2: The Brattiness Continues


Aubrey gets a call from Serenity’s school.  Frustrated with the brat, she calls Josh to seek out his help.  He offers a helping hand… to be applied to both bottoms.


The next day I was sitting quietly in the living room, watching the latest episode of The Inferno on MTV when my phone rang. It was nearly lunchtime and most of my friends were still in class, so I was curious as to who it was. Looking at the caller ID, I saw that it was Columbia Elementary School. My stomach lurched. It couldn’t be who I thought it was…

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hi, is this Mrs. O’Connor?”

I cleared my throat. “Yes.”

“This is Mrs. Watkins from Columbia Elementary School. I am here with a Serenity O’Connor, seems as if we’ve had some problems with her today.”

I had to hold back a long exasperated groan.

She then explained to me that I needed to come pick my younger sister up from school because she had been throwing water balloons at the teachers while at recess, and to top it off, she fought with the teachers when they tried to bring her to the office (apparently it took three of them to get her there, and she was kicking and screaming the whole way!). That attitude would not be tolerated, Mrs. Watkins explained to me.

I drove to the elementary school with a tight grip on the steering wheel, so tight that my knuckles were turning white. I was beyond angry at this point in time. Apparently our little “chat” hadn’t done much good and I really wasn’t in the mood for repeating that… Guess Josh would just have to deal with it this time. He spanks MUCH harder than I do.. And besides, maybe he’d have a little influence on that obnoxious brat!

I lividly walked into the school. As I made it to the office I saw my pathetic little sister, sitting in the chair, hair dripping wet, a smug grin on her face. She loved the defiance.

“Heya, Aubrey!” she chirped.

“Don’t you even,” I warned, wanting to smack her right there as she sat in that plaid jumper, long brown hair fallen in tangles near her eyes.

“Hi, you’re Mrs. O’Connor?” the lady asked, sort of confused.

“I’m Aubrey, Serenity’s sister. Our mom is out of town…”

“I see,” the lady said, as if that explained the water balloon incident. “Well, let’s try to keep her out of the office from now on. I know the school year is ending, Serenity, but it’s not too late to get suspended.”

Serenity nodded, a mock grin still on her face, as if she were just testing to me to see if I’d follow through with my new punishments. Oh, she was going to get more than she bargained for!

“Just bring her back tomorrow morning as normal. She will be in ISS (in school suspension) for the rest of the week and resume with class on Monday. This is her third ISS, so if it happens again, she’ll be suspended, just so you know.”

I nodded, “I apologize for the way my sister has acted and I assure you that it will be dealt with appropriately,” I promised, glaring at the brat.

The instant that the lady dismissed us, I grabbed my sister’s upper arm and hauled her outside, smacking her a few good ones on that tiny rear of hers. “You will NOT act like this in school, Young Lady, do you hear me?” I asked, whacking her bottom with all of my strength.

“Chill, sis!! It’s no big deal!”

“We’ll just see about that, Missy,” I said, opening her car door and shoving her inside. “Let’s see what Josh has to say about this, huh?”

I felt like a mom calling the father on her child. Even more so when Serenity began pleading. “Noooo, don’t call Josh!!” she begged. “I’ll be good! It was just a joke!”

Too late, I was already dialing his number. “You know he’s going to be mad… interrupting his work and all for something like this..” I paused as the phone rang.

I couldn’t even understand the lady when she answered the phone — they had to memorize a lot of stuff! At most restuarants they just tell you the name of the place then ask if they can help you. I have no idea what they were saying here..

“I need to speak with Josh Adams, please.”

“Just one moment,” the lady answered, putting me on hold.

Serenity was shivering in her seat.


“Josh, I’m sorry to bother you at work, but my little sister has lost her mind… you will not believe what she did!” I went on to explain the situation as Josh listened intently, making noises every so often to let me know he was still there.

“I’ll deal with Serenity when I get off of work. For now, you take her home, give her a spanking, and send her to her room.”

I nodded. “Okay, will do.”

“And Aubrey?”


“Couldn’t this have waited until *after* work? I know you need help with this, but I don’t appreciate you calling me during the middle of lunch..”

I gulped. “I know, I apologize.”

“We’ll also deal with that later,” he concluded, then hung up the phone, leaving me to be the one shivering.

I was quickly snapped back into reality with Serenity’s whine from next to me. “Oh, don’t even think about it. You’re getting it once we get home, and when Josh gets off of work, you’re getting it again. And there’s no backing out!”

I drove home in a hurry, mostly because I was nervous about Josh’s reaction to me calling him. When we reached the house, I helped Serenity inside, instantly shutting the door behind me and sitting on the couch.

“Get over here, Young Lady,” I ordered, tugging her by the wrist.

“Noooo, Aubrey!” she yelped, trying to struggle free from my grip.

“Serenity Michelle! You get over here RIGHT NOW. You are in enough trouble as it is!”

The harshness in my voice didn’t persuade her to move towards me. She was still working against me, trying to go to the doorway.

Fed up with it, I stood, grabbing her shoulders and bring her over to the couch, giving a few swats as I walked. “When I tell you to do something, you will do it!” I told her, keeping a firm hold on her upper arm as I sat back down on the couch. It took both hands and all of my strength to get her face down over my lap, and then I had to keep a tight grip on her waste so she wouldn’t slide off.

She kicked furiously, screaming, “Aubrey!!! Stop!!!!! Let go of me!!!!”

I kept my firm grip and lifted her jumper, then pulled down her panties, below the knees to stop some of the kicking.

“Nooooooo!!!! Let goooo!!” she cried.

I didn’t speak, just admired her already pink bottom from the previous smacks and landed dozens and dozens of more as hard and fast as I could while maintaining my hold on her. “You will stop struggling, Serenity, and I mean it! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! I will not deal with your defiance and brattiness any longer. SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! I am sick of this!” I kept giving her hearty smacks, beginning to concentrate on the sitspots since it would make the biggest impression. I changed up my rhythm, spanking each side a few times, then the other side a few times, then one or two times on each, making sure to surprise her every time. Her backside was darkening to a shade of red that I thought only Josh could produce on my naughty bottom… I was wrong.

She was screaming bloody murder. I couldn’t make out half of what she was saying because she was crying so hard, but I’m pretty sure it was along the lines of “I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! Please stop!”

SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! “I am disappointed in you, Serenity,” I scolded, keeping the smacks coming at full blast. “This attitude of yours is going to stop. I will not put up with it and if you get suspended from school because of it, you’re going to be sorry. You think Josh is upset today, just wait and see what’ll happen if you get suspended. You won’t be able to sit for weeks!” SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!!

She wailed at that statement, taking my final dozen of swats to the thighs as well as you can imagine any kid taking blows to the thighs (not very well!). I lifted her up, panties by this time having been kicked all the way off. I didn’t even bother with giving them back to her, just walked her to the corner, gripping her hands tightly behind her back, swatting her as we walked. “I will not accept this, do you understand me!”

“Yessss!!” she wailed, howling at each smack. I planted her nose in the corner, ordered her not to rub, then sat on the couch, rubbing my hand. I wasn’t used to this spanking thing… but even so, if my hand hurt that much, I can’t even begin to imagine how much her bum hurt! And to think… she still had to go through Josh!

And so did I… yikes!

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