Stabler Girls: Running Lies

This is the first in a series of stories called “The Stabler Girls” written by my friend Lenore and me.  Breanna and her little sister Lenore are always into some sort of trouble.  In this particular story, Breanna decides to run away to her 19 year old boyfriend’s house.  Lenore catches her before she leaves and ends up promising to keep her secret.  Hope you enjoy 🙂

Running Lies
by Lenore and Breanna

“FINE, WHATEVER!” Breanna screamed at the top of her lungs, turning around and stomping away from her father. She couldn’t believe that he was being so unreasonable — Chris wasn’t *that* much older than she was! And besides, it wasn’t like she wanted to go have sex with him or anything, she just wanted to hang out! “Ugh!” she said, slamming the door to her bedroom. She would show him. If she wanted to see Chris, she would see him… with or without her father’s permission.

Lenore peeked her head out of her room down the hall, after hearing her older sister’s door slam. She was ten, and always wanted to do what her big sister was doing. She quietly made her way down the hall, knocked once, then snuck in. “What’s goin’ on?” She asked curiously.

“Dad,” Breanna began, ripping her backpack open and dumping its contents out onto the floor, “is being a douche bag.” She began shoving wadded-up clothes into her bag.

“So why you packing?” Lenore wanted to know, as she watched. “Can I go wherever you’re going too? Please? I promise I’ll stay out of your way.”

“I’m packing because I have to get away from this place. And no, you can’t go… you have to stay here and take care of your dad… but LISTEN… you can’t tell him where I am, okay? Promise me…”

“But why do I have to take care of him? He’s a cop. He can take care of himself,” Lenore insisted. “And you never let me go anywhere with you anymore! I want to go too! If I tell Daddy, he’ll make you!”

Breanna groaned. “Lenore, please. Look I’m going to stay with my boyfriend, and I didn’t tell him I was going to bring you along… so let me make sure it’s okay with him first, okay? But you can’t tell dad. Promise? And I’ll tell you where you can find me tomorrow.”

Lenore sighed heavily, looking a little put out. “Fine…But only because you’re my sister.” She glanced around the room thoughtfully for a moment. “If I promise not to tell Daddy, can I borrow your stuff?”

Breanna threw the rest of her clothes and stuff in her backpack and zipped it up, turning around to face her little sister. “You’re not going to blackmail me, kiddo… ‘cause you know I can beat you up.” She didn’t like to get rough with Lenore, but sometimes she felt that she had to.

Lenore scowled. “Can I least borrow your sweater tomorrow? Yanno, the blue one I like. We’re havin’ show and tell.”

“Hummm, okay, but be careful with it, okay?”

“I will! I promise!” Lenore exclaimed excitedly. “I’ll treat it as though it’s gold.” She giggled some, then ran out of the room with the sweater, returning momentarily, holding a small stuffed bear. “You wanna take Mr. Stuffles with you? He’s good company.”

Breanna smiled. “I’ll be okay,” she said, hugging her sister tight. She wrote down Chris’s address on a piece of paper and explained to Lenore how to get there — it was only a few blocks away. “If you need anything, just come by, okay? But do NOT tell Dad where I am.”

“I won’t. I swear!” Lenore promised, hugging Mr. Stuffles. “I’m good at keeping secrets. Just ask my friends.” She smiled innocently. “Just – be careful, kay?”

“Always,” Breanna assured her little sis. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Be good!” She threw her backpack over her shoulder and pushed out of the window, running a little while, then slowing down to a walk. She kept glancing over her shoulder to make sure no one saw her… starting to have second thoughts. But she had to do to this… she loved Chris, and he loved her, and she couldn’t stand that her father was trying to keep them separated. Running away was the only option she had.

Lenore sighed heavily, stuffing the address into Mr. Stuffles jacket, before exiting her sister’s room. She returned to her room, and set Mr. Stuffles down on her bed, as she tried to finish her stupid homework.

Elliot was still infuriated over the fight that he’d had with his daughter. He couldn’t digest the idea of having his baby girl of only 15 shacking up with a 19 year old! He wasn’t even ready for her to date a guy her own age! After all, she was still a kid, right? He tried to push the thoughts away and think of something else… but he just felt really bad about the fight they’d had. He decided that he was ready to make up with Breanna. There was no use in them always fighting. He knocked gently on her door… no response. “Breanna?” he called out, knocking again.

Lenore could hear their father calling for her sister, and bit her lip nervously. If he couldn’t find her, he was going to come knocking at her door next. And then she’d have to lie – something she wasn’t always that good at. She felt butterflies in her stomach, but then remembered she was doing this for her sister. Her sister had even been nice enough to loan her, her sweater for show and tell. Her sister was worth lying for.

Elliot knocked on the door again, sighing audibly. “Breanna, open the door,” he said, trying to open it himself, only to note that it was locked. “Look, I know you’re mad at me, but I want to talk to you about this.”

He knocked again, and then thought about how unusual it was for her not to answer him. Usually she would have been calmed down enough by now to answer and talk to him. “Breanna?” he said, reaching above the door frame to get the spare key to her room (she didn’t know it was up there). He unlocked her door and swung it open, only to see that she was nowhere to be found.

“Lenore?” he called out. “Have you seen your sister lately?”

“No, Daddy!” Lenore called back, not daring to leave her room. “I’ve been doing homework.”

She gulped slightly; glad he couldn’t see her at the moment. She eyed Mr. Stuffles nervously, and wiped her hands on her jeans.

Elliot noticed that his youngest daughter seemed a little nervous. He turned around and peeked inside her room. “Oh yeah? You haven’t seen or talked to her at all,” he asked again.

Lenore took a brief moment, then dared to look him in the eye, praying he couldn’t tell how nervous she was. “No, Sir. I heard you shouting earlier, and decided to stay out of it.”

“Oh,” he said. He inched in closer to his youngest. “I’m sorry about the fighting, princess.” He put an arm around her. “I know it has to make you sad.” He realized that maybe the shiver he’d heard in Lenore’s voice maybe wasn’t because she was nervous or had known anything of her sister — maybe it was because she was scared.

“I don’t like it when people yell,” Lenore admitted, speaking truth, but using this to her advantage as well. “It’s scary, Daddy. And it makes me nervous and I just don’t like it. I wish you wouldn’t yell so much.”

He kissed the top of her head. “I’m sorry, and I’m sure Breanna is, too. We will try to keep it down from now on, okay?”

“Kay,” Lenore nodded. “May I watch some television before bed, Daddy? My homework’s done. And may I have some ice cream?”

Elliot sighed, remembering why he went into his daughter’s room in the first place. “Lenore, Breanna isn’t home… I have to go look for her. Do you have any idea where she might be? Had she told you anything about where she might be going? Or where she wants to go?”

Lenore gave an innocent shrug. “No, Daddy. I only saw her long enough earlier to ask if I could borrow something for show and tell. And if you go looking for her, who’s gonna watch me?””

“I’ll have to take you to Grandma’s house for a little while. Why don’t you go ahead and pack some school clothes and your pjs… I’ll take you by there and you can stay the night and just come home after school tomorrow.”

“Um…. may I go to Jenny’s tomorrow night instead? Just for a little while after school. Please, Daddy?”

Elliot rubbed his temples, not ready to even start thinking about the next day. “We’ll see. But tonight you’re staying at Grandma’s, okay? Get a bag together while I call some of Breanna’s friends.”

“Okay,” Lenore nodded, as she got up and quietly put her schoolbooks back into her knapsack. She packed her bag in silence, starting to feel a little bad for lying. She knew where her sister was, but had promised not to tell. Who was her loyalty supposed to be for? Her father or her sister? For right now – her sister.

A few minutes later she was ready, and went and grabbed her coat, and put her shoes on. “Ready, Daddy.”

Elliot was hanging up the phone from having called one of Breanna’s friends when his youngest came into the room. He had had no luck so far with anyone he’d called — no one knew where Breanna was. He sighed and looked at Lenore. “All right, kiddo, let’s go.” He grabbed the keys off the table and led her outside, starting up the car and speeding off.

Lenore just stared out the window quietly, the whole way to her Grandmother’s. She hated to see their father so upset, but she’d promised her sister – and they’d been taught that it was wrong to break a promise.

Elliot dropped Lenore off with a kiss to the forehead and a reassurance from his mother that she would be fine. He then hit the streets searching for Breanna, calling all of her friends he could think of, and muttering obscenities under his breath. He guessed that she was with her “boyfriend” — the prick who caused this fight in the first place. But unfortunately none of her friends seemed to know where he lived. So Elliot just drove around, searching for any sign of her.

The next day after school, Lenore headed for where her sister had told her she’d be staying. She’d gotten permission from her father to go to *Jenny’s* for a while – but really, she was going to see her sister. She walked quickly, making sure to stay out of sight as much as possible. Soon, she found herself in front of a strange house, and tentatively knocked on the front door.

The tall, lanky boy answered the door, peering down at the young girl. He didn’t really say anything to her, just turned and said “Bre, I think it’s your sis.”

Breanna ran down the stairs, excited that Lenore had finally arrived. “Hey!” she yelped, embracing her sister tightly. “How are you? What’s going on? What’d Dad say?” She took her little sister’s hand and dragged her to the living room.

Lenore returned the hug, then allowed herself to be dragged on inside. “I’m okay, I guess.” She paused a moment. “Daddy’s really worried, Bre. He spent all night looking for you – I had to stay at Gramma’s. I think he’s still looking for you too.”

Breanna’s stomach twisted into knots. “Really?” she said, chewing on her lower lip. “I mean,” she began, trying to push away the guilty, “good! He should. That’ll teach him to be a douche bag to me!”

“Bre, I’m starting to feel bad. My stomach’s been full of butterflies all day,” Lenore admitted. “I don’t wanna be in trouble if Daddy finds out I’ve known all along. I’m-I’m a little scared.”

“He won’t find out,” Breanna assured her. “How could he possibly find out that you know where I am? I won’t tell, I promise.” She hugged her sister tightly, and then as if on cue, there was a knock at the door.

“Oh, gosh! What if that’s Daddy!” Lenore exclaimed in a whisper. “He’s a cop Bre! He knows how to find these things out!”

Breanna’s heart began pounding inside her chest. “Go hide,” she whispered back. Chris’s roommate, Josh, the guy who had answered the door for Lenore, trudged down the stairs again to answer the door. Bre tried to get his attention to let him know that if anyone asked for her, she wasn’t there (which he should’ve known, but he was a pothead, so you never know), and then watched as he opened the door and she crouched down behind the couch.

Lenore grabbed her knapsack and hid in a nearby closet. She was terrified it was their father. She really didn’t want to be caught up in this mess. If only she had’ve told him the truth last night – though, that would’ve meant breaking a promise to her sister. It was a lose-lose situation in her eyes.

Breanna listened as Josh talked to the man outside, but couldn’t really make out what they were saying. Then it got loud, and all of a sudden someone was walking inside.

“Breanna!” she heard. “I know you’re here.”

Breanna froze in her place, trying not to breathe.

Lenore pretty much quit breathing from her hiding spot in the closet. What if he had trailed her there? Oh, boy. What kind of sister was she?!

The heavy footsteps seemed to move the entire house. “Your friend ratted you out, so you might as well show yourself right now.” Breanna shook her head, even though he couldn’t see her, silently praying that he wouldn’t come any closer. But she could hear the steps get louder and louder, and she knew he was moving toward her. She continued to pray, closing her eyes tight.

Lenore pushed herself back even more inside the closet. Nothing was scarier to her, than her father angry. She gulped nervously.

Elliot turned around, walking around the living room, and noting that the closet door was slightly ajar. What a perfect place for her to hide — he was certain that she would be in there. He swung the door open, expecting to see his teenaged daughter… but instead finding someone he hadn’t expected…

Lenore turned deathly pale when the closet door suddenly swung open. Okay, so maybe this hadn’t been the smartest place to hide – but she’d been in panic mode. She stared up at her father, eyes wide and panic-stricken. She’d no idea what she was supposed to say, or even how to explain why she was there to begin with.

Elliot was shocked, and also didn’t know what to say.

Lenore gulped quietly, ducking into the corner a little more.

“Lenore?” he said in almost a whisper. “What are you doing here?”

“Um…” Lenore trailed off, trying to rack her brain for a logical explanation. “Lookin’ for somethin’…”

“Out. Now,” he said firmly, backing up.

Breanna wanted to bang her head against the floor.. How could he have found her sister so easily? Guessing she was caught now, she pushed herself up. “Dad, don’t be mad at her.”

Lenore slowly stood up, knowing their father was going to hit the roof. He was pretty scary when he was angry. She moved swiftly out of the closet, making sure her bottom was facing in the opposite direction of him.

“What on earth are you two doing?” he asked, voice rising. Breanna meandered toward Lenore, putting an arm around her. “Do you have any idea how much you worried me?” he asked Breanna, and then toward Lenore, “and you knew about this? The whole time?”

Lenore looked down at her feet, unable to meet his gaze. She didn’t utter a word either, as she snuggled into her sister. She shuffled uneasily.

Breanna looked down, too, muttering, “I’m sorry.”

Elliot shook his head. “Get in the car,” he said, pointing. And when they didn’t move, he said “Now!”

Lenore hiked her knapsack up onto her shoulder, and bolted out to the car. She quickly and quietly climbed into the backseat, and buckled up. She pulled her knees up to her chest, and buried her face into her lap.

Breanna followed quickly behind, not escaping a hearty smack from her dad in the process. She climbed in next to her sister. “I’m sorry, Lenore,” she whispered. “I don’t want us to be in trouble.”

Lenore glanced up at her sister with frightened eyes, tears streaming down her face. “I don’t either. Daddy’s scary when he’s mad.”

Breanna nodded, watching her dad stalk out to the car. She snuggled up with Lenore and waited.

Lenore buried her face into her sister, still crying softly. She winced when their father got into the car, slamming the door behind him.

“I’m very disappointed in the two of you,” Elliot said, slamming the keys in the ignition. “Breanna — for you to run away like that was very immature. You worried me so much. I spent the entire night looking for you! And Lenore,” he said, backing out of the driveway and glancing at his youngest daughter. “You knew how worried I was, yet you still kept the secret from me. I’m not very happy right now, girls.” He put the car in drive now and sped off.

An uneasy feeling crept in Breanna’s stomach. “I’m sorry,” she said in a voice barely audible.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” Lenore managed to choke out, clinging a little tighter to her sister.

Once they reached home, they didn’t get out of the car right away, as they weren’t sure what their father wanted for them to do.

“Both of you to the living room. Find a corner, plant your nose in it,” Elliot said, pushing the car door open and leading them to the house.

Lenore scrambled into the house, dropping her knapsack on the floor in the front hall. She planted herself in the furthest corner, wrapping her arms around herself as she still cried some. She shuddered slightly; as she listened to her father and sister enter the house not long after she had.

Breanna found a corner as well, and wiped the tears away as she stared at the wall. There was a knot in her throat that threatened to burst at any moment. She tried to swallow it down, but it just wouldn’t work. How come she’d been so stupid? And she’d even gotten her sister into trouble! Next time she would definitely have to plan better.

Elliot took a few minutes to calm down. He poured himself a glass of water and paced the kitchen, thinking of what he would do with these girls. He knew he had to spank them, as much as he didn’t want to, but they had to learn that this wasn’t okay. Finishing his glass of water, he walked back into the living room. “Okay girls, come here.”

Lenore gulped, and turned, slowly making her way over to him. She made sure to stand far enough back, that he wouldn’t be able to just grab her quickly. She fidgeted nervously. She also wiped her eyes on her sleeves, and chewed on her lower lip.

Breanna also shuffled toward her father, stopping next to her little sister.

Elliot eyed them both. “What do you girls have to say for yourselves?”

“I’m sorry…” Breanna said.

“I’m sorry too,” Lenore whispered. “I was just tryin’ to keep my promise…………”

Breanna looked down at the floor as her father waited for an explanation of what Lenore had said. “I made her promise not to tell you,” she muttered softly. “This is all my fault, Lenore shouldn’t be in trouble.”

Elliot sighed heavily. “Lenore,” he began, stooping down to her level and looking her in the eyes.

Lenore shrunk a little. “You said we should never break a promise. Especially not to family, ’cause we’re s’pose to be able to count on family. And she’s my sister, so I’m really not s’pose to break a promise to her.”

Elliot nodded. “Baby, you’re right… you’re not supposed to break promises, but Breanna could have gotten hurt… and if someone could get hurt, it’s okay to break a promise.” He paused, wondering if she understood what he was talking about.

“But how could she get hurt? I knew where she was. I went to make sure she was okay,” Lenore replied. She could be a little naive at times – she lived in a happy little bubble, where no harm could come to anyone in her world.

“You said we always have to tell someone where we’re going, and she did,” she continued. “She told me.”

“She could’ve gotten hurt because an adult didn’t know where she was — and she was with a strange older guy who may not have been as good of a person as we think he is. You have to let an adult know where you are at all times… because what would you have done if he had tried to hurt you, little one?”

“I would’ve punched him where it hurts, and run,” Lenore insisted firmly.

“And if he’d come after you?” Elliot asked.

“I would’ve run faster,” Lenore insisted. “I can be fast when I want to be.”

Elliot rubbed his temples. “What if he had a gun?”

Lenore’s eyes went wide. “But he’s not old enough to have one!” She exclaimed. “He’s not a cop either, Daddy.”

“And he’s not some bad dude on T.V.,” she added. “And he didn’t look mean.”

“Honey, all bad guys aren’t old enough to have guns, nor are they all cops, nor do they all look mean. Some day, when you’re older, you’ll understand. For now, you just have to trust me, kiddo, okay? It’s important that an adult always knows where you and Breanna are. If we don’t know, you could get yourselves into dangerous situations and maybe not be able to get out of them. Do you understand?”

Lenore nodded quietly, her eyes starting to fill with tears. “Kay…” She said softly. “And I’m never gonna date anybody I don’t know, so you don’t gotta worry, Daddy.”

Elliot chuckled slightly, and patted his little girl’s head. “Lenore, I’m sorry, but I have to spank you to remind you next time not to lie to me, and to make sure that I know where both you and Breanna are at all times, do you understand?”

Lenore shrunk some more. “Do you really have to spank me, Daddy? I promise I’ll never do it again. Not ever!”

Elliot shook his head. “You know that lying is wrong, and unacceptable. And you knew the consequence.” He moved toward the couch now, taking her wrist in his hand and pulling her gently to him.

Breanna, who had been quiet up until this point, began to speak. “Dad, come on, don’t punish her… it wasn’t her fault… it was mine.”

“I didn’t ask you to speak, Breanna,” Elliot said firmly, shooting his teenaged daughter a look that made her immediately shut her mouth.

Lenore started to cry, as she dug her heels into the carpet, trying to slow things down. “Nooo…Dad-dyyy…I’ll be good! I swear!”

Elliot sat down on the couch and eyed Lenore. “Young Lady, the more you fight, the worse it’ll be.”

“That’s not fair!” Lenore cried. “I was gonna be in trouble either way!”

Elliot took a deep breath in and waited patiently for her to stop fighting.

Meanwhile, Breanna stood behind her little sister, tears streaming down her face. She felt awful for having gotten Lenore in trouble, and awful that her dad was mad at her, and even more awful because she knew she was next.

Lenore just cried more, finally just moving to hug their father, burying her face into his neck. Sometimes she needed a little hug first. “I’m sorry, Daddy…please don’t spank me worse! Your spankings are just – scary!”

Elliot hugged his daughter gently. “You’ll have to remember this next time you think about lying to me, little one.”

Lenore whimpered softly. The only thing worse than knowing her impending doom, was the actual spanking itself. Though, sometimes, she could be good at stalling. “Am I not gonna be able to go to Jenny’s birthday party this weekend?”

“Let’s see how you behave and we will decide soon,” Elliot said. “Get over my lap, little one.”

Lenore took a shaky breath, before finally doing as she’d been told. She gulped nervously, hoping it wouldn’t be too horrible.

Breanna wanted to protest and beg her dad not to spank her little sister, but before she could even open her mouth he was talking again. “Lenore, I’m very disappointed that you would lie to me,” Elliot said, beginning the spanking over her jeans. He was just spanking her mildly, but he knew that it would make an impression.

Lenore squirmed, whimpering some more. She was still crying a little as it was, from her momentary freak out.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she whimpered.

“I know you are baby,” he answered, glancing at Breanna who was looking away. “Do you see what your irresponsibility is earning your sister?” he asked Breanna. “You watch this spanking that your sister is getting… that’s part of your punishment.” He continued swatting Lenore’s whole bottom.

Lenore yelped every now and again, starting to cry more. She was starting to wonder if keeping a promise to her sister was worth this.

Breanna shivered, chewing on her fingernail. “Dad, please, stop…” she begged. Elliot continued the spanking though, and then lifted Lenore up. “Lenore, do you remember what I told you last time what would happen if you lied again?” he asked gently, remembering that he’d promised her a bare bottom spanking.

Lenore started to cry even more. That was going to be so embarrassing! “Nooo…Please Daddy! Please! Not bare! Please!” Her hands immediately clasped the top of her jeans tightly.

He didn’t speak for a moment, allowing Lenore the chance to calm down.

Lenore put a slight death grip on her pants, as she began to sob at just the mere thought of it all.

“I’m waiting, Young Lady,” Elliot said in a soft voice.

Breanna whined. “Dad, please… it’s my fault,” she begged, but Elliot ignored her, still staring hard at his youngest.

Lenore shrunk some at the hard look. Their father could be pretty intimidating when he wanted to be. She could feel panic rise within her and didn’t know whether to obey or make a run for it.

“Lenore, you received a warning the last time you lied to me, and I told you this would happen. Now, pants down, or I will do it myself, understood?”

Lenore’s face flame a light red colour, as embarrassment hit her. She glanced at him fearfully and suddenly turned, and bolted out of the room. She headed for the stairs quick as she could, tears still clouding her vision.

Elliot was up in a flash and took a few long strides before catching her around the waist and carrying her back to the living room. He stood her in front of him and pulled her close, pushing her hair out of her face. “Lenore,” he said gently. “I know it’s scary and embarrassing, but it’s because I love you, and I want you to learn that lying is not right. If I tell you not to do something, it’s for your own good. And when I punish you for that, it’s so you don’t repeat the same mistakes.”

“But my bum already hurts!” Lenore sobbed, taking a small step back. “And I don’t like to be embarrassed, Daddy.”

“What did I tell you last time you lied to me?” he asked.

Lenore’s breathed hitched slightly, as she began to speak. “That-that you’d sp-spank me bare………” She hiccuped. “‘Cause-‘Cause I know it’s-it’s wrong to l-lie to you……….”

“And did you lie to me again?”

Lenore looked down at her feet, unable to meet his gaze. “I did it for my sister.”

“It was a yes or no answer. Did you or did you not lie to me again?”

“Yes,” Lenore whispered softly, her lower lip trembling.

“You are a big girl, Lenore, and you know right from wrong. You know that it’s wrong to lie to me, and you knew that there would be consequences if you did. Now you have to accept the consequences. And don’t you worry, your sister has earned hers as well.” He paused, kissing her forehead. “I need you to take this last part of the punishment like a big girl, because you need to accept the consequences for your actions.”

“I don’t think I wanna be a big girl no more,” Lenore grouched softly, as she brushed away some more tears. “It’s not fun at all…” She paused a moment, looking unsure. “Daddy…I don’t know what to do…I ain’t never been spanked bare…”

“All right,” Elliot said. He reached for the button of her jeans, tugging at it, then unzipping them. He pulled them down to her knees, then helped her back over his lap. He rested his left arm atop her back as he pulled her panties down to meet her jeans.

Lenore shuddered as the coolness hit her now bared bottom. She’d been in this position many times, but never with her bottom bared for all to see. She buried her face into his leg, starting to cry before he’d even starting re-spanking her.

Breanna still chewed on her fingernail, tears slipping down her face now. She felt an awful pain in her stomach for having convinced her sister to lie for her… it was so awful she wanted to throw up. But instead she had to watch her sister get spanked, and it was no fun at all.

Elliot gave Lenore’s bared bottom a few swats, nothing major, just enough to get the point across. He knew that the embarrassment was probably enough of a deterrent, but he wanted to drive the lesson home with a couple of hearty smacks. And then he tugged her panties back up and lifted her, hugging her close. “All right kiddo, it’s all over now,” he told her.

Lenore cried into him, her chest heaving with each sob. It hadn’t been her hardest spanking, but it had definitely been the worst in her opinion. She never wanted to be spanked bare ever again! “I’m sorry, Daddy,” she managed to choke out. “I’m sorryyy………..”

“I know, baby, I know,” he said, holding her. “I hope that you’ve learned your lesson about lying.”

“I’ll never, never, ever lie again, Daddy! I swear!” Lenore promised. She wiped at her eyes some more with the sleeves of her shirt.

“Good,” he said and helped her jeans back up, buttoning them for her. “Now it’s your sister’s turn.” He kissed her cheek and sent her to stand where Breanna was. Breanna glanced at her dad, shaking her head. “But, Dad, I’m too old…” she said, breaking off.

“Daddy, I don’t wanna watch!” Lenore protested. “May I just go to my room instead? Please?”

Elliot eyed Lenore again. “Do you need another one?” he asked.

Lenore shook her head no like crazy. She definitely did not need nor want another spanking!

“Then you will stand right there like I told you, understood?”

Lenore nodded tearfully, biting her lip. She fidgeted some.

Elliot turned his gaze back to Breanna; once he was sure Lenore wasn’t going to bolt out of the room again. “Breanna, you are most definitely not too old.”

“But, Da-ad, I really am. And I’m s-sorry for what I did. And wasn’t it enough punishment to watch Lenore get it?” she asked, chewing on her fingernail again.

“Breanna, you not only snuck out, but you had your sister lie for you. How is it fair she gets spanked for this, and you don’t?” Elliot pointed out. “You went somewhere you weren’t to go, to be with someone I had forbidden you to see.”

Breanna fidgeted. She knew her dad had a point. “I promise I won’t do it again,” she said softly.

“I know you won’t,” Elliot replied. “Especially not after this. Now, come here, please.”

Breanna’s legs seemed to turn to jelly as she took a step toward her father. “Daddy, please,” she whispered, wiping the tears away as they fell. “I’m really, really sorry.”

“I know, Kiddo,” Elliot said, taking her hand in his and gently pulling her near. “But deep down, you know you deserve this spanking. You had me worried sick!”

She whined a little and nodded. She did know that she deserved it, even though it pained her to admit it. She swallowed a lump in her throat and stared at her dad, waiting.

“You know what you need to do,” Elliot told her. “Unless you want me to do it for you.”

She shivered, nodding for him to do it himself. She wasn’t about to say it out loud, though.

Elliot nodded, and without a word, worked her jeans down to her ankles. Once that was done, he gently pulled her over his lap. “I love you, Breanna, and because I love you, I’m not going to allow you to just go out and do whatever you want. I’m your father. Trust that I know what is best for you. I don’t tell you no just to be mean.”

“I know, Daddy,” she said weakly, biting her lower lip and trying to hold back tears. “I’m sorry, I was just mad, and I really wanted to be with him.”

“I understand, Sweetheart,” Elliot replied. “But it was still a wrong, and childish thing to do. You need to set an example for your sister.” He yanked her panties down and began to spank.

Breanna kicked and squirmed. “Owww, ouch!” she yelped, trying to keep her hands in front of her and not reach back to block the smacks.

Lenore squished her eyes shut, and covered her ears.

“I’m a cop Breanna, I’ve seen a whole lot of bad things happen to good kids,” Elliot stated, reigning down some more hard smacks. “I’m trying to protect you and your sister as best I can. And running away doesn’t allow me to keep you both safe. I know that kid who answered the door was likely on drugs – you let your little sister walk into a house where that was. That was irresponsible.”

She kicked a little more. “Owwww, Daddy, I knowwww,” she whined. “I’m sorryyyy!”

Elliot spanked her some more, finally stopping for a moment. “Give me your hands Breanna.”

Breanna moved her hands back, crying softly now into the couch cushion. “Please be over,” she muttered to herself.

Elliot gently pinned her hands to her back, then reached over and picked up the brush he had hidden next to him. “I’m going to make sure you remember this, young lady. Because I love you.” With that, he reigned down two quick smacks with the brush.

“Ooooowwwww!” Breanna yelped, kicking her legs up and crying. “Ohmygod Daaaddd that hurttttt!! I’m s-sorryyyy!”

Elliot steeled himself, bringing the brush down swiftly five more times. He really hated to do this, but she had to learn. They both had to learn, really.

She kicked some more, now sobbing like a little girl. All she could mutter was that she was sorry and wish that this would hurry and be over.

Elliot landed the last six to her sit-spots and upper thighs. Once done, he tossed the brush aside and very gently pulled her panties up. Soon as they were up, he carefully eased her upward, and hugged her tightly. “I’m sorry I had to do that, Baby Girl.”

Lenore still stood with her eyes shut, and her hands over her eyes, as she cried. Covering her ears hadn’t blocked it all out.

Breanna sniffled and embraced her father, feeling like a really little kid as she sobbed into his chest. Elliot held her tight then gathered his youngest daughter in his arms as well. “I love you both — love you tons. I just want you two to be safe,” he said, kissing both of them on the top of the head.

Lenore buried her face into him as well. She loved to be snuggled, but totally hated to be spanked. “I love you more, Daddy,” she insisted, through her whimpers and hiccups.

“No, I love you more,” Breanna said, giggling slightly and hugging her sister as well. “I’m sorry lil sis, for getting you in trouble,” she said

“You’re my sister,” Lenore said softly. “We’re s’pose to look out for each other… Just – next time can we do it without getting spanked?”

Breanna nodded, wiping the last of her tears away. “I love you guys!”

Lenore giggled. “I still love you more,” she insisted, hugging her sister again. “You let me borrow your sweater for show and tell. And I was the most popular one in class all day!”

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