Brianna: State Championships

Time for state championships and the soccer team heads south to face the best teams in the state.  On the bus trip back home, a game of Truth or Dare ends badly.


State championships… ah what a joy. Anastasia and I were so anxious to get on the field and feel that rush again… it was hard to wait a whole month! We trained hard the whole month, scoring as many goals as we could, defending as many goals as we could, running until we collapsed. It was great. A month is no time when you’re training, but a month lasts forever when you’re excited about something. You’d think that they would cancel each other out, but they didn’t. So we worked hard and trained and got giddy about the competition. The cool thing was that the coach was no longer mad at me for fighting. She just made me promise that I would not try any of that stuff at the state championships or I’d be kicked off the team for good. I told her not to worry, I’d learned my lesson.

When the week of the championships came around, we had so much adrenaline that we could run twice as long without collapsing and we could do tons more exercises. Our coach made sure that we ate fruit for breakfast every morning by calling us, and if we said that we didn’t have any, she’d bring an apple up to school for us to eat. It was pretty cool, being on a team like this, especially with all of the praise we got.

An even cooler thing was that the boys’ soccer team was going to Baton Rouge with us. They were travelling in a separate bus, but we were all going to be in the same hotel so we could all go swimming after we won the championships. We had another scrimmage that Wednesday for the school to see, and obviously, the boys had stepped it up a bit, ’cause we tied this time. I guess that couldn’t be a bad thing, ’cause we were both extremely good teams, and the boys were supposed to be stronger and faster than us, so at least they would win the championship.

That Thursday, we went through half of the school day, having our pep rally during 4th and 5th period, then leaving right afterwards with the gym cheering and clapping us on. We had people make a little tunnel for us and as each person went through everyone slapped them on the back, wishing them luck at the game. We came out of there really feeling like the toughest shit in the world, and knowing that if we didn’t win the state championships, the people who did were good enough to be professionals.

We had a five hour long bus ride ahead of us. I’d been to Baton Rouge only once before on a school trip for this gifted class I was in. Yeah, when I was in fifth grade I was gifted. Lucky me. Of course, a five hour long bus ride can’t be that boring when you’re sitting in the back by the window with your best friends surrounding you. We all gossiped and played the mafia game where everyone gets a card and that decides whether your the mafia or not, and then the mafia wakes up and kills someone. It was a really spiffy game, seeing as we were all immature. Later on the bus ride, we begged the coach to let us share the next bus ride with the boys. But, she wouldn’t let us, which sucked. So, we decided to tell stories about bad work experiences or bad school experiences. Everyone wanted to know if I really got kicked out of school or if it was just a rumor. So, I had to set them straight and let ’em know that it was true, but not a cool thing at all and I’d never even get near any weed again.

We finally arrived in the lovely city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I really hated the Deep South because it was filled with people who talked weirder than me and it was always hot down there. I do admit, though, that it was slightly bigger than Shreveport. I wished that our state championships were in New Orleans. From what I’ve heard, that’s a much better city than Baton Rouge. But the championships weren’t there, so I had to be content with what I had.

We stayed in a nice hotel, one that towered over us as if it were a skyscraper or something. I threw my suitcase over my shoulder and grabbed my soccer bag, then followed the coach inside where she handed us each our keys and told us that we were having a special dinner at a nice restaurant in an hour, to get dressed in decent clothes and meet her downstairs at 6:30. We all nodded in agreement and I decided to walk up the stairs since the other kids wanted to ride the elevator, and I could probably use the extra exercise. I did not, however, beat Anastasia and Jayna to our room because they were the first to get on the elevator. Lucky them.

The room was spectacular. It was fairly large with a refrigerator and a couch and two different TVs and two double beds with a lamp beside each one. I claimed the bed closest to the wall, and Anastasia claimed it about the same time, so the other two were stuck sleeping next to the couch. I decided to go ahead and change into my skirt and long sleeved shirt, so I’d look halfway nice for the dinner, and then I brushed my hair and stuff. The others were still going through their things, putting them into the drawers and stuff, but I figured that was pointless since we were only going to be there for two days. I watched Friends until they decided they were ready to go, and I turned the TV off and followed them downstairs to the lobby. There were a few groups of people scattered around everywhere, and we headed towards the one that consisted of Ashton and some of the girls from our team and another boy or two. I grinned as I saw Ashton.

“Well, you’re looking nice today,” a boy said, smiling at me.

I blushed. “Thanks.”

“Oh geeze,” Jayna said. “Get a room.” She rolled her eyes and I blushed more and laughed uncomfortably.

I was glad that the coach came into the room and began talking before I had to reply to Jayna’s statement. “Okay everyone!” she yelled over the crowd. “Listen up. You can choose which bus you’re on for tonight, but that means we’re not going to be checking the roll, so if you miss the bus, you’re walking back to the hotel.”

I giggled, still feeling uncomfortable. I felt the boy’s hand on my shoulder and it made me a little nervous, but didn’t bother me. I mean, there wasn’t a chance of me and Ashton, so maybe this guy, who was cute, might I add, was a potential boyfriend.

We were all dismissed from the hotel and got on the ugly yellow school busses. This time, for some reason, I ended up sitting in the back next to Ashton. That was totally weird for me because, uh, I figured that Anastasia would snatch the seat up before anyone else. But hey, I wasn’t complaining. We just sat back there giggling about dumb things that either Anastasia or I had done, and Ana joined in, along with the guy who was sitting next to her, and it was loads of fun. I wished so desperately that Ashton was single and interested in me. Or at least interested in me. But, I knew I’d always be like a little sister to him and I just sighed, wishing that things didn’t always happen the way they did.

“What about at that one game, Bri? The time that you were going to kick the ball, but instead you slipped and fell flat on your ass! Remember that?” Anastasia said, laughing hysterically.

I glared at her and opened my mouth to say something, but was interrupted by the dumb coach talking again and telling us to follow her inside because she had reservations.

Dinner was uneventful. We, uh, ate. I guess that’s what most people do at dinner. The coaches pep-talked the team and congratulated everyone for making it that far then proposed a toast to our winning the next day. I had steak that night, steak and a baked potato and a chocolate fudge brownie ice cream thing for dessert. It was sooooo yummy and I knew I wouldn’t forget that night for the rest of my life.

After we got back to the hotel, everyone scattered, ignoring the coaches that yelled at us to be back in our rooms by eleven. I didn’t figure anyone would be back, but it didn’t matter to me. I had my heart set on going swimming with Anastasia and Jayna and Ashton and his friend Trey and a few other people from the soccer teams. I quickly ran up the stairs to my room, racing with Anastasia who also decided to run up the stairs, and I beat her by a couple of steps, only ’cause I had already been up the stairs before and she hadn’t.

I inserted the key into the lock and we raced inside, seeing that Jayna was once again, already there, and already changed into her suit.

“What took you so long?”

“Stairs!” Anastasia exclaimed, grinning.

Jayna rolled her eyes at us. “Well, hurry up and change! I’ve got my eye on this Trey kid and I want to get down there and see him!”

I grinned then I changed into my swim suit, put some shorts on over it, and we walked downstairs to the indoor pool and jumped in.

Friday morning, we were awakened bright and early by the loud ringing of a wake up call from our coach. She told us to be dressed in some workout clothes, then to come to the lobby, using the stairs, and be there in five minutes. I groaned, but dressed myself quickly because Jayna and Stacie said that she timed us. I thought that was weird. None the less, we dressed hurriedly, then left our room, practically running down the hall and meeting some of our teammates on the way to the stairs, then we ran down the stairs and made it to the lobby where nearly everyone else was already sitting. “A minute late, girls. That’s two extra laps today.”

My mouth dropped. Two extra laps? I didn’t complain, though, just followed everyone to the continental breakfast and ate some cheerios, without sugar, a banana, and a glass of orange juice. Everyone had to have at least one fruit and either a glass of orange juice or milk. Then we got on the bus and we went to an open field, where we filed out, single file, onto the field. First she had us doing push-ups, then sit-ups, and then we did these other exercises, then we ran. We all ran a mile, and then those of us who were late had to run two extra laps, and some other girls had to run another mile. Finally, we were able to sit down in the grass. Everything had happened in such a hurry that I had no idea what time it was.

“Good work, girls.” She looked towards Anastasia and me. “I know this is new to some of you, but in order for us to be the best, we have to be ready for anything. We have to be able to work fast and think fast. This morning we’re going to practice thinking fast, making quick decisions. We’re going to exercise our minds as well as our bodies.”

I raised my eyebrows to Anastasia who just kind of shrugged.

“We’re also going to learn the importance of teamwork and communication.” She paused. “All right everyone, on your feet!” We all stood simultaneously. First, we did some easy stuff, passing the soccer ball to one another in a big circle and not letting it exit the circle. Then we did a three legged race, and added another player on until the entire team could run to the finish line without falling. That’s what you call strenuous. Then, we had to get in a tight circle and all sit down at the same time, which is more confusing than you’d think. We had to sit down on each others’ legs and not fall. On our last mission, we split up into two teams and each had a certain type of disability, but we couldn’t talk to each other and let them know what it was. Some of us were blind, others could not walk, and others couldn’t see or talk. We had to try and beat the other team over to the finish line, but we had to work as a team to do it. It was pretty challenging, to say the least. Finally, after doing tons of different missions, we all sat in a circle with our water bottles, drinking a little and not talking. She ordered us all to sit Indian-style and close our eyes, to breathe deep breaths. I felt like I was in a fourth grade gym class… or even a psychologist’s office. She told us to clear our minds and think about nothing, not think about the game and not think about any of the noises. She told us to relax our bodies. After I finally got myself entirely relaxed and stress-free, I felt great. We stayed like that for a few minutes and then she told us to open our eyes and everyone looked different, better.

“You girls are the greatest team that our school has ever seen. I know that we can win the championships.” We all smiled equally as big and then we did that circle thing again where we all put our hands in the middle, chant then exclaim loudly how we’re going to win. “Girls, when we get back to the hotel room, I want you all to take your showers and rest until I call you for practice again.” We all nodded. “See you this afternoon.”

We ran to the bus and I took my normal seat next to Anastasia. “That was interesting,” I said.

“Yeah, sure was,” she answered. “I feel great now. I feel our team growing stronger and stronger. We’re definitely going to win.”

I grinned and nodded. I had the same feeling that she did about winning. I didn’t doubt it at all.

It’s hard when you have four stinky girls in the same room who all want a shower. We almost had to draw straws to see who’d go first, and not ’cause we were all racing. We actually all offered for someone else to take a shower until finally Jayna stood up and said that she would go, and we’d have to decide amongst ourselves who would go next.

Everything in the room was mellow and calm. The three of us lay on our beds and breathed deeply, freeing our minds and mentally preparing for the game. It was physically and mentally hard to play a state soccer game. You had to deal with a lot of stress and tons of running and playing. By the end of the night, we’d be so worn out. But, we knew we could do it. We’d been preparing for this all year.

After showering and changing into our uniforms, we all hugged each other and wished a good game, then headed down the stairs. I tried my hardest to keep breathing and not get too nervous. It was only noon and I still had a full day ahead of me. The coach gave us all fruit for lunch… surprise. Finally, we all got on the bus. It seemed so quiet… everyone was nervous about the game and nobody was talking, except the team captain… but nobody was talking to her so she was kind of… you know, talking to herself.

We pulled up to the massive stadium. There were tons of different fields where some teams had already started playing. Our first game was scheduled for one o’clock. “All right, team,” the team captain began. “You’re all going to do great. Just go in there and pretend like it’s a regular home game and everyone’s cheering for you. If you just work hard and do all the stuff we’ve practiced, everything should go by smoothly.”

We all nodded and then we yelled and chanted with excitement that we were going to kick ass and win for sure, then we marched off of the bus and onto the field. We did some warming up, kicking the ball into the goal, passing to one another, and, of course, our exercises. And by the time we had finished with all of that stuff, we were all psyched up and ready to go. I felt like I was just having a scrimmage against the guys, even if the other team was full of girls. I guess everyone else felt that way, too, ’cause we definitely won like it was something we did every day. I guess we DID do it everyday.

Anyway, to make a long story shorter, we won all of the games that we played on Friday. By the end of the night, it was 9pm and we were exhausted and aching and everything, but we had high spirits because we won the games and we’d be competing the next day for the state cup, and we weren’t worried at all. We even went out for ice cream after the games, although we were all hot, sweaty, and tired from the games. But we wanted to celebrate our victories. We got back to the hotel about 10. The coach announced that since the game wasn’t until late in the evening, we wouldn’t have to get up at any certain time, but we’d be due downstairs by one. Which really meant that we had to get up by noon.

On the way back to our rooms, Anastasia and I were walking down the hallway and we spotted Ashton getting a coke out of the machine in his adorable PJ pants and a white undershirt. I mentally giggled, then Ana snuck up behind him and began tickling his tummy. He giggled hysterically and tried to make her stop and finally began tickling her himself. “How’d you do?!!! How’d you do!?!?” he asked giddily. I could tell that THEY had won.

“We won!!!” Ana said ecstatically.

“YAY!” He began jumping up and down and hugging us. I tried to pull away because I was so sweaty and smelly, but he wouldn’t let me. “I was going to come by the room in a few minutes and see if you guys won. I saw some of the game, and you looked like you were playing awesome.” He paused then looked at me. “Oh, and I saw Terrence.”

“Yeah, he decided to come down but promised that he wouldn’t bug me,” I said, laughing.

He laughed, too. “Imagine how Anastasia feels…” he said, putting her in a headlock. “ I’m EVERYWHERE she goes, mwahahaha.”

She struggled then punched him in the stomach and he let go, still grinning.

“So’d you guys win?” Anastasia asked.


She gave him a high five. “Very awesome,” she said, then looked at me, probably reading my thoughts about how sexy Ashton looked in those PJ pants and the white undershirt. We stood there for a minute in this awkward silence and Ana finally spoke up. “Well, we need to get a shower ’cause we smell bad!”

He smiled. “Okay. Have fun. See you guys tomorrow.”

I smiled back. “Later, Ashton.”

I walked on clouds back to my room. Everything seemed so unreal… I had managed to make it to the state championships and obsess over Ashton all in the same day. This was so great!

The next morning we woke a little after ten. I was the second awake, the first being Anastasia who turned on the TV quietly, but it ended up waking me anyway. We talked softly for a little while until the other two woke up and we decided to get some breakfast, probably fruit, but maybe something decent while we were at it. So we walked to Burger King which was across the street and ordered some crossainwiches and then drank some orange juice so we could get our daily dose of vitamins. We replayed the games in our heads and laughed and talked loudly until we finished stuffing our faces and headed back to the hotel to rest up for a little while. We met downstairs at one and went to our field and did some exercises and passed the ball around, then just tried to close our minds to the nervousness that we all felt. It was an overcast day, the perfect weather to play soccer. I just hoped it didn’t rain until after we played, because it would suck to try to play the state championships in the mud.

We went back to the room and took a shower and got all cleaned up then met downstairs where the guys were and they were ecstatic about their game ’cause they had seen the opposing team play before and knew how much they sucked. The coach told us that we were going to watch some of the guys’ game, but between the second and third quarter, we’d go so we could warm up for our game.

We could pretty much tell the outcome of the game by the first quarter after four goals had been scored against the other team. We were so ecstatic and not even nervous anymore because we knew that we could win.

Of course, as the game began and the other team was on the field, we found out that the challenge was more than we imagined. The team was really good and had an awesome defense, and nobody scored a goal until the second quarter when somehow I managed to slip past the defense. The goalie wasn’t that good… maybe that’s why they had such a great defense. But, after the first goal, we were more pumped than ever and Jayna scored another, then I scored another, then the team captain scored one. It’s scary when I score more than the team captain. Anyway, the other team tried to keep the ball on the other side of the field, but it was hard since we had six really strong girls keeping it away from there. They scored a point, earned a foul that gave us a free kick and we scored that point, and in the fourth quarter we scored one more point to leave us winning 6-1. It took a minute for reality to hit that we had won and that the stadium was cheering for us and this rush of excitement came over me and I jumped up and all of a sudden, nine other girls hit me, then the rest of the team who was sitting on the bench. I was in the middle of a huge crowd of people and everyone was screaming with excitement, then the coach walked over with this huge trophy and we bombarded her and everyone put their hands on the trophy and I could feel our picture being taken by the local newspaper and I was so ecstatic that I almost passed out with excitement. Then the boys’ team ran on field, then everyone from the school ran on field and we were heroes!

After a while, all the hero stuff does get kind of old. After about ten minutes of being excited and stuff, we began to get so exhausted that we’d just collapse onto the ground and lie there. I think I was the third one to do it, right after Jayna. I could have just fallen asleep right there on the grass and slept forever. But they wouldn’t let me. They were dragging me up and shoving me towards the bus and yelling in my ears. Ashton came to congratulate us and then Terrence did and said that he never saw me play that well in my life. I just grinned widely and hugged him and was so glad that he loved me that much, ’cause I don’t know what I’d have done without him. He patted me on the back then said that he’d meet me at the school, then I nodded and somehow I got the trophy in my hand and we all ran to the bus like a couple of elementary school kids. It was great.

Anyway, so on the bus, we were having our own little party in the backseat with all the juniors and seniors and Anastasia. Somehow the idea of truth or dare got brought up. And before we knew it, we were being all loud and obnoxious and daring each other to kiss and flash passing cars and asking people their deepest darkest secrets. And then it was my turn.

I thought of my options. Pick truth and risk everyone knowing about my punishments at home, or pick dare and do something totally stupid that all the other girls had already done. Clearly, it wasn’t a hard decision.

“Dare!” I exclaimed.

The girls gave each other a high five and explained that it was MY turn to flash the next car that passed. I nodded, not worried about this at all ’cause it was dark and wasn’t like anyone could see my boobs anyway. I remember in fifth grade how we used to flash people, like we HAD anything to show. Anyway.

So we all saw the car coming up, just a normal car with a man inside, probably travelling back from visiting his grandchildren or something. I felt bad doing this to an old man, but hey, who really cares! We were just having fun. So everyone was cheering me on and I waited for the car to edge up to the back of the bus, then I lifted my shirt and my bra and waved my chest around proudly. The man looked up at me and I was surprised he didn’t wreck with the look he had on his face. My friends who saw it laughed and gave me a high five exclaiming to the others the look that the man had on his face. We all giggled and laughed hysterically until we saw flashing lights behind us. Then, we just kind of stopped and looked back. Um… were we speeding?

Next thing I knew, the bus was pulling over and this old man was stepping on the bus and explaining to the coach that a student in the backseat of the bus was exposing body parts out the window and that was a serious offense in the court of law. I slid down in my seat and was thankful for the darkness because I was blushing so badly. Everyone was turning around to look at me and I felt so humiliated. The coach apologized for my behavior and assured the man that this would be taken care of. I took it upon myself to apologize as well, then he stepped off the bus.

“Brianna, up to the front of the bus,” the coach yelled. I gulped and stood up, moving towards the front of the bus and Anastasia patted me on the back trying to reassure me that everything would be okay. I made it to the front seat and the coach stood up and told me to sit in her seat. And I sat in the front of the bus next to the coach like I was a five year old who couldn’t handle sitting next to the other kids. “I don’t think that your brother will be too happy about this,” she murmured. I sank down in my seat. Terrence definitely DIDN’T need to know about this…

Of course, he found out. The minute we got off the bus and I saw Terrence I tried to rush him out of there, but it was too late. The coach was calling his name and asking to speak with him for a minute. She explained to him that I flashed an unmarked police car and that he had pulled the bus over and considered arresting me. That was the last thing I needed, getting arrested again. Terrence just glared at me every couple of seconds and I kept my eyes focused on the ground beneath me. Finally, she shut up and Terrence practically shoved me to the car. I plopped down in the seat and looked out the window where Anastasia and Ashton were standing and I waved goodbye to them, like I was being sentenced to ten years in jail or something and they waved back and I felt so stupid for having flashed a cop car out of all of the things I could have flashed…

“What the hell were you thinking?!” Terrence yelled, slamming the keys into the ignition and turning them angrily then backing out of the parking lot.

“Uhmmm… well, we were playing truth or dare and…”

“What if he would have taken you off the bus and arrested you?!” he interrupted. “What if he would have been some old man perv who followed you to the school then kidnapped you and raped you!” His ideas were a little farfetched. “And don’t give me that look, Brianna Nicole, because you know that something like that could very well happen.” I tried not to roll my eyes. “Well, we’re going to have a long talk about this when we get home,” he concluded.

Then I protested. “But it’s not fair!” I said, slamming my fist down on the console. “I’m the only girl my age that still gets spanked! I’m too old for that!”

He looked at me. “Brianna, you are never too old to get spanked and as long as you are under my roof, you will follow my rules and my punishments, do you understand me?”

I almost started crying. I didn’t want a spanking. I honestly didn’t think that I actually deserved one… “Yes, sir,” I muttered. A tear slipped down my cheek.

“Bri… I know you don’t understand, but someday you will.”

I just wiped the tear away and ignored him. Right then the only thing I was concerned about was my bottom.

We pulled into the driveway and I walked slowly towards the door, pacing myself for what was ahead. We finally got inside and Terrence shut the door behind us, locked the door, then took his jacket off. He sat down on the couch. “Come here,” he said sternly.

I shuffled to his side.

“Brianna, you’re only 16 years old, and you know that older men will try and take advantage of you, especially if you give them incentive.”

I nodded.

“If that guy would have been some pedophile creep, he might not have kidnapped you tonight, but he could have stalked you and eventually gotten around to it. And I don’t want that happening to you. Your my little sister and I care about you too much to let you find yourself in that kind of situation, okay?”

“Okay,” I said quietly, staring at the floor. He lifted my chin and made me look into his eyes. He looked so worried about me. I let another tear slip down my cheek, this time because I felt bad ’cause Terrence was the only person who cared about me and time after time I let him down. “I’m sorry,” I muttered then hugged him tightly and pulled my pants down to my knees then lay myself across his lap. I felt him tug my panties down and I just closed my eyes and tried to breathe deeply.


He wasted no time getting into rhythm… and he also didn’t warm up… just started spanking as rapidly and hard as possible. By the 15th smack or so, I was already squirming and exclaiming my pain and by the 30th smack I was kicking and yelping. Even through all the kicking and yelping and begging and pleading, he didn’t let up one bit. My bottom was on fire and I just wanted him to stop so I could at least have a tiny break and feel some cool air, but he didn’t stop and my bottom just kept getting more roasted. And before I knew it, I was bawling into the couch cushions that had soaked up tons of snot and tears already before, and now it was soaking up more. And I was crying so heavily that I began hiccupping and I couldn’t stop crying to save my life, even after he stopped spanking and tried to soothe and console me.

For a while the only thing that could be heard in the house was my crying and hiccupping, and then when that died down, there was no noise. It was just all silence.

Finally, Terrence spoke. “I love you, Bri.”

“I love you, too,” I answered.

He picked me up and hugged me and I let out a slight smile then pulled my panties and pants back up and wiped the tears out of my eyes.

“Goodnight,” I said then hobbled to my room where I flopped down on my bed, exhausted from all the playing soccer and getting spanked. It took me no time to drift into a peaceful sleep where my bottom didn’t hurt until the next morning when I woke up.

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