Brianna: Viva Mexico, Part II


Brianna continues her adventure in Mexico.  Things are getting hot and heavy with the girls and their Latin Lovers.  Er, this would be a great place for a pun, but I’ll resist.  Spanking in this one 🙂


Lizbeth was too cute for her own good. She was fourteen years old and a freshman at St. Rosa, a private Catholic school. Anastasia, Lizbeth and I talked as we changed and rested for a little bit. She told us of the summer she spent with her dad in America and how she found cute boys, American and Mexican both, and made loads of friends, including an American girl named Katrina who taught her new words in English and still wrote her letters. She said that after she came back home from her summer in America, she wanted her dad back home so badly, and he came back that Christmas to stay for good. He’d made enough money in America to support them for a while and finally got back on good terms with his dad, Lizbeth’s grandpa, and got a good job, then a nice house and twin boys. Now he was sending his kids to the best schools in Mexico City and saving up so one day the whole family could take a trip to America.

“Sounds like your family has been through a lot,” I said.

She nodded. “So I haven’t found out anything about you guys yet! Tell me to shut up so you can talk for a little while!”

Ana laughed and told about her family, how she came from wealth and had always lived in wealth and went to crappy private schools all of her life, then her parents divorced so now she was living with her older brother and father, who was never home. Then I told the contrast of that story, being that my parents died when I was young and I, too, lived with my older brother would couldn’t afford the private schools, but I got lucky and ended up being suspended from the public schools so ended up in the private school that gave me a scholarship. How different the three of us were…

“Was the flight here long?” she asked.

“Nah, wasn’t too bad,” Ana told her.

We lay around for a little while, all three of us piled up on the bottom bunk, which was a double bed while the top was a twin. Before they had moved to this house, Lizbeth and Brandon had shared a room, but Lizbeth didn’t want to give up the bed. Which was probably a good thing, so Ana and I had a place to sleep.

Sometime around five, Lizbeth’s father came home and came in to give his daughter a hug and tell us hello. He was attractive, for an older guy. And Lizbeth looked just like him, with the big brown eyes and certain facial features. They were too cute together.

“Papa!” she began then spat out a sentence in Spanish that caused Ana to give me another one of those exasperated looks.

“Next year if we go out of country, we better to go to England or Australia!” she muttered.

I giggled and watched Lizbeth beg to her father, and her father finally give in to whatever it was she was begging for. She yelped with joy and hugged him tightly. “My dad said we could go to Juanita’s house! She just lives right down the street and she’s hosting a family, too.”

“Cool! She goes to school with you?”

“Yep! I can’t remember who’s staying at her house, though. Someone who’s in the same grade as her and likes dogs… That’s all I remember from the sheet thing.”

I smiled and shoved myself off of the bed. I grabbed my hoodie, then threw Ana her jacket after pulling mine over my head. “Juanita’s house,” Lizbeth said, “is only a couple of blocks away. I promised dad we’d be home by six-thirty, though, so we could have dinner. He said that you have to meet up with the soccer team again at eight, for the boys soccer game, and that we’ll take you down there, cause we’re going to stay and watch it, too. He also said that since it’s a Friday night you might want to hang out with some of your soccer friends in the city for a little while and that it’d be fine… just as long as you were with a group of people and came home at a decent hour, and let him know what you’re doing.”

Ana glanced at me, a grin spreading across her face. We were thinking along the same lines, it seemed. “Sounds like a good idea to me,” I said.

Lizbeth said goodbye to her mother and Brandon, then the babies, and Ana and I just waved, saying “adios” because that’s the only thing we could think to say.

It was actually quite chilly outside. Surprised me, because I thought Mexico was pure desert and hot all year around.

Walking into Juanita’s house was like a completely different atomsphere than Lizbeth’s. It was more of a teenager environment than where we were. Mexican rap blared through the house from one room and softer Spanish music blared from another. Juanita’s mom greeted Lizbeth in the doorway then saw us.

“Ohh, hello,” she said, giving us both a hug and kissing us on the cheek. “I’m Francisca, and my English is no good.”

“Sounds fine to me,” I said, smiling.

“Aww, thank you.” She had the most adorable accent.

A younger girl came running through the house, crying and blubbering to her mother in Spanish. Francisca hugged her little girl and began shouting something in Spanish. Moments later, Juanita, Shellie, and another freshman, Amanda, who I wasn’t such good friends with due to a situation involving stealing that I’d rather not think about, came into the living room. Juanita was ecstatic to see her friend and they hugged tightly. Then Juanita hugged Ana and me, which was cute. I liked her family.

“I’m Juanita,” she said.

“I’m Brianna..”

“And I’m Anastasia.”

Juanita motioned for us to follow her and I punched Shellie playfully in the shoulder. She just glared at me. “How’s it goin’, kiddo? Liking it so far?”

“It’s different, I’ll say that much.”

Shellie was an only child, so I could imagine that it was different.

“Do you want to meet my crazy family?” Juanita asked.

“Of course! The only fun family is a crazy family,” I said. Yes, I know it was corny, but I was in a corny mood.

As we walked through the house, the rap music and other Spanish music got louder. There were three doors right next to each other, one decorated with a poster of some rapper guy named Daddy Yankee, along with other rappers, some who were American, some who weren’t. There was also a sticker on his door that said “No Hispanic, No Latino, Soy Mexicano!” The next door was less vivacious with a few faery stickers on it and a picture of a band called La Oreja de Van Gogh along with a tiny bicycle license plate thing from Texas that read “Juanita” (Lizbeth told us later that she’d bought it for her friend). And the last door also had a poster of La Oreja de Van Gogh on it, along with another band called La Ley, and some other music stuff. It was quite an interesting contrast.

She opened door number one, the source of the blaring rap music. Her brother sat inside, the one that seemed to be about Shellie’s age, playing his play station. He started yelling at his sister in Spanish, to which Juanita yelled back. She put her hair behind her ear. “That’s my brother, Tomas.”

Ana and I waved at him and he paused his game to wave back and came to the doorway. “Hola, como estas?” he asked, shaking our hands.

“Muy bueno!” Ana said and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Tomas laughed, too. He was about to say something until his mother came up with the youngest girl on one hip, her hand on the other, fussing at her son. I couldn’t tell quite what she was saying, but heard the words “baja le” (if that’s how you spell it) which means “turn it down”… so I guess she was referring to his music. Not to mention that after she fussed, he went into his room and turned it down.

“Baja le pinche cabron!” he yelled, banging on the door across the hall, with all of the non-rappers plastered on it.

The door swung open and it was him, the gorgeous boy I’d seen earlier. I almost wanted to faint! “Que quieres?”

“Sierra la pinche puerta. No quiero ver su cara fea.”

I giggled.

They stopped fighting for a minute to stare at me. “Intiendes?”

He was asking me if I understood what they were saying, and yes, I understood perfectly well! Tomas told his sexy brother to turn down the music, his brother asked what he wanted, then Tomas told him to shut the fucking door because he didn’t want to see his ugly face. It was quite amusing. “Si!” I answered.

“Ahh, pinche Americanas,” the brother teased, turning around to shut off his music. “Hola, I’m Alejandro, but you can call me Alex.” He shook my hand, then Ana’s.

“I’m Ana.”

I just stared into his deep brown eyes, admiring his dark hair, dark eyes, and dark skin. His hair was sort of long, covering his eyebrows and sometimes getting down in his eyes. He had the perfect body, too… the body of a Latino soccer player. I was glad to see that it was his room without the rappers on the door.

“Ah, the Spanish speaker doesn’t have a name,” he said after I’d been staring at him for quite some time.

I blushed. “Sorry, I’m Brianna… but you can call me Bri,” I mocked.

“Bri the Spanish speaker… I kinda like it.”

“I don’t know much Spanish, just the bad words,” I told him.

“That’s the first thing anyone ever learns of another language.”

For a while we all piled up in Alex’s room because Tomas’s room was much dirtier, and Juanita’s was smaller (she said she got the smaller room in exchange for not having to be near the younger siblings). Alex’s room was amazing. You could tell he was a soccer player because he had trophies and metals everywhere, along with team pictures, even way back when he was a kid. There were also different bands around, with a very suggestive picture of the lead singer from that La Oreja de Van Gogh band that he seemed to like. I admit, she was pretty… and obviously his favorite singer, because she was everywhere. Or maybe it was just cause he thought she was hott. He also had the lyric sheets from cd cases on his walls. Some of the bands, he explained, were from Spain, while others were old school Mexican bands. And even more were just modern rock bands in Mexico. Music was one of his favorite things.

In the little time we were together, I found out three important things: he was a senior at St. Rosa’s, he was going out after the soccer game, and he did not have a girlfriend. Not only that, but he also asked Ana and me if we wanted to go downtown with him after the game. He said he had a friend that Ana would like, giving me the hope that he wanted me for himself. Shellie mostly hung out next to Tomas, which I could tell she liked, and Amanda talked to Juanita and Lizbeth. It was cool that it happened like that… but why wouldn’t it have? Shellie was more of a tomboy, Amanda was more girly girl, and Ana and I were older… so we went towards the people we felt most comfortable around.

At six, Francisca came in to tell the kids that dinner was ready and we all dispersed. We gave everyone hugs, because that’s just what we did, and Alex and Juanita walked us to the door.

“You really should think about coming with us tonight,” Alex told Ana and me.

“Yeah, we’ll think about it,” I teased, knowing that I’d definitely go.

We walked back to Lizbeth’s house through the cold air, talking about Juanita’s family.

“Alejandro is a cool kid. He’s really popular at school. He’s the star soccer player and really smart. He’s going to University in Guanajuato.”

“Hey! I’ve heard of that before!” I said, not being able to quite put my finger on where I’d actually heard it before.

Ana gave me a weird look, but Lizbeth kept on. “I think he likes you, Bri. Alejandro doesn’t talk to girls much because he’s so picky. He’s a musician, too, did I tell you that? Girls literally flaunt over him, but he doesn’t give them a chance. Says he doesn’t want the typical Mexican girl, that he’s looking for something different.”

At that moment, all thoughts of Cole evaporated from my mind. Alex was a gorgeous Latino, a soccer player and musician, and to top it off, he was intelligent! And of course, he spoke the sexy Spanish language… my type of guy!

Dinner was interesting, once again. I tried to eat it, I promise, but to me, it was gross. I’d take little bites then drink some of my coke. I was eating so slowly that they must have known I hated the food, but my stomach was growling. Just not growling enough for me to want to eat that stuff.

“No hungry?” Mrs. Hernandez asked me.

I shook my head. “Too tired, I guess.”

She nodded.

When Ana and Lizbeth finished eating, I decided that’d be the time I’d finish, too. I followed Lizbeth’s lead to her the living room to watch some Spanish tv for a little while.

Ana nervously said, “Lizbeth? Is it okay if I have a shower?”

“Ohh, sure it is! Let me show you where the stuff is.” She put the remote control on the couch and led my friend towards the back of the house where I heard them chattering for a little while and finally coming back in the living room. “What do you want to watch?”

“Anything is fine,” I told her. “It’s not like I’ll be able to understand it anyway.”

“Ohh, we have MTV. Do you like that?”


There were music videos on and some of them I actually liked. And that was the first time I saw that band I’d been subject to all day — La Oreja de Van Gogh. I recognized the girl immediately because she’d been plastered all over Alex’s walls, then saw the band name flash across the screen. Unfortuantely, my Spanish wasn’t advanced enough to actually understand what they were saying, but I loved the music! And no, it wasn’t because Alex liked them… I would have loved them anyway! There were a couple of other people that I enjoyed, too, but I couldn’t remember their names to save my life.

I took a shower when Ana got out and when I finished, the two girls were going through their cds. Lizbeth wanted to hear all of Ana’s and Ana wanted to hear some band that she got to see perform in Madrid while she was there. Lizbeth was excited to see some of the bands that she recognized from her summer in America, which I thought was totally adorable. I just watched them on the bed, digging through music, and dried my hair, then finding a cute outfit in my suitcase to wear. I decided to straighten my hair instead of wearing it in a ponytail to see if that’d catch Alex’s attention.

Mr. Hernandez knocked on the door and opened it, asking if we were ready to head off. Of course we were! I was excited to get to hang out with Alex and the rest of my English-speaking friends. It was weird being the minority!

The soccer game was quite amazing.. As you probably have guessed, I’ve never been in that type of atmosphere before. I mean, aside from being the minority in race and language, these Latinos really got into the game, more so than Americans get into football! Okay, so about the same. When a team scored a goal, everyone in the stands howled (if they were going for the team that made the goal..). It was so awesome. Not to mention Alex really was the star of the team. He was always on the field and almost as good as me 🙂

We’d sat next to Juanita and her family, so when the game was over, we were among the first to swarm Alex in praise. Except me, of course. I brushed him off jokingly.

“So? Did you like the game?” he asked me.

“I’ve been to better,” I replied.

He grinned at me, pushing the hair out of his eyes. “Guess you’re ready for some fun stuff, then?”

“Of course!”

“So you’re going to go out with my friend and me?”

“I thought you said ‘fun stuff’?”

He laughed. “Fine, if you don’t wanna go…” he began and gave me an adorable puppy face.

“Aww, you’re too cute, Alex. Of course I’ll go with you!”

Thus spawned mine and Alex’s relationship. Mr. Hernandez and family didn’t mind us hanging out with some of the soccer team (which was really Alex and his friend, as opposed to the girls from school that we’d said we were going with..) for the evening, since it was Friday and our first day in Mexico. He didn’t want Lizbeth going with us, though, since she was so young. She didn’t mine, and told us that plenty of times, even more so after Ana and I claimed that we felt bad for leaving her at home while we went out. She came to the pont of begging us to go, because she knew that I had a thing for Alex and thought that it’d be cool for us to find guys. Also, she’d said, what’s the point of going to another country if you can’t go out and party?

So we took her advice and went for it. We went home with Alex, who had his own car. Shellie and Tomas rode with us, too, so they were smushed in the back with Ana while I sat in the front seat next to the hottie. Alex took a shower when he got home and came out looking tres gorgeous with some jeans and a collared shirt on. I felt sort of under dressed and wished I could go back and take another shower and dress in something magnificant!

He grabbed the keys. “Ready?”

“You know it,” Ana and I replied, waving goodbye to Juanita and her family. None of them had wanted to go out with us, either, because of their age. Shellie wasn’t really a party girl, and Amanda wouldn’t have minded, except there wouldn’t have been much for her to do and if Juanita wasn’t going, she wasn’t either.

“So have you ever heard any Spanish music before? We could listen to American rock if you want.”

“No, Spanish is fine,” I answered, looking back at Ana who nodded in agreement.

“Oookay,” he said, digging through his cd case. “What are you in the mood for? Salsa, pop, rap, hard rock.. Spain or Mexico?”

I glanced at Ana. She shrugged.

“Uhmmm… Anything pretty,” I said.

He eyed me and rolled his eyes. “Okay, we’ll listen to Alex Ubago until we pick up Raoul.. then we’ll listen to some old school Mexican music.”

“Raoul?” Ana said.

“Yeah, that’s my friend. You’ll like him, I think. He’s on the soccer team. You might have seen him. He plays defense.”

“Don’t remember. Raoul is a sexy name, though.”

Alex smiled. Wow, he had a beautiful smile.

He popped in the Alex Ubago cd and I immediately fell in love with him, too. “This is sooo pretty!” I said. “Just wish I knew what he was saying.”

“Ah, one day, I’ll tell you.”

“Why not today?” I pouted.

He didn’t answer, but pulled into a driveway and honked his horn twice, taking the cd out and putting in a burned cd. “This is some old school Mexican music.”

“This is El Chico’s music..” I said, looking at Ana.

Ana laughed. “You’re right about that one!”

Alex didn’t even ask. Raoul came jogging out to the car in a long sleeved button-up shirt and jeans, his hair as long as Alex’s.

“Que pasa?” he said to Alex when he got in the car, then extended his hand to Ana. “I’m Raoul.”

“Ana,” she answered, taking his hand.

“Nice to meet you.”

He then did the same for me. It was totally adorable and I had to admit, he was good-looking, too. Of course, now that I think about it, most of the guys I’d seen were good-looking! Maybe I just have a thing for Latinos.

Raoul and Alex talked to each other in Spanish for a good two minutes until Ana interrupted them. “Hey, you both know English, so speak in it!” she said aggravatedly.

Raoul laughed then looked her straight in the eyes and said, “No speak Ingles!”

She glared at him and he giggled, so she shoved him aside. “Gahh!! I HATE boys!”

They did start speaking in English after that (unless they wanted to tease Ana more). I was still in awe by this whole situation, and even though I was sort of tired, I wasn’t going to let that effect me too much.

“We’re going to party tomorrow for your birthday, right?” Alex asked me.

“Oh? Tomorrow’s your birthday?”

“Feliz Navidad!” Ana yelped out of nowhere.

“Ana… that’s Merry Christmas,” I pointed out.

She sighed. “Same thing.”

I giggled a little and said, “Yeah, tomorrow’s my birthday. You guys have anywhere good to take me?”

They started talking in Spanish again, and Ana looked at me hopelessly. “Tonight we’re going to go to the Kumbala bar,” Alex said. “And tomorrow we’ll catch the clubs. Kumbala is more of a music place.. it’ll get you to appreciate the Mexican culture more… and it’s not as crazy as some of the clubs. They kick the crazy drunks out early.”

The traffic in the city was terrible, much like Dallas traffic. Cars were bumper to bumper and people were honking at each other and cutting each other off. It made me so nervous that I had to cover my eyes. Alex told us not to worry, that we’d be there soon enough.

Once we finally got parked, it felt like we had to walk a mile to get to this mysterious bar. I was tired enough as it was, and it was getting late… I didn’t feel like walking. I remember how ecstatic I was, though, when I saw the red neon light that said “Kumbala Bar.” I literally jumped up and down, pointing the sign out to my friends.

The light inside was dim and a band played on stage, people were scattered about, sitting at little tables throughout the room. The four of us sat at the bar where Alex talked to the bartender and introduced Ana and me, ordering himself a corona and asking if we wanted anything. Raoul got a Corona, too, but Ana and I declined the drinks. It made me a little nervous that the boys were drinking, and I wasn’t quite sure what we’d do if they started being all crazy on us, but I didn’t have to worry much, because they only drank one a piece.

It was a mellow night. All we did was sit at the bar and listen to the music, didn’t even talk so much because the music was that good. I don’t know how long it took for Alex to finally throw his arm over my shoulder and pull me closer to him. It was nice, being close to him, except I knew I was in Mexico and I knew it couldn’t last forever… but it was nice while it was lasting. And his cologne smelled so good.. and the music was so beautiful that I wished I was fluent in Spanish.

At one point in time, I had the strange urge to glance at my watch and noticed that it was after one. I remembered the traffic and how far away we’d parked, then pointed out the time to the guys. They spoke to each other in Spanish for a second, then muttered something to the bartender, then asked me to wait ten more minutes. I was getting a funny feeling about this, and soon found out why: Alex and Raoul had told the bartender that it was my birthday, and within minutes he was announcing it over a microphone to the audience and everyone was staring at me.

“Stand up, stand up!” Alex was saying, then practically pushed me off my barstool. He then stood up, lifting me up from my legs, and standing me on the bar.

“Alex! Stop! Put me down!” I protested, but it was too late because I was already standing on the bar and everyone was cheering and clapping. I blushed profusely and gave Ana a pathetic look. I knew she was thinking that she was glad it wasn’t her. The band then played a song for me, the happy birthday song, though at the time I didn’t know it. Then Alex helped me off of the bar. I could have killed him.

When we left the bar, I told him that I’d never speak to him again, but he knew I was lying, because within minutes, we were carrying on a conversation like normal. It was hard to believe that this was the first time I’d met him and I already felt the way I did about him… maybe I was in love, or maybe it was just lust. Either way, I was still upset when he dropped us off in front of the Hernandez’s doorway.

Mr. Hernandez wasn’t too upset, just told us to be home earlier the next time. We apologized and he said “no problem” because we didn’t know, then sent us to bed. Lizbeth was dead asleep and we didn’t want to wake her, so we just slept in our jeans and whispered til we both drifted off.


The next day we woke up a little after nine. Lizbeth hadn’t been intending to wake us up as she crawled down the ladder of her bunk bed, but she’d jumped off the last step and it scared the hell out of me.

“Oh! Sorry!”

“It’s okay,” I assured her.

“How was your night last night?” she asked, sitting on the bed.

Ana opened her eyes at this time, stretching out and rolling over. “It was fun. I had a good time. Did you, Ana?”

“Mmmmhmmmm,” she groaned.

“We went to this place called the Kumbala Bar.”

“Ahh.. the place with music?”

I nodded. “It’s popular?”

“Papa talks about it a lot. There’s a song written about it. Old song. Bar’s been around forever. Happy birthday, by the way!”

That wouldn’t be the last time I heard that phrase over the course of the day. We had a soccer practice at one and the whole team made a special effort to tell me happy birthday and play pranks on me. Coach tried to get us to focus, but we were still excited about being somewhere other than boring America, so it was pretty hard. She knew us well enough, though, to know that we’d focus when it was time. Our first game wasn’t until Monday. We still had plenty of practice before then.

We got to finally meet back up with Benito and Pedro. Everyone seemed to be in great spirits, which I thought was awesome. I was, as Terrence had warned, half-starved, but the tour bus was taking us through the city, so hopefully we could find an American fast food restuarant somewhere around!

The day was quite uneventful. After practicing and touring the city all day, we got back to Lizbeth’s house around seven and went down to Juanita’s. Mr. Hernandez had said once again that it’d be fine for us to stay out all night, but our curfew was two, and no later. And we had to be with a group of people. We were all for those rules… they were better than Terrence’s and Ashton’s! So, after celebrating my birthday all day, I got to celebrate it even more with Alex and Raoul, back in the city. The younger girls all sat out again, which was no surprise. Alex told me later that girls in Mexico don’t usually stay out past ten… most of the girls you see at the clubs and bars are either tourists are prostitutes, because it just wasn’t the way things were done in Mexico. I thought it was kind of sexist, but didn’t point that out. Now was not the time to be a sociologist.

Clubbing was fun, though neither Ana nor I had the chance to show off our IDs because no one asked for them. Like Alex had said, there weren’t many females downtown anyway, so they’d have probably let us in if we were fourteen. Alex and I danced together, and so did Raoul and Ana, and we even switched partners a couple of times. Alex did as he had the night before and drank one Corona, and Raoul drank one, too, but that’s it. I was tempted to try it, since it was my birthday, but I’d never liked the taste of beer anyway, and I’d promised Terrence no drinking.

Like promised, Ana and I made it home by two and Mr. Hernandez was waiting up for us like he’d been the night before.

“I don’t mind if you go out, just as long as you’re safe and in at a decent hour. On school nights I’d rather you not go out unless it’s for soccer practice. Your coach did say something about maybe having a few late practices, and that’s fine. I’m going to stay up until you girls get in, and I have to work throughout the week, so I don’t want you coming in too late,” Mr. Hernandez told is that night.

“Oh, don’t worry. We won’t be coming in late during the week. We’ll be totally devoted to practice.”

He smiled. “Buenas noches,” he told us.

“Goodnight,” we said back, which was quite amusing to me, since we both said it in English.

“Hey, Ana,” I whispered when we were in bed later that night. “I really like Alex, and you like Raoul, huh?”

“Yeah,” she whispered back.

“And we’re in Mexico and probably never coming back, so we should spend as much time with them as we want, right?”

“I don’t like where you’re going with this, Bri.”

“I’m just saying… this is a once in a lifetime thing, and Mr. Hernandez said that we could stay out as long as it was with soccer. What if we just *told* him that we were practicing, and really went out with Alex and Raoul?”

“And what if he found out?”

“He won’t… and what if he did? What’s he going to do? Probably just yell at us in Spanish or something. They couldn’t send us home for that, could they?”

Ana sighed. “I dunno, Bri. I really like Raoul… so I guess we could try it and see what happens. But remember Terrence said you’d lose your car?”

“They won’t send us home. We haven’t had the tournament yet… they need us. The worse they would do is put us in a different host family, or make us stay in the hotel with the chaperones.. and I doubt they’d do that.”

“I’ll think about it.”

I smiled. This trip was FANTASTIC!


Ana thought about my idea and we did just as I’d planned: told Mr. Hernandez that we were staying out late for soccer. We also assured him that it’d be fine if he went to sleep before we got there, and he reluctantly agreed after our first night of coming in at midnight. We weren’t really clubbing with Alex and Raoul, we were just hanging out, mostly going to the Kumbala bar and sitting around, just talking. It was so cool getting to hang out with him. Not only was he gorgeous, he was sweet and adorable, and made me laugh. I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather spend my evenings with… except maybe Ashton…

We were doing really well in the soccer tournament so far. We’d beaten an Italian team and British team, tied with the Brazillian team, and lost to the German team (they were bitches anyway!). It was Thursday night and we were exhausted, ready for our break from soccer. Of course, we didn’t tell Mr. Hernandez that it was our break from soccer… we told him that we’d be having a practice that evening and after practice we were going out as a team to celebrate our victories. Like every other night, he agreed and told us to be careful.

Alex picked us up around five to take us out to dinner at a fancy Italian restuarant (finally! Something besides Mexican food!). He and Raoul were dressed nicely, like always, and Ana and I were in our soccer clothes since we’d told everyone, including Lizbeth, that we were having an extra practice. The boys made fun of us in Spanish, like they had every other day that week, and we glared at them. Ana and I sat in the back, pulling our jeans out of our soccer bags and slipping our shorts off to put them on. We had worn our nice shirts under the t-shirts that we would have worn to soccer, so we just took our T-shirts off and shoved them in the bag. I took my hair out of a ponytail and brushed it out.

“You know, Mr. Hernandez wouldn’t be happy if he knew what you two were doing?”

“You told us that yesterday, Alex,” Ana said. “And the day before, and the day before… obviously we’re not too worried or we’d stop doing it?”

He shrugged. “Things are different here than in America. You gotta respect your father… My father told us all that there would be things that we did that he didn’t approve of, but we would have to tell him, because lying is the most disrespectful thing you can do.”

“Ah well, he’s not our father,” I pointed out.

“It’s still the same.”

I tried not to let his goody-goodyness get to me, but there was a growing pit of nervousness in my stomach. I looked at Ana, biting my lower lip and she noticed my nervousness, too. But we didn’t do anything to change it… just went to the Italian restuarant and walked around the city for a little while, watching the sun fall. At ten, we went to the Kumbala bar.

The bartender greeted us like he had every night, using the little English he knew (“Hi, how are you?”). The music was blaring like always and we took our usual spot, and Alex slipped his arm around me again. There were couples dancing on the floor.. we’d tried that one night and dancing just wasn’t my thing. But it was fun and I couldn’t help but think about how much I’d miss these nights when I got back in America… The door opened and there was a slight breeze, to which Alex pulled me closer, looking into my eyes and caressing my face. I fell into his arms, a kiss being planted on my lips. Ah, the kiss… it was so beautiful and passionate… I could feel the hearts bursting like balloons next to me — like on cartoons. I was in love!!

It was a little after midnight when we pulled up into the driveway of Mr. Hernandez’s house. Ana and I had been frantically trying to make it look like we’d been practicing soccer the whole time… I pulled my hair back in a messy ponytail and put all of my soccer gear back on. We ran from the car to the house, and it wasn’t dark like it usually was. We weren’t really that nervous because we knew that Mr. Hernandez would rather stay up to make sure we got in okay, he just usually fell asleep before it happened. Maybe tonight he couldn’t sleep?

Ana was in front of me and swung open the door, then stopped dead in her tracks, causing me to run into her. I peered over her head and saw that Mr. Hernandez was questioning Lizbeth, and they’d stopped talking when we came in.

“Come in, girls,” Mr. Hernandez said, then babbled in Spanish for Lizbeth to go to bed.

Ana crept slowly across the floor and I closed the door, locking it.

“How did practice go?” he asked, smirking.

“Went fine,” I lied. “Did you have a good evening?”

“Oh, it could have been much better, if Juanita and her host family hadn’t come over here. Did you know that they knew nothing about the practice tonight?”

Ana gave me an unsure look. “Oh? I was wondering why Shellie and Amanda didn’t come to practice.”

“I guess I should call your coach and let her know that they forgot..”

“That won’t be necessary. I’ll just tell her tomorrow.”

Mr. Hernandez inched closer to us and I gulped. He was getting angry… “The thing is, the girls said that they hadn’t had practice all week, and then told me that they thought I knew you were going out with those boys…”

“Which boys?” Ana asked.

“The boys who’ve been picking you up and bringing you home every night.”

The two of us were at a loss for words.

Mr. Hernandez wasn’t. “So I expect the two of you to tell me the truth, because if I feel like you’re still lying to me, I’ll pick up the phone and call your Coach right now, and I’m sure she wouldn’t be happy to know what you’ve been doing.”

I looked at Ana and she looked at me. We were both defeated and knew it. Now it was just one of our turns to fess up, and I guessed it should be me, since the bright idea was mine to begin with.

“Okay, Mr. Hernandez… we’ve been hanging out with Juanita’s brother and his friend every night instead of practicing. We didn’t think you’d let us go out with them because you told us once that we could only go out during the weekdays for practice.”

“You’re right, I woudn’t have let you go out with them. But it doesn’t matter. That doesn’t give you any right to lie to me. That is disrespectful, Brianna,” he told me, pointing his finger at me angrily. “I do not tolerate my children to be disrespectful and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let the two of you.”

I hung my head shamefully. “I’m sorry, sir. We just wanted to have a good time,” I said.

“I don’t care. I thought you girls were more responsible than that. I’ve told you both that Mexico City is dangerous. What if something had happened to you out there? No one would have known where you were.”

He paused for a few minutes letting the lesson sink in.

“Brianna, Anastasia, look at me,” he ordered. I lifted my head and met his brown eyes. “Your brothers wouldn’t approve of this behavior, would they?” We shook our heads. “And how would the deal with this? I don’t know how things are done in America… but I know how they’re done here.” He paused again, but neither Ana nor I spoke. “So what should I do? Tell your coach? Call your brothers and tell them? Keep you from going anywhere without Lizbeth or me for the rest of the time I’m here?” He paused again. “I can tell you this much: if it were Lizbeth, I’d be taking my belt off to her, and she knows it.”

I didn’t know about Ana, but a spanking from Mr. Hernandez sounded like the best out of all the punishments. I mean, of course it’d hurt, but we’d already been scolded once, and didn’t need the extra scolding from our brothers or Coach, and I’d really want to see Alex the rest of the week. “Wh-what if you… spanked us?” I asked him, turning to Ana who nodded as well.

He shook his head. “Isn’t that considered abuse in America?”

Ana shrugged. “That’s what our brothers do… and that’s what they’d do if they found out what we did… and I don’t know about Bri, but I’d rather go ahead and get it over with and not get in trouble again when we get home.”

I nodded.

“You’re serious, then? I didn’t know Americans were spanked.”

We both nodded again.

“Then I’m even more disappointed in you girls. I thought they let you get away with anything over there. I know the girl that I used to work with got away with anything.” He paused. “Okay, then, both of you may bend over and place your hands on the couch.”

I gulped and looked at Ana, who gave me a sympathetic look. I returned the look as we placed our hands on the couch, sticking our bottoms in the air. “How many times have we been in this position with each other?” Ana whispered.

“Too many!” I answered.

I listened as Mr. Hernandez unbuckled his belt and slid it through the loops. I couldn’t help but shiver a little, so Ana grabbed my hand. I knew there wasn’t much of a reason to be scared, because for one, we had our pants up so it couldn’t be nearly as bad as it’d be if it were Terrence or Ashton, and Ana was there which made it less scary. Of course… I was a little scared for other reasons, like the fact that Mr. Hernandez was a strong guy, maybe even more so than Terrence or Ashton… and he was older, and Mexican… and as a general rule, that’d mean he’d spank harder.

We would soon find out, I learned, as he folded the belt over and lifted it high in the air, crashing it over my bottom. I grunted, wishing that I was still in my jeans instead of my soccer shorts!! He then smacked Ana once and she grunted as well, tightening her grip on my hand.

“Are you girls going to behave?” he asked, slapping the belt down on my bottom again.

“Yesss sirr!” we howled, and he smacked Ana.

He started out with a slow pace, though his smacks were still hard, and eventually worked up to spanking us sharply and quickly. I had my forehead pressed into the couch cushion and was trying not to cry, and almost forgot that Ana was there next to me.

“I will not tolerate any lying or disrespect, do you understand?”


He kept up the spanking for what seemed like hours and it didn’t take too long for me to be bawling like a baby. It was because the spanking hurt like hell, and I felt bad for getting Ana into trouble, and I felt bad for lying to a nice man like Mr. Hernandez.. and Alex had warned me not to do it, but I did it anyway. How could I be so stupid?

When he stopped, my head was sunk into the cushion and I was crying nonstop. Ana let go of my hand and wiped the tears out of her eyes, then helped me up. My hands flew to my bum and tried to rub the sting out, though it didn’t work…

“Girls, I’m disappointed in the two of you for doing such a thing… I don’t want you lying to me ever again, okay?”

We nodded.

“You can go out with these boys, but I don’t want you going to bars during the week and I want you home by ten, got it?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good,” he said and hugged us both tightly. “Now, go to bed. You have to get up early in the morning.”

I smiled weakly and kept the embrace for a couple of minutes, then let go.

“You’re sweet girls, you know that?”

I blushed a little and told him goodnight, then walked with Ana to the bedroom. Lizbeth was awake when we got in there and apologized for her fathers actions, but we told her it was fine, cause we got spanked all the time.

“You do?” she asked, curiously and sat up in her bed. “Katrina never got spanked! She said that parents didn’t like to do it because it was abusive or something.”

We nodded. “Lucky Katrina.”

“I mean, she did get spanked by Papa a couple of times… like for drinking or letting me stay out too late or something..”

I lay down on the bed, Ana easing herself next to me. “Oh yeah?” I said.

“What’d you do tonight anyway?”

“Went to the bar with Alex and Raoul…”

“Oohhh, lucky! They’re hott.”

I smiled. “Yep, they are.” And after that, we drifted into a deep sleep.

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