Aerial’s Diary – Week 3

Dear Journal,

So it’s the third week and things are starting to get pretty hectic. Everyone wants money… Duh. It’s starting to get to the point to where it’s a great tv show. Everyone is fighting with EVERYONE. It’s great.

As the days pass, Tara and I are actually becoming closer. Weird, huh? We *hated* each other to begin with, and now we’re friends! I found out that she has a crush on Mike, which is something I can also say duh to. I think everyone knew that… all of the swooning that takes place when she’s around him, the way she always does what he says and agrees with his ideas and strategies. So then she goes and says, “So Aerial, who do you think’s cute?”

As you can imagine, we were lying on my bed like twelve year olds at a slumber party, our cute blue pj pants on, looking through pics of family and friends back home.

What was I supposed to answer, though? “Uhm, no one really,” I said, blushing.

“Oh, come on! You have to be crushing on someone! Who is it? Theo? Adam?” She then went on with this long list of guys… um, every guy from both teams, to which I rejected all. She didn’t realize she’d named them all, though. “Who did I forget?” she asked.

I giggled. There was no privacy in this house… no way was I telling her about my slight infatuation with Abram!!

“Aww, come on, please tell me?” she begged.

“I already did,” I insisted. She gave me a confused look, like she’d missed the point where I’d told her. So I answered, “No one!”

She sighed. “I’m bored.”

“Me too,” I agreed.

It was Saturday night… usually the house is full of drama, but Saturday, it managed to be, um, quiet?

That’s when I noticed something — it WAS quiet and that’s not normal! Where the hell was everyone? “Hey, Tara… you know, I haven’t really heard from anyone in a long time..” I said.

She raised her eyebrows. “Come to think of it, me either.”

That was the cue for both of us to slip on our sandals and head downstairs. No one was in sight. Weird.

I swung open the door to catch Sara, Cara, and Jeremy outside by the pool talking. “Hey,” I said, “where is everyone?”

Cara turned around and gave a confused look. “They went to the club..” she said, as if we should know already.

We gave her a blank look.

“Mike said he went up there and told you guys…”

We shook our heads.

Jeremy looked over at us. “He was trying to convince everyone that you guys were too young to go, but they wouldn’t buy it, so he went up there to tell you where they were going and invite you along…”

I looked at Tara. “Um, okay,” I said, turning back towards the trio. “Where’d they go?”

They explained the location of the club and Tara and I ran back upstairs. “We’re so going,” I said. “We’ll show them who’s too young to go to a club.”

We dressed in our sexiest outfits… another duh… then applied tons of makeup and fixed our hair all prettily. We DEFINITELY could pass for older than 18… maybe like, 24 or something. I was proud of us. I didn’t know that I had it in me to be all pretty… I was usually the tomboy in school. Of course, I could barely walk in the shoes I was wearing… but who cares??

“You should dress like this more often!” Tara told me, giggling slightly.

I rolled my eyes at her. “Shut up… let’s go.”

We headed back down the stairs. I thought it’d be great when I fell, but I didn’t, fortuantely. I’m sure the camera men would have loved that — especially the one I almost killed. Remember him?

The club was a longer walk than I’d imagined. Or maybe it was just those damn shoes. Of course, both of us were fuming. How come Mike had insisted that we not go to the club?? What a dick. I hate that guy.

We finally made it to the club and they didn’t even much less ID us. We were in Mexico, though, and the age is 18 anyway… so it wouldn’t have mattered had they IDed us. Speaking of which, TONS of Mexicans were checking us out muttering “mamasita” except I can’t spell that right. Maybe I’m lucky and that’s really how you spell it?

“There they are,” Tara said, pointing to Mike who was getting a little too up-close-and-personal with a couple of girls. That sight disgusted her.

Veronica approached. “Hey, thought you guys didn’t wanna come?” she said.

“We *would* have come had someone asked us!” Tara shrieked, still casting Mike an evil glare from across the room. Within minutes the entire gang was around us, admiring our older-lookingness, asking why we hadn’t come earlier, etc. And *finally* Mike decided to appear.

“Look at who came and decided to ruin our fun,” he sneered, obviously drunk as fuck.

“Fuck you, Mike,” Tara shouted.

“Ohhh, I’m sooo scared of baby Tara,” he giggled. “Shouldn’t you be at home in your playpen with Aerial?” I was waiting on him to make a joke about the Little Mermaid, which happened to me ALL THE TIME, but he didn’t, so I stayed like a lion ready to pounce than actually pouncing.

“I thought… we were friends,” Tara said, taking a different approach than I and nearly crying.

“Friends? Give me a break, Tara. You’re only eighteen… that’s like… almost illegal for me.”

I saw a tear slip down her cheek then I realized how much she *really* admired that guy and how much he’d let her down.

“I’m sick of you following me around like a little puppy. All you do is fuck up the team. You suck at missions, you cause too much drama, we don’t need that on our team. Because of you, we’ve lost thousands of dollars. I wish this was like the Inferno where we could vote people off — because you’d be gone right now and we’d stop losing.”

It seemed deathly silent — as silent as it can be in a club. By this time, tears were steadily streaming down her face and she was trying her hardest to contain them, but her black eyeliner was already smeared and she wasn’t doing a very good job at keeping the tears at bay. She finally ran out, don’t ask me how she managed that wearing those damn shoes, and I looked at Mike.

“You’re a fucking dick,” I told him, standing closer. With my high heels, I was almost as tall as he. “You KNOW that Tara looks up to you!” I said, pointing at him in the process. “And I don’t know what your fucking problem is.”

“YOU’RE my fucking problem, Aerial. So just back the fuck up.”

Mike isn’t so bad when he’s sober, but when he gets in a drunk spill… GEEZE, he’s more of an asshole than normal!

I was too angry to speak… well, that, and I couldn’t think of any good comebacks. I just stayed close to him, our noses nearly touching, glaring at each other. And everyone else was watching — including tons of viewers on television — just waiting for someone to make the first move. For someone to either shove the other, or back away. I was only planning on making one of those moves, and it wasn’t the latter.

“Aerial, stop being a fucking pussy and go ahead and hit me already,” Mike said. “You’re just a girl anyway.”

That was the clencher. I went back and shoved him as hard as I could, causing him to stumble slightly in his drunken state. “Don’t EVER call me a pussy,” I yelled, stepping in and shoving him again, “and don’t EVER make fun of my friend like that.”

He pretended like he was shaking. “Ohhh, I’m sooooo scared!” he teased.

I knew he was trying to make me angry… it was working. I was obvilious to the world around me. It was just me and Mike… and then, I did it — I punched him right in the jaw.

I don’t know who it surprised more — Mike, the gang, or me. Abram tackled me before things went any farther.. well, tackled isn’t quite the word. He just grabbed ahold of me and pushed me back, getting Mike out of my line of vision so I wouldn’t be tempted to do anymore than I already had.

“Do you wanna get kicked off the show? Do you wanna get kicked off the show?” he was yelling over the loud music. “Do you wanna go to jail? Mexican prisons aren’t any fun!” he added, as if he’d been in one before.

“Keep that asshole away from me,” I muttered. “Keep him away or I’ll kick his fucking ass!”

“Calm down, Aerial,” Abe said.

Everything was spinning around me. Maybe it was the adrenaline rush or something. All I could see was Abe and Mike and Veronica and everything else was basically a blur.

“Aerial, are you okay? Are you okay?” Veronica was screaming. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with her. She can get really annoying sometimes.

“I’m fine,” I shouted back.

Tons of camera men were shoving their lights and cameras in my face, and it was just making me dizzier. I was almost to the point of collapsing. All I could see was lights. I couldn’t even see Abe or Mike anymore… I knew Abram was there, though..

“Abe..” I mumbled. “Catch me…”

“I’m here,” he answered, whispering in my ear.

And I collapsed into his arms.

I don’t remember what happened right after that… I only know what I was told. Abe said that he tried to wake me up, but I wouldn’t come to. He said that I was the center of attention… like, the whole club’s attention. He carried me to the back and lay me down on a couch and put a cold washcloth on my forehead until I’d come around. When I woke up, I was in this unfamiliar room with tons of unfamiliar faces around me, my head in Abe’s lap, he stroking my hair.

I looked around. “Where..” I muttered.

But you know, they never let you talk when things like this happen. “Take it easy, Aerial,” Abram said, caressing my cheek. It felt so good.

“Is she okay?” one of the Mexican men owner people said in a thick accent.

“Yeah, she’s fine,” Abe nodded.

There were still camera men around and I wished they’d all go away. Then, there were people I didn’t want to see — the producer people. That was never a good sign. Ech.

“Hi, Aerial, how are you feeling?” a lady said, sitting herself in a chair across from me.

Abe’s fingers were still running through my hair. “I’m okay,” I answered, bad feeling in my stomach.

“I guess you remember when you signed the contract?” she said.

Oh shit, the contract. The one that said that I wouldn’t use physical violence… damn contracts!

“Yeah… but..” I began, breaking off into tears.

Abe rubbed my back a little, trying to ease the crying. The lady said nothing.

“But when Tara and I got into a fight… it was okay,” I said, trying to stop crying myself. I didn’t want to smear my makeup that I spent so long to do!

“There was an agreement there… an agreement that went on between the two of you and the two that were responsible for you. In order for it to work like that again… well, we’d have to make another agreement.”

I sniffled and wiped my eyes, regretting it after I did because the makeup had been smeared. Dammit. I looked up at Abe. “Can we make another agreement, please?”

He looked down at me for a minute then back at the lady. I then averted my attention to the lady. “It’s up to Mike,” she said.

I sniffled again, knowing in Mike’s drunken state, he wouldn’t agree to anything. “But… can’t Abe just agree for Mike?”

“Sorry, Aerial,” she said, shaking her head.

I sat up, sniffling and fixing my hair a little. I didn’t stay up for long — Abe’s shoulder looked so comfortable.

“Tell you what, I’ll at least let Mike get a chance to get sober. We’ll talk first thing in the morning, how does that sound?”

I nodded. Sounds a whole hell of a lot better than chancing getting kicked off the show.

In the meantime, I had to wait. Abram walked with me home, just the two of us, my hand locked in his which felt really nice. It almost seemed like he cared about me… I mean, more than just a friend, if that makes sense.

“These shoes are hurting my feet,” I complained.

“Take them off?” he suggested.

I didn’t mention that I didn’t know what kind of Mexican herion needles they had lying on the grounds and I didn’t want to die… not that night anyway. He might’ve taken the hint, though, because he stopped suddenly and threw me over his shoulder. Hehe… it was funny.

“Hey! What are you doing?” I yelled.

He didn’t answer me, just laughed and smacked my rear slightly, keeping me thrown over his shoulder. *sigh* he’s so adorable.

Anyway, I’m sure this is what you’re waiting to hear — That night we got home and I took a shower and everything, washing all of my smeared makeup off and changing back into my blue pj pants. I found Tara who had done the same and was lying on her bed, snuggling with her teddy bear which was all too adorable. We talked for a little while and I told her what happened… and then Abe and CT came in to comfort us. Somehow I managed to convince Abe to give me a foot massage… hehe TOLD you he was adorable!! Okay, this isn’t the part you’re waiting to hear.

You’re waiting to hear what happened when I woke up the next morning. Well, the lady was there, and no cameras — THANK GOD! I didn’t need another spanking being filmed on tv. We had a house meeting when we woke up. All twenty of us went downstairs and sat in different chairs. Abe was on one side of me, Tara on the other. Mike was across the way, sitting next to the lady. I don’t remember exactly all that was said because I was mostly concentrating on Abe’s arm around me and the fact that my heart was racing. I just remember the lady explaining that the contract could not be broken anymore under any circumstances and that fighting will not be tolerated. We can scream at each other all we want, but cannot hit each other.

Then she asked Mike about the incident the night before. He explained that it was mostly his fault for instigating the whole thing, for calling names and basically asking me to hit him (uhm, *didn’t* he ask me?), and that I shouldn’t be kicked off the show. Phew. That was settled.

Uhm, not quite.

Stupid Mike had to speak up and say that it couldn’t be settled without consequences. Isn’t scaring the hell out of me enough of a consequence??? Then he brought up how my fight with Tara was dealt with and agreed that it would be proper to handle this the same way. UGH… thanks, Mike.

How embarrassing… everyone just kind of looked at me. They *already* knew that I’d gotten it before, but it was okay because no one ever mentioned it. NOW it was right out there on the floor that I was going to be spanked like a baby… Geeze, my face is turning red just thinking about it!!

Of course, you know me, I was actually *thankful* that Mike brought it up… not so everyone else would know, but because I really wanted Abe to spank me again. Mike *did* mean that it would be Abe who spanked me, right??

Everyone kind of dispursed after that except Abe, Mike, the lady, and me. They were talking about how I should be spanked. Mike decided that it’d be kept fair if Abe did the dirty work and Mike just watched. Mike was afraid he’d go a little too hard on me or something. The lady agreed. I agreed. My heart kept thumping.

The two guys followed me upstairs to my room. I tried to walk as slowly as possible, but Abram was right on my heels and it didn’t work so well. I didn’t want Mike to see me getting it, but I guess if it meant not getting kicked off the show, it’d be worth it, right?

Abe sat down on my bed and Mike across from it. He pulled me towards him — not Mike, Abram.

“We’re just going to hurry and get this over with,” Abe said.

I gulped, nodding. There was that damn feeling inside of me again. The *good* feeling that kept saying “I want this! I want this!” Oh man, that’s the weirdest feeling ever.

He pulled me over his lap with me semi-lying on the bed, my face on my hands. I didn’t want to get my blankets wet with my tears!! I felt my pants and panties being tugged down to my knees. I wondered how Mike was doing over there. Why couldn’t I get my mind off of the fact that someone was watching me!! Someone I *didn’t* like, for that matter.

“Okay, Aerial — why am I going to spank you?” he asked.

Tricky question. “Because I punched Mike?” I answered, though it wasn’t the real reason — the real reason was that Mike was seeking revenge against me!

“Well, because you let your anger get the best of you. You should learn to walk away, Aerial,” he said then slapped my bottom.

“Ouch!” I squealed, though I was almost used to being spanked by this time. I was working on getting one once a week — you eventually do get used to the pain, but that first smack always takes you by surprise!!

He smacked me again, starting out very slow and rhythmetically. He was letting me get the hang of it before he went full out. That was fine and dandy with me! I didn’t want to feel like I was dying!

We could all tell when I got the hang of it because I stopped squirming and making noises. So he spanked harder. If you don’t want more of a spanking, you should continue pretending like it hurts!! It’s hard, though, because you don’t want to make too much of a fuss because you don’t want to feel like a baby… but if you don’t, then they spank you until you do! So basically, you’re going to look like a baby anyway. Pride? What’s that? Heh.

So he spanked harder until I was bucking and kicking again. I tried to keep my head on my hands, but I kept lifting my head because it hurt, and I kept wanting to reach back and cover to get him to stop spanking. But I had to resist because I’m not a baby like Mike thinks!!

Of course, I guess Abram must have wanted me to reach back because this time he didn’t wait until I stopped yelping to give me a harder dose — he started spanking really really hard, not as hard as he could, but it was throbbing like crazy! And he was going so fast I didn’t have much time to regain myself. So I started kicking like mad-crazy and then reached my hands back and… “pleaseeee stoppp!” I begged.

He didn’t even much less stop… just spanked around my hands until he could get a grip on them with his left hand to make sure that I didn’t try to block. “Stop struggling so much, Aerial,” he demanded. “You know you deserve this. And don’t worry, you would have gotten it whether Mike had agreed or not.”

Ooooo, Abram is sooo hott… that made me squirm in excitement when he took control like that. Yum. He did, however, keep slapping as hard as he could, keeping a firm grip on my hands in the process. I was kicking like crazy and began crying, still pleading for him to stop. I was embarrassed as shit that Mike was watching this whole thing as if I were the subject of some experiment… GEEZE, I was uncomfortable.

Abe finally stopped a minute. “Aerial, while you’re in this house, you will follow the rules — and you know what they are.” He smacked me again. “There will be NO fighting, under any circumstances, Young Lady.” I squirmed again. I was liking this a little too much for my own good. “We have already had this talk once, remember?”

“Yessss,” I wailed as he slapped me again.

“Did you not learn your lesson then?”

“I learnedddd,” I promised.

He started spanking only my thighs and sitspots. I’d hoped I’d escaped that part since we had a mission the next day, but he didn’t seem to care. He spanked them until I was sure they were a dark red and I was crying so loudly I’m sure the whole house could hear me. Who knew it could really hurt *that* much?? He wasn’t even using a hairbrush like CT had on Tara that day — thank God. I couldn’t have handled that. And to think that I thought CT was tons more experienced than Abe. I swear I was wrong. Abe knew all the spots that would make it hurt really badly. This was much worse than the two previous spankings I’d gotten. I wished so badly he’d just hurry up and stop. I was already lying limply over his lap, tears spilling onto my blankets even though I’d wanted to keep them dry. I heard Mike say something, though I couldn’t quite make out what it was. I guess he was trying to stop Abe from all of the spanking! I was so sure that people were probably coming in to see what was going on by this time! That just made it more embarrassing.

Abram said, “I’m going to make sure she learns her lesson this time.”

I tried to tell him that I had, I’d learned my lesson from the minute they told me I was getting kicked off, but I couldn’t speak. By this time, my head was hurting, my throat was hurting, and I was sniffling like crazy from crying so much. I was in so much pain.

He let go of my hands and I didn’t even bother trying to block. Instead, I wiped my face, trying to control the tears. And then he stopped. He rested his hand on my bum, rubbing it ever so slightly, and then lifted me up. I tried to regain my composure. Yeah right. He stood up and gave me a big hug, rubbing my back, then he pulled back the blankets and helped me in bed. He must’ve known how exhausted I was from all of the spanking!

I buried my face into my pillow while Mike and Abram talked. I don’t know how long it was, but eventually, Abe came back in my room and plopped down next to me, getting under the cover himself, and snuggling. It was great 🙂 The best sleep I’ve ever had!!

My ass still hurts like you wouldn’t believe. I don’t know how I’m going to do this mission tomorrow.

Guess I better get some sleep.

Do you think Abram’s crushing on me??? Probably not, but he’s so darn cute!!!

Love ya!

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