by sk8ers_flippin_rock — Easter Sunday


I couldn’t believe that my parents were making me spend the remainder of my Spring Break at my brother’s house. My dad had a meeting to attend out of town and my mom decided to join him. I wasn’t allowed to go though. I tried to convince them that I could be left alone for the weekend and that I was old enough to take care of myself for a few days, but they disagreed. They said maybe next year when I turned fourteen, I would be ok alone for a few days. And so my fate was sealed.

My brother Tyler lived in a pretty nice three bedroom apartment with his wife Julie. They had been married for two years and in a few months I was going to be an aunt. Tyler and Julie were pretty cool to hang out with but I wanted to hang out with my friends over Spring Break, not my brother who was nine years older than me and his pregnant wife. It really sounded like the opposite of fun to me. They didn’t even have a skate park by there house. I seriously doubted that I was going to make it through the weekend alive; certainly I was going to die of boredom.

My parents dropped me off Saturday afternoon and told me to behave myself, (ya right!) had a little chat with Tyler, and then speed off. I can almost swear that I heard them cheering as the zoomed down the road…

Saturday night didn’t turn out as badly as I had thought it was going to. We ordered pizza and stayed up til midnight watching old movies. At 12:15 Tyler yawned and looked at his wristwatch, “I think it’s time for a certain little girl I know to go to bed.” he said and winked at me. I pouted at him, “I’m not little and I don’t want to go to bed.” I whined. “It’s Saturday night for crying out loud Tyler.”

“I realize that Sidney, but tomorrow is Sunday and we have to go to church.” He stated matter-of-factly.

I groaned. “I’m not going to church with you tomorrow. Mom and Dad never make me go to church.”

“Oh come on Sid,” Julie said, “It’s Easter tomorrow and we always have a special sermon on Easter Sunday.”

“So what? I’m not going and that’s that.” I said defiantly.

“Oh, you’re going Sidney. I assure you of that.” Tyler said sternly. “Now go brush your teeth and get in bed.”

I wasn’t in the mood to argue with him so I just stuck my tongue out at him and stalked to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I told myself that nothing that they could do to me would get me to go to church with them in the morning as I brushed my teeth violently in frustration. Julie came and stood in the doorway of the bathroom, resting her hands on her growing belly, and watched me brush my teeth. “You know Sid, there’s going to be an Easter egg hunt tomorrow before services if you want to go to that,” she cheerfully suggested. I spit into the sink and then glared at her. “I’m not a little kid. Easter egg hunts are for little kids.” I said in the brattiest tone I could.

Tyler heard me from the other room and yelled to me, “Sidney, you better change that attitude of yours and fast otherwise there’s gonna be trouble.”

I ignored him and brushed past Julie, heading towards the guest bedroom that I was staying in for the weekend. I had just changed into my pj’s when there was a knock on the door.

“What do you want?” I growled.

Tyler opened the door and stepped into the room, “What did I tell you about that attitude of yours young lady?” he questioned. I didn’t answer him and instead made myself busy cramming my clothes into my backpack. Tyler must’ve decided to drop it cuz instead of demanding an answer from me he just sighed and said, “Get in bed kiddo and I’ll tuck you in.”

I did as I was told and crawled under the covers of the unfamiliar bed, wishing that I was back at home with Mom and Dad and in my own bed.

“I expect you to be up and ready for church at ten o’ clock. Is that understood?” He said pulling the blanket up to my chin and kissing me on the forehead. “Mom bought you a nice new Easter dress and it’s hanging in the closet.” I didn’t say anything. There was no way that I was gonna wear a stupid dress let alone go to church, but I didn’t want to get into an argument with Tyler. He always won them. “Okay squirt, goodnight,” he said turning of the light “I also want to see a change in your attitude by the morning too because if I have to talk to you about it again you’ll be sorry.” I continued to ignore him. He closed the door and I fell asleep almost instantly.

I woke up the next morning somewhat confused as to where I was until I remembered that I was spending the weekend at Tyler’s house. And that I had to go to church with him and Julie. I pulled the covers back over my head and went back to sleep, not caring about what Tyler had said to me the night before about being ready at ten. I had probably gotten fifteen extra minutes of sleep when there was knock on my door. I pretended that I was still asleep and didn’t answer. They knocked again and I still didn’t answer. “Sidney?” Julie said from behind the door before she cautiously opened it. I heard her walk into the room and come over to the bed. “Sidney, you need to wake up honey.” She shook my shoulder softly. I involuntarily let out a small whimper. I wasn’t ready to get up yet.

“Ten more minutes.” I groaned and rolled over, pulling the blanket all the way over my head. “No sweetheart, you need to get up now so we can go to church.”

“I’m not going!” I yelled.

Tyler came into the guest room. “Is she not up yet?” he asked Julie exasperatedly. “Sidney Marie Ellis! I told you that you were to be up and dressed for church at ten, did I not?” He said sounding pretty peeved.

“Too bad. I’m not going and I’m not wearing any stupid dress either!” I exclaimed from under my blanket.

“Yes you are. While you are in my house you will follow my rules and I’m telling you that you are going to church. You have five minutes to get up and get dressed. I’m gonna come back in five minutes and if you aren’t up and at least starting to get dressed I will dress you myself. And don’t think that I don’t mean that, cuz I do.”

He left the room. I thought about getting up and doing what I was told for all of three seconds, then I went back to sleep. I had hardly been asleep at all when I felt someone grabbing me by the ankles. Before I knew it, I hit the floor with a thud. I didn’t even have a chance to recover before I was roughly being pulled to my feet. “Did you not believe me little sister?” Tyler asked me, still holding on to my upper arm. “I told you that if you didn’t get dressed that I would do it for you. You just lost all your privileges to privacy.” He pushed me onto the bed and walked over to the closet and threw it open. He pulled a little white dress with pink flowers and a pale pink sash off of the hanger and set it on the bed.

“I’m not wearing that!” I shrieked. “You don’t have much of a choice I’m afraid” He really and truly wasn’t bluffing when he had said that he was going to dress me himself!!

“Okay, okay Tyler. I’ll dress myself. Please? This is really embarrassing.”

“Too late Sidney, I gave you a fair warning. You knew that this would happen if you didn’t obey me. You gave up all your privileges by disobeying me.”

“Please Ty, I’ll get dressed myself. I’m sorry,” I gave him the most pitiful look that I could.

Tyler looked down at me with his hands on hips for a second and then sighed. “Okay Sidney, I’m giving you one more chance. I’ll go out so that you can get dressed but if I come back in here and you aren’t all the way dressed I won’t be so merciful. Got it?” I nodded vigorously.

“Okay, five minutes. You’d better get a move on.” He said and then left me alone in the bedroom. I groaned and rolled off the bed so that I could more closely examine this hideous dress that I was to wear. What had my mother been thinking? White and pink? That was for little girls. I wasn’t little anymore. I seriously contemplated not putting the dress on, but I knew that Tyler wasn’t kidding about what would happen if he came in again and I still hadn’t done what he told me too. There was no way that I was going to let my big brother dress me! I peeled off my pajamas and pulled the dress over my head. It was one of the kinds that zipped up the back and I couldn’t reach the zipper. I was struggling a bit trying to reach back and zip up my dress when there was a knock at the door. Tyler didn’t wait for me to answer; he just opened the door and popped his head in. He was wearing a white dress shirt and was in the process of tying a maroon tie around his neck. “Hey kiddo, we’re running a bit late so Julie’s gonna come in and help you get ready the rest of the way okay?” He saw me struggling with my zipper and came over towards me. “Here sweet pea, let me help you with that,” he said zipping my dress up in the back.

“I can get dressed the rest of the way myself thank-you-very-much.” I said wiggling away from him.

“Now Sidney,” he warned “be nice. You’d better behave for Julie. She’s pregnant right now and I don’t want you fighting her when she comes in here.”

“Well I don’t see why I can’t just get dressed by myself Tyler,” I moaned.

“It’s cuz we’re running late and mom got you some tights and shoes that are hard to put on by yourself.”

Julie entered the room carrying a pair a shiny black maryjanes and the dreaded white tights. I almost started to cry. Not only was my sister-in-law going to get me dressed, but I had to wear those horrible tights that mom always made me wear when company came over. Tyler was looking in the mirror on the wall of my room straightening his tie.

“Come on Sid, let’s hurry.” Julie said seating herself on the unmade bed. I shook my head. “I’m too old for those tights and I’m too old to be dressed like a baby!” I cried.

“We’ll see about that,” Julie stated pulling me over her lap, or what she had left of a lap since the baby was starting to fill out her belly and take over her lap. She landed a couple of swift hard spanks on my bottom which was protected by my dress, but it did very little as far as protection went. “You’ve needed this since last night.” she said smacking me two more times. I was too shocked to move and she took advantage of this, leaving me laying face down over her lap as she pulled the tights over my legs. She stood me up and adjusted them. I looked at Tyler wondering if he had seen what his wife had just done to me. He was tucking his dress shirt into his pants and looked right back at me as he did so. “Don’t give me that look Sidney. You’ve had that coming to you. If you upset Julie to the point where she needs to do that again though you’ll get it twice as bad from me, do you hear? I don’t want my pregnant wife to over-exert herself dealing with bratty little thirteen year old girl”

I couldn’t believe that he would just let her get away with that, but I didn’t have much time to think because the next thing I knew, Julie had pushed onto the bed and was cramming my feet into my shoes. When she had the last one buckled and brushed my hair, she turned to my brother and said, “Okay Tyler we’re good to go.” “Perfect,” he replied straightening his tie in the mirror one last time.

The car ride there was very uneventful. I spent the whole time pouting in the backseat about how unfair it was that I had to wear a stupid dress and how I had to go to stupid church with my stupid brother and his stupid wife. Everything was just stupid.

Once we got there we went into the chapel just as the service was starting. Most of the pews were filled but there was a spot in the back so we sat there. Tyler muttered something about wanting to be a little closer to the front but I just ignored him and tried to make myself comfortable on the hard wooden bench. I was still a little tender from those swats that Julie had given me earlier.

We sang a song about Jesus. Tyler and Julie shared a hymn book and sang along while I pouted and squirmed around on the pew and made a point of not singing. Tyler stopped singing and leaned towards me.

“Be still,” He hissed in my ear. I rolled my eyes at him and stared at my shoes trying to be still but the droning words of the pastor were lulling me to sleep and making me bored outta my skull. Julie rested her head on Tyler’s shoulder while she listened to the sermon and rubbed her hand on her baby bump smiling contently. Tyler rested his hand on top of hers while she did so and I could tell that both of them were caught up in a moment of blissful happiness. I could feel it radiating from them. I felt a bit of jealous for a minute. Tyler and Julie were really excited to have this kid and I could tell already that they both loved it with all their hearts even though it was yet to be born.

Both of my parents were always busy working to pay much attention to me and I had never once in my life seen my father look at my mother the way that Tyler was looking at his wife. They seemed to have a very happy home life and I wanted that so badly. I felt like a complete stranger sitting next to my own brother and sister-in-law because I was not sharing the feeling of contented love that they so obviously had. I want to be a part of that so badly that I ached inside. I was so consumed with jealousy and sorrow that I didn’t notice that I had been swinging my legs until Tyler grabbed me firmly by the knee and whispered harshly in my ear, “Sidney. Be still. I will not warn you again. You must behave during the sermon or you are going to be one very sorry little girl when we get home.”

His words were hot in my ear and the left a moist tickling feeling after he had moved back. I made an exaggerated point of rubbing my ear and glared at him. He just shot me a meaningful look back and then averted his attention back to the pastor while he gently rubbed Julie’s back.The pastor was saying something about the resurrection of Jesus Christ but I really hadn’t paid much attention to the sermon so far. I continued to glare at him for a few more seconds, but after I realized that he was ignoring me I stopped. I was annoyed that my brother hadn’t reacted when I glared at him and so I tried to get his attention another way. I picked up one of the hymn books that were stored in the backs of the pews in front of us and started flipping through the pages loudly. Tyler shot me a sideways look that said, “knock it off” but I pretended I didn’t see it and continued flipping through the hymn book. I pretended that I was deeply absorbed in reading the words out of the hymn book but I wasn’t even paying attention to the titles of the songs. Tyler made a move to stop me but just as he did, I turned one of the pages a bit too violently and it ripped right out of the book!

I gasped and the people sitting next to me stared. Tyler grabbed my upper arm and snatched the hymn book right out of my hands, closed it and put it back in its spot. He yanked me close to him and whispered sharply in my ear as to maintain the reverence of the quiet chapel. “Sidney, I want you to go wait out in the foyer until services are over. There are some chairs out there. I want you to go sit there quietly and fold your arms and sit still and I will come get you when we are done here.” His voice had some calmness to it, but it was obvious to me that he was very angry. I didn’t dare to disobey him and after he had released his vice-grip on my arm I scurried out into the foyer looking down at the ground so that I didn’t have to look at anyone who had seen what had just happened. I pretended that I was going to the bathroom rather than being sent away shamefully for bad behavior.

There were a few young mothers out in the hallway walking around and comforting fussy infants, but other than that I was alone. I found a chair next to an ugly fake tree. I sat down and sulked, knowing that when my brother finally came to retrieve me I was going to be in big trouble. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I had been pushing at him all day long since the minute I had woken up.

They had the building rigged up so that there were speakers out in the foyer the connected in the chapel so that people in the foyer could still hear the sermon even though they weren’t in the chapel. It was probably for these mothers with the young children so that they could take care of their children without disrupting the meeting and still listen to the services.

I listened to the Pastor’s words for while I sat folding my arms like my brother had told me to. He was now talking about repentance and how we had the ability to repent because of Jesus’ sacrifice for us. Listening to his talk made me feel bad about how I had acted previously in the chapel and I did feel a little repentant.

The feeling wore off quickly though as I became uncomfortable sitting still for so long and the preacher’s voice droned on and on. I got up and walked over to the drinking fountain and took a sip of water to distract myself from the extreme boredom I was experiencing. Above the fountain there was a picture of Jesus sitting in a crowd of people talking to them. It was painted very well and I found myself looking at it for a long time, analyzing all the details. I then noticed that there were several more pictures of similar workmanship going all the way down the hall. It was like being in an art museum of religious paintings. I started walking down the hall examining each picture. They were all very well done and I found myself more and more engrossed in each picture as I walked down the hall. There were all bible scenes from the life of Jesus. Even though I had put up a fight about coming to church, I didn’t really mind it that much. It was the fact that I had to wear a dress and listen to boring talks that I hated. I liked learning about Jesus when I was younger and these pictures on the wall reminded me of that.

Then I came to a picture that literally took my breath away. I remembered this picture so vividly in my mind. It was part of the reason that I had stopped coming to church.

I used to attend meetings regularly with my mom and dad but one day when we were preparing to go to church I threw a fit and told them that I was never going again. They tried to talk me into coming with them, but I was so stubborn that I refused to give in and eventually they gave up on persuading me to go. They had never asked the reason why, they just assumed that letting me have my way was better than fighting with me.

I stared at the picture before me, my expression a mixture of awe and horror. I had seen this image many times before in my nightmares, but it had been a long time ago.

It depicted Jesus Christ, hanging from the cross, His face contorted with pain and blood dripping from His hands and feet where they were impaled with the nails that held Him to the cross. With His face screwed up in pain and blood trickling down his forehead from the sharp crown of thorns that was pressed there. He looked nothing like the kind loving man who was in all of the other pictures. The middle part of my hands tingled just looking at the nails that were driven it to His hands and I rubbed my palms against the fabric of my dress to get rid of the sensation. Looking at the picture was terrifying to me, but at the same time I couldn’t seem to look away. All my attention was draw to this horrific scene portrayed before my eyes. Suddenly someone behind me grabbed my shoulder I jumped about two feet off the ground. I had been so absorbed in that picture it was like I was almost there and that familiar vice-like grip pulled me back into reality.

“Did I or did I not tell you to sit out on the chair?” I turned around and looked up to face my brother.

“I… uh, yes.” I replied looking down at my shoes and avoiding his stern look.

“Then would you like to explain to me why, when I came out here after the meeting was over I found you wandering the halls instead of doing as you were told?”

“I, um, well,” I stuttered trying to come up for a reasonable excuse to his question, but everything that ran through my head was just that, an excuse and I knew from experience that Tyler hated excuses. He had once told me that “excuses are like armpits; everyone has them and they all stink!”

“I have no good reason.” was what I finally come out with.

“That’s what I assumed.” He said letting go of my shoulder and taking me firmly by the hand.

I didn’t say anything in response to this because there was nothing left to say. I simply let myself be dragged over to the door where Julie was waiting for us. There was a line of people to leave the building because the Pastor was waiting outside the door to shake hands with everyone in the congregation as they left the church.

When Tyler, Julie, and I finally reached the exit the Pastor grabbed my brother’s hand and shook it vigorously, “Goodbye Brother and Sister Ellis, It’s always a pleasure to see your faces in my congregation, hope everything is going well with your growing family and everyone is healthy,” he said indicating Julie’s expanding midsection.

Julie beamed and affectionately patted her belly, “Yes Father,” she said, “The baby is very healthy and getting bigger everyday.” The Pastor grinned and replied, “That is great news. I’m so happy for the two of you.” he patted Julie’s hand and then turned his attention to me. “Now who is this? I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting this young lady.”

“This is my little sister, Sidney.” Tyler introduced me. “She’s staying with us for the weekend while my parents are out of town on business.”

“Oh I see. Well hello there Sidney” the Pastor said to me, “I am Father Stevens, but everyone here calls me Gary.” He winked at me and stuck out his hand for me to shake. He seemed like a pretty okay guy so I gave him my hand shyly and he wrapped his large calloused fingers around it and pumped my arm up and down until it felt like it was going to fall out of its socket.

“That is our ‘Welcome to Good Shepard Lutheran Church’ handshake” he said to me and the three of them chuckled at me and then winked again. I couldn’t hide my grin and I laughed along with them despite the fact that I knew I was in trouble with Tyler . “I hope to see you again Sidney. You folks have a nice Easter.”

“Thank you Father, you as well!” My brother called back to him as we headed towards the car. Tyler opened the door for Julie and made sure that she got into the car okay before shutting it and running around to the driver’s side. I sat in the back seat and stared out the window, resolving to not say one word to my brother or his wife on the way back home. Once Tyler got into the car he put the keys into the ignition and made like he was going to start the car but then he changed his mind. He turned around in his seat to face me and I continued looking out the window, pretending I hadn’t noticed.

“Sidney, look at me for a minute, I wanna have a word with you before we go home.”

I reluctantly turned to face him, but I tried to make my expression seem as disinterested as possible.

“I want you to know how disappointed I was with your behavior today,” he went on, ignoring my ‘disinterested’ face. “I know that you know how to behave better than that, Sid. You acted like you were five years old today and I won’t put up with it. I know that mom and dad do, but I won’t and neither will Julie.”

Julie was turned around facing me too while my brother fussed at me and she chimed in, “I’m sorry that I had to spank you this morning Sid, but you didn’t really give me all that much of a choice.”

“In fact,” Tyler added, “I don’t think that your actions back there gave ME much choice but to repeat what Julie gave you this morning.”

“Wait! What?!” I exclaimed when I realize that he meant that he was going to spank me. “I’m too old for that Tyler and you know it!” I had been shocked when Julie had given me those few swats in the bedroom that morning but they hadn’t been all the horrible. They just startled me more than they hurt.

“Well then you shouldn’t have behaved like a five year old if you didn’t want to be punished like one.”

“But… Tyler, you can’t be serious. You can’t spank me. I’m thirteen years old.” My voice was coming out all shaky cuz even though I was telling myself that my brother would never, not-in-a-million-years, spank me his face told an entirely different story.

“Yes Sidney, I can. And I am going to when we get home. I want you to understand how serious I am about this.” He said as he started the car and backed out of the parking space.

“No Tyler, I get it. I get how serious you are about this. Please don’t spank me? Just let me off with a warning and I promise I’ll be better behaved.” I pleaded desperately, trying to get out of the punishment.

“Oh I know you’ll be better behaved after I get through with you. You’ve had plenty of warnings this morning and I’m not letting you get away with anymore stuff.”

“But…” I tried to argue.

“I’m not hearing it Sid. My decision is final so I don’t want to hear anymore about it otherwise it’ll be worse for you.”

I believed him when he said that I would be worse on me if I argued, so I shut my mouth and the car ride home was very quiet. My palms were sweating because I was so nervous about my impending punishment.

I had never been spanked before, but my parents had threatened me with it a few times and I knew that they used to spank Tyler when he was younger but I guess that since we were so far apart in age and I was the youngest, they decided that that child raising tactic was old-fashioned and outdated.

I knew that it would hurt though and that I wouldn’t like it. I think mostly what I was afraid of was the unknown because although I knew that it was going to hurt, I didn’t know how much it was going to hurt. I didn’t think that my brother would intentionally hurt me, but at the same time… These thoughts filled my head as we pulled into the parking lot outside the apartment complex my brother lived in and he killed the engine.

“I want you to go up to the apartment and wait for me in your bedroom with your nose in the corner. Julie and I will be up in just a minute, and if I were you, I wouldn’t even think about disobeying me. You’re in enough trouble as it is, so don’t make it worse.” He handed me his keys, holding the ring by the key to his apartment so I would know which key to use. I didn’t reply, but instead took the keys and sulked up the stairs to do what I was told. I unlocked the door and once I was inside I threw the keys on the coffee table and went to my room. The bed was unmade since I hadn’t had time to make it before we left for church (not like I would have if I did have time). I seriously thought about crawling back into bed but I knew that Tyler wasn’t fooling around and I would be in even more trouble if I disobeyed him.

I resisted the urge to go back to bed and instead walked over to the corner, pressing my nose into the spot were the two edges of the wall met. I felt like such a little kid and knowing that Tyler was going to come in and give me a spanking in just a few minutes didn’t help. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and the more I thought about it the more terrified I became. I was so anxious that I was about to cry when I heard the front door open. Julie said something about getting dinner started but I didn’t hear much else of what was said. I stood up straight in the corner so that Tyler wouldn’t think I had been slouching.

I felt him enter the room, but he didn’t say anything for about five minutes, which felt like five hours to me. He was just sitting there watching me serve my time in the corner and I was getting more and more anxious by the second. Finally he called to me.

“Alright Sidney, come here.”

As anxious as I was to get out of the corner and get this whole thing over with, I still didn’t want it to happen and I walked over to where my brother was sitting as slowly as I could without him getting upset and telling me not to dawdle. It was not slow enough for my liking at all though because before I knew it I was standing in front of him. He had brought a straight-backed chair in from the kitchen and set it in the middle of the bedroom.

He pulled me in front of him so that I was standing between his knees and our eyes were at the same level, our faces so close together I could smell the spearmint gum he was chewing and his aftershave smell.

“I want you to listen to every word that I’m about to say to you Sidney and I don’t want you to make any smart aleck or sarcastic comments, is that clear?”

I could only nod.

“I know we already talked in the car, but I don’t know how to make you understand how incredibly disappointed I was with your actions today. You were very disobedient and disrespectful to pretty much everything I told you to do.” He was talking to me in a very gentle tone and looking me straight in the eyes so that I would know how serious he was. He started listing my offenses “You didn’t get dressed when you were told, you didn’t sit still at church, sitting there fidgeting like a two year old… and then when I sent you out to sit in the hall you deliberately disobeyed me and went wandering off. You know better than that Sid.” I felt bad that I let my brother down cuz he really cared about me. I hung my head. “I’m sorry Tyler.” I whispered as a tear rolled down my cheek. I really meant it.

“I know you are.” he said and cupped my face in his right hand and wiped away my tear with his thumb. He seemed sympathetic to me and I started to think that maybe I could get away with just a talking-to until he let go of my face and said, “Now let’s get this over with.”

The panic inside me started all over again when he tenderly grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to his right side. I looked at him wide-eyed and tried to give him a puppy dog face but he didn’t notice. He just gave my wrist a sharp tug and the next thing I knew, I was lying across his lap, feet dangling in the air. I had to rest my palms on the floor to keep my balance and I felt woozy and vulnerable in this position. I felt even more vulnerable the next second when Tyler pulled my dress up and it flung over my head so that all I could see was the white ruffled fabric of my new Easter dress. The temperature in the room seemed drop as the air contacted my newly bared legs and by my face blushed hot red when it dawned on me that Tyler had a great view of my underwear. I didn’t have to worry about that for very long though. I couldn’t see what was going on behind me because my view was obstructed by my dress and that was the only thing I could see. I don’t know how long I laid there like that, the butterflies in my stomach were practically fighting to get out and I tried to imagine myself anywhere but across my older brother’s knee with my dress pulled up over my head.

I wiggled around a bit across his knees and he grabbed my waist to hold me in place. I felt Tyler move behind me and then a spilt second later a loud smack filled the room and along with it was a sharp sting on my bottom. It made those few smacks that Julie gave me this morning feel like love taps (which they probably were). It hurt a lot but I bit my tongue so that I wouldn’t yell out. The next smack came and it stung just as much as the previous one had but I gave myself a silent pep-talk, telling myself that it wasn’t all that bad and that I could make it through this, but the smacks kept coming, echoing in the room and the sting built up making each whack hurt more than the one before it, even though they were all delivered with the same amount of force. I bit my bottom lip as the pain become more intolerable. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore he stopped. …Or so I thought. It seemed that Tyler was far from being done with me as I felt him hook his thumbs into my panties and pull them down to my knees!

“Tyler no!!!” I yelled squirming like crazy trying to get away from him but he held onto me tighter than ever. “Please Tyler! I’ve learned my lesson, no more. I’ll be good. Please stop!” I screamed. I couldn’t believe that he was actually going to smack me on my bare bottom! I kicked and fought trying to get off his lap but he had a very firm grip on me and my fighting got me nowhere. Tyler landed two extra hard smacks to the back of my legs, “Stop squirming!” he ordered.

I did as I was told. Those slaps he put on my legs stung like crazy and I defiantly didn’t want any more of them!

Tyler continued spanking me again with new-found vigor on my now bared bottom and it had quit a bit more sting than when he was just spanking me on my panties. I found this surprising since they were pretty thin and surely couldn’t offer me that much protection from my brother’s sharp swats. I found it hard to keep quiet and soon I was crying out after each stinging smack. I was begging for Tyler to stop and soon I was babbling incoherent promises to be good as I involuntarily kicked across his lap.

After was seemed like hours Tyler stopped his smacks. I didn’t notice at first that he had stopped, I just stayed across his lap sobbing with my bottom throbbing, still promising to be good. As I started to calm down I noticed that Tyler was rubbing my back and saying “hey, hey. It’s gonna be okay. You’ll be fine.”

His words were very soothing and comforting and soon my breathing started to settle down. I realized that I had been crying so hard that I now had the hiccups and as I continued to lay across my brother’s lap sniffling while he rubbed my back, I would occasionally let out a tiny hic hic. After a few minutes, Tyler stopped rubbing my back and pulled my panties back up over my legs and covered my stinging bottom. The tightness of the fabric on my freshly spanked bottom made me gasp and wince slightly once my panties were in there proper place again a few new tears popped out of my eyes.

Tyler lifted me up by the waist and set me down on his lap. I winced again as my tender bottom was rested on his knee and my dress fell back into place. He pressed my head onto his shoulder and rocked me back and forth for a minute still whispering soothing words to me. Once I was completely calmed down I realized that I had a warm feeling inside me, which was the opposite of how I expected to feel. When I was standing in the corner I was sure that after my brother spanked me I would be filled with spite and anger towards him. I realized that the love I felt radiating between him and Julie during church was directed at me too. I also came to the conclusion that he didn’t spank me because he was mean and controlling, but because he loved me and he really didn’t want me to continue to act the way I had been acting. I sat on his lap with my face nuzzled into his shoulder while he stroked my hair and I didn’t ever want him to put me down.

Neither of us said anything for a few minutes. He just continued to hold me and comfort me until there was a knock at the door. Tyler turned to see Julie come into the room and I was a little unsettled when he shifted position because I had been so comfortable, almost in a sleep-like state.

“Hey, I’m sorry if I’m interrupting anything…” Julie said hesitantly when she noticed that Tyler was cradling me in his arms.

“No sweetie,” Tyler said “we’re done here. Did you need something?”

“Oh, no. I just wanted to tell you that dinner is ready but it can wait for a few minutes if you two still need to talk.” she said.

“Ok, thanks. We’ll be right there.” Tyler said.

Julie gave me a sympathetic reassuring smile (She had obviously heard my entire spanking) and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Tyler set me back on my feet and straightened my dress a bit. “I don’t want to have to do that again Sidney,” he said “That was not fun for me at all. But…” he went on, “I won’t hesitate to if I have to so I expect you to behave yourself, is that understood?”

I nodded, “Yes sir,”

I had no idea were that ‘sir’ had come from, it just sort of came out. If Tyler was surprised by it he didn’t show it. He just kissed me on the top of my forehead and said, “Good girl. Why don’t you go wash up for dinner?” he gently pushed me towards the bathroom and he left, giving me some privacy.

I went into the bathroom and washed my face with cold water to get rid of the redness under my eyes. I couldn’t resist the temptation and after I washed my face, I lifted up my dress and checked out the damage for myself. My whole bottom was bright angry red and on my legs I could see individual handprints! It was going to be very hard for me to sit during dinner. That was certain. I rubbed at the redness a bit, trying to get rid of the sting, but it didn’t help much so I pulled my panties back up and washed my face one more time before heading to the kitchen for dinner.

Julie and Tyler were already sitting up to the table when I came in. They both smiled at me. “Sorry we don’t have anything special,” Julie said. “I just whipped us up some mac ‘n cheese.”

“It’s what happens when you’re in grad school.” Tyler grinned.

“Macaroni and cheese is my favorite!” I said, “So no need for apologizes.”

Sitting wasn’t very fun and I squirmed pretty much all through dinner and when it came time for me to go to bed I had to sleep on my tummy, but for the first time in a long time I felt genuinely loved. It was a very peaceful feeling and I was glad that Tyler was my brother.

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