Stupid Paddles


Based on a real life (consensual) spanking I received from a non-spanko friend.


I wiped my sweaty palms on my jeans. My heart pounded inside of my chest. Why was I so nervous? This had happened to me plenty of times before.. or at least three times prior to this particular occasion. It was a little after one on a Friday afternoon. I’d just gotten finished eating at a seafood restuarant a few blocks away from my friend’s house. And now it was that time — I was long overdue for a spanking concerning the fact that I’m lazy and hate doing my schoolwork. But this wasn’t going to be just a mere handspanking… my friend, Robert, had insisted that I bring my paddle with me — a 2×4 board that was about a foot long and four inches wide, about an inch thick. Okay, so I’m not that great with measurements, but that’s what I guess anyway.

The knock on the door was weak. I was trying to feel confident, but the excitement that dwelled within my body wouldn’t allow me that luxury. I didn’t wait for him to answer, just walked in to find him dead asleep on the bed.

“Robertttt,” I said in a half-yell, plopping on the bed next to him. “Wake uppppp.”

He groaned and rolled over. “I’m sleepy,” he mumbled.

We lay there together for a while, half talking, half trying to wake him up, when I finally mentioned my impending spanking. That seemed to get him awake. “Where’s your paddle?” he asked.

“Ahem, in my car,” I grumbled.

He nodded. “Go get it. I’m going to take a shower.”

I whined. “But I don’t wanna use that!”

“I don’t care… get it anyway.”

I pouted for a solid minute, but he just ignored me, finding clothes to take with him to change into after he took a shower. I supressed a smile and walked down the stairs of his apartment, unlocking the doors of my car that was parked right by the steps. I noticed my hairbrush… it was broken, split in two because he’d used it on me and the plastic couldn’t withstand. I really hoped that didn’t happen with this paddle..

I finally found my backpack buried under the mess in my backseat. I’d decided to tuck it in there so I wouldn’t look weird carrying it up the steps. Besides, if his neighbors saw that, they’d definitely know what all that loud racket was…

I got back up the stairs and Robert was already out of the shower clad in only his pants while drying the rest of his body off with a towel. “You have the paddle?” he asked.

I poked out my lower lip again, but nodded softly, locking the door behind me.

“Good,” he replied, holding his hand out for me to give it to him. I unzipped my backpack and took it out, my heart pounding harshly against my chest. He smacked it on his hand one time to get a test of how much it would hurt. The noise itself made me jump.

He turned up some music really loud, then pulled a shirt over his head. I took it upon myself to lie on the bed at this time, face down of course. He sat down next to me, his back against the wall, while my face was morely facing the wall. Does that make sense? “Pants down, Andrea,” he said.

“Awww, do I hafta?” I whined.

“Yes!” he answered. My pouting didn’t help the situation any, though he didn’t threaten to do it himself (that would have sent me through the roof!) I pushed myself up on my knees then unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, not taking them down, but making it to where it’d be easier for him to. I lay myself back down on the bed, turning my face away from him.

I felt him tugging at my jeans. They slipped to my knees. Next thing I know, he’s tugging my white cotton panties down with them! I almost died. “I’m going to start with my hand,” he said, then added a sentence to imply that he was doing so to get me stirred up more than I already was. Fat chance of that.


The first swat stung a bit, but really was just enough to get me squirming with excitement. Then he swatted again, in the very same spot, then again on the other cheek, and did this slowly for about a minute. He’d swat and rub a little, then repeat. Let me tell you, I was worked up!

By the time he finished using his hand, I was squirming and biting my lower lip to keep from making too much of a fuss. Then he lifted the board high in the air and brought it crashing down on my poor bum, a loud POP! sounding through the room. I nearly yelped, but kept myself contained so the neighbors wouldn’t think he was abusing me or anything. He didn’t leave me much time to recover. Within split seconds, he crashed the damn thing down on my bottom again, and then again, and again, and again, until I couldn’t help but make a little bit of a fuss while squirming like mad-crazy.

“Owww, okay, Robert, that hurts.”

He ignored me, popping me with the paddle more, not too terribly hard (which was hard at the time).

“Ahhhhccckkkk,” I whined, squirming to no end.

“Andrea, stop it,” he warned, putting a hand on my back and smacking more and quicker.

I squirmed like crazy by this time, moving my hands back to protect my aching, throbbing bottom. “Pleasee,” I begged. “It hurts, it hurts, it hurtsss…”

He waited patiently for me to move my hands and began spanking again. It didn’t last for long, though, because I moved my hands right back. This time, he didn’t wait patiently, but instead smacked my hand softly with the paddle, causing me to move it and allow him to deliver an extra sharp smack to my unprotected bum. I shrieked, then moved my hands back, obviously not learning my lesson from the smacking of my hands.

“Stop,” he ordered, once more, then pinned my hands to my back so I couldn’t attempt to protect myself from the spanking. But it hurt so much!!

He then proceeded to spank harder, trying to keep a firm grip on my hands and spank at the same time. I must admit, I can struggle pretty well. Before I knew it, I’d freed myself from his grip and covered my bum again, all the while trying to squirm out of reach of the paddle.

He sighed exasperatedly and stopped for a minute. I didn’t know if I was happy or sad that he was finished. Doesn’t matter… he wasn’t finished. He just stopped so he could move and sit on the back of my legs to keep me from squirming so much. He didn’t even bother talking to me, just sat there and began spanking again, this time harder than ever.

I was a mess. I was trying to free myself from that damn paddle, but my hands were still pinned behind my back and I couldn’t squirm so much because he was basically sitting on top of me, spanking my sitspots and my thighs. And sometimes he’d spank one cheek for a long time until I thought I was dying, and then he’d switch up for no more than two swats, and then go back.

“This is because you haven’t been doing your work for school,” he told me, adding pops as he spoke.

“I’m sorrrry,” I whined. “I’ll do my work! I promise!!”

He ignored those words… maybe because he didn’t hear them. He just kept on spanking, and spanking, and spanking. Finally, I felt him get off of my legs and lie down next to me on the bed. “Five minutes break,” he insisted.

I was fine with that!

I just lay there, wincing at the throbbing in my very hot bottom, sometimes reaching back to touch it to feel how hot it was. It wasn’t long though, not even five minutes, before he swatted me with his hand.

“Ow!” I exclaimed.

He then hit me with the paddle, causing a yelp. I think he got amusement out of my pain… out of the looks on my face when he popped me with that damn thing. He just did it again and again, concentrating only on my left cheek.

“I thought you said five minutes?!?!”

“Oh, yeah, five minutes,” he said, resting his arm again. Yeah, right… for maybe thirty seconds, then he began spanking full out again until I was begging and pleading for mercy!

“Puhleeze!!!” I begged. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… pleaseeee, Robert!! I’ll be good, no more bad, I’ll do my work for school!”

“Shit,” he said, because he assumed that I hadn’t learned my lesson yet. (I had!)

He spanked me solid for ten minutes, until I was nearly to tears. Finally, he eased up, long enough for me to talk.

“I want to be over your knee,” I said.

He was going to object, since he’d hurt his back, but then quickly decided that it’d be fine. He sat on the edge of the bed while I hobbled over towards him, backside throbbing, pants basically at my knees. He patted his lap and I went over, gripping tightly onto the bedsheets. I was terrified that I’d fall — he’d never spanked me like that before, nor had anyone else. I imagined him lifting the paddle high in the air right before I heard that loud POP! noise and felt the damn sting. He didn’t give me time to recover, either. My bum hurt way lots and lots already, and that swat just added extra sting. That wasn’t what I wanted.

I only let him spank me for three minutes. I know, he’s supposed to be in control, but I couldn’t take it anymore, and finally just rolled off of his lap, a couple of tears streaming down my face (or at least wanting to?) He figured I’d had enough, too, because he didn’t push for me to get back over. I lay myself face down on the bed, whining into the cover, he lying next to me. I rubbed my bummy for dear life.

“I’ll do my schoolwork,” I promised, snuggling close to him and letting him throw an arm over me.

“Good,” he said, snuggling with me for a few minutes.

We didn’t stay like that long, because I had to go home. I replaced my paddle, running my fingers through my hair so it didn’t look so disheaveled. I knew I’d be sore for a long time, but didn’t worry myself with that, wondering when I’d get my second dose of that damn paddle… Next time I did something stupid I guess (which probably wouldn’t be too long).

Needless to say, I shifted as I sat in my car on the drive home, then shifted even more while sitting on my chair at the comp, and finally decided to take a small nap. I regretted that I didn’t get to have a nap at Robert’s house. That evening, I woke up and went back to his house, not for a spanking, though — we had to go to work, and I drove him. It was painful, sitting on my bum. I complained about it all night.

After work I got home (it was nearly eleven o’clock) and looked at it again — it was still pink! Wow… that must’ve been some spanking.

Anyway, Saturday night I did something stupid, not telling you what it was. Tuesday, I’m getting another spanking. Wish me luck. ^_^

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