Stabler Girls: Guitar Sisters


Lenore super wants to play Bre’s Guitar Hero game… but Bre’s growing up and doesn’t have too much time for her baby sister anymore.  So Lenore decides to sneak in and play it anyway, without permission of course.


Breanna beamed at her birthday present — Guitar Hero for her Playstation 3, equipped with two guitars, a drum set, and three of the latest games.  It was the best thing in the world that she could’ve ever asked for.  She played it every chance she got, and put it all carefully away when she left the house, to make sure that her little sister didn’t touch it.

Lenore had her eyes on her sister’s guitar hero. She constantly begged her sister to let her play, but she never did. She only ever let her friends play, thus frustrating the younger girl.

But Breanna was too worried that Lenore would break it.  She just couldn’t bear the thought of the little girl playing a teenager game.  Besides, all of the games on it were rated T (well, except one, which their dad had bought them specifically so Lenore could play, but that’s besides the point).  “You can play later, Lenore,” Breanna said to her little sister, placing the guitar carefully in place.

“But you always say that, and then never let me play!” Lenore whined. “Daddy bought a game I could play too! Let me play!”

“But we have to play together!” Bre said, holding the controller in the air as Lenore tried to swipe it.  “And right now I have to go to practice.  We can play later.”

“But I’ve seen you play alone! Why can’t I play it alone?” Lenore argued. “I’m not a little baby! I’m good at Nintendo!”

“Because it’s MY game, and I don’t want you playing it by yourself.  Now come on.  I promise I’ll let you play later.  But right now get out of my room,” Bre said, turning the off the TV and putting the controller down.

Lenore grumbled angrily, stomping her feet as she stormed out of the room. “Fine! Be a Meanie-head then!”

Breanna rolled her eyes at her little sister, then closed her bedroom door, running downstairs and waving goodbye to her father.  She walked the few blocks to school where she had practice for this new play her school was putting on.  She was working backstage, helping move props and all, and actually enjoyed it a lot more than she’d thought she would.  When practice was over, she invited her friend back home with her so they could play guitar hero together.

Lenore sat outside her sister’s bedroom door, waiting for her to get home. She’d been promised a game of Guitar Hero, and she’d be damned if she wasn’t going to finally get to play!

When Breanna approached her bedroom, she sighed.  “Squirt, I have company, you and I will play later.”

“But you promised we’d play when you got home!” Lenore protested. “I’ve been sitting here for half an hour!”

“I told you we could play LATER, I didn’t say right when I got home.  Besides, it’s not a 3-player game.  We’re going to dual guitars.  You can’t play with us.”

“I’m telling Daddy that you won’t let me play!” Lenore snapped, jumping up angrily. “And you can play it with three people! There’s enough instruments!”

“DA-AD!” Breanna shouted, “Lenore’s pestering me and Janice!!  She won’t leave us alone and let us play guitar hero!”

“Breanna won’t let me play!” Lenore shouted in return.

Elliot came to the front of the staircase and looked at the two girls.  “Lenore, let your sister play,” he said.  “Breanna, when Janice leaves, share with your sister.”

Breanna stuck her tongue out at Lenore as if saying, “told ya so.”

“Sure!” Lenore snapped angrily. “Take her side!!!! She hasn’t let me play since she got the damn thing!”

Elliot glared at his youngest daughter.  “Do we need to have a discussion, Young Lady?” he said in an admonishing tone.

Lenore scowled. “No, Daddy…” She cast her sister an angry look, then stormed into her room, slamming her door shut behind her.

Breanna rolled her eyes and invited her friend inside, starting up the game and dueling guitars with her.  They played for what seemed like forever, and then invited a couple of more friends over.  Since it was Saturday night, she somehow convinced her dad to let them have a sleepover.  It was great — they were like a real band… drums, guitar, bass, and singer.  Until Lenore started pestering them again…

“Bre….” Lenore whined, standing in the doorway. “You said I could play later. It’s later!”

“Go away,” Bre shouted over the drums.  She tried to say more, but she was too focused on what she was playing.

“Daddy told you to let me play later!” Lenore argued. “This is later! I’ve been waiting all day!”

“It’s not your game,” Bre said, growling a swear word under her breath as she missed a note from talking to her little sister.  “So you’ll just have to wait.  I don’t bug you to play your birthday presents.  GRRRR!  See what you made me do?” she yelled when she missed a stream of notes.

Lenore jumped slightly, her eyes filling with tears. “I just want to spend time with you! I’m sorry I’m not BIG enough or COOL enough!”

Bre ignored her, still drumming away.  “We can spend time later,” she finally said when the song was over; feeling bad that her sister was near tears, but not bad enough to invite her to play with them.

Lenore turned and ran out of the room, her feelings hurt. She felt stupid for crying, but jeez. What did she have to do to be able to play Guitar Hero with her sister, like everyone else kept getting too?

The crowd of teenagers continued playing, through most of the night.  Bre felt a pang of guilt when she saw how late it was and that poor Lenore was still waiting.  But Lenore would be fine.  They could play together the next day.

Lenore waited and waited until their father finally sent her off to bed. It just wasn’t fair. Why did she always get left out of everything? Wasn’t her fault she was only ten.

The next morning, Breanna and her friends woke bright and early and made blueberry waffles.  “Little sisterrrrr… Daddyyyyy,” Bre called out.  “Do ya want some waffles?”

“I do!” Lenore called out eagerly, running into the kitchen. She hoped she’d get to spend time with her sister today. She hadn’t had any alone time with her since the day before her sister’s birthday.

Elliot came out around the same time Lenore, shouting that he wanted waffles as well and ruffling his littlest’s hair.  When they were all downstairs, waffles served, Bre and her friends went into the living room to watch MTV while Elliot and Lenore stayed in the dining room.  “What’s wrong, kiddo?” Elliot asked, noticing a solemn look in the ten year old’s face.

“Bre doesn’t wanna hang out with me anymore….” Lenore confided softly. “She keeps promising to let me play Guitar Hero with her, but then she goes off with her friends. What am I? Chopped liver?”

Elliot rubbed her back.  “She’s just getting older,” he said in a soothing voice.  “She’s going to probably want to spend a lot of time with her friends from now on, kiddo.  It’s nothing against you. It’s just her age.”  He took a bite of the waffles and then said, “at least we get breakfast out of the deal, right?” he chuckled.

Lenore gave a slight shrug of her shoulders, as she finished up her waffles. “I wish Jenny wasn’t grounded…. I coulda had my own sleepover then.”

“I’ll talk to Bre about it, okay little one?”

“Kay,” Lenore sighed softly. She put her plate and utensils in the dishwasher, then peeked into the living room. “Bre? Am I gonna get to play Guitar Hero today?”

Bre was giggling with her friends, but looked at Lenore and smiled.  “Of course, little sister.  When everyone leaves, okay?”

“When are they leaving?” Lenore wanted to know, just as one of Bre’s friends suggested they head to the park to play some basketball.

“Later, Lenore.  Just chill, okay?”

Lenore narrowed her eyes. “Lemme guess, you’re gonna go play b-ball with them now, aren’t you?”

Breanna rolled her eyes, ignoring her sister, and instead pointing out something about the show to her friends.

Lenore disappeared upstairs, feeling super angry and upset with her sister. She was SICK of being pushed aside, and being left out of everything. She eyed her sister’s bedroom door warily, plotting on how to get in there and play without anyone knowing. She was through waiting!

It was easy for Bre to ignore her little sister.  She was enjoying her friends’ company and catching up on gossip and all that jazz.  So when her friends invited her to go to the park, she was totally down for it.  And her dad gave her permission.  She didn’t even think twice about how she’d left her little sister out again.

Lenore sat at the top of the steps, watching as her sister left her behind yet again. She clenched her teeth together, as she turned and quietly went back upstairs. She knew everyone figured she’d gone outside – she usually did on nice days like today. Soon as she knew it was safe, she snuck into her sister’s room, closing the door behind her. Breanna always closed her door anyway, so it was nothing out of the ordinary. She opened up the cupboard door and turned the Playstation on, making sure the volume was turned down low, so no one would hear her. She picked up the guitar, and began to play, though her hands were a little small for the guitar she had grabbed up.

She played for a bit, rocking out, and decided maybe she’d best quit while she was still undetected. She managed to turn the game off okay, but dropped the guitar when she went to put it back on its stand. Her eyes went wide as a piece broke off, landing on the floor a little ways away.

“Uh-oh…” She whispered softly. “Bre’s gonna KILL me!” She grabbed the piece up, and rummaged around for some glue. She found some and managed to glue the piece back on, though now it didn’t work.

She set it back on the stand carefully, and hightailed it out of her sister’s room, not seeing the piece fall off again, and back into her own. She grabbed Mr. Stuffles, her teddy bear, then snuck on out into the backyard and hid in her playhouse.

Bre was exhausted when she got back home, and took a shower, then put on her pjs and lay in bed.  She quickly took out her Playstation, and guitar.  She immediately noticed something missing, and realized a piece had broken off.  She hadn’t noticed that before.  The more she looked around, the more she realized that stuff was out of place.  Even the wrong game was in her Playstation.  And her control had been moved.  She scowled and stormed into her little sister’s room.  “LENORE!!!” she shouted.

Lenore could hear her sister’s shout from all the way out back in her playhouse. She shrunk down even more, and hugged her teddy bear to her chest tightly.

Elliot heard his oldest daughter’s shriek and came outside his room.  “What’s going on?” he wanted to know.  “Where’s Lenore?!” she said anxiously.

“She’s gonna kill me, Mr. Stuffles,” Lenore whispered to her teddy bear. “I bet she’ll never think to check my playhouse though… She never comes in here anymore.”

Elliot shrugged.  “She’s been playing outside.  She’s probably in her playhouse.  But what’s going on?”  “I need to ask her a question,” Breanna said, turning and running downstairs then outside.  “Lenore!” she yelled again, then climbed the ladder to the playhouse.  “You up here?”

Lenore pushed herself further back into the corner she was in, covering her face with Mr. Stuffles. Her sister was crazy if she expected her to answer.

Bre poked her head inside the playhouse and looked around, finally spotting her sister curled up in the corner.  “You broke my guitar!” she said angrily.

“How could I break it, if I’m not allowed to play it?” Lenore replied softly.

“Just admit it.  You broke it, you twerp.”

“I’m NOT a twerp!” Lenore retorted. “And how would you know if I did or not? How do you know it wasn’t one of ’em stupid friends of yours!?”

“Because the stupid piece was on the guitar when I left earlier!”  She pushed herself inside the playhouse, sitting on the floor.  “Don’t make me hurt you!”

“You’re not allowed to hurt me!” Lenore snapped. “I’m surprised you even remembered me.”

“Stop being emo!” Bre shouted.  “I have friends, ya know.  I told you I would play with you later but you wouldn’t listen.”

“You’ve been telling me THAT for a WEEK AND A HALF!” Lenore shouted angrily. “Was I s’pose to wait ’till I was eighty?”

“Ugh, fine, whatever,” Bre said, climbing back down the ladder.  “Have it your way!” she said, going back inside.  Her dad had already gone back in his room — he’d been working from home all day — so she pushed open Lenore’s door and found her favorite toy.  “This’ll teach her to touch my stuff,” she said.

Breanna took the doll in her hand and ripped the arm off, then, just to be a bitch, ripped one of the legs off.  She threw them all into a pile on her bed, then backed out of her sister’s room, crying.  She plopped on her bed and buried her face into her hands.

Lenore had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach, and hurriedly climbed down the ladder to her playhouse. She ran up to her room, her eyes going wide seeing her doll. “Orianna! What did she do to you!?” She exclaimed, her eyes filling with tears, as she ran to her ‘baby’. She tenderly picked the pieces up, her tears starting to fall. She set Mr. Stuffles down on her bed next to her broken doll, and turned and charged into her sister’s room. “YOU BITCH!!!!” She screamed, attacking her sister. “YOU KILLED ORIANNA!!!!!!”

“Well YOU killed my guitar first!!!!” Bre shouted back, standing up and wiping the tears away.

“NOT ON PURPOSE!” Lenore shouted, swinging her fists at her sister.

“Well you shouldn’t be touching my fucking games when I’m not home anyway!”  Bre clenched her fists, too, towering over her little sister.  “I told you I’d play with you!!  Why can’t you just be patient and wait!!”

“I waited a week and a half!” Lenore growled, punching her sister in the stomach. “All you care about anymore if your stupid friends!”

“OUCH!” Bre screamed, grabbing her stomach and then angrily pushing Lenore into the door.

Lenore got back up, though she was almost in tears. “I hate you!” She shouted, charging at her sister, and knocking her to the floor. She may’ve been smaller, but she could be feisty when she wanted to be. She clamped her teeth down on her sister’s arm as they rolled around.

Bre wailed when her sister bit her and then kneed her in the butt.  “GET OFF OF ME!!!!!  DADDYYYYY!!!!!  LENORE’S GOING CRAZY!!!!!!”

Lenore kept on going crazy, attacking her sister – punching, biting, and kneeing her – anything. She was just SO angry!

Elliot ran into the room.  “What is going on in here?!” He asked, grabbing Lenore off of Breanna and giving her a good three swats to get her attention.

Lenore yelped, her hands moving to cover her bottom quickly. “She killed Orianna!”

Elliot glared at Breanna.  “Breanna,” he said in a low growl.  “She broke my guitar!!!”  Elliot sighed and looked at his youngest now.  “Lenore…”

“I didn’t do it on purpose!” Lenore exclaimed tearfully. “But she was never gonna let me play! I’ve been asking nicely to play since she got in, an’ she keeps telling me ‘later’! I was gonna be old, before she ever let me play!”

“Go to your room, Lenore,” Elliot said softly.  “I will be in there in a few minutes.  First I’m going to deal with your sister.”

Lenore glared at her sister, as she turned and angrily stormed back into her room, slamming her door and locking it.

Elliot turned to face his oldest, shaking his head as he heard his youngest’s door slam shut. “Was revenge really worth all this?” He asked. “Why didn’t you just tell me earlier, that she’d broken the guitar?”

Breanna shrugged, arms folded, and upset.

“Breanna, all she wants is to spend some time with you,” Elliot told her. “You’re the coolest person she knows, and she just wants to feel acknowledged. How’d you like it if someone told you for a week and a half that they’d play with you later, and then they never did?”

“Well, I was gonna play with her, but I had other stuff to do.  She needs to be patient, jeez.”

“She’s ten; patience isn’t always understood at that age,” Elliot pointed out.

“Well, she needs to learn it.  She shouldn’t just rummage through my stuff and break my guitar.  That’s not fair!  She should have to buy me a new one,” Bre pouted.

“I’m not condoning what she’s done,” Elliot stated. “But seeking revenge is wrong too. Why didn’t you tell me what had happened, when I asked you earlier?”

She shrugged.  “I dunno.  I guess I was just annoyed.”

“Well, if you had told me, Lenore would be the only one getting spanked,” Elliot pointed out. “Seeking revenge gets you nothing but trouble, Breanna Nicole.”

Breanna frowned.  “I’m sorry, Daddy.  I won’t do it again.  Please don’t spank me.”

“I’m not changing my mind, Breanna,” Elliot replied, taking a seat at her desk chair. “Now, come here.”

“Noooo, Daddyyyyy,” she whined.  “I promise I’ll be good.  I won’t do it again, and I’ll buy her a new doll,” she said, inching toward him but hoping he’d change his mind.

“You’re going to fix the doll,” Elliot said, lifting her skirt up. “And you’re getting spanked. End of discussion.” He flipped her over his lap, and lowered her panties, starting in on the spanking quickly.

Bre kicked and squirmed, crying out more from embarrassment than pain.  How humiliating that she was 16 years old and getting the same punishment as her 10 year old sister!!  Her friends would laugh at her for days if they knew.  “Owww, Daddy!  I’m sorry!” she said in a low voice, trying not to struggle too much.

“You’re sixteen Breanna!” Elliot lectured, punctuating each word with a hard smack. “Do NOT stoop to your little sister’s level.”

“Oooowwwwww, yes sir!!” she said, tears spilling down her cheeks.  “I won’t!” She promised.

Elliot smacked her sit-spots super hard, super fast, wanting to drive the lesson home.

Breanna kicked, crying out and holding onto the legs of the chair so she wouldn’t reach back.

Elliot finished off quickly, giving her a moment to control herself.

She cried into her hands, softly wiping the tears away, then accepting her dad’s help when he picked her up.  “I’m sorry, Daddy,” she said, hugging him tightly.  “I promise I’ll fix Lenore’s doll, and I won’t revenge against her anymore.”  She sniffled, wiping her face again.

“Thank-you,” Elliot replied, kissing her head and hugging her in return. “Now, why don’t you re-dress and get to fixing the doll?”

Bre nodded and pulled her panties back up, letting her skirt fall back into place.  She went to her little sister’s room and knocked on the door, all hard feelings against her sister having evaporated by now.  “Lenore?” she said weakly.

“Go away!” Lenore snapped, still feeling angry.

“Sis, I’m going to fix your doll… or get you a new one.  But I have to see it first so I can fix it,” Bre said gently, rubbing her bottom and looking up at her dad who came behind her now.

“I’m not opening it up!” Lenore replied. “You’re just gonna let Daddy in. I don’t wanna see Daddy!”

Bre sighed.  “Dad has the key anyway, so if he really wanted to come in then he would just barge in.  Come on, it’ll be easier on you if you open the door, and then I’ll get to start fixing your doll quicker.”

“Then let Daddy use his stupid ole key!” Lenore retorted, from where she sat on the top shelf of her closet. Luckily, her shelves in there were super strong and she was still on the small side. “I’m not opening up!”

“Lenore,” Elliot called out, knocking louder on the door, “open this door please.  You’re in enough trouble as it is.”

Bre winced at her father’s words, knowing that with that tone of voice, he was serious.

“I can’t open it,” Lenore replied, realizing she didn’t know how to get down now that she was up there. “I’m stuck.”

Bre couldn’t help but giggle at that statement… no telling what Lenore had gotten herself stuck in this time… but Elliot found it anything but amusing.  He went to his room and got the key out of his drawer, then unlocked Lenore’s door.  Bre followed him inside, gathering the doll and its pieces in her hands, then saying, “Hey, where are you?”

Lenore sighed heavily, knowing if her sister was in the room, so was their father. She might as well just admit defeat. “My closet….”

Both Bre and Elliot looked toward the closet and Bre could see the faint hint of Lenore’s pink toenail polish.  “Wow,” she said, then looked at her father who went inside, glancing up at his youngest.

Lenore gave him a sheepish look. “I like to climb….”

Elliot held out his strong arms beckoning her forth.  “What are we going to do with you?”

“Love me anyway?” Lenore suggested, as she leaned down into him.

“Of course I’ll love you anyway, sweetie,” he said, pulling her down to the floor.  “Now, we need to have a talk,” he said, taking her hand and leading her to the bed.

Breanna gave her little sister a quick hug and said, “I’m sorry for breaking your doll.  And for ignoring you.  I love you, sis, and totally want to play guitar hero with you later, okay?  I promise for real this time.”

“Kay,” Lenore said softly, a worried look now on her face. “I’m sorry I broke your guitar…”

Elliot rubbed Lenore’s back and smiled at Breanna, giving her a slight nod as if it was her cue to leave.  Bre did as cued and went back to her room, beginning to superglue the pieces together.  Elliot closed Lenore’s door and turned to her.  “You and I need to have a serious talk, Young Lady,” he said, looking down at her with disappointment.

Lenore hung her head, staring down at her feet, as she clasped her hands behind her back. “I was afraid you were gonna say that…”

Elliot lifted her chin up and made her look in his eyes.  “First I want you to tell me exactly what happened.”

“I got tired of waitin’…” Lenore said softly. “I was takin’ good care of her things…. but then when I went to put the guitar back it slipped an’ I dropped it an’ a piece broke off…. I tried to fix it, but I couldn’t….”

“And then…?”

“I went an’ sat in my playhouse all day,” Lenore replied softly. “An’ then she killed Orianna! An’ I guess I got mad….”

Elliot folded his arms.  “And that’s when you attacked her.”

“She fought back….” Lenore argued softly.

“I know she did, and she’s been spanked for it,” Elliot said firmly.  “Do you have anything to say for yourself, Young Lady?  Breaking into your sister’s room, messing with her things, then breaking her game, then attacking her?  You should be ashamed.”

“I just wanted her attention,” Lenore spoke quietly. “I’ve been trying to get her attention for a week an’ a half….”

“I know you wanted her attention, baby girl, but didn’t we talk about this at breakfast?  You have to be patient with her, and I was going to talk to her, remember?”  He took the desk chair and placed it in the center of the floor.  “Anything else?”

“I’m sorry….” Lenore whispered, her eyes filling with tears. “I just didn’t think she loved me anymore….”

Elliot sat down and brought his littlest girl into his arms, hugging her tightly.  “I know, kiddo,” he said.  He took her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes.  “Bre’s getting older now, and isn’t going to want to hang out with you as much, but that doesn’t mean she loves you any less.  She’ll always be your big sister and she’ll always love you as much as you love her, okay?” he said, pushing her hair out of her eyes.

“I don’t want her to get older,” Lenore spoke tearfully. “She just leaves me behind. I liked our crazy adventures just fine. Now she’s got friends an’ Chris an’ softball an’ the play an’ no time for me at all… An’ I hate it.”

“I know, but beating her up isn’t the way to get her to want to hang out with you, it’s just going to get you a sore bottom.”

“I really don’t like sore bottoms, Daddy…..”

He paused for a moment to let her ponder her impending punishment.  “I’m very disappointed in your behavior, Lenore,” he said seriously.  “I cannot believe that you would stoop to that level.  You know better than to do those things.”

Lenore hung her head, once more staring down at the floor.

He pulled her toward him, then over his lap.  “I’m not going to tolerate this behavior young lady, especially with the violence toward your sister,” he scolded, tugging her pants and panties down.

“Daddyyyyy, noooooooo!” Lenore wailed, as she felt her panties go down. “Not bare! Please!”

“I think we’ve discussed before, that spankings from now on will be bare, and today you’ve earned it, Young Lady.”  He began spanking her with his hand, smacking her bottom mildly, but enough to get his point across.  “You will not sneak into your sister’s things, Lenore,” he scolded.  “And you will NOT hurt your sister.  Do you understand me?”

“Yesss!!!!!!” Lenore wailed miserably, her hands flying back immediately.

Elliot took her wrists in his hand and continued the spanking without missing a beat.

Lenore squirmed about, kicking somewhat. “Owww!”

“You don’t want Breanna sneaking into your room while you’re gone, do you?” he asked, punctuating each word with a hearty swat.

“Noooooooo………….” Lenore sobbed. “But she don’t like my stuff. Hers is more interestin’………”

“If you don’t want her looking through your stuff, then why don’t you pay her the same respect?”

“I dunno……….” Lenore cried. “Dad-dyyy……… bum hurts!”

“I hope you think about this next time you go sneaking through your sister’s things,” he said firmly.  He then grabbed the hairbrush from her dresser.  “And I hope you think about this next time you decide to attack her.”  He smacked the heavy plastic against her bum.

Lenore shrieked loudly, bucking wildly.

He gave her another swat, and then another, and another, until she’d had ten with the hairbrush.  He then rested it against her bottom and said, “Have you learned your lesson young lady?”

“Yessss!!!!!!!!!” Lenore wailed miserably. “I’m sorryyyy!”

Elliot placed the hairbrush back on her dresser, then lifted her up.  “All right kiddo, it’s all over now,” he said, bringing her in for a hug.

Lenore buried her face into him, crying. “I’m sorry, Daddy….”

He held onto her until there was a slight knock at the door, and Breanna pushed it open.  “Sis, do you wanna come play guitar hero with me now?  I think I got the guitar fixed.  And here’s your doll,” she said, holding it out.

Lenore gingerly got up off her father’s lap, yanking her jeans back up. “Orianna!” She exclaimed, taking her doll from her sister and hugging her tightly. She looked at her sister then. “You still wanna play with me? Even after I bit you?”

“Of course!!  Come on!  I’m so going to win though!” Breanna teased playfully.

Lenore smiled, gently lying Orianna down on her bed. “Nope. I’m going to win. I bet I’m good at the drums.”

The two of them hurried off into Breanna’s room then, as Elliot headed back to his own room to finish working.

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