Shannon: Procrastinating Into Trouble

Shannon isn’t up for doing her homework, but she’s about to have to stand up to finish it because Matt found out how much she’s been slacking off.  As if it isn’t bad enough that she hasn’t started the report she has due tomorrow, she gets a little too much of an attitude.  Time for Matt to intervene.


Good Charlotte was blaring through my room as I flipped through the latest issue of CosmoGirl. I was singing along, headbanging and all, taking notes on how to tell if a boyfriend was cheating, when Matt walked in.

“You could at least knock ya know!” I yelled over the music.

“I tried!” he yelled back. “I don’t think the neighbors appreciate you holding a rock concert in my room, ya know! Think you could turn that down a bit?”

When I shook my head no and averted my attention back to the magazine, Matt sighed and turned the music off. “Hey! What’d you do that for,” I asked, glaring at him.

“Because it was too loud and besides, I gotta question for you.”

I rolled my eyes. Great. “Fine, what?”

“Your teacher called today and said that you have a huge report due tomorrow and she hasn’t seen you working on it in class, but instead you’ve been goofing off. I assured her that you probably already finished it, but didn’t mention that I haven’t seen you working on it either. I figured that all those nights you said you were going out with Lisa you were really at the library working on the report.”

I blinked. That report was due tomorrow? “Uhm, yeah. That’s what it is.”

He smiled, not buying it. “Great. How about I read it then? I’ll proof it for you, make sure you don’t have any mistakes. What’s the report on anyway?”

I blinked again. “I don’t need it proofed.”

“Sure ya do. It’s a really big report, so I hear. Counts as about 400 points… I wouldn’t like it if you didn’t get your full 100 percent just because it wasn’t proofed.”

“Truth is, I left it at school.”

“I’m sure. Guess we’ll just have to go up there and get it then?”

I sighed.

“You know, things would be so much easier if you just told me the truth..”

“Okay, fine… I haven’t gotten the report finished yet. There, happy?”

“No.” He took the magazine away. “You should finish your school work before you have a rock concert.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’ll finish it later,” I promised, attempting to grab the magazine from him, but failing.

“No, you’ll finish it now.”

“Ma-att!” I whined.

“Shan-non!” he mimicked.

“I don’t feel like doing the report right now.”

“I don’t care. You’ve had weeks to do it and if you hadn’t procrastinated, it’d be finished by now. And as your teacher said, you’ve had class time to do it. So I don’t want to hear it.”

I glared at him.

“And if you keep arguing, you’ll be doing that report standing up.”

Understanding what he meant by that remark, I sighed heavily and grabbed my backpack and threw it on my bed. Before I could get the books out and stuff, Matt spoke.

“At the table, Shannon.”

I groaned and threw my backpack over my shoulder then shoved past him to the kitchen table.

I worked on the report for about ten minutes then grabbed a snack from the kitchen. Then I worked a little more and got distracted by Wheel Of Fortune which is what Matt was watching on tv. Then I got engrossed in having a philosophical conversation with myself about how come Matt was watching that show, and then he woke me up.

“Shannon… staring into space isn’t going to get the report written,” he said.

I groaned and went back to work. It wasn’t twenty minutes before I got bored with it again and grabbed another snack from the kitchen.

“You’ll ruin your appetite,” Matt muttered from the living room.

“I don’t care. It’s keeping me more entertained than this stupid report.”

Finally, after it’d already gotten dark outside and Matt had told Lisa that I was too busy to talk or hang out, I finished the second page of my report and threw down my pen.

“Finished,” I murmured, then shoved everything in my backpack.

Matt got up and held his hand out.

I raised my eyebrows. “What?”

“Let me proof-read it,” he ordered.

“It’s fine, I finished it… no big deal.”

“I don’t care. Let me proof-read it.”

I sighed and pulled it back out of my backpack and handed it to him. He wouldn’t let me get up. He stood there over me, reading the paper to himself. I rolled my eyes at him, but he didn’t seem to notice, just kept reading. “Two pages, Shannon? You’ve got to be kidding me. This is a rough draft, right?”

“Matt… just… leave me alone. It’s fine.”

“No, Shannon, it isn’t fine,” he said, this time actually getting a little mad at me. “You’ve had this report for two weeks now and all you’ve been doing in class is goofing off and talking to your friends. Every night when you come home, you go out with Lisa or someone else for the entire evening and you don’t do any of your homework. While you’re in my house, you’re not going to goof off and let your grades drop, understand? You’re a smart girl and I know you can write a better paper than this.”

“No, I can’t,” I said, trying to stand up and push away from him, but he stood firmly in front of me.

“Yes, you can,” he replied, gently pushing me back in my chair. “Finish writing your paper, then you can type it up on my laptop and save it to a disk and print it out at school tomorrow.”

“No. I finished the report, I’m not doing anymore,” I said, standing back up.

“Shannon! Look at this paper! You have scratch-outs and bad grammar..” he shoved the paper in my face, and I shoved it away, so he smacked my hands away and I don’t know what came over me, I guess I was just acting on impulse, and I smacked him back.

Everything stopped with that deafening smack… he stopped talking and just stared at me, and I just stood there with my mouth dropped.

“That’s it,” he said, throwing his hands up and putting the report down on the table.

“No, wait… Matt… I’m sorry,” I muttered, but he was already grabbing my wrist and dragging me to the bathroom.

“You’re always sorry, Shannon. I’m sick of it. I’ve tried to let you off easy, tried to give you a chance to actually do the damn report even after you lied to me and gave me that attitude, and you just don’t want to take the easy way out. So we’re going to deal with this the way it should have been dealt with to begin with.”

“Nooooo, please, Matt..” I begged, trying to release from his firm grip.

He dragged me to the bathroom. “This is what happens when you lie to me and cock an attitude,” he said, finding a bar of soap and a washcloth.

“Nooooooooo!” I sqealed upon seeing it. “Pleaseeee, Matt… don’t do that…” I begged.

“Too late,” he said, turning the faucet and wetting the cloth then lathering the soap into it. He held onto my wrist tightly so I wouldn’t escape. I was whining like a baby.

When the washcloth was covered with soap, he turned the water off and let go of my wrist, then held onto my chin, practically having to pry my lips open. “Matt, stoppp,” I whined. “I’m sorry!” He wouldn’t listen to me though, just held my mouth open and washed it out with soap, scrubbing my tounge and my cheeks, then the roof of my mouth.

“You will not lie to me, Young Lady,” he said. “And you’re going to stop it with this attitude.”

“Mmmkay… ah will!” I choked through the nasty tast of the soap.

He stopped scrubbing and threw the cloth down, then got the bar of soap and shoved it in my mouth. “You will hold it there and if you spit it out, I will use the hairbrush and belt on you, understand?”

I nodded hurriedly, by this time the tears streaming down my face because it finally hit me what I’d done… I’d hit him, and that wasn’t good.

He led me to a corner in the living room and swatted me on the bottom. “Nose in the corner and don’t move it an inch. I want you to think about what you’ve done and what you’re about to get.” More tears began streaming down my face as I buried my nose in the corner. I heard Matt sit down behind me.

I tried not to think of what Matt told me to think about, but having the gross bitter taste of soap in my mouth and staring at the wall, it was hard to not think about it. I was wondering what he was going to do to me, desperately wishing that he wouldn’t use his belt or hairbrush… even though I honestly knew I deserved it. I regretted putting off the report until the last minute. Had I just done the work in class, none of this would have ever happened…

“Okay, Shannon,” he said. “Come here.”

I turned around, bar of soap still in my mouth.

He led me to the bathroom and threw the soap in the sink. “Spit out, but do not rinse,” he ordered.

So I spit as much of the soap out as I could, then he grabbed me by the upper arm and led me to the futon. He unbuttoned my jeans and tugged them to the floor, then did the same with my panties.

“Please, Matt,” I choked out through more tears. “I’m sorry. I’ve learned my lesson.”

“I don’t think so, Shannon,” he replied, throwing me over his lap. “This is for procrastinating, playing around during class, and hitting me.”

“But I’m sorry!”

He replied with a hearty smack to my poor bottom, and then landed more and more, causing a few yelps to erupt from my soapy mouth. “Ooowwwww,” I whined. “Ahhhh, Matt… that hurtssss.”

“Good.. maybe you’ll think of this next time you decide to get into trouble.” He kept smacking, hitting my backside at full force and concentrating mainly on my sitspots.

I just lay there, whining and groaning and letting the tears stream down my face. My heart was pounding to no end and I was desperately wishing that he wouldn’t decide to take his belt off.

And he didn’t, but he did decide to grab the wooden hairbrush that was conveniently sitting on the coffee table in front of us. “Noooooo… Mattttt,” I begged, more tears pouring out of my eyes. “I’m sorrrrrryyyyyy. Pleaseeee not the hairbrush!!”

“*WHACK!* Sorry, kiddo. *WHACK!* *WHACK!* You’ve been very *WHACK!* disrespectful *WHACK!* today. *WHACK! WHACK!* And I *WHACK WHACK!!* will not *WHACK!* tolerate *WHACK!* you hitting me *WHACK WHACK WHACK!!*”

“I knowwwww,” I pleaded. “I won’t do it again!”

He didn’t let up. He hit me with that damn hairbrush so many times I thought I felt my bottom beginning to turn numb. I began bawling, feeling true remorse for what I’d done. Feeling bad for pushing Matt’s limits and practically begging for this spanking. I howled in pain, my head hurting nearly as badly as my burning rear end, and I was crying so hard that my body shook. He finally put the brush back on the coffee table and let me lie there to regain myself. I was shaking and crying for a long time, just lying there over my brother’s lap.

“Shhhh, shhhh, baby sister,” he said in a soft voice. “You’re all forgiven now.”

I nodded. “It-t h-hurtsss,” I whispered.

“I know. But I bet you won’t hit me ever again, will you?”


He lifted me from his lap and hugged me tightly, wiping a tear out of my eyes. He tugged my panties back up. “Now, I want you to go finish your report, sitting down.”

“But…” I began, but he gave me a warning look and I knew that now wasn’t the best time to argue. “Okay, Matt,” I said, then kicked my pants away and hobbled towards the table. I sat on my throbbing bottom for hours writing the stupid report, but I even let Matt proof-read it and he said it sounded great and even offered to type it for me. Yep, I have a pretty cool big brother 🙂

2 thoughts on “Shannon: Procrastinating Into Trouble

  1. I love your stories.. every time you characters get into trouble, this pit at the bottom of my stomach starts churning. you're really talented,so thank you for the stories and please please write some more, especially in this series!


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