3: The Brat Learns Her Lesson


Serenity’s been asking for it, and she’s gonna get it.  Josh comes over to deal with the little brat.


I finally allowed my bratty little sister out of the corner and ordered her to her room under strict orders to not watch tv, get on the computer, talk on the phone, or anything of the like. She was to stay until Josh got off of work, and I was sure that he would be livid. He walked in the doorway about 4:30, tall frame leaning down to kiss me.

“Where’s the brat?” he asked, throwing his car keys on the table.

“In her room.”

He nodded, grabbing my hand and leading me to the back of the house. I could hear her giggling as we approached. Something’s always fishy about her giggling. Without knocking, Josh pushed open the door to see her chattering away on her cell phone as she played a game on the computer. Something was wrong about this picture.

She turned around as the door swung open. “Um, I gotta go,” she told the person and quickly closed the phone shut.

We both stood there, dumbfounded… or at least I was. “Aubrey, did you tell your sister she could go to her room and play until I got here?” he asked, maintaining eye contact and knowing the answer to his own question, but wanting to make an impression on the young girl.

“No I most certainly did not,” I answered.

“Obviously you didn’t learn from the spankings that your sister has given you,” he told the girl as she sat there, mouth dropped open. “Get over here right now, Young Lady!”

She gulped, debating in her head whether or not to go over there. He didn’t give her much more time to ponder the option, but instead stormed over to her, grabbed her by the upper arm and dragged her out of the chair.

“Nooo!!! Stop it!!” Serenity demanded, trying to get back to the chair.

“SERENITY MICHELLE!” he bellowed, landing a solid smack to her rump that echoed through the house. “You will do as I say, Young Lady. The more you fight, the worse it’ll be on you!” He was getting angrier by the moment.

But that didn’t stop Serenity. She was still fighting with him and struggling to free from his grip. I knew from experience that Josh had a tight grip and he wasn’t letting go anytime soon. All of her efforts to get away were going to be futile.

He finally dragged her over to her bed, sat down and dragged her over his knee. He wasted no time smacking down on her bottom, beginning over her skirt and panties, which I know probably hurt like something fierce. Josh has a strong hand and he wasn’t backing away at all. She was a brat and deserved every smack he gave her.

She began bucking and kicking. “Stop it, Josh! You’re not my dad!” she was yelling. “You can’t do this!!”

“Watch me, Little Girl,” he replied, keeping up the hard smacks.

“Oww!! Oww!! Stoppppp!!” She struggled and kicked, flailing her arms and finally reaching back. This didn’t hinder Josh at all. He kept spanking, around the hands, and everytime they got in his way, he didn’t hesitate to smack them. That’d get her to move them! “That hurts!!” she whined, trying to escape from his tight grip and the hell being rained down on her bum.

He wasn’t even close to being finished. After minutes of spanking, enough to get her crying again, he lifted her skirt and tugged down her panties. My eyes met her bright red bottom. It was about as bright as my entire spanking would have been, but Josh just kept going. I knew she must be in pain, seeing as her bottom was probably still tender from the previous spanking she had gotten.

“I will not tolerate this attitude, defiance, or disrespect, Serenity, do you understand me?” Josh said over the loud sounds of hand-meeting-bare-bottom.

“Nooooo!” she wailed, not giving in just yet.

He shook his head and increased his rhythm, covering her full bottom with very hard smacks and beginning a flurry of sharper ones on her sitspots. “You can fight all you want, Serenity, but I’m not stopping until I’m convinced you’ve learned your lesson,” he said.

She cried and kicked and wailed, still trying to free herself and every so often trying to block his spanks. The smacks were becomming so loud that I was starting to jump with each one. I knew she had to be in pain, but I can’t say that I honestly felt sorry for her.

“The way you have been acting is going to stop. You are going to respect your older sister. When she tells you to do something, you are going to do it without an attitude. You should not have to be told to do your homework. You are ten years old, young lady, not six.” SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!!

Ouch… watching this was making my bum ache! I reached back and rubbed my own backside as I stared at hers throbbing.

“Pleaseeee stopppppp!!” she howled, stopping with the struggling and lying there, taking his final smacks with loud wails.

“I am sick of all of the trouble you have been causing, Serenity. You are old enough to do better than this and I will not hesitate to come over here at any time and spank you, do you understand me?” he asked, a final attempt to see if she was at all broken.

“Y-yes,” she stammered through tears.

He was not totally convinced, though, as he stopped spanking and lifted her up. She cried, rubbing her bum and blushing like crazy.

He stood. “Not finished, Serenity,” he told her, ordering the tiny girl to lean over the bed as he towered over her, a good foot and a half taller than she.

She stomped her foot, still whining. “Noooo moreeee!!” she cried, wiping the tears away and breaking into sobs.

He grabbed her upper arm, stooping down to her level and shaking her slightly. “We just had the conversation about you doing as you are told. Have you forgotten already? Do I need to take you back over my knee and repeat that spanking again?”

She hurriedly shook her head. “Noooooo, I’m sorry!!”

He shook his head again and leaned her over the bed. He looked at me, sighed a little and unbuckled his belt, sliding it through the loops. I cringed and stepped back a little, as if he were about to use it on me (um, maybe he was?). Serenity looked back and saw the damn thing, opening her mouth to protest, but quickly felt the pain in her backside again and decided against it. Obviously she was somewhat learning.

He doubled the belt over. “Aubrey, hold her down and make sure she doesn’t reach back.”

“NO!” Serenity yelled, rolling back over and wincing as she fell on her sore bum. That subdued her.

Josh raised his eyebrows. “Excuse me?”

“Nothing,” she whined, crying again. My sis was a lot stronger than me… she stopped crying a whole lot easier than I did.

I sat down on the bed next to her as she got back into position. She placed her arms above her head, allowing me to grip her wrists so she wouldn’t reach back.

I watched and listened as Josh raised the belt high in the air and then thrashsed it down on her bum. She screamed like crazy and it took all of my strength to keep her from reaching back. “Ooooowwww Jossshhhh!!!” she squealed.

He ignored her plea and lashed it down across her bottom again and again, until she was squirming like crazy and bawling like you wouldn’t believe. She was blubbering her apologies to Josh whose ears were deaf to the words. “Are you going to behave and stop disrespecting your sister?” he asked.

“Y-yessssss!!!” she promised, having another smack delivered to her aching rear.

“Good,” he concluded and gave her the final one, then put his belt back on. “I want you to march over to that corner and put your nose in it and don’t so much as move an inch until I get back, Young Lady, do you hear me?”

“Y-yes,” she stammered, pushing herself from the bed and hobbling painfully over towards the corner.

Josh looked at me and pointed angrily to the door, insinuating that it was time for my own punishment. I bit my lower lip and turned around, walking out of the room. No way was he going to do that with her home! Right?

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