nor I paid much attention; I was trying to explain my morning to her without the teacher seeing us. It didn’t work. Every time the teacher looked over my way, I happened to be explaining my situation, and she stopped talking and stared at me until I realized that I was once again disrupting the class and slid down in my seat. After this happened a couple of times, she exasperatedly ordered me to move to the other side of the room. I could tell that I had already started the year off on the wrong foot and that was bad. At my old school I refrained as much as possible from doing that. But this teacher already knew me and already had her opinion, and I figured I couldn’t change it so might as well fuck off on the first day, so that’s what I did.

Jayna and I went through our schedule slowly, already knowing most of the stuff that was going to happen, and since the teachers knew that, some began their lessons while others just let us goof off the rest of the class period. And FINALLY sixth period came which was my soccer class and I ecstatically ran down the stairs with Jayna and out of the doors to the soccer field. The team wasn’t too big and I knew most of the people, except for the people who were new on the team. There were four new girls, two freshman named Lynn and Kandace, a sophomore named Anastasia, and an eighth grader named Julie. The only one that really counted as a new player was the sophomore because the other three had been on the junior high team. The eighth grader was just good enough to be on the varsity team, so that’s why she was with us.

The coach prep talked us and handed us a schedule of the games we would be playing. Included on the schedule were an all-state tryout date and the date for state championships. Also there was a trip to Chicago where we would go and compete nationally. I told you that we were the best soccer team in the state!

After the prep talk and the discussing of the schedule, the coach basically let us do whatever we wanted. She sat back and we all stood in three groups; the two freshmen hung out with some sophomores, the other sophomores hung out with Jayna and me, and the seniors hung out together. Anastasia happened to be in our group of about five people.

“Welcome to the team, Anastasia,” Jayna said, shaking the girl’s hand. She just smiled slightly and shook hands back, not really saying much, probably because she was too shy.

“I’m Brianna,” I said. “Did you go here last year?” I noticed that she looked oddly familiar and I wondered why, but didn’t ask.

“Yeah,” she murmured, “unfortunately.”

“Hey, Bri, we should initiate her into the team,” Jayna said.

“Yeahhh!” I said, taking the two girls off from the group while they chatted with the seniors. “So Anastasia… since you’re new to the team, we have a little initiation worked out for you.”

“Oh, really,” she said, raising her eyebrows.

“Yeah. You gotta go pull the fire alarm inside the gym.”

She shook her head while smiling. “Come on, do you want me to get kicked out of school like you did?”

I glanced at Jayna. “No initiation,” she said, “no playing on the field.”

Anastasia sighed. “This is the most pathetic initiation I’ve ever heard of. What happened to the paddlings that they used to give!” she said, laughing a little.

I gave an uneasy giggle as Anastasia walked towards the building. Naturally, Jayna and I followed her, creeping slowly along the grass to make sure that nobody would notice our sudden departure. We finally reached the door and the three of us stood next to it.

“Well, go ahead,” I told her.

She shrugged and slipped through the door. Jayna stayed on guard and I peeked inside to watch. It happened in slow motion, like you see in the movies. She ran towards the alarm, pulled it down, ran towards the two of us, and we all went as fast as our legs could carry us until I tripped and landed flat on my face. Jayna kept running but Anastasia noticed that I disappeared and turned around. Next thing I know, she’s pulling me to my feet with all of her fifteen year old strength and I’m standing again and we’re running and then… a hand falls down on my shoulder.

“Girls! What is going on!” I hear. I gulped loudly and turned around to see my math teacher, Mr. Qualls. He stared down at us with supreme disappointment.

“We were coming back from the bathroom when we heard the alarm and we got scared and thought it was a fire!” Anastasia blurted out, blue eyes filled with worry.

“Yeah!” I yelled to him. “We were scared that the gym was on fire!” By now the whole school was outside standing in a line, looking anxiously around to see what was going on.

“I think you two’d better visit Mrs. Jamison,” he commanded, then basically pushed us the whole way to her office.

I listened as he explained everything that he saw, and glanced at Anastasia periodically to see what was going on with her. She couldn’t be nearly as scared as me! When Terrence found out how much trouble I had gotten in on my first day of school he would definitely flip out and I wouldn’t be able to sit for a while.

“Girls,” Mrs. Jamison began, sitting behind her massive desk staring at Anastasia and me because Mr. Qualls was already gone. We were just standing there dumbly, unsure of what to do. “Which of you pulled the fire alarm?”

“I did!” we both answered simultaneously.

“Very well then. I must contact each of your parents to pick you up this afternoon and you will both receive a weeks worth of detention.”

“Please ma’am! Do you really have to contact my brother?” I said in a whiney voice.

“Yes, Miss Carter, I do. Pulling the fire alarm is a serious offense and cannot be taken lightly. You are lucky that I’m letting the two of you get off this easily! You may sit outside my office in those chairs and wait for your guardians.”

I hung my head as my heart thumped inside my chest, already knowing how badly Terrence would take this. He had gotten called into my school too many times and I desperately wished that he didn’t have to be called this time…

“Hey, you didn’t have to stick up for me in there,” Anastasia said when I plopped into the seat outside of Mrs. Jamison’s office.

“No prob,” I answered, holding my head in my hands.

“I mean… my parents are out of town… they’re always out of town… and I’m not worried about it ’cause she’ll call and find they’re not home then get over it and everything…”

I nodded. “My brother’s going to kill me.”

“Are your parents always out of town, too?”

“I guess you could call it that… if heaven is out of town.”

There was a pause. “Oh…” she whispered. “I’m sorry about that…”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. It happened four years ago and I’m almost over it… it’s still kind of hard… but, I manage.” I looked up at her and she nodded.

“Yeah… my parents are always gone… my brother looks over me more than they do.”

I felt like I was in a book… The Outsiders or Tex… We were a couple of characters from S. E. Hinton’s imagination… it was like Ponyboy meeting Tex. If you haven’t read the books, you have no idea what I mean… but Ponyboy was raised by his oldest brother because his parents died, just like mine did…and Tex was raised by his older brother because his dad was never around. I loved S. E. Hinton… I read every book she ever published… at least three times each!

“How old’s your brother?” I asked, but she never got a chance to answer because before I knew it, Ashton was walking down the hallway… Ashton, the cute guy who I met last year. He was sooo hot and I wanted to tackle him right there in front of Mrs. Jamison’s office. That is, until he looked down at Anastasia.

“YOU pulled the fire alarm!” he nearly shouted. “I can’t believe this! It’s only the first day of school and you’re already getting yourself in trouble…”

“Wait a minute… they got you to come up here…?”

“Yeah they got me to come up here… the secretary said that Mrs. Jamison wanted to have a conference with me.”

I heard her gulp and then I gulped myself. She was in for it as much as I was… or that’s what it looked like at least. That made me worry more and more about what Terrence would do.

He was still carrying on a little when I finally felt him slide down in the chair next to Anastasia. Then, there was silence. And after a couple of minutes of that peaceful silence, it was broken by a large figure walking angrily down the hallway. Bet ya can’t guess who it was? Yep, Terrence.

“Brianna Nicole Carter!” he yelled, in an instant towering over me and making me blush furiously because I knew that Anastasia and Ashton were watching me… and I had the hugest crush on Ashton and I didn’t want him to see me getting yelled at like a four year old by my older brother. I was prepared for the yelling, but it didn’t come, which was odd… but uh, I wasn’t going to complain. I think he was just too furious with me to express his anger. Like I said, I’m not complaining.

The awkward silence only lasted for a couple of seconds because I guess Mrs. Jamison realized after she heard two angry guys that both of our responsible parties were there. She ushered us into her office and the guys sat while we stood next to her desk, shifting uncomfortably. I wondered if Anastasia was spanked by her older brother like I was…

“Hello, Mr. Carter, Ashton…” Mrs. Jamison began, seating herself and making sure that she was sitting up straight. I could tell by the way that Ashton slumped in the seat that he’d been sent to the principal’s office a few times himself. Terrence, on the other hand, was on the edge of his chair. It felt so weird and surreal to me, almost like a dream. At the time I wished that it was a dream. How could it have been that we were caught? It was entirely my fault. “Seems as if we have a… situation with the girls today.” Seems to me as if this woman is a complete nut. I must say, I took a liking to Mr. Vaughn much more than I did to this woman. At least Mr. Vaughn was friendly and not all anal retentive and stuff. “The fire alarm was pulled and both girls admitted to being the culprit.” It was like she was trying to sound smart, but it wasn’t working. “Since it is only the first day of school, and neither girl has been here that long… I am only giving them a weeks worth of detention. But,” she began, eyeing us. I gave her an evil look which I hoped Terrence didn’t catch. “If I ever catch either of you doing something as serious as this again, you will both be suspended for no less than three days.” Whoop-te-doo. I couldn’t STAND this woman. She looked back at our brothers and started rambling on to them about the safety of the school and a lot of other bullshit that neither of them cared about.

Anastasia and I looked at each other and suppressed a grin. Even though I was in deep shit when I got home, at least I wasn’t in it alone… and at least something good came out of it… a new friend. wink wink I know, I’m such a cornball.

Terrence didn’t speak to me until we got home, and once we did, he took it upon himself to do more than speak. He yelled. “It’s the first day of school and you’re already getting yourself into trouble! You’d think after getting expelled and arrested you would learn not to do stupid stuff.” With that he pulled me over his lap and flipped my skirt up.

Of course, out of habit, I struggled. “Wait!” I yelled. “I can explain!”

“There’s no explaining to do, young lady. Mrs. Jamison did all of the explaining that I want to hear.” He tugged my panties down to my knees and I kicked furiously.

“Pleaseeeeeee, Terrence…”

He rested his hand on my bottom. “Why should I not spank you, Brianna?”

I thought for a minute. “Because I’m sorry?”

“You’re ALWAYS sorry and I’m sick of it. I’m not going to allow you to get yourself expelled from another school.”

“But, I won’t!” I begged, struggling.


“OWWWWWW!!” The spank took me by surprise, but I didn’t let up on my squirming. “Terrence please! We were just having fun!”

SMACK SMACK SMACK!!! “I’ll show you fun,” he said. If I weren’t over his knee, that would have been funny.

I felt the warmth on my bottom as I grabbed hold of the couch cushions and kicked my legs. He landed more rapid spanks on my small bare bottom and I howled in pain. “Terrenceeeeeee I’m sorryyyyy,” I begged in a whining voice. He definitely wasn’t showing any type of mercy whatsoever.

“Brianna,” he began, still spanking me, “You are NOT going to get yourself into as much trouble this year as you did last year and I’m going to make sure of that.” SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK!!!!

“Owwwwwieeeeeeeeee… I won’t I won’t. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again!”

My pleas were of no use. He kept his pace until I was kicking and screaming and crying. Finally, he picked me up and stood me in front of him. “Brianna, believe me, this is nothing compared to what you’re going to get if you get into any more trouble at school this year, do you understand me? I am not going to put up with it this year. If I ever, and I mean EVER, get called to the school for some type of trouble you’ve gotten into, I’m going to make sure that you won’t be able to sit for a week. Understand?”

“Yes, Terrence,” I answered, wiping the tears from my eyes and looking down at the floor.

“Go to your room.”

I nodded and hobbled off towards my room, rubbing my bottom. He was right… he did go easy on me for getting in trouble on the first day of school. I decided to lie on my stomach with my face buried into the pillow and just stay like that until dinner. Meanwhile, I hoped that Anastasia was okay and that Terrence wasn’t as pissed at me as he sounded.

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