Aerial’s Diary – Week 2

Dear Journal,

Hi again! It’s me, Aerial. I’m lying on my bed right now, on my tummy of course. You’ll never believe what just happened. It’s a long story, and I’m going to start from the beginning. I know, you’re probably whining because you have to wait until the juicy part, but oh well.

Since last week, Tara and I have become kinda friends. I mean, I can’t say that we’re honestly friends, because you know, we’re not that close or anything. We don’t really talk much, but sometimes we acknowledge each other and we definitely don’t beat up on one another anymore. So Saturday night we had another party. Every non-mission night we have a party, simply because that’s what Mike and Abram and Darrell like to do. Those are some party guys there. Mike makes up these stupid games and everyone joins in, except for Tara and me and a few others people. Well, Friday night we decided that we’d all join in. Abram was already trashed so I knew it was okay if I drank some, too. Well, we were playing these games, and all of a sudden someone brings up playing strip poker. We all knew each other pretty well, and since most of us run around half naked anyway, even the non-drunk people decided to participate. So Tara was barely wearing anything to begin with. She was wearing a tiny pair of shorts, a tank top, and underwear, but that’s it. Most of us were wearing at least our shoes and socks, so we’d still be mostly dressed after losing four hands, but Tara… nope. In a matter of seconds she had only a pair of panties and a bra on, and minutes later, the bra came off. The guys were all drunk and enjoying this like crazy, and I was just rolling my eyes at them. Finally, she lost the game and ran naked through the house. Wow, I hope they play that on tv. It was the funniest thing ever. I was cracking up and Mike was going crazy and I’ve never seen these people so crazy before. I wish I could explain things better, but my memory is kind of fuzzy. I mean, I too had been drinking and was pretty wasted when all of this was happening.

After Tara streaked through the house, she got sick. She was about to jump in the swimming pool but as she tried to walk she ended up falling instead. We, being the drunk people we were, didn’t really pay any attention and just kept cackling, rambling on about nonsense that wasn’t too important. Ended up, the non-alcoholics had to carry her to the room. I’m not quite sure what happened.

Anyway, it was a long night to say the least. We stayed up until about four in the morning just partying and having a good time. When I’m drunk I’m VERY flirtatious and I was hitting on Abram like crazy. I kept giggling and playfully punching him and I wanted to ask him to spank me again, but I couldn’t bring myself to it. Yes, I was drunk, but not that drunk.

We fell asleep passed out all over the place. I was cuddled up on the couch next to Leah from the Real World team and when I woke up, it looked as if nobody had had the strength to walk up all of those stairs to get to our room. Some people were even sleeping on the floor. I stepped over the limp bodies and stumbled up stairs, finding the first bed and falling asleep again.

I woke up somewhere during the middle of the afternoon and everyone was making plans to go out. Sunday is our off-camera day, AKA free day. It means that we can do whatever the hell we want and nobody cares. I thought about asking Abram for another spanking… but I dunno it’s just weird. How does one randomly approach someone and ask for something like that? What would I say? Hey, Abram, you know when you gave me that spanking? Yeah, it kinda turned me on so will you give me another? Heh, he’d probably laugh at me or something.

I didn’t go out Sunday night. Monday was a mission day and I spent the afternoon working out with Mike, Abram, and Veronica because those are the people I usually work out with. We ran around the house tons of times and did some situps and Veronica and I worked on our upper body strength. Mike should’ve been a Road Rules kid. He sure hangs out with us more than his own team.

We took a run down to the beach where we goofed around for a while then decided to settle down and get a tan. Well, Veronica and I were getting a tan (skin cancer is more like it). Mike and Abram were throwing sand and water at us the whole time. Even my death glare didn’t stop them. A little while later, I see CT and Leah and Mallory come to hang out with us, then some more of the kids from our house, until finally, nearly everyone was on the beach. We played a game of volleyball (Road Rules kicks ass again!) and then swam in the ocean and when it was dark we all went back to the house and took our showers. I was, by this time, exhausted. So exhausted that I hadn’t noticed Tara was nowhere around until Trishelle said something. I guess that’s when I realized that she hadn’t been around all day. We searched through the house for her but she wasn’t around. We went back to the beach, but she wasn’t there. I was beginning to get worried when CT grabbed his wallet and announced he was going to look at some of the local clubs. Abram stepped up and offered to go with him.

The rest of the night was boring. We were all asleep by midnight. I woke the next morning and piled into the van with my LOUD teammates. I was never the kid in high school who cheered at football games. Apparently the rest of them were.

Blah blah, missions make for absolutely no excitement whatsoever, but I’ll just tell you, Tara did HORRIBLY. I hadn’t been awake when she came home, but I knew they’d been out kinda late. Abram had told me that she’d been at a club and was trashed when they got there. Said they’d gotten home about two in the morning and CT was pissed. I can see now why he was pissed. She basically caused them to lose the whole mission (woohoo, Road Rules wins again!).

We got home and everyone basically went their separate ways. I just happened to be in my room, reading over my last journal entry, when I heard a noise. It was CT. Curious as to what it was, I stood up and walked towards the Real World rooms.

“You know why you did so badly today, Tara? Because you went out last night and got drunk!” he was yelling. “And you know that the day before a mission you need to work out and get in early so you can get plenty of rest. Do you understand me?”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

“Take those pants off, you won’t be needing them.”

I nearly died. There he was telling her to take her pants off which meant she was getting a spanking. Woohooo!!!

I inched in closer towards the room. We don’t have doors, just curtains. Basically, no one gets any privacy. At this time I was glad of that. I moved my fingers between the wall and the curtain and peeked inside. There was Tara in nothing more than a small red shirt and her white cotton panties, standing in front of CT, tears streaming down her face. “Please,” she was begging. “I don’t want another.. another…” She paused and bit her lip.

“Too late for that, Young Lady,” he scolded. “You’re getting a spanking and that’s that. Down with your panties, too.”

I noticed a camera man behind me. I looked back at him and shushed him so he wouldn’t bring attention on me. He creeped up slowly behind me.

Tara tugged the panties down to the floor and stepped out. Boy, I was glad that Abram had spanked me. How embarrassing to stand there half naked in front of someone! Of course, it wasn’t like she hadn’t done it the night before…

He grabbed her left arm and practically threw her down over his lap. From the angle I was at, I could see nothing but the back of CT’s head. He was sitting on a couch with her draped across his lap, so she was almost completely hidden.

Almost immediately he began spanking, his firm hand slapping against her tender cheeks. I saw his hand raise high in the air then heard the collision, then it kept repeating and she was whining and making a fuss. I felt that great feeling inside of me again.

I wasn’t getting enough of a show. I decided it’d be easier to turn around, go through the bathroom and watch from there. Then I could actually see everything.

I slowly turned around, tip-toeing away from the door, motioning for the camera man to follow me. I knew he wanted to see it, too. Who WOULDN’T? We slowly made our way back to my room, then I went through the bathroom and peeked through the curtain. Ah, yes, a much better view. I could see Tara’s now red bottom and I could see her kicking her legs and hanging onto the couch cushion for dear life. She was screaming more than ever.

I felt the camera above me. This would make a nice segment on tv — Tara’s bare bottom, exposed to the entire world. TV ratings would go up. Everyone would watch! There she was, Real World’s Tara, the one who was cocky and had an attitude to no end, getting her buns roasted and bawling like a baby! I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

He ended abruptly. “I’m not finished,” he warned. “Stand up!” She stood on shaky legs and wiped the tears from her eyes. Next thing I knew, he was walking straight towards the bathroom. I might’ve escaped if the damn camera man hadn’t have been right behind me. I attempted to flee, but ran right into him, causing him to crash to the floor.

“Oh my God, are you okay?” I shrieked. I was doomed… CT had already seen me.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m good,” he answered and I helped him up. “Camera’s okay, too.”

I guess when one man falls, others must come. After making sure he was okay, CT began yelling at me. “What the hell are you doing? You think this is funny, watching someone get spanked? You curious?”

“N-no..” I stammered. “I was just…”

He waited. “Well, you’re next, little one. Get out there, right now!” He practically pushed me to their room. That’s when a camera man entered. Not fair… only one guy got to film Tara, and now there were two around! And here this one was, walking around the room. He could’ve gotten some good shots of the other spanking!

CT came out of the bathroom, wooden brush in hand. He sat back on the couch. “Over,” he ordered and the sobbing 18 year old was back over his lap.

I must say, it was much more enjoyable from up close, and even more enjoyable knowing that I was next. I had this anticipation creeping inside of me. My heart was pounding in my chest. My head was spinning.

He cracked the hairbrush down and she let out a piercing scream. I had to cover my ear for fear that I’d become deaf. He crashed it down again, this time on the other cheek. “Are you going to behave, Tara?” CRACK!

“AHHHHHHOOOWWWW!!! Yessssss, I’ll be good!” she promised.

I shifted nervously.

CRACK! “Are you going to get drunk on the night before a mission ever again?” CRACK!

She was sobbing hysterically. Another camera man came inside at a different angle. “Noooooooo,” she wailed.

He cracked it down on her bottom at least a dozen more times, lecturing on the importance of these missions and responsibility and a bunch of other bull. I wasn’t listening… my heart was pounding so loudly I couldn’t even hear him.

He finally stopped spanking and looked up at me. “Aerial, go downstairs and find Abram and bring him up here.”

I gulped but nodded and trotted downstairs, my hands shaking.

It took me a while, but I finally found Abram downstairs by the pool, laughing with some of his friends. “Abe,” I said, then cleared my throat. “CT wants you to come up there and see him..”

“Oh yeah? What’s it about?”

“Me,” I muttered, blushing because I didn’t want Veronica to hear what I was saying.

He nodded, a grin still plastered on his face, and told Veronica he’d see her later.

I held onto his hand as we went upstairs, mostly for comfort. My mind was going in two different directions — it wanted CT to spank me, but it also wanted for him to tell Abe what happened so he’d spank me instead. By watching the hairbrushing I could tell that CT was a much more experienced spanker than Abram.

We arrived to the room all too soon and Tara was sitting in a hard wooden chair, still crying. Abram seemed slightly taken aback, but did not say anything about it. “You wanted to see me?” he asked CT.

CT nodded. “Have you told him what happened yet?”

I shook my head.

“Well, go ahead.”

I bit my lower lip. “Well, er, I was in my room, reading, and I heard a noise and came to see what it was and I kinda watched CT spanking Tara…” I stammered.

Abram nodded.

“And she almost killed the camera man,” CT added.

He raised his eyebrows. “How’d you manage to do that?” he asked, looking around the room to seek out the one who almost died.

“CT was coming to the bathroom and I turned to run out and the guy was behind me and I ran into him,” I said.

Abe tried to not laugh, but he couldn’t resist. I mean, it was funny… Hilarious even. I’d have laughed, too, if I wasn’t scared of what CT would do. “Sorry,” he apologized, finally managing to choke down his laughter. He cleared his throat. “It’s never okay to spy on someone,” Abe said, in all seriousness. “You should know that, Aerial. You wouldn’t want someone doing that to you.”

I nodded. “I know,” I said. “I just… I wanted to watch and see what was going on…”

“Well,” CT said, “now you get to know what’s going on first-handedly. Because I’m about to use this hairbrush on you…” He looked at Abram for his approval.

Abram nodded. “Right. And not only does Tara get to watch, I get to watch, and so do all these camera men, even the one you almost killed,” he added, containing his laughter. “And after CT gets through with you, I’m going to have my own talk with you, got it?”

I gulped and nodded.

Abe looked at CT and CT looked at me and I just looked around the room. Three camera men were gathered around to see what was happening, the tears had stopped streaming down Tara’s cheeks and she was gazing upon me with curiousity, Abram was giving me a stern look. “Okay,” CT said. “You won’t be needing those pants.”

I blushed furiously and tugged them down to my knees.

“Panties either,” he said when I stared at him.

I blushed even more, taking one more quick look around and finally pulling them down to meet my shorts. He threw me over his lap like I’d seen him do to Tara. I shifted uncomfortably, but he had such a firm on me that I could barely move. “Aerial,” he began, lifting the brush and crashing it down on my backside, causing me to groan in displeasure, “I don’t want to ever *SMACK!* see you spying on someone again. *SMACK!* Do you understand? *SMACK!*”

“Owwwwwwww,” I groaned. “Yes, I understand.” His smacks weren’t nearly as hard as they’d been on Tara, I guess because the main punishment was just embarrassing me. I knew my real punishment would be coming from Abram.

“Good *SMACK!* because next time *SMACK!* you won’t be able to sit for weeks. *SMACK!* Got it? *SMACK!!!!*”

The last smack made me shriek in pain. “Yessss, I got it, I got it!” I wailed, holding onto the couch for dear life.

“Good!” He landed two final smacks on my sit spots that were harder than all of the rest put together, then lifted me. My hands flew to my bottom so I could rub the sting out.

Abram shook his head. “No rubbing,” he ordered, grabbing me by the upper arm and hauling me to the doorway. “I want you to apologize,” he muttered into my ear.

I nodded and turned around, blushing once more because I realized that three different cameras had recorded my spanking and everyone was staring at my red bottom. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, and turned back to Abram, wanting him to take me out of that embarrassing situation.

And he did. He marched me out of the room and through the hallway to where my room was, journal still lying on my bed. He pulled the curtain shut and looked at me. “Aerial, you know better than that..” he began.

“I know I do. I was just curious.”

“I know you were, and that’s normal, but you honestly don’t want Tara or CT or anyone for that matter peeking in to watch you get spanked. Didn’t you even think about that when you were watching?”

I hung my head. “No.”

“I think what CT did was completely fair, though I don’t like the fact that he embarrassed you so much. But you deserved it, don’t you think?”

I nodded.

And then he added, “Do you think that you’ve honestly been punished enough?” Ugh! Why do people ask stupid questions like that! You feel stupid saying yes because you know they’ll take that and say that you’re immature for thinking that and you’ll get a spanking anyway, and if you say no, then you get spanked, too! So there’s no way out! Like once when a teacher asked me what grade I think I deserved on a test… hell, I don’t know, isn’t that what they pay you to do? Oh well… I knew that I *wanted* Abram to spank me more, so therefore, it was an easy decision.

“No,” I answered.

He sat down on my bed and pulled me to him, lifting my chin so my eyes would meet his. “Aerial, you’re a great kid, almost like a real little sister to me. You’re eighteen years old and you know that what you did is wrong, and I think it’s great that you’re fessing up to that, okay? I’m just really disappointed in you for doing this. You’re a bigger person than that.”

I nodded.

He gently lead me over his lap. My shorts and panties were still down from my earlier spanking. “Think about this next time you want to spy on someone… and think about how embarrassing it was for you when others were watching you.”

I nodded and he slapped his hand down on my rear. I’ll admit, it was more gentle than CT’s spanking and done with more love than anger. I think that’s what got me riled up the most. I know, I’m weird. He slapped my bottom again and again, until he began a rapid pace, covering my entire backside and sitspots and thighs. I didn’t want to know where he learned to spank like that all of a sudden! Seemed as if the last time he spanked me he had no clue what he was doing! And it was actually hurting, especially since I’d just gotten spanked with that awful hairbrush.

He didn’t stop until I was really and truly broken, and both of us could tell when that moment hit because I had stopped struggling and I was just lying there, crying my heart out, and apologizing for what I’d done… and this time, I really meant it.

He lifted me in a heartbeat and pulled me into his arms in a loving embrace. He rocked me back and forth and let me cry on his shoulder, stroking my hair and telling me that I was forgiven. He told me that he loved me and only wanted the best for me. I told him that I loved him, too. It was a very heartfelt experience, to say the least.

After about thirty minutes of cuddling, he pulled my panties and shorts back up and kissed me on the forehead. “Get some rest,” he said. “I’m sure you’re exhausted.”

And he was right… I was exhausted. I’d had two spankings in one day and I was aching all over. But I felt better… at least I was forgiven.

So I took a nap and I just now woke up, and my bottom is still throbbing. I took a look at it in the mirror earlier, making sure no one was around first, of course, and it’s bruising just a little near the sit spots. But everything’s okay now. I think I’ll go see how Tara is and apologize to her again. Good idea?

I’ll write soon!

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