Aerial’s Diary – Week 1

The first journal entry in Aerial’s Diary.  This series is a fanfic based off of the Challenges on MTV… I created Tara and Aerial, but the rest are actual characters from reality tv shows.  This week, Aerial introduces the challenge and discusses her fight with Tara (and the consequences of that fight).


Dear Journal,

Okay, so this is my Journal for this stupid challenge. I guess I should start off by explaining what exactly it is. Well, obviously, it’s the challenge between the Road Rules, that’s my team, and the Real World, the other team. They’re the drama queens and we’re the competitors. We like to kick ass and win. Anyway, so yeah. The challenge is basically that we have three missions to complete a week and we go against the Real World team. If we win, we get $10,000. Isn’t that nice? If we lose, well, we get pissed. That’s what it seems like so far at least. The cool thing is that, unlike previous challenges, we get to keep all of our players, and it looks like we have a really good team.

There’s 10 players on each team, and I’m going to go ahead and tell you who everyone is so you don’t get confused. On my team, the blue team, the Road Rules, there are five guys — Adam, Theo, Darrell, Jeremy, and Abram. On The Box, everyone has a brother/sister. It sounds weird, I know. The purpose is that whomever is doing poorly in the missions has a brother/sister responsible to tell them that they need to step up. Okay, so Abram is my brother. If I start slacking off, he will do whatever it takes to get me to work out more and do better on missions. Anyway, that’s not the point. I think I’m probably confusing you. The girls on our team are Aerial (that’s me — and no Little Mermaid jokes or I’ll kill you!), Veronica, Cara, Christena, and Sara. On the Real World is Mike, CT, Theo (yes, there’s two of them), Ace, Nathan, Tara, Trishelle, Mallory, Leah, and Coral. Tara and I are the babies. We’re the only two who haven’t done anything like this before and we’re both only 18, whereas, the rest of the people are in their 20s.

Anyway, I’m glad the introductions are finished because I’m ready to get on with my story. I won’t even waste time with the missions, just tell you the stuff that they won’t put on tv, because the missions aren’t important.

Like I said, Tara and I are the babies and since we live in this house together, people expect us to get along. Well, firstly, I don’t just get along with everybody I see, and she was kinda bitchy to me to begin with. So when we met in the living room one night, some of the guys were partying, except for Abram, who was eating and talking to CT, who was also not partying. Well, I wasn’t in the mood to get drunk, and besides, Abram already told me that since I wasn’t of age, I wasn’t allowed to (but sometimes I still snuck a drink when he was too shit-faced to notice). So I was sitting there in this chair, staring into space when Tara comes up to me and says, “hey, I was sitting there.” Like a fucking five year old with this sandwich in her hand like she’s going to throw it at me or something.

Well, playing this five year old game I say, “well, you’re not anymore.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes at me, murmuring “bitch” under her breath.

Uh, excuse me? Don’t call me a bitch! So I stood up and said, “Hey, if you have a fucking problem, just say it.”

And she says, “Yeah I have a fucking problem,” getting up in my face. “You’ve been bitchy to me ever since I got here and I’ve *tried* to be nice to you, I’ve tried to get along, but you’re acting like a two year old.”

And I say, “I’M acting like a two year old? You’re the one that came in here whining because I took your fucking chair.”

“Girls, girls, settle down,” Abe said, and I noticed that he and CT had stopped talking and were now staring at us.

But Tara didn’t settle down. “The only reason I said anything about it is because I’m sick of you pushing me around!” she screamed.

“I’m not pushing you around!”

“Yes you are!” she argued. “You’re treating me like a fucking doormat and I’m sick of it!”

I was fuming, but before I could come back and say anything, Abe pushed me out of the way. “Go upstairs, kiddo, and calm down.”

I took a deep breath in and pushed through them, being sure to shove Tara on my way out.

I guess I was pretty pissed at Tara because the next day when we were at our mission I kind of said a few choice words to her. She exchanged back, but that was about all.

It went on like that for a week until Friday night when we all decided to party. Well, CT wasn’t feeling all that well, so he was lying on the couch and someone bet Abe that he couldn’t go the entire night without alcohol so they were the two again who weren’t drinking. This time, though, I decided to have some, and what Abe didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt him. Who cared if he got pissed at me? He’d get over it.

So I drank a screwdriver and was a little tipsy when Tara came into the room. I don’t think it was the alcohol that made me call her all sorts of names. I called her everything I could think of, which surprisingly, was a lot, then I made fun of everything about her and I could see her bunching her fists up and everything. I was so pleased with myself that I cackled and went back to the living room to talk to CT, Abe, Mike, and Darrell but before I even made it all the way there, she shot some words back at me. I totally wasn’t expecting it.

“Excuse me?” I said to her.

“You heard me,” she answered.

“I don’t think you know who you’re fucking with.”

She stepped closer. “You don’t intimidate me.”

I stepped closer. “You SHOULD be intimidated.” Hey, I was tipsy, that was the best comeback I had.

“Look, we live in this house together, we might as well get along,” she said, becoming the good guy in the situation.

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever, bitch. You started this whole thing anyway,” I said, then turned around, only to fall flat on my face. Don’t tell anyone, but I think I just tripped over a table or my own feet or something, and I even knew that at the time, but I was so pissed at Tara I decided to blame her.

I stood up and turned around and tackled her. In a matter of seconds, the four guys in the living room were surrounding us and some of the people from the other room were in there and I was hitting her and she was hitting me and Abram was yelling and Mike was yelling and Darrell was laughing and Veronica stepped in to try and break it up but got slapped and stepped back. Hahaha, it was really funny.

Anyway, so Darrell is about to die laughing, and Mike is trying to pry Tara away from me, and CT is glaring at us, and Abram is just kind of standing there, hands on hips, trying to figure out what the hell to do. Mike is completely wasted, so his attempts to get Tara and me apart are futile. Veronica is pissed because she got slapped, and everyone else is either standing there with a dumb look on their face or laughing with Darrell.

Finally Abram yells, “GODDAMMIT AERIAL, KNOCK IT OFF!” and it scared me so badly because I’d never heard him use that word before. It scared me enough that I stopped long enough for Mike to separate the two of us, then Abram grabs my arm and pulls me up. By this time, CT is standing over Tara and pulling her up as well, and then they practically drag us upstairs to a common room type area. “Geeze, you’ve been drinking,” Abe said as he sat me down and towered over me.

No shit, Abe.

CT threw Tara next to me and there we were, two little girls with two angry guys standing in front of us, Abe’s hands on his hips and CT’s arms folded. I felt like a little kid who’d gotten caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to. Actually, I was a little kid, and at that moment, I had this really weird feeling inside of me and I blushed like crazy because I actually *liked* feeling like that. I hoped neither CT nor Abram noticed that look on my face.

Abe paced back and forth, anger filling his body, it was apparant. I just sat there in this uncomforatble silence, not regretting a thing I had done.

“Abram, you’re making me dizzy,” I said, slouched back in my seat.

He stopped pacing and looked at me.

CT looked at him. “Let’s talk for a minute,” he said. The two guys walked out of the room and conversed quietly.

I sighed at Tara. “I hope they don’t kick us off the team for this,” I muttered.

“Too bad CT and Abe aren’t drunk, then they wouldn’t care.”

I nodded.

CT came back in the room, followed by Abe.

“Girls,” CT began, standing again where he was towering over us. I looked around and noticed that there were tons of cameras around. I mean, I’m used to it and all, so I don’t notice it often. Come to think of it, when we had been fighting it seemed like there were a lot of cameras around, too. Anyway, so CT was talking, “Abe and I have decided since you’re both our responsibilites that we’re going to handle this the old-fashioned way and I’m going to spank Tara, and Abram’s going to spank Aerial.”

I think when CT came to that conclusion my heart literally stopped. And not only did my heart stop, I got another weird feeling in my stomach and I couldn’t tell if it was a good feeling or a bad feeling.

The guys let it sink in for a moment. I looked at Tara who was biting her lower lip. I wondered if she’d ever been spanked before. I know I hadn’t. I wondered if Abram or CT had ever spanked anyone before. I wondered so much… but I figured then wasn’t the greatest time to ask.

“Okay,” Abram said after a moment of silence, “Aerial, come with me.” I swallowed this big lump in my throat and stood, taking his hand and following him into my bedroom.

He sat down and beckoned me forward. “Abe? Have you ever done this before?” I asked softly.

“Yeah, a few times. Why?”

“I’ve never been spanked before,” I admitted, wishing that I’d drank more alcohol so I wouldn’t feel so embarrassed.

“I didn’t figure you had, cause then you wouldn’t be so bratty,” he said.

Me, bratty? NO WAY!

I didn’t say anything to him though.

“Okay, kiddo, over my lap.”

I sniffled a little, looking nervously around the room. “You guys aren’t going to air this on tv, are you?” I asked the camera man, knowing he wouldn’t answer me.

“Yeah, man, can you give us a little privacy?” Abe asked in this most polite voice. I turned back to him and he pushed the blonde hair of his eyes. He’s SO adorable! So the camera man left and I cleared my throat then got over his lap. Ugh, it was soooo comfortable over his lap and that’s when I realized the feeling in my stomach was a GOOD feeling and I was enjoying this way too much.

Then he did something I totally wasn’t expecting. He tugged my shorts and my panties down to my knees. Funny thing is, I didn’t put up a fight or struggle or anything. Maybe I was just too nervous. He rested his hand on my rear end, and I just buried my face into the blankets.

“Aerial, first off, I want you to know that I’m pissed you drank, because you’re too young and it’s not good for you anyway. Are you listening to me?”

“Yes,” I replied, head still buried into the blanket.

“And secondly, I’m upset because you’ve been fighting with Tara all week, but mostly because you got in a physical fight today and when we tried to break you guys up, you just kept at it. That’s not cool, kiddo, not cool at all.”

“I know,” I admitted, wishing he’d just keep me in that position all night and that’d be fine with me.

But he didn’t. “I’m about to start, okay?”

“Okay,” I murmured, taking a deep breath in.

I felt his hand being lifted from my bottom and I couldn’t help but get all nervous because it’d never happened before. He landed the first smack and, oh man, I can’t explain this amazing feeling I had. All I did was wince a little because it wasn’t that hard. I knew he could spank much harder than that cause Abram is a strong guy. Trust me, I know. I’m on a team with him. He landed the next series of smacks and they got harder and harder as time passed. I don’t know how many time he slapped my bottom — I lost count after 40 because he was spanking so hard and so quickly that it was beginning to hurt and I couldn’t concentrate on counting. But trust me, it was WAY more than 40 spanks… it felt like 400! By the time he was finished I was actually crying and pleading for him to stop. In fact, I’d been doing that for a while and it didn’t move him in the least bit. He just kept lecturing me on doing as I was told and NOT drinking, and I kept assuring him that I wouldn’t do it and begged him to please stop. When he stopped, my entire bottom was aching and my thighs hurt because he really enjoyed spanking where I would feel it when I sat. And TRUST ME, when I sat, I felt it… for at least a day or two.

Anyway, so after he spanked me, he lifted me from his lap and let me cry on his shoulder for a little while and just held me there, like a big brother would do. I dunno, though… I really liked the whole experience and I want to do it again…

The next morning, I saw Tara who was still rubbing her bottom (too) and I figured that she’d gotten it just as bad as me. I smiled at her and apologized for being so mean, not because Abe told me to, but because I felt as if we were connected somehow, by being punished like eight year olds. She smiled at me and said she was sorry, too. I was totally tempted to ask her about her spanking, but decided to let it go. That’d be another conversation we’d have.

I SO hope they don’t show that on tv because it’d be uber embarrassing.

Anyway, I’ll write more next week, so STAY TUNED. 🙂


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