Danielle: Fighting is No Good, Part II


Danielle fights with her mom, seeks out revenge, then gets caught in the act.  This time, her step-father will deal with her misbehavior.


The next morning I woke to my little brother giggling profusely and bouncing on my bed.

Levantaté!” Alex chanted, now pouncing on me.

“Ahhhh go away,” I groaned, checking the clock and noticing that it was before noon. “What are you doing waking me up, Alexander!”

He giggled.  “We decided that you needta come have breakfast with us!”

“Oh really? You think breakfast is that much better than sleeping?”

He nodded, quite sure of himself.

“Well, I think that sleeping is better..”

“But Mama said that you needta get up!”

“Ooookay, then… if Mama said so,” I told Alex, wincing as I sat up because my bottom was still sore from the night before. I held onto Alex with my left arm and tickled him a little until he begged me to stop, then the two of us went to the kitchen where my mom was preparing breakfast.

“What’s so essential that I have to get up for?” I asked, normal cocky attitude.

“I told you last week that we’re going Christmas shopping today,” she snapped. “And Alex needs some new school clothes. Half of his jeans have holes in the knees.”

“That’s the style now.”  I played with my dog for a moment, then to see my mom glaring at me. “Geeze, what’s your prob…” I began, catching Carlos’s warning me that clearly I shouldn’t push Mom’s buttons this morning. “I mean, you don’t have to be all nagging and stuff. I was just wondering why I have to go.”

“Well, I’m sorry, but I’m stressed out and sick of cleaning up after you guys and I get no help around this house and I don’t appreciate it when you come in here with your smart mouth.”

It took all the strength in me not to pop off to her… Of course, Alex was sitting right there and I couldn’t very well say the things I was thinking in front of Alex… what kind of influence would I be then?

“So are you going shopping with us, Carlos?” I asked, trying to keep the irritated sound out of my voice.

“I would love to… but unfortunately, I must work.”

“Bummer. Wish I was working..”

“ENOUGH!” Mom yelled, throwing the frying pan down and causing us three kids to jump a bit. “I do not want to hear another word about it, do you understand me, Danielle?”

Carlos must have noticed my blood pressure rising because he pulled me into the chair next to him, keeping a soothing hand on my knee so I wouldn’t jump up and shout at her. I kept my cool, though, my mom glaring at me hard.

She finally broke the glance and finished frying the bacon, grease sizzling and popping to fill the silence.  When it was ready, she threw the plate of food on the table, still not speaking. We were stiff as each person fixed his plate, and an awkward silence hung in the air. But then, oblivious to the tension, Alex started up a conversation, then chatted with Carlos for a while, then I figured, why let Mom ruin my day? and started goofing off with them.

After breakfast, I got dressed and met up with Carlos in the bathroom while he was fixing his hair and I was brushing my teeth, expressing my playful anger towards him for not having to put up with my hormonal mother. He made fun of me for a little while and left with a grin on his face, wishing me luck. I then helped Alex get dressed and found his jacket because if Mom’d had to search for it, it’d turn into another screaming match over her stressing out. Juan tells us that her job does it, but I don’t know. It’s just really annoying to me.

Shopping wasn’t as bad as I’d anticipated, mostly because I tried to make the best out of it. The stores were filled with holiday shoppers already… and Thanksgiving hadn’t even passed yet. Mom let me help pick out some of Alex’s clothes, and I helped him change while Mom picked out some other stuff. He’s such an adorable little kid… my favorite! After buying him some cute clothes, we picked out Christmas presents for my grandma and grandpa, a couple for Carlos and a few for Juan. Mom loooooved Christmas shopping, which is where I got it from. She must have spent over $300 on Christmas… already! And we still had over a month left of shopping days!

When we got home, I thought Mom was in a significantly better mood, so I decided to try my luck. I’d already decided that I was going to approach Julio again tonight, just because he’d pissed me off. Not to mention that Diego had told me he’d be at Miguel’s house if I wanted to come. Since daylight savings time was over, and it was getting darker earlier, it’d be better if I could get out of the house before nightfall… and it was nearing five o’clock already…

Mom was watching tv when I came into the room, slipping my cell phone in my pocket. “I’m gone…” I began, thinking she’d be too engrossed into what she was watching to pay much attention to me.

“Gone where?”

“Out for a little while.”

“You’re not going anywhere, Young Lady.”

Grr those words I hated. “Why not? That’s not fair! I went shopping with you and Alex!”

“Have you already forgotten what happened last night? What would make you think that I’d let you go out tonight after all of that?”

“But Carlos already spanked me for it! Not FAIR, Mom! I was already punished! You can’t punish me more!”

“I assure you that if Carlos were the one in charge, he wouldn’t allow you to go out either.”

I growled in anger as loudly as I could and stomped my foot down (like a two-year-old). “That isn’t FAIR!” I shouted. “You’ve been bitchy all day and I’ve put up with it without a fight and the LEAST you could do is let me go somewhere tonight!”

“You better watch your language, Missy. You are not going ANYWHERE tonight and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll stop acting like a child.”

I was fuming. You could have probably seen smoke coming out of my ears… like that face on Yahoo! Messenger. I stormed away, muttering to myself that I’d show her, then promptly slammed the door shut, knocking that damn picture off of the wall that always fell when either my mom or I had a tantrum.

My mom didn’t give me the chance to lock the door… she came storming after me, swinging it back open, yelling at me loud enough to where the neighbors could probably hear. I can’t honestly tell you what she said — something about disrespect and pouting and other stuff that I didn’t care to hear. I just stood there and took it, not looking in her direction. She ended her yelling fit by saying that she wanted me to say in my room until dinner, and if I felt like acting my age at that time, I could join them. I was so tempted to say whatever but didn’t, and she just left, closing the door behind her, significantly less angry than she had been when she walked in.

I locked the door behind her, cussing her under my breath, then opening the window and jumping out. I’d be damned if I was staying home — and at this point, I was so pissed off that I was ready to take out my aggression on Julio, and I’d be the one to win!

The cool air hit my face as I ran towards Miguel’s house. Yes, I was running. It was a good way to let off steam and who doesn’t need the exercise? Miguel and his roommate were sitting outside on the steps with Diego and a couple of other Mexican guys I didn’t know too well.

Hola, Daniela,” Miguel said, smiling and hugging me tightly. Then he noticed how jittery I was.  “Oye, que te pasa?”

“Nothing… pissed off. Ready to kick Julio’s ass.”

Everyone around me seemed to find that rather amusing.

“Oh? Why?” Diego asked.

“Because my mom’s being a bitch. So how about calling Julio over here? I’m ready to take him on.”

“You didn’t learn your lesson last night?” Miguel asked.

I shook my head. “Carlos kicked his ass… now it’s my turn.”

Miguel shook his head. “No good,” he told me.

“I know it’s no good. So where is that little bitch?”

“No fighting tonight,” Miguel said putting his arm around my shoulder.

I plopped down on the steps and listened to everyone talk to each other in Spanish for a while, waiting for Julio to show his face. As they chatted, this uneasy feeling began to grow in my stomach. I knew I was in for shit when I got home… even though my door was locked, my mom had the key, and when she found out that I was gone, she was going to blow a head gasket. Carlos was the only one who’d spanked me on the bare bottom with his belt, but I had the feeling that tonight I’d feel Juan’s wrath…

After the sun fell, the guys were significantly drunker, and Julio made his passing. See, Julio was good friends with Miguel’s roommate, so it was a given that he’d come over every day. They had some kind of business going… don’t ask me what it was — I don’t know. Probably drugs or something.

Julio got out of his car and popped off some smartass comment to me. Ah well, I was prepared. “Ohh, lookie, it’s my favorite person.”

“Your brother’s not here tonight to fight for you?” he asked in broken English.

“I don’t need my brother, I can kick your ass myself.”

“Danielle, stop,” Miguel warned me. “No fighting tonight, please.”

“Don’t worry, Miguel… I’m fine.” I stood up and walked towards Julio, Diego right behind me and ready to strike at a moments notice. However, I didn’t have much time to talk because another car pulled up that looked strikingly familiar… in fact, it looked like a replica of my mother’s car…… and then the door opened and guess who stepped out: my mom.

“Danielle Grace!” she bellowed.

Oh shit… I said to myself.

Julio started laughing and I blushed like mad-crazy. My face must have been the brightest red possible! Talk about being embarrassed — my mom stormed over towards me and grabbed my arm and began dragging me.

“Let GO!” I said, trying to free myself from her grip.

She got up really close to my ear and said, “I will not hesitate to spank you right here in front of all of your friends, Danielle, so you better do as I say.”

I gulped and realized that a spanking would be the only thing more embarrassing than what had already happened.

She practically shoved me in the car and dialed Juan’s number, explaining to him that she’d found me and I was at Miguel’s house, as she suspected. She also didn’t fail to mention that it looked like I was on the verge of getting in another fight, to which I replied by yelling at her and she answered by pointing her finger in my face and telling me to shut my mouth. I complied… she was pretty pissed.

When she finally hung up and sped off, I feared for my life. Riding with her in the car when she was so upset was worse than the scariest roller coaster I’d ever been on. And she fussed at me the whole ride. “I don’t know where you get this idea that you can sneak out of the house and do whatever you want, Young Lady, but this behavior is going to stop. You are not going to be a smartass, you are not going to sneak out of the house, and you are not going to do whatever you want to do. Your step-father and I are very upset and you better thank your lucky stars that I’m working tonight because with the mood I’m in, if I were to spank you, you’d never be able to sit again.”

I shivered, whether out of fear, anger, or cold, I’m not sure — just shivered.

She pulled into the driveway and got out of the car, slamming her door and heading inside the house without waiting for me.  I contemplated running again but knew that wouldn’t work, so just trudged after her, closing the front door behind me.

Juan was sitting in his recliner, no doubt he had been waiting on our arrival. Mom just stormed past him towards the back of the house, turning on the water in her bathroom, then stomping back into the living room.  “Deal with her, please?” she said to Juan as if I wasn’t standing right there.

As much as I wanted to, I didn’t make a noise. My mom left the room, rubbing her temples. I glanced at Juan.

“Go to your room, Danielle. We’ll discuss this when your mother leaves.”

I nodded and headed to my room, hand subconsciously rubbing my backside. It was past eight, so Alex was already in bed. Carlos wasn’t home — he probably had decided to go to a friend’s house or something. It was so lonely in my room because no one was in the den making any noise. The only thing I could hear was the water running in the bathroom.

To pass the time, I sent messages.  First to Miguel exclaiming that I was embarrassed about what had happened, but he assured me that I was fine, mostly everyone was so drunk they’d already forgotten about it. Then to my friend, Michelle, to explain the situation to her, and we sent messages back and forth for a while until I heard Juan making his way towards my room. My last text was “I’ma bout to get it..”

My bedroom door swung open about the same time that Carlos got home. Great… he arrived just in time to see the show.

“I want you,” Juan began, shutting the door, “to explain to me what happened today… in detail.” He sat down next to me, looking me deep in the eyes.

I glanced away, unable to face him. It was one thing to deal with my screaming, yelling, psycho mom because I didn’t feel guilty screaming, yelling, and being psycho back to her. We were just alike in that way. But Carlos and Juan were alike in the sense that they were calm and rational and wanted an explanation before taking it any further. My mom would have just wallopped me without any discussion. I don’t know which I hated more…

“Danielle, look at me and give me the explanation.”

I gazed into his eyes for a second — the same eyes as my older brother: deep brown eyes that could see right through you, that knew the truth without asking. My heart skipped a beat. I cleared my throat and began my long elaborate story about the entire afternoon… how my mom had been bitchy (though I didn’t use that word) and had been getting on my nerves, then she wouldn’t let me go anywhere and it really bugged me, so I went anyway.

“Were you going to fight Julio?”

I shook my head.

“Then why go over there and bother him?”

“I wanted to see Miguel. Miguel is my friend.”

“I know that. And I don’t have a problem with Miguel… but that’s not the point. I understand that your mom gets a little stressed sometimes, and like I’ve said before, her job is..”

“…Really hard and keeps her blood-pressure up. I know this… but it still bugs me that she can just yell at me about everything and I have to keep quiet.”

“And can’t you rationally approach her and tell her that?”

“No, she won’t listen.”

“How do you know? Have you ever tried?”

“Well, no… but I know she wouldn’t!”

“I can almost guarantee you that she would at least try to do better, Danielle. And while we’re on it — don’t you get snappy when you’re stressed, too?”

It’d be a lie if I said no… so I didn’t answer.

“Uh huh… that’s what I thought. Listen: I know you and your mom have your differences and your fights. Everyone does… Hell, Carlos and I got in a fight just last night about his fighting — but he didn’t go out and get in a fight because I told him not to, now did he?”

“I don’t get your point.”

“My point is that just because you’re mad at your mother doesn’t give you the right to defy her and sneak out of this house. She is your mother and what she says, goes. Do you understand?”

“I guess.”

“Don’t pull this ‘I guess’ stuff,” Juan said, beginning to become slightly agitated. “Do you understand or not?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“I am *very* disappointed in you, Danielle. I know that you know better than to do what you did today. I know you’re smarter than that. Do you realize how much you worried us?”

I shook my head, “no.”

“I thought your mom was going to have a heart attack when she couldn’t get you to answer the door. At first, she thought you were just mad, then she figured you were sleeping, and then dinner was ready and you wouldn’t come out — she wasn’t sure if you were just being immature or if something happened to you. Then you were nowhere to be found… You scared the hell out of us.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

There was a pause.

“Carlos tells me that he spanked you with his belt on the bare bottom.”

I cringed at that thought but nodded slightly.

“He said he’s done it three times… over mostly the same stuff. He wouldn’t give me details, but I’m a good guesser. And, well, all I have to say is that if Carlos can’t teach you a lesson about disobedience with his belt on your bare bottom, then I will. And if that doesn’t work, next time we’ll just have to take more extreme measures.”

I digested that. “What? You mean… you’re gonna…?”

He nodded.

I gulped — there was this big lump in my throat… I was doomed! I think I was so in shock, it didn’t give me the time to try and talk him out of it. I guess even if I had been in shock I wouldn’t have tried to talk him out of it — that’s just how it was between Juan and me. Carlos I’d pester not to do it and beg until I was hoarse… with my mom, I’d bitch and complain until she spanked me silly and I was crying too hard to be able to bitch and complain. With Juan I just took it… I don’t know why. I guess because I wanted to act more mature around him. He always acted mature around me… and he expected more of me than the rest of them. And disappointing him was worse than disappointing anyone else. Because he was the father I never had… and I didn’t want to screw it up.

“Stand up,” he ordered, and I complied, hands behind my back blocking my bottom. Juan took two pillows and placed them in the center of my bed. “Pants down.”

I nervously fidgeted with the button of my jeans, a red color coming across my face again. It was rare that Juan spanked me — even rarer that he spanked my bare bottom. It’s like a kid who goes to school where the teachers and coaches spank him all the time, but he knows he’s in shit when he’s sent to the principal’s office. Because that’s where the *really* bad kids get sent.. and the principal spanks *hard*. Even more so, usually the kid would get spanked by a teacher before going to the principal’s office… so if the teacher was too pissed off to spank him, then that means the principal would be even tougher! That analogy just scared me more than I already was. His look was becoming exasperated, though, so I finally unbuttoned them and shivered when I brought them down to my knees. I wanted so badly to plead for him not to spank my bare bottom… even over my panties would be better than this!

He helped me over the pillows and I started crying. I was already shaking and upset and nervous as it was… and bending over those pillows just did it for me.

“Listen, hija,” he told me, pushing my hair out of my eyes. I covered my face so he wouldn’t see me crying. “I love you very very much. You know that don’t you?”

I nodded my head.

“Your mother and I care about your well-being… and how are we going to know that you’re safe if we don’t know where you are?”

I shrugged.

“And we don’t want you fighting… When your mom told you to stay home tonight because of what happened last night, she was just reiterating the message that you don’t need to find yourself in that kind of trouble. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I answered, still hiding my face.

He rubbed my back a little then tugged my panties down to my knees. My body quivered, tears still falling. They’d somewhat subsided while Juan was explaining everything to me, but carried on as normal with my panties down. I heard the clang of him taking his belt off.. listened to the leather slide through his belt loops. I could picture what was happening in my mind as if it was a video that I was watching instead of something I was experiencing. Oh, how much I’d wished it was a video…

“Are you going to learn how to behave, hija?” he asked me, crashing down the leather on my still-tender-from-the-previous-night’s-events backside.

I yelped and jumped high in the air, bawling harder and hands flying to my bottom. “Yesssssssssss,” I promised.

“Move your hands,” he told me sternly.

I whined as I lay back down, still bawling, trying to hide my hands under my face so I wouldn’t reach back. It didn’t work, though, as the belt bit into my flesh another time. I couldn’t help but reach again, still bawling. “Ooowwwwww, Juan it hurts it hurts it hurtssss..” I wailed.

“Move your hands,” was his only reply, in the same calm voice he’d had the whole time.

Reluctantly, I moved my hands and lay back down, already wincing as I awaited the next blow. It came as sharp as the other lashes and I yelped in pain. I waited for him to tell me to move my hands again, but instead, he grabbed my left wrist and slapped the belt on my left butt cheek before giving me the time to regain myself. That just made me yelp louder, and even louder when he delivered another blow, ignoring my right hand that was still trying to block the smacks.

He let go of my wrists and I bawled into the sheets, praying that it was over… and of course, I was wrong. I got yet another smack, to which my hands flew back again, and he moved them out of the way to give me two more, one right after another. My bottom was aching more than I’d ever imagined before… he pinned my wrists down to my back and smacked me a few more times, this time without breaths in between, so by the time he’d given me six or seven, I was squirming all over the place and trying to wiggle free from his grip.

“Ooohhhh Juannnn it hurrrtssssssss,” I howled, kicking my legs.

“Are you learning your lesson?” he asked me.

“Yessssss,” I cried.

“So there’s not going to be a next time of this sneaking out stuff?”

“Nooo, I promise.”

“Two more,” he told me and released my wrists from his grip.

I nodded softly, gasping for air from all the crying I’d been doing. I braced myself for the final smacks to come… I kept my face buried into my hands so I wouldn’t reach back, because even *I* knew that reaching back would cause much more than two smacks. I closed my eyes tightly and clenched my butt cheeks together. Then I heard the dreadful belt being raised high into the air and felt its impact with my sore bottom, not once, but twice… two smacks, harder than all of the previous ones… and I bawled, and sobbed, and cried my heart out. And Juan put his belt back on then sat down next to me, just as Carlos had. He rubbed my back for a few minutes, then spoke.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

I nodded.

He kissed the top of my head then moved away… as if the boy had just been spanked by the principal, but he was okay, and now it was okay for him to go back to class. Juan departed and not five minutes later, Carlos pushed the door open slightly.

Hermanita?” he whispered.

I was still crying and my ass was throbbing… so the only thing I managed to do was grunt to let him know I was okay.

He closed the door behind him and lay down next to me, throwing his arm over my shoulder. He pet my hair, not asking what’d happened, not caring… just wanting to comfort me. It was too adorable… And it’s so great to have an older brother who cares about you.

After I’d gotten all of my crying out, I rolled over to look at my brother.

“Hey,” I sniffled.

He smiled. “Hey, sis. Estas bien?”

I nodded. “Me duele,” I said, pointing to my aching posterior.

“I imagine so. Especially on top of what you’d already gotten last night.”

“I did something really stupid,” I told him.

“I guessed as such.”

“Will you get some PJ pants for me?” I asked, finally having gained enough strength pull my panties up. I could feel the warmth in my bottom. Wow… Juan sure hadn’t held back on spanking me…

Carlos rolled off my bed and found some loose blue silky PJ pants and threw em at me. We joked around for a little while, I sniffling every so often, and he finally ruffled my hair as to say he was going to sleep. I walked him to his room then shuffled towards the living room where Juan was blankly staring at the tv and smoking a cigarette.

Hola,” I said.

Hola, mi Hija. Que pasa?”

“Just wanted to apologize for my behavior.”

Juan grinned and gave me a big hug. “Just don’t do it again, okay?”

“I won’t,” I assured him. If there could be anything worse than the belting he’d just given me, I sure as hell didn’t want to know how it felt!!

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