Shopping for Aunt Becky

Fanfiction based on Full House.  The girls are looking for a present for their Aunt Becky and Stephanie, unable to afford the present she wants to get, decides to steal something.


It was a Saturday afternoon in San Francisco and 14 year old Stephanie Tanner was at the mall with DJ and Michelle, trying to find Aunt Becky something for Mother’s Day. Things had been going pretty well for a while, they found some stuff that Becky was sure to like, but they still hadn’t gotten the perfect gift. At least, that’s what Stephanie thought. Of course, Stephanie wasn’t really out to shop for Becky’s present.. she was looking for these super expensive earrings that she wanted to buy since her father gave her some money to buy Becky’s present. But she couldn’t do that with DJ and Michelle around.

Then she heard those words… “I have to go to the bathroom,” Michelle whined.

“Can’t you wait, Michelle?” DJ asked, looking through some skirts.


“Why don’t you guys go to the bathroom, and I’ll just keep looking for something for Aunt Becky,” Stephanie suggested, figuring now was her chance. “I’ll go look in Dillard’s.”

DJ looked from Michelle to Steph then back to Michelle. “Okay, then. I’ll meet you in Dillard’s.”

The two girls rushed to the bathroom and Stephanie nearly ran out of the store, anxious to get the earrings before DJ and Michelle came back. The thing is, on the way to get the earrings, Stephanie found the perfect present for Aunt Becky, a golden locket that cost thirty dollars. But she knew that she wouldn’t have enough money to buy both the earrings and the locket. Biting her lip, she knew she had to making the decision. Would she be the arrogant one and buy something for herself, or be generous and spend her money on Aunt Becky, the only mom she really knew. She sighed, then walked to the jewelry section and found the earrings. She read the price on the back.

“Fifty dollars?” she said aloud. “I don’t even HAVE that much money,” she muttered, swearing that the price had been raised since the last time she was there. She looked around to see if anybody was looking and finally shoved the earrings in her pocket. She’d pay for it… eventually. Besides, fifty dollars was too much for them anyway.

When Michelle and DJ came back, Stephanie had already bought the locket and was sitting outside the store on a bench trying to figure out how to open it.

“What’d you find?” DJ asked.

“A locket. Isn’t this cool? I figured we could put a picture of the three of us in here. We could have us on one side and Dad, Joey, and Uncle Jesse on the other.”

“That’s a great idea!” Michelle said, smiling broadly.

“Of course it is, I came up with it. Let’s go get something to eat!”

The three girls joyously skipped off to the food court and ordered a huge slice of pizza each and gobbled it down quickly.

DJ took the last sip of her soda then exclaimed, “I have a date tonight, girls, so we better get going.”

Michelle whined. “But can’t we stay a little longer, pwease?”

Stephanie rolled her eyes. “No, Michelle. We gotta go back home. I have a date tonight, too.”

“Oh?” DJ said. “With who?”

Stephanie smiled uncomfortably. “Just a boy in my class.” She didn’t want to give any details to her sisters. Especially since it wasn’t a guy in her class, but a guy who was older and had no idea that she was only in eighth grade.

DJ nodded. “Okay then, let’s go.”

The girls picked up their trays and threw their food away, then DJ drove them home.

Michelle felt a little left out, being only in forth grade and not old enough for boyfriends and dates and stuff. She figured that maybe soon she’d ask her dad if she could go out on a date with someone from her class. But until then, she’d just stay home and play with Comet.

Stephanie called her older guy friend, a senior in high school named Jonathan, and told him that she wanted to go out on a date but she’d meet him at a restuarant down the street. Although her father, Becky, and Joey weren’t home, Uncle Jesse was, and if he knew that she was going out with an older guy, he’d be pretty mad. So when he questioned her, she’d just say that she was meeting some friends and going to a movie.

So she took a shower and fixed her hair, then put on some makeup and finished it off with putting on her earrings. They looked stellar on her! Jonathan would think she was the greatest thing ever and maybe he’d even give her his senior ring or something.

“Stephanie!” Jesse yelled and walked up the stairs carrying the cordless phone. “Some guy’s on the phone. He said his name was Jonathan and..” he walked into the room and stopped in the doorway seeing Stephanie’s gold earrings dangling down. “Where’d you get those?”

“Oh, uh, well… we went shopping today and they were on sale so I…” she paused as he walked over and took the box from her.

“Fifty dollars, Steph? Where’d you get that kind of money?”

“I told you, they were on sale…”

He gave her a questioning look and sat down on the bed. “Jonathan,” he said into the phone. “Yeah, she’ll call you back,” then hung up. “Steph, I can tell by the look in your eyes that you’re lying to me.”

“I’m not lying,” she said uneasily and not looking at him at all.

“Stephanie…” he began, grabbing her arm and turning her around to face him. “Where did you get those earrings? Were they a present from this Jonathan kid that you were supposed to go out with tonight but didn’t tell anyone?”

“Yeah!” she said, almost a little too enthuastically. That was the perfect excuse.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were going out with him?”

“Because, well, I didn’t want you to get worried and I didn’t want you to make me bring him over so you could ask him tons of questions.”

“Steph, you know I only do that because I love you.”

“I know, Uncle Jesse.”

He hugged her tightly for a few minutes. “Steph, I have to punish you for this, you know that, right?”

“But Uncle Jesse! I have to go out with him tonight! I already made plans.”

“I’m sorry, kiddo,” he began, “but after I get finished with you, you won’t want to go out with him.”

She stepped back. “W-what do you mean?” she stammered.

“I mean that I’m going to give you a spanking for lying to me. I love you very much, Stephanie, and I can’t let you get away with lying.”

“B-but Uncle J-Jesse,” she whined, small body shaking, “You’ve never spanked me before. And neither has Dad. Please don’t,” she begged.

“I have to, Steph. And if you just comply and do what I say, it’ll be over before you know it, okay?”

Tears began streaming down her face. “No, Uncle Jesse, please!” she begged. “I’m sorry!”

He sat there, unmoved. “Come on, kiddo. Pull down your pants.”

More tears fell.

“Stephanie, I’m going to give you to the count of three, and if you haven’t pulled them down, I’ll do it for you. One…”

She moved her hands to the button of her jeans and unbuttoned them then proceeded to unzip them and pull them down to her knees.

“That’s my girl,” Uncle Jesse praised. “Come on, now, over my lap.” He gave her a gentle tug and she fell over his lap, still wailing.

“Pleaseeeeee, Uncle Jesse. I won’t lie anymore. Please don’t do this!”

“Sorry, Steph, but you deserve this,” he replied, grabbing the waistband of her panties and tugging them down to meet her jeans. He lifted his hand high in the air and brought it crashing down on Stephanie’s bare bottom. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Stephanie squealed loudly and began kicking and yelping with each smack. “OW! Uncle Jesse! That hurts!”

“It’s supposed to,” he answered, keeping up a steady pace and making sure he covered her whole bottom, both cheeks and sit spots alike. She was putting up such a fight, though, that he had to hold her down to keep her from falling off of his lap. “If you stop squirming so much, this will be much easier on you,” he said, raining down smacks on her pink bottom. He kept going and going, determined to teach her a lesson about lying, no matter how much she protested and fought and cried. Finally, he felt her body go limp and she was crying like crazy. Her bottom was red by this time and he landed four more spanks on her sit spots to make sure that he made his point clear, then stopped, rubbing her back.

“I’m sorry,” she blubbered through tears. “I’m s-sorrry, U-un-cle J-Jesse. I won’t d-do it again.”

“Shhhhh, shhhh, kiddo,” he said. “Cry it all out, Stephanie. It’ll be okay. I’m all finished now. It’s all over.”

They stayed like that for what seemed like hours until Stephanie finally wiped the tears from her eyes and sat up, hugging him tightly. She murmured more apologies and Jesse accepted them, but told her that she still couldn’t go out with that Jonathan kid that night. She wanted to whine about it, but instead just nodded and let go, then told him that she wanted to take a nap because she didn’t feel so well. He kissed her forehead and let her go to sleep.


When Stephanie woke up, her bottom was still aching a little, but nothing ached as much as her stomach. There seemed to be butterflies flying everywhere inside of her, because she felt horrible for stealing those earrings then lying to Uncle Jesse about it. But she couldn’t tell him, since she’d already lied to him once that day.

It was getting darker outside and she decided that since DJ was still there, she’d talk to her. She sighed loudly, then sat up in bed, stretching her arms out. Before she went to see her sister, she pulled her pink panties down a little to see her bottom, noticing that it was still a little pink, but wasn’t too bad. She tugged them back up then ambled across the hallway.

“Dj, I need to talk to you,” she said, plopping down on the bed.

DJ was brushing her hair when Steph came in, but she sat down next to her sister, having already been told about the previous events. “What is it, little sister?”

“It’s about Uncle Jesse.”

DJ didn’t want to tell Stephanie that she already knew what happened because she didn’t want to embarass her little sister. After all, when she was fourteen, something similar happened, and she’d have been really embarassed if someone brought it up to her. “What is it, Stephanie?”

“Well, earlier today I was going to go out with this boy named Jonathan, and Uncle Jesse saw these earrings that I was going to wear, and asked me where I got them from and I told him that I bought them, but he knew I was lying and asked if I got them as a present from Jonathan, and I told him yes,” she explained. “And he spanked me for lying to him.” Her cheeks turned bright red from being so embarrassed. She’d never imagined that she’d tell anyone about being spanked. “But the thing is,” she began, wondering how to tell this to her older sister, “I lied to him when I told him it was a present from Jonathan, because really,” she took a deep breath in and gulped, “I stole them.”

DJ’s mouth dropped. “You did WHAT?” she asked, definitely not expecting that one.

Stephanie nodded in disappointment.

“Stephanie!” she shouted. “That’s illegal! You could get arrested for that!”

“I know,” Stephanie said, looking down at the carpet. “And I feel bad about it. I don’t know what to do.”

“You have to tell Uncle Jesse,” DJ said.

“But Dj, I can’t! He’ll be really upset and never trust me again because that’d make it twice in one day that I lied to him!”

“But you *have* to,” DJ said, then thought on it for a minute. “I mean, no, I can’t do that. Uncle Jesse deserves to know.”

“Wait, you can’t do what?”

“Nothing, nothing,” DJ said. “The point is..”

“DJ!” Stephanie screamed, standing up. “What is it? What were you going to say?”

DJ bit her lip. “I was going to say that I could spank you myself, and that’d be enough punishment, but..”

“YES!” Stephanie said. “Would you, please? I can’t tell Uncle Jesse.”

DJ sighed. “Stephanie… do you know how much trouble we could get in?”

“We won’t get in any trouble. You’re my older sister, you can punish me. You’re kind of an adult.”

She sighed again. “Okay, but I’m not going to spank you with my hand. It wouldn’t hurt enough,” she admitted.

Stephanie winced. Maybe she should go back to Uncle Jesse. But Uncle Jesse was so strong… what if he decided to spank with something else, too? Then she’d really be out of luck. “That’s fine,” she finally concluded.

DJ nodded. “Okay,” she said, picking up her purple plastic flat backed brush. “This’ll have to do,” she said, then sat down on her wooden chair that was sitting in front of her dresser. “Come here.”

Stephanie gulped and walked towards her older sister. “Not too hard, DJ,” she begged.

“Sorry, Steph. I have to. You know that lying and stealing is wrong and I have to teach you a lesson.” With that sentence, she proceeded to pull Steph over her lap, since she wasn’t wearing any pants.

Stephanie held onto the chair legs and tried to steady herself. She was nervous as hell, but knew that it’d be much worse if it were Uncle Jesse. She shivered as DJ pulled her panties down, just as she had when Uncle Jesse had. Boy, there she was, getting spanked for the second time in one day, the second time in her life.


The plastic hit her bare bottom sending out the weirdest noise ever, and combined with the sound that Stephanie made, it was actually sort of humorous. Steph’s bottom was throbbing and she desperately wished that it was all DJ was going to give her… but her wish wasn’t granted and the brush crashed down on her bottom again, this time a little lower and close to her sit spots.

“YEOUCH!” Steph howled. “DJ! That hurts!”

“I know, Steph, but THWACK! I have to do this. THWACK!”

DJ began hitting Stephanie’s bottom harder and harder, making pink sploches everywhere. Stephanie was kicking and whining and it was hurting so much, she wished that she’d just kept the whole thing to herself. Just as the tears began to stream down her cheeks, there was a knock at the door.

DJ was about to send another smack on Stephanie’s pink bottom when she stopped dead in the air.

“Girls?” Uncle Jesse said, knocking again and jiggling the doorknob. “What’s going on? Is everything okay?”

DJ and Stephanie looked at each other and Steph quickly hopped up, pulling her panties back up, fixing her hair and drying her eyes.

“Uh, yeah,” DJ said, “just getting ready for my date and Steph was helping me.

Jesse had his doubts. “Open the door,” he said, jiggling the handle once more.

DJ shoved Stephanie on her bed and under the covers so Jesse wouldn’t see her glowing pink bottom from DJ’s hairbrush, then she opened the door to see Jesse there, leaning against the wall.

“What was all that racket?” he asked, pushing past DJ and coming inside.

“Uh, nothing, Uncle Jesse,” DJ said, smiling nervously. “I must’ve dropped something.”

He looked at her questioningly. “DJ, did I ever tell you how much it bothers me when someone lies?”

She gulped and looked at Stephanie. Stephanie looked back and decided it was time to fess up. “Uncle Jesse, it was me,” she said, throwing the cover off of herself and walking towards him. “I came in here to tell DJ that I felt bad about something, and she was going to spank me for it.”

“I see. And what is it that you felt bad about?” he asked, somehow figuring that he had something to do with it.

Stephanie looked down at the floor, letting a tear fall from her eyes.

He lifted her chin up and looked at her. “Stephanie, tell me,” he said sternly, but with love.

She sniffled. “I lied to you earlier,” she admitted. “Nobody gave me those earrings as a present, I stole them.”

Jesse’s heart dropped. “Stephanie,” he began, clearing his throat. “You stole those earrings?”

She nodded, disappointed in herself.

Jesse was FAR more than disappointed in her. “Why?”

“Because I didn’t have the money for them. I had to buy Aunt Becky’s present and I wanted them so badly for my date tonight, I couldn’t help it.”

“Stephanie, that’s a pathetic excuse. You can always help it.” He took a deep breath in. “You gain nothing in life by stealing, do you understand? If you wanted the earrings you could have come to Danny, Joey, Becky, or me… you could have asked to borrow the money, or you could’ve gotten a babysitting job and paid for it yourself. You are never EVER under any circumstances to steal anything. Got it?”

“Yes, sir,” she mumbled.

“And I can’t believe you lied to me about it… knowing that it would be easier just to tell the truth to begin with.”

“I’m sorry,” she muttered. “That’s why I wanted to talk to DJ because I didn’t know what to do.”

“Well the right thing to do would be to tell me. And believe me, first thing after I punish the two of you, we’re going to take those earrings back, got it?”

“But I’ve already been punished!” Stephanie protested.

He turned her around and pulled her panties down to see the fading marks from the hairbrush. “Oh, kiddo, that’s nothing compared to what’s going to happen,” he said then looked at DJ. “DJ, you’re first. Shut the door and come here.”

“But Uncle Jesse, I didn’t do anything!” she said.

“DJ, all you had to do was tell me what was going on.”

“But I didn’t want to rat out my sister. I promised her I wouldn’t tell.”

“And that’s still dishonesty.”

DJ folded her arms.

“DJ, come here, right now.”

“Uncle Jesse! You can’t do this! I’m 17 years old! That’s too old to be spanked!”

“Donna Joe Tanner! You will not have that attitude with me, Young Lady. You will shut that door and get over here this instant!”

DJ blinked and stammered, “yes sir,” then shut the door and went to her uncle.

“That’s more like it,” he said. “Since you ARE 17, DJ, and you know that lying is wrong and you’ve been punished for it before, I’m going to give you a little more than I did Stephanie earlier. I want you to go get my wooden hairbrush from my room.”

DJ blinked. “But Uncle Jesse…” she began, catching an admonishing look from him and she was defeated. She muttered a yes sir and scampered out of the room, returning seconds later with his wooden hairbrush, which looked much more intimidating than the plastic one she had used on Stephanie. He sat down on the chair.

“Okay, DJ, pants down.”

She looked at her sister nervously but complied, bringing her jeans down to her ankles then lying over her uncle’s lap.

“Young Lady, you know better than to lie to me. If someone in this house ever does something like Stephanie did, it’s your responsibility to tell someone, got it?”

“Yes, sir.”

She felt him tugging her panties down to her knees and she held on tightly to the legs of the chair, knowing that she was in for a painful spanking.

He did not hesitate to begin. Within seconds he was crashing down the wooden hairbrush on her rear end and its cracks were echoing through the room as well as DJ’s cries. DJ was trying to remain brave through her punishment, but after the tenth smack, it was hurting her so much that she was crying out with every smack and pleading for him to stop. By the time he landed the twenty-ninth smack, she was bawling like a baby and couldn’t even talk because she was crying so hard. She had never experienced such pain in her life and she’d also never been so sorry for telling a lie. He decided to stop with thirty-five and he lifted the young girl up and sat her down in her wooden chair.

“Stay there until I’m finished with Stephanie’s spanking,” he commanded.

Stephanie stared at them in utter shock. She had seen DJ’s spanking and it was dark red and her sit spots and thighs looked like it was going to hurt for a long time. She was shifting in the seat uncomfotably.

“Stephanie,” Uncle Jesse began, “I want you to set both of DJ’s pillows on the middle of the bed then lean over them.”

DJ’s eyes went wide, not because of what he had told Stephanie, but because he was unbuckling his leather belt. She watched her sister put the pillows on the bed then looked back at Uncle Jesse who was sliding the belt through its loops. She looked like a deer in headlights and DJ could read her thoughts, “you’re not going to use that on me, are you?”

Uncle Jesse could clearly read her thoughts, too. “I hate doing this, kiddo, but you’re 14 years old and you know that stealing is wrong, okay?”

DJ still shifted on that terribly uncomfortable chair.

“Get over the pillows, Steph,” Uncle Jesse said in a calm voice.

Stephanie began crying again. DJ couldn’t blame her… if she was about to get spanked with a belt, she would DEFINITELY be crying.

“Steph, come on. The sooner you do this the sooner it’ll be over.”

“Please, Uncle Jesse,” she said, speaking for the first time since DJ had argued about getting spanked. “I’m sorry for stealing and I’m sorry for lying and I won’t do it again and DJ already punished me and please don’t hit me with that belt.”

He sighed. “I know, kiddo, but you’re my niece and my responsibility and I have to teach you a lesson, okay? Now come on, I’ll help you over.”

DJ watched Uncle Jesse help her younger sister over the pillows, still crying, and then he moved her panties down to her knees.

“Don’t reach back, okay? Keep a good grip on DJ’s mattress beacuse if you reach back I’ll have to add an extra.”

Stephanie sure didn’t want that. “Yes, sir,” she said in a weak voice.

DJ shifted again.

He lifted his belt high in the air. “Okay, Steph, I’m about to begin,” he said, giving her forewarning, then brought it down on her bottom.

DJ winced, feeling the own pain her bottom more.

Stephanie yelped and came up off the bed, tempted to cover her rear end and beg for mercy, but she didn’t, just cried louder and settled back down.

Jesse took another breath in, feeling sorry for his niece, but raised the belt again and collided it with her rump, causing another scream to erupt from her mouth and DJ to shift again in the chair, not wanting to watch.

“I have to do this, Steph,” he said. “Stealing is wrong, and it could get you arrested, okay?” He didn’t wait for an answer, just slapped her bottom again two more times, leaving four red stripes. He decided to give four more whaps in those places, and then three on her sit spots.

He held her down with his left hand to make sure that she didn’t move more than necessary.

DJ watched nervously, biting on her fingernail, still shifting in her seat from being in so much pain.

Stephanie let DJ’s sheets soak up all of her tears. Tears because she knew what she did was wrong, tears because her backside hurt so much, and tears because she felt so horrible for letting Uncle Jesse down, twice in one day.

Jesse delivered the final seven spanks in a quick manner, so as to get them over with, and Stephanie howled in pain and DJ was crying all over again. He threw the belt down on the floor and lifted Stephanie from the bed, DJ from the chair, and held them both in his arms, cuddling and cradling them. It’d been a long day for all three of them.

“But, Steph,” he said, after the crying had died down. “We’re still taking those earrings back.”

“Yes, Uncle Jesse.”


That night, Stephanie, Michelle, and Uncle Jesse took the earrings back while DJ was on her date. Stephanie apologized for the theft and returned them to the manager, not know much of what to say just that she was sorry and had been punished and she’d never do anything so stupid ever again. Jesse smiled at Stephanie. She was really growing up.

Aunt Becky loved her locket.

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