Stabler Girls: Brownies


Part of the Stabler Girls series.  Breanna is babysitting her little sister when she decides to make pot brownies.  Someone should tell her to lay off the weed… and not to give any to Lenore!  Guess that’s what Elliot is going to do when he finds out…


Breanna was in charge of looking after Lenore for the evening while their dad was working. She’d taken to looking after Lenore the last few days, having begged their father to let them stay at home alone instead of going to grandma’s house. This particular evening, Breanna was super stoked to have the house to herself. Chris’s roommate, Josh, had hooked her up with enough marijuana to make special brownies. She’d looked up the recipe online and was in the process of mixing everything together when Lenore came into the kitchen.

“Whatcha makin’?” Lenore asked curiously, as she peered around her sister to see.

“Brownies,” Breanna giggled, licking the chocolate mix off of her fingers.

“Ooh! Can I help?”

“Mmm, I don’t think I need any help,” Breanna said. “Well, I guess. Can you get me a pan to pour this into?”

“Sure!” Lenore smiled, turning to go find a pan. She rummaged in a cupboard for a bit, then came running back with a pan. “Do I get to have some too?”

Breanna thought for a moment. The rational part of her said not to allow her sister to eat it. But the high part of her (because, yes, she had already smoked a little) told her that a little weed wouldn’t hurt the kid. “Sure!” she blurted out, pouring the mix into the pan. “Here, I’ll put it in the oven…”

“Sweet!” Lenore cheered. “I love brownies!”

“Let’s watch TV,” she offered after putting the brownies into the oven. She took her little sister’s hand and turned off the lights. Once in the living room, she turned on the Ninja Turtles and snuggled up on the couch. “This is excellent,” she said.

“Most definitely,” Lenore grinned, leaning against her sister. “This is my favourite show!”

They sat there, absorbed into the television until the alarm went off in the kitchen, announcing the brownies were ready. Bre scampered away, pulling them out, cutting them, and then pouring both she and Lenore a glass of milk. “Sis!” she yelled. “The brownies are ready!! Come and get ’em!”

Lenore came flying into the kitchen excitedly. “Yay! Brownies!” She eagerly grabbed one up. “I like when Daddy doesnÕt know we had dessert before dinner.”

“Me too!” Bre said. She wasn’t worried about her dad finding out that the brownies had marijuana in them. Besides, they’d all be gone before he came home anyway. She stuffed her face full of the chocolate and walnut brownies, noticing the hint of minty-ness. She smiled. “These are good!”

“Mm….” Lenore agreed, shoveling a second brownie into her mouth. “Best ones yet!”

Bre didn’t think to tell Lenore to slow down… she was too busy chowing down on her own. Then she put the rest on a plate and took it into the living room. There they sat in front of the Ninja Turtles, munching away. And before Bre knew it, the entire plate was empty. She held her stomach. “Wow, that was a lot of brownies,” she said, burping and taking another drink of milk.

Lenore finished her milk, then sat silently for a long moment. “Bre…. I don’t feel so well…” She shuddered slightly, though she was starting to sweat bullets.

Breanna looked at her little sis. She was stoned out of her mind, and it took a minute for her to realize that she’d actually really and truly given brownies to her sister. “Shit, Lenore,” she said, picking herself up, trying to calm the paranoia that built up inside her. She got on her knees in front of her sister, looking her in the eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“My head hurts….” Lenore whined. “And my tummy wants to…” She trailed off, as she lurched to the side and threw up all over the arm of the couch.

“Ohmigod,” Bre shrieked. She had no idea what to do. “Shit, shit, shit!” She stood up frantically. “Lenore?? Are you okay?”

“I don’t knoooow!” Lenore wailed, grabbing her head. “Everything’s spinning! Bre! Why is everything spinning!?”

“Calm down. Lean your head back, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. It’s okay. Everything’s okay. You’re going to be all right,” Bre said in as calm a voice as she could muster.

Lenore leaned in the opposite direction of where she had puked. “Make it stop spinniiiiing!” She cried, still holding her head.

“Shhhh, sis,” Breanna said, sitting down next to her sister and putting an arm around her shoulder. “It’s going to be okay. I promise.”

“Bre, I can’t feel my feet! Are my feet there!? I didn’t lose them, did I?”

Okay, by now, Bre was starting to freak out slightly. Obviously she had gone overboard in allowing her sister to have some brownies. But she hadn’t had the heart to tell her no! And now what was going to happen? Her sister was going to die! Just because she didn’t have the heart to tell her no. “Lenore, please, just calm down,” Bre begged.

“But I’m scared!” Lenore cried. “What’s going on, Bre?”

“I think there was something in the brownies,” Bre said. “Try to breathe and calm down.”

“But we made them!” Lenore stated, looking confused, as she grabbed at her head again. She rolled over onto her side, and started puking over the side of the couch.

“Ohmigod,” Bre said, holding her sister’s hair back. “Maybe I should call an ambulance…”

“I want Dad-dyyy!” Lenore managed to wail, as she kept heaving.

“Okay, we’ll get him, little sis. I’ll call him. Its gonna be okay I promise.” She rubbed her sister’s back.

Lenore groaned, as she held her head in her hands, after she’d managed to stop puking for a few moments. “My head hurts….”

Bre was getting really worried. She didn’t want to tell her dad, but she didn’t know what else to do. “I’ll call dad…” She said and grabbed her phone, dialing the familiar number and praying he wouldn’t kill her.

Lenore gagged a little, her head rolling to hang off the couch once more.

“Hello? Detective Stabler speaking,” Elliot answered the phone.

“D-dad,” Bre said softly. “Can you come home?”

“Why? What’s wrong?” Elliot demanded, immediately alert.

“Lenore’s really sick. She needs you…” Bre said, trailing off. “Please come home.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Elliot promised. “Hang tight, Kiddo.”

“Dad you have to…” Bre said quickly before he hung up. “She might have overdosed….” She wasn’t sure if you could even overdose on weed, but she knew that Lenore wasn’t acting normal.

“She might’ve WHAT!?!?!” Elliot exclaimed into the phone. “Breanna Nicole! What the Hell have you two been doing!?”

Breanna held the phone from her ear. “Dad I’ll explain when you get here. Please hurry.”

“I’ll be right there,” Elliot said dryly. “And Breanna, just know your bottom is going to be extremely sore once I get to the bottom of all this!” He hung up, then went to inform his Captain just what was going on

Lenore groaned. “It’s still spiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!”

Bre hung up the phone, shaking nervously. “Listen,” she told her sis. “Just go with the story I tell dad okay? I’m going to tell him we got the brownies from a school friend…”

“O-kaaa-aaay!” Lenore replied in a slight singsong voice.

Breanna moved back to her sis. “Everything’s gonna be okay, Lenore. Daddy’s coming.”

“Can he make everything stop spiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiing?”

“No, but, look at me…” Breanna moved in front of the couch and pulled her sister so that she was lying down slightly.

Lenore looked at her, her eyes large and dazed. “Hmm?”

“This helps me when things are spinning for me. Keep staring at me, and when you feel everything stop moving, try to close your eyes, and then if it starts spinning again, look at me again.” It was a trick Bre always used to sleep when she was drunk (which had only happened like twice), so she figured maybe itÕd work for Lenore too

Lenore stared at her sister for a long while. “Sis? Are my eyeballs moving? I swear my eyeballs are moving! And are you sure my feet are still there?”

“Yes, they’re still there, you’re fine, I promise…” She wondered if Lenore would start feeling good now that she’d thrown up half of the brownies she’d eaten. “You’re supposed to feel numb and giggly.”

“So it’s okay to laugh?” Lenore asked.

Bre giggled. “Of course, silly, that’s the point.”

Lenore smiled then. “My eyes are still sooo shaky, I swear it!” She giggled a little, not hearing the front door open and close. “And everything is purple!”

Elliot rushed to his youngest daughter. “Are you okay sweetie?” He asked, a look of concern on his face.

“Daddy! You’re purple!” Lenore laughed, her eyes still glazed over. “Oooh. Everything’s spinnin’ again………..”

“Breanna Nicole, what did she have?” Elliot demanded to know. But before she had the chance to answer, he lifted the little girl up. “Come on, kiddo, let’s get you to the hospital.”

“Dad… I think she’s fine… It was just weed…”

“Just weed?!?” He asked. “She’s 10 years old for ChristÕs sakes! And you gave her weed?”

“Well I didn’t mean to… I mean… I didn’t know they were weed brownies…”

“Daddy! Daddy! My bum’s gone! I don’t feel it!” Lenore panicked slightly, before becoming distracted again. “Oooh. Pretty polka dot lights.”

“Get in the car,” he told Breanna. She did as told and he took his youngest as well.

Lenore continued to randomly freak out, and then be distracted by even more random things.

Elliot rushed them to the Hospital, and a Doctor looked at Lenore immediately.

Breanna told them how a school friend had given them the brownies, and they hadnÕt known there was anything in it until it was too late.

The Doctor assured Elliot that Lenore would be fine, and just needed to sleep it off. Once assured his baby would be Ok, Elliot drove them all back home, and put Lenore to bed. He sent Breanna to bed as well, deciding to deal with it all in the morning.

The next morning, Lenore awoke unsure of how she’d even gotten to bed, or as to why her head was pounding.

She groaned and rolled out of bed, wobbling a little bit. Once she was steady, she headed on downstairs and into the kitchen. “Daddy?” She said softly. “My head hurts.”

Elliot was glad to see his little girl was okay, but still peeved with the two of them for whatever had gone on while heÕd been away. He pulled her in for a hug. “I’m sorry kiddo. Sit down for a minute.”

Lenore blinked a moment in confusion, then took a seat at the kitchen table. “When did it become morning?”

“At midnight,” he said, smiling. “What happened last night, baby?”

Lenore smiled back. “We made brownies! And Bre let me watch Ninja Turtles, and she watched them with me! Then…um…. we ate the brownies for dinner.” She looked a little sheepish at that. “But they were sooo good, Daddy!”

“So you made the brownies huh?” He asked. “And they didn’t smell or taste funny?”

Lenore cocked her head to the side. “I think they did a little. Bre said it was a special recipe.” She shrugged innocently. “They tasted good.”

“Bre said it was a special recipe huh?” He sighed loudly. “Ya know, kiddo, why don’t I take you to grandma’s for a little while… Get dressed…”

“Okay!” Lenore smiled. She loved going to Grandma’s! She got up, but paused a moment. “Daddy? Why don’t I remember anything after the brownies? “

He wasn’t quite ready to have that conversation yet. “You got sick, Lenore. We’ll talk about it later, okay?”

“Kay,” Lenore shrugged. “Daddy? C’n I have some Tylenol for my head? Please?”

He gave her water instead. “You’re probably just dehydrated.”

Lenore sighed, and drank the water, then went back upstairs to get dressed for Grandma’s.

She threw some jeans and a TMNT shirt on, then ran into her sister’s room. “Bre! I’m going to Grandma’s! Wanna come?”

Bre was sound asleep and groaned at her sister’s chirpy voice. “Huh?”

“Daddy said he’s gonna take me to Gramma’s,” Lenore repeated. “Do you wanna come? What happened last night? Daddy asked me what we did.”

Bre’s stomach churned. “WhatÕd you tell him?”

“That we made brownies, and watched Turtles, and ate ’em for dinner…” Lenore replied. “When did I fall asleep? Daddy said I was sick, but I don’t remember bein’ sick.”

“Shit!” She exclaimed. “You weren’t supposed to tell him *we* made the brownies!!!”

Lenore’s eyes went wide. “I wasn’t? But why not? What was I s’pose to tell him?”

“That we got Ôem from a friend. Shit. I’m in so much trouble.” She began to pace the room. “The brownies had drugs in them…”

Lenore’s jaw dropped open. “You gave me drugs?!”

“Shhhh! I didn’t mean to… You asked and I couldn’t tell you no… And it didn’t hurt you really… You just had too much… And I was already high…”

Lenore looked hurt. “But I promised Daddy I’d never take any! You made me a liar!”

“How’s that making you a liar… You didn’t know you were taking them.”

“But I still took them!” Lenore argued. “Why’d you hafta go an’ drug them anyway?”

“Well I made them for myself… You’re the one who wanted them”

“You know I like chocolate!” Lenore protested.

“Well… Whatever, itÕs over now. I’m sure I won’t make any brownies ever again…”

“Good,” Lenore said, as she eyed her sister’s room. “I think you owe me. C’n I borrow some jewelry?”

Bre rolled her eyes. “No way!”

“But you got me high!” Lenore argued. “That’s gotta count for something.”

“Lenore, are you ready?” Elliot called out

“I’m gonna get my butt beat isn’t that enough?”

“Coming, Daddy!” Lenore called back sweetly. She stood and went to her sister’s dresser, grabbing up a necklace she liked. “Nope.” She held the necklace up. “I’m borrowing this!”

Bre didn’t really like the necklace much anyway so she said, “Fine, whatever. Wish me luck with dad…”

“Hmm….I don’t know…” Lenore said, tapping a finger on her chin. She sighed and flashed Bre a small smile. “I will. But only ’cause you’re my sister. And I love you…. even if you gave me drugs!”

Bre smiled back. “Thanks. And ps, you actually did kinda have fun hehe.”

Lenore giggled. “I kinda remember purple stuff. I like purple!”

“Lenore!!!” Elliot called out again. “Let’s go!”

Lenore snickered. “I like when we keep Daddy waiting…” She hugged her sister. “Good luck!”

“Thanks sis.” Bre gulped as her sister left and she heard her dad pull out of the driveway. She chewed on her fingernail, staring at the ceiling. At least Lenore had given her the heads up that she’d talked to their dad. Now she wouldn’t get caught lying to him.

Elliot headed home, after he’d dropped his youngest off. He’d had a feeling all along that Breanna had supplied the brownies, but was too worried about Lenore last night to press the issue. Now, though, he’d plenty of time to deal with the situation. He parked the car in the driveway and headed on inside. “BREANNA! GET DOWN HERE!”

Bre nervously trudged down the stairs, giving her dad a pathetic look. “Yes daddy?”

“That look isn’t going to work Breanna Nicole Stabler!” Elliot stated. “Now, get into the living room and start explaining yourself, young lady!”

Breanna hung her head as she moved towards her father. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

“Sorry’s not going to work this time, Kiddo,” Elliot said gravely, shaking his head at her. He sat on the couch and looked up at her. “Do you care to explain to me, just why you thought it was okay to make weed brownies?”

Breanna winced. “I dunno,” she muttered.

Elliot grabbed her and smacked her backside a few times, before letting her go again. “That is NOT an answer, Breanna Nicole!” He stated firmly. “What’s worse, is you gave some of them brownies to your TEN-YEAR-OLD sister!!!! What were you thinking!?”

She sniffled. “I don’t know, Daddy. I was high. I wasn’t thinking at all. It was so stupid and I didn’t mean to. It was really irresponsible.” She was shivering now, finally realizing how much trouble she was in. She desperately wished that this were all a dream and that she’d wake up, because it seemed too horrible to be true. It *couldn’t* be true! But it totally was. “I’m sorry.”

“And do I even want to know where you got the weed to begin with?” Elliot demanded.

“No, sir, you don’t,” she said weakly.

“It wasn’t that boyfriend of yours, was it?” Elliot questioned.

“No… it was his roommate….”

Elliot narrowed his eyes. “I want you to stay the Hell away from his place, until his roommate is gone.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I mean it, Breanna,” Elliot insisted. “If I find out you’ve gone over there, and that jerk giving you the weed is still there, you won’t be able to sit for a very long time.”

“Yes, sir,” Breanna said meekly. It wasn’t often that she was so obedient and subdued, but this time she knew she’d crossed the line.

“What do you think I ought to do with you?” Elliot asked, wanting to hear her honest opinion of it all.

She squirmed. “I guess… you should… spank me…”

“Well, that is pretty much a given,” Elliot replied. “What else?”

“I… don’t… know…” she stammered. “I guess ground me?”

Elliot nodded. “You’re grounded for a month. And from now on, until I feel I can trust you again, you’re both staying with your Grandmother while I’m at work. And if she can’t watch you, I will find someone else who can. You’ve lost my trust, Breanna. And I can’t exactly leave your sister home alone either.”

Breanna nodded. As much as the punishment pained her, and she hated the idea of being watched like a kid, she had to admit that she really did deserve it. She knew she’d done something uber bad. Now she just wished that he’d go ahead and get the spanking over with.

“Lower your pants, Breanna, “Elliot ordered. “And lie over my lap.”

Body quivering, Bre tugged at her pj pants, letting them fall to her knees. A tear slipped down her cheek. “I’m really sorry, Daddy,” she said softly and placed herself over his lap.

“Oh, you will be,” Elliot assured her, as he swiftly removed her panties completely. “This is going to be a lesson you’ll never forget.” He then began to reign down hard spanks to her sit-spots and upper thighs.

Bre kicked and squirmed. “Oooowwwwww!” she yelped, trying to keep her hands in front of her and not reach back. “Daddyyyyy I’m sorryyyyyyyy!!!!”

“You’re not to EVER bring drugs into this household again, young lady!” Elliot exclaimed, his hand still slapping her backside, covering it completely.

“Yes sirrrr!” Bre yelped, reaching her hand back to block the smacks.

Elliot deftly moved her hands, and smacked her upper thighs hard as he could.

“You do and this spanking I give you today, will seem like a walk in the park!”

“I won’t Daddy I promiseeee,” she howled, kicking now, wishing that this were over already.

Elliot gave her ten rapid-fire smacks to her sit-spots, before standing her on her feet. Once she was standing, he stood to remove his belt.

Bre’s hands instantly flew to her bottom and she tried to rub the sting out. She winced upon seeing him begin to take his belt off, but said nothing.

“Hands on the couch, Breanna,” Elliot instructed.

“Yes, sir,” she said and placed her hands in front of her, tears spilling down her cheeks.

Elliot placed a hand on her back to hold her down, and then began licking her sit spots with his belt.

Bre squirmed and cried out with each swat. “Daaaaaddyyyyy I’m sorry!!” she howled, trying not to reach back because she certainly didn’t want her hands to get swatted. “Pleaseeeeeeee!! I’ve learned my lesson!!”

“I’ll decide when you have learned your lesson, Breanna Nicole,” Elliot stated firmly, licking her upper thighs with his belt now.

She squealed so loudly she was sure the neighbors could hear her. This time she couldnÕt help but reach back. “Oooowwwww I’m sorry thoughhhhh!”

Move your hands,” Elliot ordered.

Bre moved her hands away, fully crying by now. She hurt so much, and felt awful about what she’d done. She just wished that the spanking would be over and her dad would forgive her already.

Elliot gave her fifteen stinging licks with his belt. “Now, I want you to stand in the corner, until I call for you.”

“Yes, sir,” she said weakly, sniffling, wiping the tears away and hobbling to the corner. She planted her nose and rested her head against the wall, crying slightly and trying to regain herself.

Elliot sighed heavily, knowing he’d best give her a little bit of time to reflect before carrying out the last part of the punishment. After fifteen minutes, he decided to not delay it any longer. “Breanna,” he spoke. “Come here.”

Breanna sniffled once more, having calmed down a bit, and walked toward her dad.

“Now….” Elliot began, as he handed her a little pocket knife. “I need you to go cut me a switch from a tree in the backyard.”

Bre shivered. “W-what?” she stammered, beginning to cry all over again.

“You are to cut a switch,” Elliot repeated. “What you did today was beyond serious, and you need to be punished extra for it.”

“But…” she began, still crying. She knew it was useless, though, to try to sway him otherwise. So she just took the knife and shuffled outside, finding a sufficient switch and bringing it to him.

Elliot took it from her, fixing it up a bit, then pocketed his knife. “Hands back on the couch, Breanna.”

She did as she was told, although it was hard.

Elliot placed his hand on her back once more. “I will NOT have your bringing dangerous things into this house, Breanna Nicole! And you are to NEVER give your sister anything you know is dangerous or unapproved of by me!” He then began to switch his daughter’s sit-spots and upper thighs swiftly.

“Ahhhh owwwww yesss sirrrrrr!!!” she howled, burying her face into the couch cushions. “I won’t do it ever againnnnnnn!!!”

“You had better not or you won’t be able to sit for an extremely long time, young lady!” Elliot remarked, lashing her harder. He gave her 20 in total, then tossed the switch aside.

Bre was totally broken after the spanking. Her body was racked with sobs and she fell to her knees, burying her face in her arms. She could say nothing, just cry.

Elliot gently picked her up and sat with her in his lap. He hugged her close to him tightly. “I love you, Breanna Nicole. I’d be devastated if anything were to ever happen to you or your sister.”

“I- I knowww, D-daddy,” she sobbed, latching on to him.

Elliot kissed the top of her head, as he rocked her. His girls were his world, and he spoke the truth when he said he’d be lost without either of them.


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