Molly: Chapter 10

Molly – Chapter 10
by Breanna Carter

While Molly was in the shower and getting ready for school, I cooked breakfast, glancing at the news every so often. Nothing exciting was happening really, which Molly made clear when she came into the living room clad in a pair of khakies, white polo-type shirt tucked in and looping her green belt through the loops.

“The news is boring, Brian,” she declared. “Do you ever watch anything interesting?” She finished looping the belt and buckled it, then sat tenderly down at the table. I saw her wince as she sat. “You did a good job this morning. My rear didn’t look so good when I went to take a shower.”

I smiled, rolling my eyes at her and taking a bite of my eggs. “Molly, Molly.. what *am* I going to do with you?”

She smiled back. “Love me and keep me around forever?”

Grinning, I replied, “duh!”

I took a sip of my coffee, watching her gobble down the food. It was about time to go to court… about time to notify the police of what was happening.

“Hey, Molly… when’s your game?”

“Monday,” she answered, mouth full of toast. “You should know that, Brian… they’re always on Mondays. Are you getting old??”

I giggled. “I reckon. How would you like to meet my mom this weekend?”

She stopped chewing on the food. “Meet your mom?” she asked, mouth dropped, showing all of the contents inside her mouth.

I squinched my eyes up so she’d take the hint that staring at half-chewed food wasn’t very appetizing. She took the hint and finished eating it. “Yeah, meet my mom. I figured that since you’ve been living with me for a while and it’s about time for me to try to get some kind of guardianship over you… well that it’d be cool if you met her.”

She nodded. “It’d be fun. Would it be like a roadtrip?”

“Sorta,” I admitted. “But she doesn’t live *that* far away.. only a couple of hours. But you can call it a roadtrip if you like.”

“Will we get up at five in the morning and set out before the sun rises and on the way stock up with junk food and sandwiches?”

“Molly, I think if I got to my mom’s house before noon she’d kill me. But we’ll get junk food, I promise. Over the summer we’ll take a real roadtrip, okay? We’ll go to Myrtle Beach or something. Somewhere spiffy.”

“I wanna go to the mountains,” she announced.


“Yeah! They’re so pretty.”

“Okay, we can go to the mountains. But this weekend, we’ll go see my mom. Deal?”

“Deal,” she answered, finishing up her food and putting her dishes in the sink. “You think your mom’ll like me?” she asked.

“Of course! Who doesn’t like you!” I answered hugging her tightly.

“We’ll be back in time for Ciara’s sleepover, right?”


“Oooo!! Can we go Friday and let me skip school?”

I rolled my eyes, tickling her. She giggled like crazy.

“St-op!!” she yelped, laughing and trying to tickle me back. I tortured her for a few minutes and finally stopped.

“We’ll see about at least letting you check out on Friday, okay?”

“Yay!!” she said, hopping up and down like a bunny.

“Now, go finish getting ready for school!” I said, landing a playful swat on her bum.

She howled and scampered off.

I smiled. This weekend, we’d meet my mom. Next month, legal guardianship. We could even spend Christmas together like we had Thanksgiving. We’d have our own Christmas where I spoiled her with presents. And we’d only stay in my apartment for a little while, until I saved up enough money from my new job to where I could buy a house. The first obstacle, however, was meeting my mom. Once I got her approval we could go from there… the trick was getting her approval.

The drive to school was basically Molly begging me not to give her another spanking after school. “Sorry, baby, I’ve made up my mind,” I told her. “You’re getting another spanking, and that’s final. But your next spanking can be prevented if you’re an angel.”

“I’m always an angel!” she insisted.

I looked at her. “Then why do I see horns???”

“Damn, those aren’t supposed to be showing!” she said, ruffling her hair to “cover them up” then realizing that she said “damn” and blushing like mad-crazy. “Oops..”

I laughed out loud. “It’s fine, MollyCakes… just be careful.”

I pulled up to the school and one of the teachers on duty opened the door for Molly, waving hello to me. It was funny that Molly had only lived with me for a couple of months and the teachers all knew me already. “Bye, Brian!” she said, kissing me on the cheek.

I kissed hers back and hugged her. “Be good, Molly. Stay out of trouble!”

“Always!” she hollered as she walked off.

I waved goodbye to the teacher and went back home, then took a shower, and went to class. Class was as boring as you can imagine, but I only had the week of finals left after this week, so it wasn’t too bad. My heart was beating with nervous anticipation of all that was to come. Not only was I going to see my mom this weekend, I was about to graduate, and I was going to try and get legal guardianship over Molly. To top it off, I’d be starting a new job in January and quitting my job as manager at the skating rink. I might still be there for the weekends, but I knew I couldn’t juggle working two full-time jobs. I had everything all planned out, but it’s still scary, no matter what anyone says. I could try to be tough and tell everyone that I couldn’t wait until the end of school and the beginning of my new life, but deep down, I was terrified. I was terrified that my mom wouldn’t want me to raise Molly, I was afraid that Molly’s mom would come back and try to get her little girl back (though we hadn’t heard from her since she ran out), I was afraid that Molly would go through that teenager phase and learn to hate me… I was afraid of everything! I had to tough it out, though, because everyone goes through change. And whatever obstacles I had to get through, I could get through them. I’d been through so much already, and this would be plenty easier than that.

During my lunch break, Jason and I went out to eat with a couple of girls that we’d known since we were sophomores, back when I was a psych major. It was fun, hanging out as a group again, something I hadn’t done in a long time. And it actually helped distract me from the situations at hand. After lunch, I went back home and cleaned up a little, did some homework, then went to pick Molly up from school. It’s funny how you know when the bell rings, even if you can’t hear it. One minute the walkways are deserted and quiet, and the next what looks like thousands of kids are jumping around and skipping, screaming at the top of their lungs. Ah, yes, middle school. I didn’t miss it at all!

Molly hopped in the car. “Hey Brian!” she said, then went into an elaborate monologue about some friends that I hadn’t previously heard about. “… And Ciara was telling us about her sleepover and it’s going to be soooo much fun! And before the sleepover we’re going to all go to the skating rink. And Ali, too! Ali’s really nice! We’ve been hanging out with her a lot lately. I think she’s a lot better now. I don’t think she’s doing that stuff anymore,” she concluded, catching her breath and slumping down in the seat as I waited for the school traffic to actually move.

“That’s really cool, Molly. I’m glad that you and Ali are becomming good friends.”

She nodded. “I’m excited to meet your mom this weekend. What’s she like? You don’t talk about her much.”

Because I never really felt the need to talk about her much. She wasn’t my favorite person in the world… “Well, she’s in her fifties, shorter than me, greyish hair..”

“I didn’t mean what does she look like..”

I hate after-school traffic jams. “My parents divorced when I was a kid.. my dad cheated on her. She’s tried to marry again since then, but she doesn’t have trust, and the marriages all end up falling apart. So she isn’t much of a people person anymore, because she doesn’t trust anyone, ya know?”

Molly nodded.

“She lives alone in a small house and works most of the time. Sometimes she goes out on dates and stuff, but mostly she doesn’t. She’s not a really happy woman.” I didn’t mention my mom’s irritable mood and the fact that she ran out on my sister and me when we were teenagers. I didn’t want to scare her.

“That stinks,” Molly answered, looking out of the window. Talking about moms was a touchy subject with both of us, since it was apparent that neither of us had that great of one. So I changed the subject.

“Got a lot of homework?”

“Nah, not too much. Just some math, but I finished most of it in class. And I have to read a chapter for science and answer the questions. Then I have to do a grammar worksheet for my English class, but that’ll be easy.”

“How’s your bottom?”

She blushed. “Better than it’s going to be in a little while,” she muttered.

“We’ll go ahead and get it over with before you do your homework. Then you can work on your stuff, and then we’ll go to the skating rink?”

She smiled. “That sounds good.”

“Doesn’t seem like your homework is going to take too long, huh?”


We finally pulled into the parking lot in my apartment complex, half a tank of gas having been wasted from being stuck in the god-awful traffic. The two of us walked towards my door, neither of us really wanting to go through with this. You may be asking, “if you don’t want to go through with it, why do it?” I’m sure that would be Molly’s thoughts. It’s not so easy though — I promised her the punishment, I had to carry through with it. I was a softie, but I had to get over that. I had to remember what she’d done.

I shut the door behind us and threw my jacket over the side of the couch. Molly did the same, looking up at me with her gorgeous blue eyes. “Brian… I’m really sorry for spending that money.”

I nodded. “I know, MollyCakes, but I told you this morning that your punishment wasn’t over yet. You know I can’t back down now.”

She pouted. “I wish you would,” she muttered.

I sighed and sat down on the couch. “Come on, Babygirl… the sooner we do this, the sooner it’ll be over.”

A tear slipped down her cheek, but she came towards me anyway, shivering in the slightest bit. She was biting her lower lip.

I pulled her a little closer and helped slide her khakies down, letting them settle at her knees. Then I helped her over my lap. I tugged her panties down, noting that her bottom was a fading shade of pink and it’d probably been hot all day at school. To top it off, I’d be spanking her again, so she’d definitely feel it the rest of the day.

I took a deep breath in as I rested my hand on her bottom. “Molly, why am I spanking you again?” I asked.

“Because I took the money you gave me for the trip and spent it on something else.”

I gave her a mild smack. “And why is that wrong?”

“Because it’s dishonest and I could have just asked you instead of taking your money.”

I smiled. She actually knew the lesson. I delivered another smack to her upturned rump, listening to her panting. I knew she was trying to be brave and not cry. That would never work. It never did… for anyone.

However, though I did know she’d learned her lesson, I would have to make this a lasting impression. Thus, the mild slaps did not last long. I probably slapped mildly for about a minute or so, then began spanking harder, emphasizing each smack as much as possible. “I will not have you spending money irresponsibly, Young Lady,” I scolded, spanking her sit spots enough to make her squirm in displeasure.

“I knowwww,” she cried, kicking slightly.

I spanked harder, giving her thighs a couple of good smacks, then moving back to her bottom, making the previous pink look like white compared to what it was now.

“Oowwww, Briannn,” Molly whined, crying enough to make me want to stop.. “I’m s-sorry!!” she howled, kicking and bucking up slightly.

“How can I be reassured that you won’t do this again, Young Lady?” I asked, not letting up on the intensity of the spanking.

“Be-because I.. owwwww… learned… achhh, my lesson!!” she managed to choke out. “Pleaseeeee no moreeeeee.”

My ears were deaf to her pleas, though. Well, not really, but I tried to make it seem that way. I tried my hardest to ignore her pathetic wails begging me to stop spanking. I tried to only think of the crime and the punishment. I tried to focus.

She squirmed and kicked like crazy, enough for me to tighten my grip on her tiny body. “Stop it,” I ordered as she kept squirming.

“I’m ssorrry!! It hurtsss!!”

“I know it hurts, Molly, but the more you fight, the worse it’s going to be.”

She tried to remain as still as possible, but I knew it wasn’t easy. Especially when I decided to finish up with a flurry of very hard smacks to her poor red bottom, and then the final smacks on her sit spots and thighs. I landed the last smack and studied the poor weeping body over my lap. She was a mess, sobbing into her arms and muttering apologies every time she caught her breath. I could tell that her red hair was matted to her face with the tears. Not only that, but her bum was such a color that it matched her hair.

I rubbed her back softly, trying to help her regain composure. Finally she began to breathe enough to where I figured she was at least half-okay and ready to be held. So I scooped her into my arms and let her cry into my chest until she couldn’t cry anymore.

I kissed her head more times than you can imagine. “I love you so much, Molly,” I kept saying. I didn’t want her to forget that. I loved her too much to let her slip away again, like she had that time she ran away.

“I know,” she would mutter, each time I said it. “I’m not going to leave you again, Brian,” she finally told me after what felt like hours of snuggling.

I looked at her. Wow, she could really read my mind. Was I that obvious?

She must have noticed the surprised look on my face. “I know you’ve been worried,” she admitted, “and I really won’t run away again. I know you love me, and you’re always there for me. You always have been. I don’t know what came through me that day. I just thought I’d screwed up like I always do and I didn’t want to be hurt like I was when Mom left.”

I nodded. “I know, Baby. It’s okay. You just scared me that day.”

“I know. It was a dumb thing to do, run away like that. But now I know what would happen if I ran away again, and I can’t stand hurting you like she hurt me…” she broke off at the end of that sentence and began crying again.

“Shhh, honey, it’s okay,” I cooed, rubbing her back.

She nodded, head pressed into my chest.

We were silent for a long time, until Molly got up and pulled her panties and pants back up, the hobbled towards the kitchen table. “Do you have any homework, Brian?” she asked.

I sat there, stunned. Molly could be so much more grown up than twelve sometimes, but other times, she was just that adorable twelve year old. It was so confusing. “Yeah, I have a little.”

“Good, so you’ll sit with me and do yours while I do mine?”

I smiled. “Of course!” I gathered my school things and sat down next to her. I had a huge paper to write and was halfway finished with my rough draft.

“That’s a long paper,” Molly said.

“Yeah, it is. But after I write it, I’ll be able to graduate.”

She smiled. “I can still stay with you after you graduate?”

“Duh!” I said, ruffling her hair and causing her to giggle.


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