Anastasia: Spiffy Big Brother


Ana has totally fallen for this hott older guy named Matt.  She invites him over when she’s home alone, and things start getting playfully hot and heavy in the shower.  Until Ashton comes home.


School was finally over and Bri and I were both totally glad about that. In fact, we somehow managed to talk Terrence and Ashton into letting us stay out fairly late sometimes. We often went to concerts, like Bri had done the summer before, and I even met her friend, Stephanie. But Stephanie wasn’t the person that was really cool to meet… that was Matt. Ugh, geeze, talk about drooling! That’s all I did when I saw him! He was a 19 year-old college student and was TOTALLY sexy. Every time I saw him, I got all giddy and turned into a girly girl. Oh well. That’s just me, I guess.

Anyway, it all happened one night when we were at this concert and Brianna met this guy named Zach. He was really cute, tall, blonde hair, brown eyes, just graduated from high school. And he was with his friend. Well, Zach and Bri hit it off so well that Bri introduced me to his friend. And that’s how I met Matt.

The thing is, Ashton’s super over-protective about me. He freaks out when I even talk to a guy, much less kiss him… and believe me, Matt and I were doing just a little more than kissing. I knew I could never introduce Matt and Ashton, especially since Matt was older than my brother! That would be murder!

One day, after an extremely long concert, Matt came over to my house while Ashton was away. Do you honestly think I’d let him come over while Ashton was home? Of course not. We were just talking, making out, groping each other… I felt all gross, though, and he wanted to go farther than I wanted.

“Uhmmm,” I said. “I need to take a shower…” I wasn’t really thinking about what I was saying.

He perked up. “A shower?” He licked his lips. “Can I join?”

I giggled. “Sorry, Matt…”

“Hey, it’s okay. I don’t wanna have sex… I just wanna help you wash off.”

I rolled my eyes. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen anything like that before. It was very tempting, though. But I had to decline. “Sorry,” I said, smiling and touching his lips with my fingers so he wouldn’t speak. “Not tonight. Maybe tomorrow morning.”

He couldn’t help but grin at that comment. And with that, I stuck my tongue out at him and ran to the bathroom with him chasing after me.

About halfway through my shower, though, there was a knock at the door. “Ana, I’m bored,” he whined. I rolled my eyes. What a lame pick up line.

“I’m sorry.”

I heard him lean against the door. “Do you sing in the shower?”

I giggled. “No.”

“Come on, let me in, please? I’ll wash your hair for you?”

I know this sounds really lame, but it was so adorable, I couldn’t resist.

When I didn’t answer, though, because I felt uncomfortable about being in the shower with a guy although it was tempting, as I’ve said, Matt spoke. “Hey, I’ll even keep my clothes on… just for you. Just to prove that I don’t want anything more than to be with you.”

I smiled. “Okay,” I shrieked and unlocked the door, hiding myself behind the shower curtain.

He flipped the hair out of his eyes and took his shoes and socks off then kissed me violently. I wasn’t expecting that. I nearly slipped and fell down! He hopped in with me and fondled me, and no, I won’t give you any descriptions.

“You’re so beautiful,” he told me, running his fingers down my cheek.

He made me feel so good about myself… I couldn’t help it. I unbuttoned and unzipped his wet jeans, then tried to tug them down to the ground, but we both ended up in a fit of giggles, simply because it was hilarious. I finally got them down and he tried to step out of them, then slipped and landed on his ass, and I fell down right on top of him because he had been holding onto me. We were laughing hysterically when I heard the knock on the door.

“ANA! Whose car is that outside?”

It took me a minute before I finally realized that it was Ashton. He was home! I hurriedly covered Matt’s mouth so he wouldn’t speak.

I racked my brain… “Stephanie!” I yelled, hands shaking, knees weak, heart pounding.

“Stephanie?” he asked and I heard something drop. “I’d love to believe you, Anastasia, but I’ve met Stephanie and I doubt she wears a size 11 in men’s shoes… she’s not that big of a girl..”

I gulped. “They’re her brother’s.”

There was silence for a moment. I could feel my heart thumping louder and louder. “Anastasia, open the door.”

“I’m washing my hair!”

“Anastasia! Right now!”

“But, Ashton…” I whined.

Next thing I know, the door is swung open and Matt and I jump up just in time for him to pull the shower curtain open and me to shriek and try to cover myself. “What the fuck!?!” he yelled. “What the hell is this?!” Matt was standing there, pants around ankles, private parts hanging out, and there I was, stark naked, trying to hide. Matt tugged his pants up and slipped out of the shower. He must have known what was best for him. In fact, I even considered slipping out of there myself…

In an instant, Matt had his shoes and was running out of the door, and Ashton was coming over to me, pissed beyond belief. “What the fuck are you doing?” he shouted.

I was immediately pissed off. How dare he! “What the fuck am I doing? What the fuck are YOU doing?! I bring a guy over here to hang out and you hit the roof?!”

He was shocked. “Excuse me? You call what you were doing ‘hanging out’? And do NOT use that tone with me Young Lady, you’re in enough trouble as it is!”

“Fuck you!” I shouted, and before I could even attempt to get out of the shower, or even turn off the water for that matter, Ashton grabbed my left arm and dragged me out of the shower, I dripping wet, and sat down on the toilet and pulled me over his lap.


I shrieked and kicked. This hurt like crazy! I never knew how much it’d hurt having him spank me while my bottom was still wet!

“I will not tolerate you speaking to me like that, do you hear me?” he said, spanking me harder and harder each second.

“Ow! Ow! Stop it!”

“I will NOT stop it, Young Lady! You’re going to learn a good lesson this time!” He kept spanking and spanking, and I didn’t even try to keep count because it hurt so badly, but I’d guess he kept it up for a minute or two. He then stood me up. “You will not speak to me in that tone, do you hear me?” he shouted, gripping my arm tightly and shaking me for emphasis.

I nodded.

He stood up and pulled me towards the sink. “And you will not use that type of language.” He turned on the faucet and put the bar of soap under it.

“But you use it,” I whined, seeing already where this was going.

“I’m the adult,” he responded. “And you should respect me. Got it?”

I made a sour face and in response, he shoved the soap in my mouth. I gagged a little at the gross taste, trying to spit it out, but every time I tried, he spanked me as hard as he could, and believe me, that didn’t feel good.

He finally pulled the bar out of my mouth and found a washcloth, got tons of suds on it, then cleaned out my mouth! If you think I was gagging before, I was really gagging now, and I even started crying. Not because he was hurting me, but because I felt like such a little kid and the soap was gross and he was really mad at me.

He took the washcloth out after what seemed like forever and gave me a small glass of water, telling me to rinse. I gargled the water and spit it out, the taste of soap still lingering. He wouldn’t let me wash anymore out, though, because he was already dragging me to my bedroom.

“I’m disappointed in you, Anastasia,” he told me after shutting my door and sitting on the bed.

I was still naked and trying to cover my body but it wasn’t working too well.

He tugged on my arm and pulled me closer to him. “You’re my little sister, and I love you lots, okay? The rule isn’t that boys can’t come over because I don’t trust you… I trust you plenty… or I did. The point is, guys have a tendency to be pushy, I should know. And he could have an STD or get you pregnant or anything… and I don’t want that happening to you, okay? I care too much. Get it?”

I nodded.

“You’re only 16… just turned 16… and that’s too young to have a baby or get some sort of disease, okay? I know it’s hard to resist the temptation, but if something happens to you, it’d kill me. I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I wasn’t a good enough brother and I’d blame myself…”

“But you are a good brother,” I assured him, getting teary-eyed.

“Ana, I trusted you to stay home alone without bringing a guy into the house… and you broke that trust. I’m really disappointed in you.” He sighed. “I don’t want you to see him anymore, okay? I mean, I can’t stop you, can’t tell you who you can and can’t hang out with, but I’d rather you not be around him. He’s at least 19 or 20 and that’s illegal and he’s had more experience so he’s more likely to do stuff with you, okay?”

“But, Ashton…”

“Please don’t argue with me right now.”

I bit my lip and nodded.

“Before I spank you…” he began, but I cut him off.

“But you already spanked me!” I whined.

He gave me that look. “I spanked you for having an attitude with me and using bad language… not for what you did.”

“Ashton, please… I’m sorry.”

“You had a boy alone in the house, you were in the shower with him, and you lied to me. You think that measly hand-spanking I gave you was enough?”

I sighed. “I guess not,” I muttered.

There was a short silence. “Do you understand why I’m doing this?”

I nodded.

He stood up and did something I totally didn’t expect… he hugged me. “I love ya, kid sis.”

“I love you, too,” I muttered.

He pulled away and I wiped my eyes.

There was an uneasy silence. “I’m going to use my belt,” he concluded.

Surprisingly, I went down without a fight. “Okay.”

He took a deep breath in and unbuckled his belt then slid it through the loops. I watched nervously. He held it in his hands and finally doubled it over. “Lean over the bed,” he ordered.

I nodded and walked towards my bed, shivering with fear. I flopped over, burying my face into the blankets and holding onto them.

I heard the jingling of the belt buckle. I felt the first blow… felt it loud and clear. I yelped like a dog who’d just gotten his tail stepped on and jumped up. Ashton did nothing, just let me regain myself and fall back down.

He pressed his hand down on the small of my back then crashed the second one down. He crashed it down again and again until I felt like I was sitting on a hot stove. I was crying and squealing and begging for him to stop, apologizing with every breath. He finally stopped and I couldn’t move. My thighs were aching fiercely, I knew I wouldn’t be able to sit for a long time. I cried so hard I couldn’t hear anything but myself, not even my thumping heart. When I finally felt okay enough to turn around and hug Ashton, I noticed that he was crying, too. He was trying to hide it by hurriedly wiping the tears away, but I knew my brother too well. I’d seen him cry over a broken heart plenty of times, and seeing him cry because of me just broke my own heart. He looked so pathetic, standing there, staring at the floor, doubled-over belt in his right hand, left hand wiping the tears away. I pushed myself up and slammed into him with a hug.

“I’m sorry, Ashton. I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t want to make you cry,” I blubbered, tears steadily streaming down my face.

“It’s not you,” he murmured.

“It is. I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry.”

“No, no, kid sis. It’s not that. It’s just that I love you so much… and you’re growing up… and what if I wouldn’t have come home and you’d have gotten pregnant…”

“But you came home, and it’s okay, I promise. I’ll be good. I’m sorry.”

He hugged me tightly. “I love you too much,” he muttered.

I smiled. “I love you even more… so I love you way too much.”

I felt him smile.

“I’ll stop hanging out with him… and I’ll be good.”

“I hope so,” he said and kissed my forehead, then wiped my tears away. “You’re a pretty spiffy little sister, ya know that?”

I giggled. “I know. And you’re a spiffy big bro that wants to buy me ice cream.”

“And you’re a spiffy sis that can’t sit down to eat the ice cream,” he chuckled.

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