Brianna: Rated R Movie

The girls want to see a rated R movie even though neither Ana nor Bri are 17.  When no one will sell them the tickets, they instead decide to sneak in, only to get caught.  And then they try to run away.  Terrence is left to pick them both up from the movie theaters.  That must’ve been a hellish ride home.


It was a cold January afternoon in Louisiana, one of those rare occasions when one actually wears a jacket because the temperature drops below 40 degrees. Yeah, I know, Louisianaians are PATHETIC! Luckily, my car had a heater, unlike some of my friends, so we opted to use it to take us to the movies. Which wasn’t a bad idea. Anastasia and I could drop the four girls off and let them buy the tickets, and then we could park the car. See, it was Jayna’s 17th birthday and she was DYING to show off her ID because she could actually get into rated R movies. Anastasia and I, on the other hand, weren’t old enough quite yet, and we’d heard that they were pretty strict on IDs. I barely looked 16, much less 17, so I figured that Jayna could buy my ticket, and one of the seniors could buy Ana’s.

So, we headed off to the movie place blaring this band called Mindless Self Indulgence as loud as my CD player would let it go. We sang along to all of the songs and danced happily because it was a spiffy day and nothing could ruin it. It started out spiffy on Friday afternoon when Ana asked if she could spend the weekend with me because Ashton was going out of town and she didn’t want to go with him and he wouldn’t let her stay at the house all weekend by herself. She told me about how once when he had left the house she took his car and went to a party. Apparently, he figured that she’d throw her own party. Of course, I couldn’t really blame him for not trusting her with their huge house all weekend. I mean, come on… she WAS 15 and very popular, if anyone knew she was staying alone for the weekend, they’d be dying to come over. I can’t be talking, though. I wasn’t so popular at my old school and for some reason, I still managed to throw a party when Terrence went out of town and came back home early. Ouch. I’ll never throw a party at my house again. I don’t think I’d ever get the CHANCE to.

“All right, yo,” I said to the four kids that were stuffed in my backseat.

“Why the hell is Anastasia sitting in the front! She’s smaller than all of us!” Jayna complained.

Anastasia stuck her tongue out at them and giggled like a little girl.

“You guys go buy the tickets, and we’ll park the car and come around in a few,” I finished.

“Are you sure they’ll let us buy ‘em?” A senior asked. “’Cause I went the other night with Cameran and I wanted to buy her ticket, but they need two IDs if you’re under 21.”

I rolled my eyes. “Just see if it works. If it doesn’t, find someone over 21.” What a dumb law this was. I sighed when the four got out of the car. I hoped my friends weren’t retarded and knew to say something like we were in a hurry, or they wanted to make sure that we had a seat, or something like that. Or maybe they could just find a cute 21 year old guy to buy our tickets and sit with us. I grinned thinking about that.

Anastasia turned up the music. “What if they don’t let us see it?” she yelled, right after she turned it up.

I take it back, my friends ARE morons. “We’re going to go see it.”

She grinned mischievously.

“I have a way with people,” I yelled. “I’ll look for my ID and maybe she’ll get so impatient that she’ll let us in.” I finally turned the music down, getting hoarse from yelling. “And you can just say you forgot yours. Besides, I’ll make sure we all get in.”

She nodded and I pulled into a parking space that was a little too far away from the theater, but I wasn’t worried about it. Hopefully the girls had convinced the ticket person to let them buy all six tickets, and if not, they were bitching and complaining about how dumb it was not to let them. (This IS a real law in Louisiana!! I’m not making it up.)

We finally made it to the desk where the four of them were standing aside, Jayna and a senior, Patrice, looking pissed as hell.

“They won’t let us buy the fucking tickets,” Patrice scowled. “Like we’re going to buy someone young a ticket or something. I don’t know what the fuck their problem is.”

Jayna gave her valley girl disgusted look. “Yeah, that’s so dumb,” she agreed, obviously not so enthused to show her ID off anymore.

“Well, I’ll just have to go and show them my ID,” I said rather loudly, hoping to catch the lady’s attention. “Okay,” I whispered, getting in a huddle. “Three of us can go get our tickets, and then the other two with one that already has one.”

They nodded, surprised that my mind worked so well. I was proud of myself.

So we began the plan, I dug through my purse trying to “find my ID” when in fact it was right on top. The lady seemed to be getting irritated, but she wouldn’t let up. I cracked a nervous grin and apologized saying that I couldn’t find it. She apologized back and said that she couldn’t sell it to me without my ID. So finally I just got my ID out that said I was a few months short of being 17, and she shook her head and told me that she couldn’t admit me, but there were some good PG-13 movies. I cast a glare at her and moved away from the line, deciding that there had to be another way to do this.

Okay, to cut this a little shorter, we tried EVERYTHING. We tried having three of them buy tickets, then three more, but she recognized the other two girls and wouldn’t let them get anymore, we tried begging and pleading, even tried bribing them. But they were relentless. So it was time for plan B.

“What’s plan B?” Ana murmured, her hopes drained.

I grinned then walked up and requested two tickets for the first non-rated R movie I saw on the screen. The lady gave a false smile and handed me the two tickets in exchange for our money. The six of us walked inside in a group.

“Jesus!” Jayna squealed. “Couldn’t you have just done that to start with and save us the time?”

“Nah, I didn’t want to break any laws without being certain that there was no other way to get in. Besides, we’ll still be in time for the movie. Chill.”

We gave the man all six of our tickets and learned that mine and Ana’s movie was in the complete opposite direction. I smiled, playing it off. “Okay guys! See you after the movie!” I nearly yelled, figuring that I looked ever so suspicious, but I didn’t care. Ana and I got our popcorn and drinks then ambled towards the other side of the theater, grinning at everyone we saw. And of course, when we got there, there was someone standing at the doorway checking IDs.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” I hissed.

“Calm down,” Anastasia muttered as we walked past the door to the bathroom.

“This is so ridiculous,” I said.

“We’ll just wait in here ’til the worker guys go. Then we’ll go in there.”

I nodded, splashing some water on my face ’cause I was pretty irritated. Then the two of us slid down and sat near the entrance, stirring up conversations with everyone who came in, asking if their movie was good and all this nonsense. Finally, a lady who was in her mid-20s said that SHE was in the movie that we were going to see. Ana and I smirked at each other then asked if we could escort her back to the room, because, see, we bought tickets, but they were for a movie that we didn’t care to see. She grinned and said that sure she’d let us escort her back, but she really had to pee. We laughed and waited.

So we left the bathroom and walked back to the room with her, the guys were still guarding the door like army men. I shifted uneasily while we waited, looking around a bit, to make sure that the lady wasn’t watching us. We were finally admitted in and I dropped down next to Jayna.

“Geeze, took you long enough,” Jayna said.

“Shut up. At least we’re here.” I settled down in my seat, realizing that I’d missed the first half and had no clue what the hell was going on. This had turned into a horrible evening. Things couldn’t get much worse… or COULD they???

So we were just sitting there, minding our own business, probably for about five minutes or so, when this gentleman came in and asked to see mine and Anastasia’s ticket stub. What luck, huh? Well, they asked for all six of our ticket stubs, and the four of them just happened to have theirs handy, and hated being interrupted in their movie. The two of us, however, fumbled through our pockets and came up with nothing, then they asked us to come with them.

I grumbled and waved goodbye to the girls, following the man. When we got outside of the theater doors, we saw the lady that we bought the tickets from. I glared at her. “Fuck you!” I muttered.

“Are these the girls?” the man said in an official tone.

“Yes, they are.”

He grabbed my upper arm as well as Anastasia’s. “Hey!” she yelled. “Let me the fuck go! You can’t touch me, I’ll sue you!”

I gave Ana a look to make her shut up. She fought with the man and finally bit his arm, hard.

“YEOWW!!!!” he hollered, letting us both go to hold his arm. I couldn’t even suppress my giggles.

“Asshole!” she yelled and we ran away as fast as our little legs would carry us, like the time we were running after we pulled the fire alarm. By this time, I was laughing so hard and running so quickly that I couldn’t breathe and I finally had to collapse in the middle of the parking lot, only to find out that a man in a police uniform was following. You’d think that since Ana and I were soccer players, we wouldn’t tire out so easily… maybe it was from all the laughing. The cop was a fat guy, and wasn’t running too quickly, so we tried to stop laughing before we ran again, but by the time we got up and started running, there was another cop who stopped us and put handcuffs on us.

This shut Anastasia up, but I just struggled to get free. “Let me go,” I spat.

“No, we’re not letting you go,” he answered.

I glared at him.

“Give me that look all you want, I don’t care. You’re not going until I find out what happened.”

I huffed in anger but that only lasted a minute ’cause the fat cop came hobbling towards us and I burst out laughing again. But I think the cuffs had scared Ana shitless cause she had lost her color and was on the verge of tears. Seeing that no one else thought this was amusing I finally shut up. I looked around. The sky was overcast and I was shivering and Ana’s eyes were watery and the fat man was breathing heavily and clutching his side and the other officer was waiting. I took a deep breath.

“Okay, so, we wanted to go see this movie, but they wouldn’t let my friends buy our tickets so we bought tickets to another movie and went to that movie instead.” I wondered if what I said had made sense. The officer nodded.

“Well, you realize that you could get in big trouble for resisting an officer?”

“Excuse me?”

“Yes, you were resisting an officer, by running away.”

“But, we weren’t running away from the officer, we were running away from the movie people.”

“Either way, I know you saw Officer Watts following you. Also, you were resisting arrest when you were struggling with your cuffs.”

I nodded.

“I’m going to let you two off easy this time and release you into the care of your parents.”

“My parents are dead,” I muttered.

“Well then, your guardian.”

Ana raised her head, gaining some color back. “My family’s out of town and I’m staying with Bri this weekend.”

He nodded. “I can release you into their care after I make a phone call to your house to make sure that nobody’s home. I’m going to need your names, addresses and phone numbers.”

We each recited our info then sat down on the curb with the fat officer while the other guy went to make these phone calls. “Psst, Ana? You okay?” I whispered.

She nodded. “Just a little scared, that’s all. I didn’t know they’d send the cops out on us. If I would’ve, I wouldn’t have bitten that man.”

“Don’t worry about it, Ana. It’ll be okay.” I wasn’t very convincing though, because I myself wasn’t convinced that it would be okay. I knew that Terrence didn’t have any problem spanking a friend of mine, since he’d done it before. Come to think of it, last time he spanked me with a friend it was from skipping school to go to a movie. Odd.

The officer came back out shortly and stood with us on the curb while Ana rested her head on my shoulder and I tried to think of ways to convince Terrence not to spank us. And I was also worried about my car. I knew that once Terrence came and picked us up, he wouldn’t let me drive my car and he’d probably even ground me from driving for a while. I was so pissed at myself for ever “resisting” anyone.

I heard Terrence’s beat up blue car before I saw it and gulped. He parked nearby then walked towards us. We were just sitting there in those handcuffs, looking away and feeling so embarrassed. He introduced himself to the officer, like he had the last time I had gotten in trouble with the police. The officer explained the situation to Terrence and he just nodded, casting glances at us every so often. Terrence agreed to take Anastasia, since she was his responsibility for the weekend, and assured the man that none of this would ever happen again.

We were finally uncuffed and both of us stood, stretching out our arms. Terrence pointed to the car and each of us began walking uncomfortably, completely dreading what was going to happen next. And what happened, took us totally by surprise. Terrence was behind us and gave us both a sharp smack on the rear, causing me to yelp and blush with embarrassment, while Ana just blushed like crazy and kept walking to the car.

“I’ve already talked to Ashton,” Terrence said when we approached the car. “And he suggested that I spank you like I’m going to spank Brianna, and that whatever I find appropriate will fit.”

Anastasia gulped. So it looked like we weren’t getting out of this.

The two of us plopped down in the back seat and Terrence drove off angrily. “What in the hell are you two girls thinking? Sneaking into a movie after you had been repetitively told that you couldn’t see it? Being a smartass to the manager of the movie theater and trying to get away…” He paused while he turned. “And what’s the deal, Anastasia? You’re going to bite the man? Do you want to get sued!?” I looked at Ana’s face that dropped. “And Brianna Nicole, what are you doing trying to fight the Goddamn police officer? Do the two of you honestly realize what kind of trouble you’ve caused this afternoon?”

I was glad that he decided to breathe instead of yell at us. I didn’t want him yelling at Anastasia, but I wasn’t about to argue with him about it. It’d be my luck that it’d be the time he decided to slap me across the face. I didn’t want that to happen.

Terrence fussed at us the entire way to our house, talking about how we need to learn responsibility, and when someone says no they mean no, and we are always to respect people of authority. I was half listening, and I don’t know about Anastasia, but she was on the verge of tears again. I guess she knew that she was going to hear it again from Ashton. I didn’t think that was quite fair, that Ana was getting punished more than me. But maybe Terrence would convince Ashton that she didn’t need anymore. I would wait until after he was calm before I asked him though.

When we got to the house, Anastasia and I walked on inside. “I want both of you to stand by the couch,” Terrence said, dropping his keys and walking towards his room. I was afraid of why exactly he was walking to his room, but I honestly didn’t want to know.

Ana gave me a puppy face. “I don’t wanna be spanked,” she squealed, letting one tear slip down her cheek. She hurriedly wiped it away.

I gave her an uneasy smile. “Me either.”

She gulped and I noticed that Terrence had walked back into the room carrying his large wooden paddle. I made a small noise.

“I want both of you to turn around and drop your pants and panties, then put your palms flat on the couch.”

I gulped this time, my heart racing inside me. Neither of us moved for a minute, which caused Terrence to give us that look, so I finally unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, slipped them down to the floor, not watching Anastasia who did the same, then I pulled my panties down and took a deep breath in and placed my hands on the couch, steadying myself. Minutes later, Anastasia’s hands were right next to mine. I looked at her and smiled nervously. At least we were in this together!

“I’m going to give each of you 17 smacks to remind you of how old you have to be to see a rated R movie. Then I’m going to give each of you 13 more for disrespecting authority. That equals 30 smacks each. Any questions?”

“No, sir,” Anastasia muttered, and I guess that meant that I had to say the same, so I did.

“Good,” Terrence answered.

I braced myself. I knew that I’d be first, just because I was his little sister and he’d probably go harder on me than Anastasia anyway.

And I WAS first. I’m so good at predicting these things, aren’t I? He landed the paddle down on my upturned bottom and I let out a yelp so loud because the sting was so horrible and I hated being spanked with a paddle and oh man, it hurt so much. I dug my fingernails into the couch cushion as I heard Terrence deliver the next smack to Anastasia and she yelped too and I could see her digging her nails into the couch. I took a deep breath in just in time for the next smack and I yelped even louder, and barely had time to regain myself when he smacked Anastasia, then me again, and then her. Every time he whapped me with that paddle, my yelps got louder and louder, until tears were streaming down my face and I had forgotten that Ana was even there next to me because I was in so much pain. Don’t worry, he did lecture us while he spanked.

“Don’t you ever… SMACK!!! a yelp from Ana ever sneak into a movie again… SMACK!!!! yelp from me and you will not… SMACK!!!! Disrespect authority.” SMACK!!!! “Do not bite people… SMACK!!!!! and do not fight with police officers.” WHACK!!!! “Do you two understand me?” WHACK!!!!

“Yes, sir!” we chanted together.

“Good.” SMACK SMACK!!!! “Two more for each of you.”

I would have heaved a sigh of relief, but my bottom was throbbing and I was crying so loudly that I didn’t even think about sighing in relief.

He landed the last two on my bottom as hard as he could paddle, I’m sure and I felt like someone had placed a hot iron on my bottom and I yelled and screamed and cried and was so glad that it was over. Then I heard him land the last two smacks on Anastasia and she was crying and screaming and probably also glad that it was over.

My arms and legs were shaking so badly ’cause it hurt so badly and I wanted to just lie down on my stomach and bury my head into a pillow. But there was no such luck. Instead, Terrence stood us both up and hugged us tightly, and I cried into his shirt, muttering to him that I was sorry and I’d never do it again. I guess Anastasia was muttering the same thing as me, ’cause he just rubbed our backs and told us it was okay, we were forgiven and he loved us both and he knew we’d never do it again.

After minutes of standing like that, I finally pulled away and wiped the tears out of my eyes, seeing that I finally stopped crying. I rubbed my warm bottom with my hands, though I can’t say that it really helped much. I watched Terrence hug the crying Anastasia and she gripped onto him tightly and kept muttering that she loved him and she was sorry, and he kept rubbing her back and stroking her hair and whispering that it was okay now. Her bottom was dark, dark red, bruising a little, and looked like it was throbbing like hell. Of course, then I realized that my bottom looked identical and it was DEFINITELY throbbing like hell. She finally pulled away, too, wiping her eyes, but still crying.

Terrence was about to speak, but I decided to interrupt him before he said anything.

“I think we’ll call the movie place and apologize for our behavior.”

He smiled. “That sounds like a good idea,” he answered. “You can go get cleaned up first, though.”

We both jumped on that idea. Not literally. I grabbed my jeans and panties, wincing as I bent down, then grabbed Ana’s arm and pulled her into the bathroom with me. She was still crying like crazy. “It’s okay, Ana, it’s all over now,” I whispered after I shut the door behind us.

“I know,” she mumbled, “but I just feel so horrible for being so mean to that guy and getting us in so much trouble and we were so insistent on getting in the movie… is that a word?”

I cracked a grin. “I dunno. But don’t worry about it. It was as much my fault as it was yours.” I hugged her tightly.

“It’s so weird, being here with you and Terrence. You guys really love each other and stuff and it’s like a real family.”

“But you have a family, too. You have Ashton and he loves you tons.”

“I know. It’s just different I guess.”

I nodded. I knew exactly what she meant. Sometimes I felt that way about her and Ashton. I finally got a washcloth out of the drawer and wetted it with cold water and gave it to Anastasia, then got my own and put it on my bottom, allowing it to cool my throbbing bottom a little. Finally, we realized how ridiculous we looked and started laughing so hard that I ran into the sink and we finally put them in the laundry basket and washed our faces, then put some panties on, and then hugged each other one final time, realizing that our experience had made us that much closer, and we’d always be like sisters.

We finally got outside of the bathroom and Terrence was watching TV. “Geeze, took ya long enough,” he said.

I laughed, remembering that I had just heard that word not too long ago. I decided that I’d be the one to apologize, but Ana refused, said that she was the one who bit the guy, and she’d apologize to him. So she dialed the number, asked to speak to the manager, and finally murmured that she was terribly sorry for what she had done, and so was her friend, and that we’d never do anything like that again, and that we were TRULY sorry, it wasn’t just a set up. I guess the guy was pleased enough ’cause she grinned a bit, and made a little small talk, then hung up the phone.

That night, we popped popcorn and watched movies in my room, and I just imagined that someday, maybe in twenty years or something, we’d be sitting around the table and this day would be so fresh in our minds, and we’d actually laugh about it. Of course, I wasn’t laughing about it while I lay on my stomach watching the movie. But one day, we would.

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