Clubbing – by Cat and Breanna


Crystal sat bored in front of the television, her brother’s girlfriend at her side, intently watching the stupid show that was currently on. “Melissa… I’m sooooo bored. Isn’t there something we can do?” she begged.

Melissa sighed a bit. “Well, we’re supposed to be staying here, for the moment, at least,” she answered. “Want to play a board game or something?”

Crystal scrunched up her face. “A board game?” she repeated. “I was thinking more along the lines of going out…” She noticed that the thought of going out made Melissa uneasy, since they’d promised Aaron, Crystal’s brother and Melissa’s boyfriend, that they’d stay at home. “I mean, come on, Mel… there’s this club that I have connections with. And we can go clubbing and get back before it’s too late. Aaron’s working — he’ll never find out. He won’t be home until after one anyway.”

Melissa frowned slightly, seriously considering that… It was tempting. After all, she was bored anyway. But she felt bad about breaking their promise… Still, he probably wouldn’t find out anyway. “Well, I guess so long as we’re back in plenty of time…” she said slowly.

Crystal literally yelped with joy at that statement, then muttered a thousand thank-yous to her friend as she ran into the other room to shower and get ready for a night on the town. It was still fairly early so she had enough time to get all prettied up to look three years older. Truth was, the fifteen year-old didn’t know of any clubs that she could really get into… but she’d heard of a couple. And if she couldn’t get in legally, she could always sneak through. After all, she had before.

Shaking her head slightly, Melissa gave a soft sigh, unsure as to whether or not she had done the right thing… But what harm could it do? They would be back in plenty of time, after all. It was hardly like Aaron would even notice that they had been gone.

About an hour later, Crystal emerged from her room, looking fantastic. The makeup was caked on, and her clothes were beautiful. However, she still didn’t really look any older. She could maybe pass for sixteen or seventeen, but not eighteen. She did know this… but hopefully they wouldn’t be checking IDs. “Ready?” she asked Melissa.

Melissa, who had gotten ready herself during that time as well, nodded. She glanced a moment at her watch, then shrugged, deciding that they still had plenty of time. “Let’s go…”

The two girls skipped out of the door and towards Melissa’s car. Crystal turned the radio up loudly and danced, nudging her friend to dance with her. She was warming up for the night. It’d be such an awesome time!

At Crystal’s nudge, Melissa started to dance a bit as well, beginning to feel better… She unconsciously shoved her fears about what Aaron would say about what they were doing to the back of her mind.

They finally arrived downtown, where Melissa questioned the name and location of the club.

“Uhmmm,” Crystal began, blushing a little. “Well, I don’t know any for sure… but there’s one down there that someone said I could get into.”

Melissa frowned slightly. “Who said that?” She was making a half-hearted attempt to slip back into protective, responsible mode, already thinking that maybe doing this wasn’t such a good idea.

“One of my friends,” Crystal answered. “Anyway… I’ll be able to get in… And if I can’t, you’ll help me, huh?”

Melissa nodded, slipping out of protective mode again. “Yeah…” After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Crystal motioned for Melissa to follow her down the street.

The nightlife wasn’t quite booming yet because it was still early in the night… about ten thirty. “This is it,” she whispered, and approached the club. “I’ll go first… if he doesn’t let me in, you can go in then distract him, and I’ll sneak inside. Is that okay?”

Melissa nodded. “Sounds good to me.” She was looking forward to going clubbing now, sure that they would have a good time.

Crystal took a deep breath, and then walked towards the club, attempting to enter without the doorman seeing her. “Excuse me, miss, your ID please?” the doorman requested.

“Oh, um, I don’t have it,” she stuttered.

He pointed to a sign that said something about not being able to come in without an ID. Crystal gulped, and then said, “Oh wait… maybe I do…” Then, she dug through her purse for what felt like hours, just to see if the man would get fed up and let her through. However, she found nothing inside her purse and the man shrugged his shoulders. Defeated, she turned away, passing her friend a daring look.

Taking a deep breath, Melissa moved forward and stopped in front of the doorman, blocking his view of the people entering. “Hi…” she breathed, reaching into her purse for her ID and showing it to him.

As the man glanced down at Melissa’s ID, Crystal dashed inside, the sound of loud music hitting her. She took a deep breath and tried to steady her pounding heart. It was such an adrenaline rush, doing something illegal like this! She was ecstatic! Instead of going ahead and dancing, though, she stood semi-close to do the door so Melissa could find her, but far enough away so no one had seen her illegally enter.

After showing the man her ID, Melissa entered the club as well, glancing around a moment for Crystal, resisting, for the time being, the urge to start dancing to the music.

“Hey!” Crystal yelled to her friend, and then began jumping up and down. “We did it, we did it!” she yelped over the loud music. “Let’s go dance!”

“Sh, quiet down…” Melissa cautioned, glancing over her shoulder a moment. “Do you want everyone to know?” Then, she sighed. “Yeah, let’s go dance.”

Crystal smiled, and then ran towards the dance floor, immediately losing her friend so she could flirt with some good-looking guys that went to the local university. She must have danced for about twenty minutes with one guy before he offered to buy her a drink and she gladly accepted. Aaron could never know if she’d had some to drink… and besides, it was free! Who wouldn’t accept?

Melissa stopped worrying about Crystal, and just began having a good time herself, dancing and drinking quite a lot.

With one drink came another, and then another, and before she knew it, Crystal was a little tipsy. Okay, a little tipsy is a bit of an understatement — she was quite drunk. In fact, she was so drunk that she was making obnoxious statements and acting completely out of line. At one point in time, some girl was hitting on the guy she’d been dancing with, and Crystal nearly got in a fight. With that, the security guard was called and she felt a tap on her shoulder.

Melissa had no idea what was going on… Even despite the fact that she was no stranger to having a lot to drink, she was well on her way to getting completely drunk

“Excuse me, Miss,” the officer said to Crystal.

“What do you want?” she spat.

“To see your ID,” the officer answered. “You don’t look a day over sixteen.”

Crystal, in her drunken state, didn’t know whether to take off running, or try to lie her way out of it. “So what if I look young?” she demanded. “That doesn’t mean anything.”

The officer shook his head. “Come with me.”

“Let me fucking go!” she yelled, trying to free from his grip. However, he was much stronger than she was, and literally dragged her to a small room at the back of the club.

Melissa started flirting outrageously with a guy, still not seeing anything of the commotion… Besides, she’d forgotten about Crystal’s presence anyway. Who cared if some kid got busted for being too young? Melissa didn’t make the connection that her friend was too young for the club — she was becoming too drunk to really think of anything, not even the fact that they would soon have to be getting back home so as to avoid getting into trouble with Aaron.

“I need your name, phone number, and date of birth,” the officer asked told the young girl.

Crystal was dazzled, and couldn’t think of anything to say, so just glared angrily at the officer. Before the officer had the chance to say anything else, though, the doorman walked through with another officer. “Yes, that’s the girl I was talking about — the one without the ID. Anyone in their right mind can tell she’s not eighteen yet.”

Crystal scowled and lurched at the man, but the security guard seized her. “Young Lady, you can very well be charged and put under arrested, so I suggest you start telling the truth right now and this can be handled without the police.”

Crystal took a deep breath in, and decided that it was in her best interest not to go to jail for the night.

Melissa managed to push all thoughts of Aaron and Crystal out of her mind… She would worry about the consequences later.

After Crystal had explained her story to the officer, he shook his head, mumbling something about kids these days. “We won’t press charges this time, but you are banned from this club until you are eighteen years of age. We do not want to see you around these areas for a while. Now, if I could please have the name and number of your parent or guardian…”

Crystal gulped. “Ex-excuse me?”

The officer just waited, somewhat impatiently, for her to give the number. Finally, she softly told him of her brother, Aaron, and gave him the phone number of her house. Of course, nobody was home, so that meant that he had to call Aaron’s work.

The phone was picked up the receptionist. “Hello?”

“I need to speak with Aaron Jacobs, please.”

“Who’s calling, please?” the receptionist asked.

“This is Officer Brown,” the officer answered.

“Just one moment, please…” There was silence a moment, and then Aaron’s voice came on the line: “Hello, this is Aaron Jacobs speaking.”

“Aaron, this is Officer Brown,” the officer answered. “I’m here at Midnight Shadows with someone who claims to be your sister: Crystal Jacobs. Can you verify that she is your sister, please?”

“Yes, that’s my sister… What was she doing there?” he demanded.

“Seems as if she somehow managed to sneak into our club and, I might add, she has had quite an amount of alcohol. We have decided to not press charges this time. However, we need a parent or guardian to pick her up.”

“I’ll be there in about five minutes.” With that, Aaron hung up the phone, and quickly made his way to the club.

Crystal shifted nervously in her seat, knowing that Aaron would be quite upset by the time he got there. The alcohol that she’d had was finally wearing off, which wasn’t such a great thing because that helped her feel the guilt. She wondered what Melissa was doing. She wondered if Melissa even knew what had happened…

As soon as he got to the club, Aaron looked around. He couldn’t spot Melissa in the crowd of people, and he couldn’t waste a lot of time while his sister needed to be taken home, so he searched for the officer instead. He would contact his girlfriend later and find out what she was doing.

It didn’t take long for an officer to notice that Aaron was looking for someone, so he assumed that Aaron was the older brother coming to pick up the unruly child that had somehow managed to get inside the club. “Are you Aaron Jacobs?” he asked. Upon hearing his answer, he told the young man to follow him.

They went to the small room where Crystal was still sitting nervously. She heard the two men approach, and bit her lower lip to keep from crying.

“Are you all right?” Aaron asked Crystal immediately.

She nodded.

Aaron looked at the officer. “Can I take her home?” He then looked at Crystal again. “Where is Melissa?”

Crystal shrugged, still biting her lip, knowing that speaking would cause her to cry. The officer told Aaron that it was fine for them to leave, and then warned Crystal about coming back.

“Come on.” Aaron extended his hand to Crystal, again deciding to leave the question of Melissa for the moment… He would call her after he got his sister home

Crystal took a deep breath in, and kept her gaze adverted to the floor. Her feet were more comforting to look at than Aaron’s worried and upset face. “I’m sorry,” she whispered when they got outside the club.

Aaron shook his head slightly. “We’ll talk later…” He tried ringing Melissa’s mobile when they were outside the club, but there was no answer. Trying to keep his calm, he took Crystal to the car.

She plopped down in the passenger’s seat, and fidgeted nervously. Aaron must have been pissed… The whole car ride was filled with an uneasy silence, and that made Crystal even more nervous. She didn’t know what to say, though, to break the silence, so she just kept quiet.

Aaron also said nothing, knowing that, if he did, he would end up shouting. As he pulled up outside the house, he said shortly, “Get out.”

It didn’t take more than once to tell Crystal that. She hopped out of the car, and all but scampered towards the house. By this time, she was so scared that the tears began to trickle down her cheeks.

Aaron got out of the car, and unlocked the front door of the house. Once inside, he turned to Crystal. “Care to explain to me exactly what happened?” His voice was soft, almost calm, though calm was really the last thing he was feeling.

“Um, well, we were bored, and I convinced Melissa to take me out for a little while… and they didn’t check my ID, so I figured it’d be okay if I went in!” she lied.

Aaron raised his eyebrows. “Was that all?” he asked.


Aaron picked up on the slight questioning tone. “What aren’t you telling me?”

“Nothing, I’m telling you everything,” she said, looking at the floor.

Aaron frowned. “Crystal, if you lie to me, it’s going to be much worse,” he warned.

“Well, okay, I sort of snuck into the club… and I had a little to drink,” she told him, as if he couldn’t tell that she was still a little tipsy.

Aaron raised his eyebrows. “Looks to me like you’ve had more than ‘a little’ to drink,” he observed. “I want you to go get cleaned up, get changed, and get into bed.”

She nodded, and headed towards the shower, once again apologising for her actions.

Aaron tried calling Melissa several times, and texting her as well, frowning with worry. It was probable that his girlfriend was still at the club, in which case the music would likely be too loud for her to actually hear her phone… But she should have noticed that Crystal was gone, in any case.

Crystal went to bed shortly after her shower, and snuggled up inside her blankets, wondering about Melissa. She hadn’t seen her in so long and wondered if she was okay…

Melissa stayed at the club for quite a while, dancing and flirting, until she couldn’t stop the thought from intruding into her mind – where was Crystal? After taking a look round, Melissa finally thought to check her phone… And felt a stab of alarm go through her. There were a good amount of messages and missed calls on there, all from Aaron…

After a moment spent trying to get her courage up, Melissa stepped out of the club, and dialled her boyfriend’s number.

“Hello?” Aaron answered in a tired voice, having just dozed off on the sofa.

“Hi Aaron…” Melissa said softly, biting her lip slightly. At least she hadn’t slurred her words.

“Melissa! Where are you?” Aaron demanded. “I’ve been trying to call you for hours.”

Melissa winced. “That long? Um… I’m at the club…” she answered hesitantly.

“How come you haven’t been answering your phone?” Aaron asked. “Did it occur to you that someone could have been calling you about something very important? Like my sister?”

“Um…” Melissa bit her lip slightly “We got kind of separated, and I forgot she was with me… I’m sorry. Is she with you? I haven’t been able to find her…”

“Yes, she’s here, and I suggest you come on home as well.”

“Um…” Melissa said hesitantly, not sure if she wanted to bring up the fact she’d been drinking a lot. Aaron would definitely *not* be happy about that.

“Um… what?”

“I kind of… drank a lot…” Melissa admitted in a quiet voice. “I have the car, but given it’s dangerous to drink and drive…”

It took all of Aaron’s energy not to blow up at her. “Very well,” he replied. “I’ll be there in about ten minutes.” He had no more to say at that moment, so he just hung up the phone, grabbed his keys and drove to the club.

Melissa was standing outside the club, biting her lip and shuffling her feet slightly, feeling like a little child, when Aaron drove up. He pulled up next to the building, and waited for her to get inside, hands gripping the steering wheel angrily.

Melissa walked round to the passenger side and got in, still biting her lip slightly.

He didn’t say anything to her, just sped off, the same silence filling the car as it had previously when he took the exact same route to take his younger sister home. He finally pulled into the driveway and turned the car off, staring into space for a moment and trying to decipher how he was going to handle the situation.

Melissa sat quietly, unwilling to say anything at the moment. She felt terrible… But what was there that she could really say?

He glanced at his girlfriend. “I’m so disappointed in you,” he told her in a rational voice. “I thought… no, I *know* you knew better than that.” With that, he opened the door and walked towards the house.

Melissa flinched at his words, but got out of the car herself and walked slowly towards the house.

“Go to bed… the three of us are going to discuss this in the morning,” he told her, as he’d told his sister.

Melissa bit her lip again. “Ok…” She slowly obeyed.

Aaron sat up for a few minutes after his girlfriend went to bed, watching but not concentrating on the television. He stayed there for about twenty minutes, and then flipped off the television. Before going to bed he checked on his sleeping sister, and then slipped under the sheets next to his girlfriend. His blood pressure was sky-high because he was so upset, but he pushed it away and somehow managed to get some sleep.

* * *

Crystal sleepily glanced at the clock the next morning. It was 8:49 AM, and she’d only gotten a few hours of sleep — 5 at the most. She had been up at least til Melissa and Aaron got home, worrying about them and all… Then, she was worried about her own impending doom, as she was when she woke up the next morning. She finally pushed herself out of bed, and stumbled towards the living room.

Melissa’s eyes fluttered open a few minutes later, and she rolled over slightly, wincing at the pain that went through her forehead. Silently, she vowed that she definitely was not drinking again for a good long while, not even a small amount. When was she going to learn? She got out of the bed, and ran her fingers through her hair, trying to decide if she should get dressed or not.

Aaron stirred upon hearing his girlfriend rise, and rolled over. “How are you feeling?” he asked as he glanced at Melissa.

“My head hurts,” Melissa replied, keeping her voice quiet.

He nodded. “I’d suspect so,” he said, and managed to let out a slight grin.

“… I’m sorry,” she said quietly, even as she started getting dressed.

“I know,” he said, and got out of bed. “But not as sorry as you’re going to be,” he added on his way to the kitchen to find something to eat.

Melissa flinched, and finished getting dressed. She pulled a brush through her hair, and then made her way into the living room, not feeling up to eating.

Crystal heard her brother and friend stirring in their bedroom, and then Aaron emerged, followed by Melissa. She didn’t say much, as she didn’t exactly feel too great. Instead, she gave her friend a pathetic look, as if knowing that she was in for it.

Melissa bit her lip slightly, and sat down next to Crystal. “Sorry…” she said softly.

“Not your fault… morely mine,” Crystal replied. “Sorry for convincing you to go with me. Where’d you go last night anyway?”

Melissa shrugged slightly. “I was in the club still…” she answered. “I completely forgot about you. I’m sorry. Also, it’s not like I tried really hard to argue…”

“I got picked up,” Crystal said. “They almost called the police on me. They had to call Aaron. Did he tell you?”

“He didn’t give me all the details…” Melissa admitted. “How are you feeling?”

“Like hell. You?”

“Just as bad…”

“Aaron’s pretty mad, huh?”

Melissa nodded slowly. “Yeah…”

Aaron peeked in from the kitchen. “Are you girls hungry?” he asked.

The girls shook her heads, Melissa feeling like she was going to throw up if she tried to eat anything.

He shrugged. “Suit yourselves,” he said as he cooked the typical British breakfast.

“What do you think he’s going to do?” Crystal asked when Aaron was out of hearing distance.

Melissa shrugged. “I have no idea… But I bet it’s going to be extremely unpleasant.”

Crystal nodded in agreement.

Melissa gave a sigh, and rubbed her forehead a bit, wincing slightly. She really hoped Aaron wasn’t going to shout really loudly… She really didn’t think that her head would be able to handle it. She really wanted some painkillers, but she didn’t want to do anything that would make Aaron even angrier than he already was.

Not that he wasn’t angry enough as it was…

Aaron finished cooking breakfast, and sat down in the living room next to his girls. Crystal was somewhat nervous because her brother wasn’t speaking as much as normal — not his usual happy self, but rather, quite upset. “Aaron… look, we’re sorry…” she began.

Melissa nodded. “I don’t think either of us were thinking clearly… We were kind of bored, and, well wanted to do something…” She automatically used ‘we’, even though it had technically been Crystal’s idea.

Aaron shook his head. “I don’t care that you were bored and wanted to do something. First of all, you could’ve had the decency to call my cell phone and let me know you were going somewhere, and secondly, you could have at least gone somewhere LEGAL, Crystal. I’m not happy with either of you,” he concluded.

“Sorry…” Melissa bit her lip slightly, feeling kind of bad… Over the fact that they’d upset Aaron, as well as her not feeling well.

“So I’ve heard,” he answered coldly, still eating his meal. Crystal gave her friend a sideways glance and a pathetic look as if saying they were in for it.

Melissa flinched a bit, and glanced at Crystal, her expression apologetic

“I need not say that you’re both getting a spanking?” Aaron asked.

Melissa blinked, and glanced at Crystal. “Um… We’re too old?” she tried.

“Hah… you wish you were too old.”

Melissa looked at Crystal for help… Which was ironic, considering the fact that she was the oldest. Why was she dating someone as old-fashioned as Aaron?

“Aaron, please,” Crystal begged, though she knew it was useless. Aaron had stated from the second he took his sister in that spankings would be issued in the case of offenses, and he’d even given her a couple since she’d lived there. “I know we were wrong for what we did, but does it really have to go as far as spanking?”

“It’s not as if we’re not sorry,” Melissa put in. “And we won’t do it again…”

“If you keep it up, you’re going to get more,” he warned the girls. “Now, I suggest you each go to your rooms and think about what you did, and I’ll be in there shortly to discuss the situation further with you. Understood?”

Crystal, defeated, muttered that she understood and hung her head, waiting for Melissa.

Melissa nodded slowly, looking down as well. “Uh-uh…”

The girls stood up and walked towards their rooms. “Sorry, Mel… it’s all my fault… I tried to get us out of it.”

Melissa shook her head, and hugged Crystal gently. “It’s not all your fault… I really should have known better.” She was really dreading the spanking that she was going to get — she knew from past experience how much spankings hurt. However, she’d gladly suffer a thousand of them just to be with Aaron, and have him stop being so disappointed in her.

“I really am sorry. Hopefully, he won’t go too hard on you… has he spanked you before?”

“A few times,” Melissa said softly. “Strange that I’d allow it, but…” She shrugged slightly.

Crystal suppressed her grin. “Oh shit, he’s coming,” she said as she heard her brother getting up from the living room sofa. “Good luck,” she whispered, and then darted into her room.

“You too,” Melissa murmured, and then quickly slipped into her own room.

Aaron put his dishes in the sink and rinsed them off, drying his hands with a towel. He hated doing this because he loved both of his girls so much… of course, that’s why he was doing it in the first place — because he loved them. How come they always had to get into trouble! He stalked towards Melissa’s room first, swinging the door open to find her sitting on the bed. He closed the door behind him and then sat next to her. “I’d like to hear your side of the story.”

Melissa looked down a moment. “We were bored…” she explained. “And Crystal really wanted to go out. I didn’t see any harm in it at the time.”

“There’s not much harm in going out, but how did my little sister convince you to go to a club that she isn’t allowed into? You know that’s wrong…”

Melissa’s shoulders slumped slightly. “I wasn’t thinking, I guess…” she admitted in a quiet voice. “And she said that someone had told of a club she could get into…”

“I don’t care if they told her she could get in… and I don’t care if they would have *let* her get in. The point is that it’s *still* illegal, no matter what aspect. Not to mention that you handled the situation carelessly by letting her wander off by herself. Do you know how drunk she was last night? Pretty close to being as drunk as you were. And she’s only fifteen years old!”

“I know,” Melissa replied, hanging her head. “I messed up, I realise that. And I’m sorry.”

Aaron shook his head, tired of hearing that she was sorry. “Well, at any rate, you’re still getting a spanking. And I trust you know exactly why?”

Melissa looked down, nodding slowly.

“Do enlighten me…”

“Because I took Crystal to a club, which was illegal, didn’t tell you that we were going, managed to get completely drunk and lose her… And didn’t realise you were trying to contact me?”

“Sounds pretty good to me. Well, you know the drill… pants down, over my knee.”

Melissa flinched a bit. No matter how many times he had spanked her, it still felt the same every time – humiliating and painful. She knew better to argue, though. Her fingers moved towards the fastenings on her jeans, then she hesitated a moment.

“Today, Melissa,” Aaron said exasperatedly.

Melissa took a deep breath, and undid her jeans, pushing them down. She hesitated again, biting her lip slightly “You know… At least I didn’t get in the car after I’d been drinking…”

“And I’m glad of that, because if you had, you better believe that I’d be taking this belt off,” Aaron answered, pointing to his lap for her to get over.

Melissa awkwardly moved over to lie across his lap, feeling embarrassed, but also really bad about what she had done.

He positioned her in such a way that she wouldn’t slide off of his lap when he started spanking, then tugged her knickers down to her knees. “I’m so disappointed in you, Melissa,” he expressed, resting his hand on her bottom. “You know better than this — I *know* you know better than this.” He shook his head, and then lifted his hand and rained down the first set of smacks. SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!!

Melissa flinched as he spoke, feeling terrible about disappointing him. She let out a gasp with each smack, clenching her fists in the bed covers.

He continued up the spanking, hitting both of her cheeks rapidly and rhythmically. He wasn’t putting all of his strength into it yet… There’d be a time for that later. “Are you learning your lesson?” he asked, delivering a few smacks to her sit spots.

“Yes!” Melissa managed to get out, unable to stop a few tears from spilling down her cheeks… Each smack echoed incredibly loud through her aching head, and she hoped that she wasn’t going to be sick.

Aaron kept up the spanking, beginning to give harder smacks, aiming most of them at her sit spots. He kept this up for a long time, her bottom now turning a dark shade of pink. SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!!

More tears trickled down Melissa’s cheeks as the spanking continued. A sob caught in her throat, quickly followed by more… It was hard to keep from reaching back to protect her bottom.

Upon seeing that her bottom was a bright reddish colour, he stopped and lifted her up. “Hairbrush,” he ordered.

Melissa felt the tears increase as he said that, but she knew better than to argue. She stumbled over to the table to get the hairbrush, and brought it back to him, still sniffling, and rubbing at her bottom a bit with her other hand.

He took her back over his lap, positioning her once again, then resting the hairbrush on her bottom. “What will you do differently next time, Melissa?” he asked, and then raised the brush high in the air and sent it down to her bottom with a loud CRACK!!!!!!!

Melissa yelped a bit at the force of the blow. “I-I won’t take Crystal to a club… A-and if I do take her out, I’ll let you know, and pay attention to my phone…” she managed to stammer out.

“Good,” he answered, and then landed another deafening crack to her backside. Her bottom was becoming quite red at this time, but that didn’t stop him. He landed at least a dozen more smacks to her bottom with the dreadful hairbrush.

Melissa began sobbing hard, now clutching at his trouser leg so that she couldn’t reach back. Not to mention the fact that she’d drawn blood from her lip from biting it to stop herself throwing up.

Aaron finally stopped, breathing heavily from all the energy he had used in spanking his girlfriend. He rubbed her back softly, allowing her to cry her eyes out. “Are you okay?” he whispered after a couple of minutes.

Melissa nodded slowly, her sobs gradually fading to slight sniffles.

He rubbed her back for a couple of more minutes, and then helped her up. “Stand in the corner, Young Lady, and think about what you’ve done. I will be back in here after I deal with my sister, understood?”

Melissa nodded again, and stumbled over to the corner, still crying softly. She leaned her forehead against the cool wall a moment, trying to push the pain in her head away.

Meanwhile, Crystal was sitting on her bed in her room, gulping softly. She’d heard the commotion from the other room, and now feared her impending doom.

Aaron walked out of his and Melissa’s room, and entered Crystal’s, sitting quietly on the bed beside her. “I want you to tell me exactly what happened.”

The young girl bit her lower lip, looking at her older brother in the eyes, on the verge of breaking down into tears. “I-I convinced Mel to take me to a club because I thought I could get in… and, erm… I got caught…” she stammered.

“Do you understand why that was wrong?” he questioned.

“Yes,” she said, looking down at the floor now.

“Do tell me.”

“Because it was illegal and I could’ve gone to jail,” she muttered.

Aaron nodded slowly. “I don’t want you to ever do something like that again,” he said firmly, looking into his sister’s eyes. “You know what to do – pants down, over my knee.”

“I won’t,” she assured him, and then stood up, shaking. “I’m sorry,” she murmured as her hands flew to the button of her jeans. “Please don’t spank me…”

“I made it quite clear that you were going to get a spanking every time you did something wrong when you moved in,” Aaron responded. “Don’t argue, or it will be worse.”

A tear slipped down her cheeks, and she wanted so badly to get this over with, but it was so hard. “Pleaseee, Aaron… I won’t do it again!”

“Good, but I’m punishing you for what you did, not what you might do in the future. You should have thought about this last night.” He patted his lap. “Come on, over.”

She reluctantly unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down to her knees, then pushed herself over his lap, crying like a baby. Her small body was racked with sobs and shaking because she didn’t want to be punished.

Aaron rubbed her back gently, and then pulled her knickers down to just below her knees. “What is this spanking for?” he asked, his hand resting on her bottom.

“For sneaking into a club when I wasn’t supposed to,” she said.

“And why was that wrong?”

“Because I could get arrested,” she sniffled.

“Right.” Aaron sighed. “You should know better, Crystal… I don’t want to see my little sister in jail.” With that, he raised his hand and started spanking her. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

The girl instantly began squirming, biting her lower lip so she wouldn’t make too much noise. Of course, that only lasted for a couple of seconds. “Ooowwwwww!! Aaron I’m sorrryyyy!!” she squealed.

“I know…” Aaron continued the spanking, though, using medium force. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

“Ayeee,” she howled, bucking up and crying even harder. She kept her hands gripped onto the blankets on her bed so she wouldn’t reach back. “Ooowww, it hurts it hurts…”

Aaron continued, giving Crystal about the same amount he had given Melissa. He then stood her up. “Get me the hairbrush,” he ordered.

As she stood there, her feet planted to the ground, she didn’t know what came over her. “Nooo,” she said, tears falling from her eyes, and rubbing her bottom gently.

Aaron nodded firmly. “Yes.” He put two fingers under Crystal’s chin and lifted so that she was looking into his eyes. “Go and get me the hairbrush,” he repeated. “It will be over soon.”

She shivered with his stern words, and decided to comply. She shuffled towards her dresser where the hairbrush lay. Making a small fearful noise, she took it and went back to her older brother. “Please not too much,” she whispered.

“I’ll give you as much as I think is necessary,” Aaron answered, taking the hairbrush from Crystal. He positioned his sister over his lap again. “What are you not going to do next time?”

“I’m not going to try and convince Melissa to take me to a club,” she answered, holding onto the blankets again and bracing herself for the spanking.

“That’s right.” Aaron brought the brush down eight times, steeling his heart against her cries.

Crystal howled at each hard smack, using all of her self-control not to reach back until the eighth one. “Pleaseeeee no more,” she begged. “Please please please… no moreeeee.”

Aaron had planned to stop then, anyway. He rubbed Crystal’s back gently. “Sh… It’s over now.”

She sobbed like a little girl, one hand rubbing her sore bottom, the other catching her tears. “I’m sorry for upsetting you, Aaron,” she managed to choke out between tears.

“Sh…” He continued to gently rub her back. “You all right?”

She nodded, softly. “Yeah, I’m okay,” she answered, sniffling and wiping the tears out of her eyes. “Are you okay?”

Aaron nodded slowly. “I didn’t like doing that, Crystal… But I don’t want to see you in jail, or badly hurt…” He gently lifted her off his lap to hug her gently.

She hugged him back tightly. “I know. I guess I wasn’t thinking… but next time I will, I promise,” she assured him.

“I know you will… You’re a good kid, Crystal.” He smiled, ruffling her hair slightly.

“Thanks,” she said, letting go of the hug. “Is Mel okay?”

“I left her standing in the corner while I came in to deal with you,” Aaron answered. “I’ll go back through in a moment.”

Crystal nodded.

“You all right now?” he asked gently. “If you’re hungry, I’m sure you can go fix yourself up something to eat.”

She shook her head. “My stomach still hurts from drinking too much.”

“That’s always a side affect, I’m afraid… Why don’t you take a little nap?”

She nodded. “Sounds good,” she said, and then kissed her brother on the cheeks. “Goodnight.”

“Night.” He hugged her again.

He tucked his sister in, and then closed the door behind him as he pushed open the door to his and Melissa’s bedroom across the hall. She had stopped crying so hard, but was standing in the corner, staring blankly at the wall, her arms wrapped around herself. She really didn’t feel well… “Baby? Are you okay?” he asked.

Melissa shrugged slightly. “Kind of feel sick…”

Aaron caressed her face gently, and then brought her to the bed, holding her in his arms. “Do you need anything? Something to settle your stomach? Something for a headache?” He sure hadn’t planned to be taking care of two girls with hangovers!

Melissa shook her head slightly. “It’s not so bad now… I’m sorry…”

“I know, babe.” He lay down beside her in the bed, arms thrown around her body. “You mean the world to me… I just worry about you, ya know?”

Melissa nodded, holding onto him. “Is Crystal all right?”

“She’s fine. Like you, she feels a little sick. Told her to get some rest.”

Melissa nodded again. “I promise not to do anything like that again…” she murmured sleepily

“Good,” he answered, rubbing her back softly and nodding off to sleep before too long. It’d been a crazy night for them all, and he sure hadn’t slept much. But at least now he knew everyone was safe and he could sleep okay.

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