Camp Counselors in Trouble


Elena and Sami are best friends at their summer job working in a camp.  They get the bright idea to steal the camp van one night, and end up getting a dose of the strap just like some of the campers receive.  WARNING — this story is dirtier than many of my other ones!  There’s some touchy-feely stuff at the end, so if you’re not into that, I suggest you don’t read after the spanking scene.  It’s my first time writing something like this so feedback is welcome 🙂


After my first year of college, I decided to spend the summer in South America working with low-income kids in a day camp.  It was the type of job where they provided me with on-campus room and board, as well as a small stipend, in exchange for my work.  It was such a wonderful experience where I met many awesome local and international staff who shared my passions for travel and helping people.  I couldn’t have picked a better summer job.

My roommate was a girl from Spain named Elena.  She had just turned 18 and was an only child who wanted to spend the summer away from home to prove to her parents she was an adult.  She stood a few inches taller than me, had thick wavy black hair, green-ish eyes and a few freckles scattered across her nose and cheeks.  And she was one of the most fun people I’d ever hung out with.  She was child-like, unafraid to show her emotions and didn’t take things too seriously.  Within days, I’d developed not only a strong friendship, but also a small crush on her – something I hadn’t even been sure was possible, given that I’d considered myself heterosexual before leaving the US.

One weekend Elena and I were almost the only people around the camp.  It was a national holiday so the locals went home with their families, and many of the foreigners took a bus to the capital where there was a big parade and endless drinking.  We’d opted out of leaving because our money was running low and we both had to finish up some evaluations for work, but after a few hours of the quiet boredom in our room, we started to regret that decision.

“I wonder if anything is going on in town…” I thought aloud.

“Even if there is, how will we get there?”

I shrugged.  The camp was only a few miles outside city limits, but no local buses ran around there and it was too far to walk.  “We could always steal the van and drive to town,” I joked.  “Santiago’s shown me where they leave the keys.”

“Really?” she said.  I could see a look in her eyes as if she wanted to actually try this adventure, and my heart started to race with nervous anxiety.

“Yeah, they’re in the basement hanging on the wall in the office, but they always leave the office door unlocked,” I said nonchalantly.  I wanted to look badass for her, and it would be worth it, right?

“But maybe we shouldn’t do it, Sami.  We could get into a lot of trouble…”

I shrugged, neither agreeing nor disagreeing.  “But it would be a lot of fun.”

We sat in silence for a moment, she staring at her blank evaluation and I at her.  What would she say?  Would it be worth it?  Would we be able to do it without getting caught?  I noticed her nervously chewing on her bottom lip, then she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and looked up at me grinning.  “Let’s do it!  No one will ever find out.”

“Let’s do it!” I shouted back.

We threw our evaluations aside and dressed ourselves, drunk off of adrenaline.  My heart was still racing as we tiptoed carefully downstairs to the basement, half-expecting an alarm to go off or someone to catch us.  But nothing happened.  I opened the door with ease, grabbed the keys, and scampered out.

“Where in town can we go?” Elena asked.

I shrugged.  “Maybe something’s going on at the karaoke bar?”  That was a camp favorite where many of us spent drunken weekends belting out off-key karaoke tunes.

“Yeah, but what if we see someone we know there?  Maybe we should go someplace else.”

“No one will be there, Lena.  They’re all gone home and are spending time with their families.  Duhhh!”

She giggled.  “Sorry, I’m just nervous we’ll get caught!”

“Don’t be nervous,” I said, putting my arm around her waist.  “Everything will be fine.”  I squeezed her then grabbed her hand, leading her to where the van was parked across the street.  “I’ll drive and you can drive us back, sound good?”

“Sounds great, boss!”

I stuck my tongue out at her and hopped in the van, starting it up and blasting our favorite radio station.  We drove the van a lot, oftentimes going into the city to pick up and drop off groups of kids.  Occasionally we had trips together, which were super fun, because we’d spend the whole time singing and dancing with the kids, even though most of the music was in Spanish and my Spanish singing is worse than my English singing!

This night wasn’t any different… well, I suppose the difference was that there weren’t any kids in our care, but either way, we sang and danced our hearts out, trying to serenade each other and failing miserably.

The bar was packed.  It was almost impossible to find a parking spot and Elena insisted on something in the back where no one could see the camp logo on the side of the van.  I finally managed to squeeze in somewhere safe enough, eyeing my friend for her approval.

“Looks good, boss,” she teased.

“Let’s get our drink on then!” I said, giving her a high five and jumping down from the van, being sure that I had the keys in my pocket before locking up.  That’s just what I needed – to lock the keys in the van when I wasn’t even supposed to be driving.

The bar was reasonably interesting.  Neither of us drank enough to feel the urge to karaoke, but we did sing along with the crowd to the usual popular songs.  I had a few beers and with the adrenaline of doing something so audacious, I was feeling awesome.  I think Elena was, too.  Tonight just might be the night that I’d make a move!

It was around three when we decided it was time to leave.  Both of us were still in high spirits, a little sleepy and somewhat tipsy, and we managed to flirt enough with our server so that he gave us a few bottles of beer for the road.  Not that we were going to drink on the road… we were just going to finish our party in our room watching happy videos on youtube or something.  Or maybe sitting outside looking up at the stars – we did that a lot!  And wouldn’t that be a good time to make my move?

I fished the keys out of my pocket and gave them to Elena.  “You’re the boss now,” I said, giggling.

“Yes, you don’t need to drive, you’re too drunk!”

“Am not… you’re just as drunk as I am!”


We walked arm-in-arm to the van, the parking lot much more deserted now.  I climbed in and leaned my head back, smiling.  What a perfect night this had become… so much better than sitting back at the camp doing evaluations.  Booooooring!

Elena turned on the van, radio blaring one of our favorite songs.  “Oooh!” I shouted, turning the volume up even more and dancing.  Elena giggled at me and we sang together for a second, then she put the van in reverse.

“This is totally our song!” she yelled over the radio.

“Yeah!!  Totally!!”

Looking in the rearview mirror she eased back, then stopped for a moment to tell me about how we had to download it later, then she gassed it again and BAM!

“Shit,” I said.  I turned around to see it was only a pole – thank goodness!  But still… Shit!!

Shaking, she put the van in park and turned down the radio.  “Oh my god, oh my god,” she was saying.

“Relax, it’s okay, don’t worry,” I said.  It was my job to maintain calmness, at least on the outside.  Inside I was freaking out.  “No one saw us and it was just a pole…”

Her eyes were wide and we both decided to inspect the damage.

“Well the pole looks fine…” I tried to joke in my half-drunken state.  The van, however, didn’t look so great.  There was quite a dent on the right side of the bumper.  “And maybe they won’t notice?  Besides, they’ll never know it was us.”

Her eyes were still wide and she looked as if she were about to cry.  So much for this being the best night ever.

I pulled her in for a hug.  “It’s okay, Lena.  Don’t worry.  They won’t find out.”

She didn’t seem too keen on the idea of lying, and I wondered if this would make me look bad, but what else could we do?  We couldn’t admit what we’d done… we’d be in extra trouble then… not only for the accident, but also for taking the van when we weren’t supposed to in the first place!  No way.

“Could they fire us for this?” she asked.

I shrugged.  “They won’t know.”

“But Sami…”

“Shhhh,” I said, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.  “It’s going to be okay, I promise.”  After a slight pause, I asked, “Are you okay to drive or do you want me to?”

“No, I got it,” she said.  I’m sure she thought I was too drunk, but truthfully, the accident had sobered me up a lot, and I was ready to be back in charge if she couldn’t handle it.

“Are you sure?”  I was in camp counselor-mode by this time, having become accustomed to being a leader, being in charge, taking care of all the kids when any issue occurred.

“Yes, boss, I’m fine.”

I gave her a final hug and said, “I love youuuuuuuu Lena!!”

“I love youuuuuuuu Sami!!”

We were both laughing again… nervous laughter, but still laughing!

The rest of the ride was smooth, both of us watching out to make sure we didn’t have any more accidents.  Then she parked the van carefully into its spot, turned it off and let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m so worried,” she admitted.

“Don’t worry.”

“Of course I worry!  Pedro will be pissed when he sees the dent.”  Pedro was our supervisor, but he was so easy-going, I couldn’t imagine him that angry.

“He won’t notice,” I assured her.  “There’s so many dents on this old clunker… what’s one more?”

She looked doubtful, and honestly I was doubtful too.  But we took another look at the dent and it didn’t look that obvious.

She reached down and touched it.  “Do you think we can undo the dent?”

I looked at her like she was crazy.

“What??  I’m just trying to figure out how we can get out of trouble!”

“It’s metal… we can’t just pop the dent out.  How do you suppose we ‘undo’ it?”

She shrugged.  “I dunno,” she answered, looking at the ground and covering her face in shame.

“Elena, relax.  Come on, get the beer and I’ll go take the keys back to the basement.  I’ll meet you by the lake.”

She pushed her hair out of her face and I could see the tears forming in her eyes.  Poor thing.  She was terrified.

“Hey,” I said, pulling her in for a hug, “It’s going to be okay.  I’ll take the blame if he finds out.  It was my fault anyway… it was my idea.”

“No, I won’t…”

“Shhh.  Go get the beer and meet me at the lake in five.”

She nodded and pulled away from me, placing the keys in my hand and heading for the van.

“Don’t forget to lock up,” I reminded her and jogged inside.  I didn’t worry about being quiet, I knew if anyone were at the camp they’d be asleep by now and not anywhere close to the office.  I replaced the keys and pulled the door shut, then headed out towards the pond.  A few beers would relax us.

And it did.  By the second we were giggling and acting as if nothing had happened.  But it was still in the back of our minds, and it would be for a long time.


The rest of the weekend was relaxed.  We finished up our evaluations early Saturday afternoon and then decided to take our sleeping bags and a tent into the woods to camp.  I also brought along some stuff that I’d bought to make smores (something I’d introduced to many of my non-American friends, though they weren’t as good as American smores) and Elena brought her guitar.  We’d managed to speak to a couple of local friends via Facebook and they decided to join us, bringing cold beers and leftovers from their family lunch.

Everyone else came back Sunday evening, including our good friend Santiago, the one who was in charge of the vans.  Elena and I exchanged glances when he greeted us, still nervous about whether or not he or Pedro would notice the dent.  We hadn’t spoken about it since it happened, but it was obvious (to me anyway) that we were quite anxious.

It was Monday before we felt the ramifications.  Camp was back in full swing and I had a group of seven year olds who were a lot of fun.  I was optimistic that it’d be an awesome week, though I still had a nagging feeling in my stomach.  That feeling got worse at lunch time when a relief counselor took over for me and I went to the staff table to eat with Santiago and a few other friends.

We were in the middle of a conversation about everyone’s awesome holiday when Santiago turned to me and said, “Hey, you didn’t see anyone drive the van, did you?”

My heart stopped.  “W-what?” I managed to choke out after I’d recovered from shock.

“I dunno… there’s a new dent on the van and Pedro is interrogating me about it but I don’t know where it came from… and since you’ve been here all weekend I was just wondering if you saw anything.”

I swallowed my bread and took a big sip of juice before answering, “Nope.”

“I didn’t figure you did.  But if anyone says anything, let me know?”

I nodded.

“Pedro’s been on my ass about it all day.  It’s starting to get old.”

I wasn’t sure how to react to this information.  So they had seen the dent… it was obvious enough… that couldn’t be good.  But they had no idea it was us… and hopefully no one had seen us… but who could’ve?  We were the only people in camp that time of night over the weekend!

The next question was whether or not I should share this information with Elena.  Of course I should – she was my best friend and I have a big mouth.  So after eating I found her group and asked about her activity schedule for the rest of the day to see if we had anything together.  Yes… a boat ride!  We could talk about it in code… and since both of us were lead counselors, we could make the support counselors sit with the kids while we “supervised.”

“See!  I told you they would find out!” she nearly shouted when I told her the news.

“Quiet!” I whispered.  “They don’t know who did it so just relax and don’t look guilty.  Just know that if anyone asks you, we didn’t see anything!!!

“Fuck,” she muttered to herself, shifting uncomfortably in her seat.  “This is horrible Sami.  What have we done?”

“I know,” I said back, a bit disappointed in myself.  I hated lying, but I really didn’t want to get in trouble.  I hated being in trouble… I was always the good kid in school, always the good student, always the one that parents wished their kids hung out with.  I couldn’t be a troublemaker!  I was too innocent.  And I feel like Elena was the same.

By Monday evening, after the kids left, the drama started unfolding before our eyes.  We were sitting outside with a direct view of the vans where Santiago now stood with Pedro, who seemed to be going off the edge a little.  I couldn’t tell what he was saying, but it looked really bad.  And Santiago didn’t seem too thrilled either, shouting back when provoked and leaving them both throwing their hands in the air.

Santiago stormed off and Pedro just stood there by the van, inspecting the damage once more.  Elena looked at me, but I maintained composure.  I knew she was thinking what I was thinking – it was almost time to fess up.

We were greeted by a fuming Santiago who proceeded to call Pedro every bad name I knew in Spanish, plus a few more.

“What’s up?” I dared ask.

“Your boss is fucking crazy,” he said.  “He’s blaming me for the fucking dent, saying I’m responsible for the up-keep of the vans and I should know when an accident happens and is now threatening to dock my pay.”

“Shit,” Elena said simply.

I looked at her, hoping she didn’t confess everything to Santiago.  He would surely hate us forever!!  For lying to him and letting him take the heat for so long?  I would probably hate me, too.

“Yeah, I’m so mad.”  He threw his cap to the ground, angry flames dancing in his eyes, still cursing our boss.  “I can’t do this shit anymore.”  He picked up his hat and said, “Sorry, girls, I’m just pissed.”

We nodded, unable to speak.  My throat was dry and tummy all twisted into knots.

He just shook his head and said, “I have to run.  I’m too mad to even focus right now.  See you later…”

“See ya…” we said and waved as he staggered away.


“I know…” I said, not wanting to hear the words from her mouth.

But she said them anyway:  “We have to tell Pedro.”

I nodded.  “But not Santiago.”

She nodded.  “Not Santiago.”

We were quiet for a moment, each of us thinking about our fate.  We would surely have to pay for it out of our small stipend money… maybe have to do extra work… and of course get yelled at.  And there was the tiny worry inside of me that we might even get the traditional punishment… I’d gone with kids to the office before who’d received a dose of the strap themselves, and it wasn’t unheard of that counselors also got it after some serious wrong-doing.  I’d never even been spanked before… like I said, I was always the good kid!… the idea of getting that strap on my bottom sent a shiver down my spine and hundreds of butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

“Should we do it now?” Elena asked.

I took a sip out of my bottle of water, trying to cure the dryness in my throat.  “Yeah, I guess the sooner the better.”  I was a procrastinator, but I figured we’d tried to ignore it long enough, if we kept it up, we would be in much more trouble and the guilt would probably eat us alive.  “Follow my lead.”  I tried to be confident for my friend… I had been the one to sort of push her into this, and I could feel the nervousness radiating from her.  I had to be strong.

I took her hand and we crossed the street where Pedro was yelling at someone else, showing him the damage and complaining about Santiago’s lack of attention.

I cleared my throat to let him know I was there.  He looked over, displeased, and said, “Yes?”

“Can we talk for a minute?” I asked.  I could feel my hand shaking in Elena’s and wasn’t sure who was more nervous.

“Can it wait?”

I shook my head.

I think he connected the dots, though, and raised his eyebrows and apologized to the person he was talking to, then motioned for us to follow without saying another word.

He walked fast, clearly infuriated.  So fast that it was difficult for us to keep up.  We were still holding hands and I could feel tears almost forming in my eyes, but tried to keep my composure.

We followed him down to the basement and to the office.  Only one lone secretary sat at her desk, finishing up some paperwork before heading out for the evening.

“Miss Carmen, you can finish that up tomorrow, don’t worry about staying any later.  Get home to your family.”

She looked up, and upon seeing Elena and me in our somber state, nodded and said, “Thank you, sir.”

We continued following him to his office where he opened the door, and said, “Girls,” showing us inside.  “Have a seat.”

I couldn’t help but gulp when I saw the strap hanging on the wall.  It brought back memories of the last child I’d brought to his office for stealing and breaking another kid’s toy, who’d left with tears streaming down her face and rubbing her bottom.  But surely he wouldn’t use that on us…

I wondered if Elena was thinking the same thing as me, but didn’t have much time to contemplate it as he shut the door and moved behind his desk, eyeing us curiously.  “So?  You have something to tell me?”

Elena began by saying, “It’s about the van…”

Pedro nodded patiently.

“You can’t be angry at Santiago about it…” she added, prolonging this more than necessary.  But I was frozen, eyes fixed on the strap, thinking about what my consequences could be for this.

“Oh?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.  “And why not?”

“Because it’s not his fault,” she answered, looking at me, eyes begging for my help.

“He’s in charge of the vans… if something goes wrong, and no one else confesses to having committed the error, then it is Santiago’s fault.  He knows that.”

“But… he didn’t do anything wrong…”

“He didn’t take care of the vans properly.”  He paused, looking each of us in the eyes.  I studied him for a moment… He was an attractive guy, mid-30s, dark hair and eyes, beautiful olive skin.  He wore a long sleeved button-up shirt, sleeves rolled up, and khaki pants.  And his expression was very serious, especially now that he was tapping his fingers on the desk, anxious for our confession.  I’d never really seen him so serious, and that just scared me more.  “I know you didn’t just call me in the office to try to tell me how to do my job?” he questioned.

“I did it,” I said quickly, now looking down at the floor.

“Excuse me?”

Elena interrupted.  “No, I did it.”

“Elena, no,” I said, looking up at her now, and then at Pedro.  “It was my idea.  I wanted to go out Friday night and we took the van.”

“I was driving and backed into something.  It was my fault.”

“No, it was my fault.”

“Sounds like it was both of your faults,” Pedro interjected and sat up in his chair, glaring at us both.

“Please don’t be angry at Santiago anymore,” Elena said.  “We’re so so sorry.  It was stupid… we won’t do anything like this ever ever again.”

He just nodded slightly, still tapping his fingers on the desk as if wondering what to do with us.

“We’re very sorry,” I added uncomfortably.

He nodded again, still staring.  “Where, exactly, did you go?  And what did you back in to?”

We looked at each other.  No sense in lying now… we were already in deep trouble, might as well just tell the truth and hope it doesn’t get us into any more problems.  “We went to the karaoke bar…” I said.

“And it was just a pole that I backed into… I thought I’d taken the van out of reverse but I hadn’t and it just… happened.”

He raised his eyebrows now.  “Were you drunk?”

“No,” she answered.  “We didn’t drink much… we just wanted to get out… please Pedro, I’m so sorry.  I’ll pay for the damage and…”

He held his hand up to silence her and she broke off, closing her mouth and sitting back, trying to calm her nerves.

“Let me get this straight…  The two of you stole camp property, drove into the city, had a few drinks, backed into a pole, then sat back and watched Santiago take the blame all day today before coming in to confess?”

Both of us nodded solemnly.

“And do the two of you know what happens to young ladies who steal things at this camp and damage camp property?”

Cue those butterflies.  My heart began racing so much and I was shivering, hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

Neither of us answered, so he answered himself.  “They get a good strapping on the bare bottom.”

Elena started crying and I stammered, “b-bare b-bottom?”  Even though I’d been expecting the worst… I didn’t realize it was going to be that bad!

He nodded, still giving us that serious glare.  “I’m really disappointed in you two.  I expected so much more out of you… I never even dreamed that you’d be sitting here confessing this to me.”  He paused to let that sink in and I felt my stomach twisting into more knots.  “You are two of my best workers, and you just did something that could cost you your jobs.”

“We’re sorry,” Elena said through her tears, then started crying harder.

“Yeah, we really are…” I whispered in a nervous haste, trying to keep myself from breaking down like my best friend.

“Not as sorry as you’re about to be,” he answered flatly and stood.  “So this was your idea, Samantha?”

I dropped my head in my hands, covering my face as I said in a muffled voice, “yes.”

“Very well.  Bring me the strap.”

His stern voice made me quiver slightly.  Elena looked at me and wiped some tears away, then grabbed my hand, squeezing it tightly… offering the only support she could by this time.  “I’m sorry for getting you into trouble,” I said to her pathetically.

She shook her head, unable to really speak as another teardrop rolled down her cheeks and she hurriedly brushed it away.

I didn’t say anything else to her, just stood up, feeling Pedro’s eyes studying me carefully.  I felt so embarrassed, ashamed of my behavior, as I crept towards the strap.  It was probably about 18 inches long, 2 ½ inches wide, and ¼ an inch thick.  I’d heard plenty of my co-workers reminisce about the strappings they’d received and witnessed over the years… and that’s all I could think about as I reached up and grabbed it by the handle, taking it from it’s place on the wall.  I shivered again, running my fingers across the leather, gulping once more before turning around to face my friend and supervisor.  They were both staring at me – Elena’s eyes wide and she looking terrified, as if she had seen a ghost or something!  And Pedro just seemed disappointed and upset.

Pedro stood and moved in front of his desk where Elena was sitting.  He pointed to where he wanted her to stand and she obeyed, then he took the strap from my hands.

“Come on, Samantha, let’s get this over with.”

I was frozen in place, so nervous that my feet wouldn’t move, no matter how much my brain tried to convince them, and after a few seconds of just staring blankly at him, Pedro took my wrist and gently pulled me towards the desk.

“Girls,” he began, “This is unacceptable, especially for two of my lead counselors.  You both know better than this.”  He looked down at me, tapping the strap on his hand and making me jump slightly.  “How old are you, Samantha?” he asked.

“Nineteen,” I stammered, chewing on my lower lip.

“You will receive nineteen lashes with the strap,” he said matter-of-factly.  I let out a small whine, not quite sure how I’d be able to handle so many!  “Pull your pants and panties down to your knees and bend over the desk.  Elena, you will watch this, and then the two of you will switch places.  Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” she said and I just nodded, staring at the floor.  He really expected me to pull down my pants and panties?  Just like that in front of him and my friend?  But they would be able to see everything!  How much more embarrassing could this whole situation get?

“Pedro… I’m sorry,” I squeaked, feeling the tears welling up inside of me.

“I’m sorry, too, Sami.  But what you did was very serious – you know that your actions were wrong, and now it is time to face the consequences.”

I sniffled and fiddled with the button on my jeans, prolonging the inevitable as long as possible.  But I knew Elena was watching, and for her sake I wanted to be strong.  I was the one she looked up to, and I always talked a big game, trying to be brave in every situation.  I couldn’t look so vulnerable now!  That’d destroy the reputation I’d built up over the last few weeks.

So with a deep breath I finally unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, pulling them and my panties to my knees, then hurriedly bending over the desk, burying my face into my folded arms.

“Samantha, tell me why you are getting this strapping,” Pedro said, inching up closer to me.

Ugh, did he really expect me to speak to him in this position?  As if I wasn’t embarrassed and nervous enough already!

“For stealing the van and letting Santiago take the blame for wrecking it…” I mumbled.

With that statement he delivered the first blow to the center of my bottom.

“Oooooowwwww!” I cried out, not having expected it to sting so much.  I have to be brave, I have to be brave! I repeated to myself.

He delivered the second one, directly under the first, and causing another cry to erupt from me.  And then the third and fourth, without much hesitation to regain myself, and I felt the tears starting to spill from my eyes.

“And what will you do in the future to avoid this from happening again?” he asked me, then gave me another swat just below my bottom, on my sit spots, causing me to kick up my right leg and my pants and panties to slide closer to the ground.

When I regained myself, I answered:  “I’ll find something fun to do around the camp when I’m bored – or ask for someone to come take us to the bar!”

He gave me a couple of more lashes with the damn strap, and I couldn’t help but kick and cry more, giving up on trying to be brave.

“Samantha, what you did was very irresponsible and dishonest.  As I said earlier, you are one of the lead counselors and frankly, one of the best at what you do.  Many of the staff look up to you, you are a big role model around here.  Is this the kind of example you want to set for your co-workers?”  He gave me another swat on the sit spots.

“Nooooo sirrrr!” I cried, wishing for this to be over.  My bottom stung so much, I was so embarrassed, and all this scolding wasn’t helping!

“And to let Santiago take the blame for it… that’s not being a very good friend.  Really, I’m surprised that you’re nineteen, because your behavior is reflecting that of a fourteen year old.”  I’d lost count by this time, but the lashes kept raining down upon my backside, and I’d basically given up on trying to be modest.

“I’m s-sorryyyy!” I blubbered.

“You’re also very lucky that nothing worse happened,” he added, coming over to me and lifting my chin so that I was looking him in the eyes.  “There could’ve been a much worse accident, and how would you be able to live with yourself knowing that it was your idea to take the van in the first place?”  His expression was so serious and concerned that it just made me cry more.  “You know better than this, Samantha.  You are better than this.”

He let go of my chin and I braced myself for the next blows.  There were three, one right after the other, all over my throbbing red bottom.  I just stayed in position, tears all over the place, nose stuffy and head achy from all the crying.  Pedro let me stay there for a moment, regaining myself, before saying, “Okay, Sami, you can get up now, and switch positions with Elena.”

I nodded and stood, wiping my face with the sleeve of my t-shirt.  Then I hobbled towards the corner with my pants still at my ankles and rubbing my bottom.  Elena had become pale with fear and I tried to whisper to her that it wasn’t as bad as it looked, but I couldn’t get the words out.  So I just pulled up my pants, gave her a consoling smile and hugged her.  She squeezed me back, not wanting to let go.

But she was finally ushered towards the desk by Pedro who asked her, like he had me, what her age is.

“Eighteen,” she answered in a low, frightened voice.

I could feel the nervousness radiating from her, so much that butterflies began forming in my own stomach again.  “Then you will receive eighteen with the strap,” he said. “You know the drill.  Shorts and panties to your knees, then over the desk.”

She began crying again, unable to follow his directions.  “Pedro, please…” she begged.

“I said:  shorts and panties to your knees, then over the desk.”  He paused, giving her a moment to respond before continuing.  “I’ll tell you like I did Sami… you did something very irresponsible and now it is time to face the consequences.”

“I know, but…” she began, breaking off into another sob.  “I’m really sorry,” she muttered.  She looked so pathetic that I wanted to step in and save her.  I wanted to be her brave knight in shining armor, who stood up to this evil man trying to abuse her.

I quickly snapped out of that fantasy, though, as she began pushing her shorts down, wiggling so they fell to her knees, and revealing her panties.  They were the boy-shorts kind, striped pink and purple and made her bottom look delicious if I do say so myself.  She scooted up towards the desk a little then, dropping the panties, too, and bent over.  I blushed realizing how much more immodest this position is than I’d originally thought.

Pedro held up the strap and tapped it on her bottom, questioning her the way he had me.  I could barely hear her response, only the CRACK of the leather meeting her skin and the squeal that followed it.  There was a pink stripe where he’d lashed her, and he soon created a second one beneath it.  I squirmed a bit, feeling uncomfortable as he continued.  I didn’t want to see my friend get spanked!  Yet, I couldn’t stop watching it… listening to it… remembering my own that she’d watched minutes ago…

“Owwww, Pedro!” she cried, wiggling and reaching her hand back before he gave her the fifth lash.  “I promise I’ll be good!”

I reached back to rub my own bottom.  It was still warm and achy, I could totally sympathize with my friend!  But couldn’t help noticing that it was getting a little warm in there.

After a mild scolding, Elena moved her hand back in front of her and received a few more swats.  Her bottom was striped red from the lashes, and she was crying full-out now, still apologizing with every breath.

“What are you learning, Elena?” he asked her.  “What will you do next time you’re faced with a similar situation?”

“I won’t steal anything ever ever again,” she cried.  “I’ll not drive the van without permission.  I’ll be good!”

He landed a swat to her sit spots.  “What if one of your good friends makes a suggestion to do something you’re not supposed to?” he asked firmly.

“Then I’ll tell them I can’t and they shouldn’t!” she promised, receiving another swat in the process.  She yelped, kicked her leg up and began crying harder.  “Pleaseeee, Pedro!”

He moved in towards her, making her look at him, just like he had with me.  “Elena, I mean it when I say that you two are some of my best workers.  I know that you truly care for the kids that you work with, and you have a strong work ethic that I admire.  And I also mean it when I say that others look up to you, and you should feel obligated to set a good example for them.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I expect better behavior in the future, young lady, is that understood?”

“Yes, sir,” she answered in a voice of defeat.

He stood back upright and gave her the last three lashes, much milder than the previous ones, though I’m sure to her it didn’t feel very mild.  And then, like he did for me, he let her regain composure until the sobs died down and she felt confident enough to push herself to her feet.  Her hands flew to her bottom and she tried to rub out the sting, sniffling and giving Pedro a submissive, cute, pathetic look.  And who could resist that?  He held out his arms to us both and we smothered ourselves in a big hug.

“Girls, do you sincerely believe that you’ve learned your lesson?”

We both nodded fiercely, “Yes, yes! We did, we promise!”

He released the hug.  “I’m not going to charge you for the damages, but this is the only warning you’ll get.  If you do something like this again, the consequences will be much harsher, understood?”

I assured him that it wouldn’t happen again while Elena replaced her clothing.

“Okay girls, you’re dismissed.  See you tomorrow.”

And that was it.  We linked arms and stalked out of the door.  I noticed my heart still pounding and a weird feeling in my stomach.  I felt closer to Elena now than I ever had before, and I wanted to be even more close to her… but I wasn’t sure how she’d take my advances and if she’d be creeped out that I was kind of excited from seeing her spanked.  I decided to just breathe awkwardly and hope to calm myself soon.

“That was so crazy,” she said, oblivious to my inner-dilemma.

“I know, right,” I answered.  “I’ve never been spanked before in my life,” I admitted.  “It was so embarrassing and hurt sooo much.”

“Really?  You’ve never been spanked?  Ever?”

I shook my head.  “Have you?”

She giggled.  “Yeah, I spent a lot of my childhood in Colombia, they’re known for smacking us with the ‘chancleta’ when we don’t do what we’re supposed to.”

I nodded.  I’d learned all about the ‘chancleta’… a sandal used by both mothers and fathers to correct their young one’s behavior.  “So your parents spanked you?” I asked as casually as possible, feeling my heart rate increase again.

“All the time when I was in middle school.  I was such a brat.”

I tried to imagine a pre-teen Elena mouthing off to her father only to find herself being subjected to the chancleta on her bare bottom… then crying and squirming just as she had today while bent over our supervisor’s desk.  I’m sure she hadn’t changed that much in the last six or so years.

“Anyway, I know the perfect remedy to our sore bottoms!” she exclaimed delightfully.  “Come on.”  She skipped happily towards our cabin and I followed along curiously.

She closed and locked the door behind us, then rummaged through her things.  She reappeared with some kind of lotion or cream, I’m not sure what it was, and immediately ordered me to lie down on the bed.  I hesitated, seeing where this was going.  “Lena, really, I’m okay…”

She didn’t listen, though.  I felt her pushing me towards the bed.  “Don’t be a baby, I’ve already seen it all anyway, I’m just going to help get some of the sting out!”

I folded my arms and frowned at being called a baby, then blushed at her having seen it all.  She was right, though, and my bottom did ache a lot… might as well let her rub the magic cream on it…

So I lay on the bed, still fully clothed long enough for her to mouth off, “and what do you expect me to do with your pants up?  Rub the cream onto them?”

“Heyy!  I was getting there… be patient!”  I slipped my jeans and panties down, exposing my sore bottom to her and burying my face in embarrassment.  She giggled.  Obviously my modesty was something she hadn’t expected from the brave and confident persona I’d represented the last few weeks.

She came over towards me and sat on top of my knees.  I heard her open the bottle of cream and then I felt the coolness on my left cheek.  Then another squirt onto my right cheek.  I shivered… whether from the chill or the excitement, I’m not sure.

“He spanked us really good,” she commented, now starting to rub the cream into my bottom.  The cold cream felt so good against my hot bottom.  And the way she was massaging my bum was making me all warm and tingly in other places.  I couldn’t help but moan a little bit.  “I know… the cream is amazing, right?  Don’t get too comfortable… it’s my turn next!”  She squeezed a little more cream onto my bottom and rubbed it in more, even as far down as my sitspots.  I desperately hoped that she couldn’t tell how turned on I was… so embarrassing!

She pulled my panties back up, then rolled off of me.  “Come on, my turn!” she yelped with excitement.  There was a slight conflict inside of me as to whether or not it’s ethically right to do this to her, knowing how wet it would make me… but the moral dilemma was out the window when I saw her lying face down on her bed, shorts and panties at her knees, red bum sticking in the air waiting for the cream.  I wondered how platonic this was for her, if she was getting any pleasure from the situation like I was.

I pushed the thought away and sat atop her knees as she had for me.  I squirted the cream all over her bottom, rubbing it into all the red places including her sit spots.  If I couldn’t tell she liked this from her moaning (more than I had!), I could see perfectly between her legs that we were having similar biological reactions.  Seeing this made me feel a bit more comfortable.  I rubbed some more cream into her aching backside as gently as possible, massaging her cheeks in such a way that she squirmed as she moaned.  I couldn’t help but rub in a little cream between her legs, too, brushing my fingertips against her shaved pussy lips.  That caused the biggest reaction, and I knew she wanted my fingers inside of her.

I held back, though, only finishing up my assigned task and then lying down next to her.  She had her face buried in the pillow, but I could see that it was bright red… almost as much as her bottom!  I put my arm around her.

“You okay?” I asked.

She nodded, still buried into her pillow.

“Did I embarrass you?”

She nodded again.

“Why?  Because you like this as much as I do?”

She gasped, and looked at me briefly, then buried her face again.  “Ohmygod, Sami…” she exclaimed.

I noticed that she hadn’t bothered pulling her pants up yet, so I reached back down to touch her warm bottom and rub it a little again.

“Are you doing this for me or because you want to?” she whispered.

“Both,” I answered, daring to reach between her legs again.  She invited me in, spreading them slightly, allowing my finger to slide inside of her.  God, she was so wet… at least as wet as I was, maybe even more.  I explored inside, feeling the moisture and causing her to groan and squirm more.  I eased out, feeling in front now the precision in which she had shaved that day.  I felt between her lips, touching her swollen clit, causing her to moan.

“Sami…” she breathed.

“Shhhhh,” I replied, rubbing her clit gently.  “Roll over to your back,” I whispered, and helped her.  Now face up, she looked at me and reached for my hair, running her fingers through it and smiling.  I smiled back and came in for a kiss.   It was amazing how natural this all felt – touching her lips, playing with her tongue, then departing as if she were a long time lover.  I felt confident in myself suddenly, and determined to do all the dirty things I’d fantasized (well at least some of them).

I made my way down to her shorts and panties, discarding them almost immediately.  Fingertips brushing her side, I slowly traced up her body, studying every beautiful inch of it, lifting her shirt off of her, and throwing it aside as well.  There she lay, now clad only in her lacy purple bra.

I spread her legs apart a little and stuck my fingers inside her again.  She had gotten wetter since the last time I’d felt her.  I eased my fingers in and out, finger-fucking her a bit and watching her chew on her lower lip, writhing in pleasure.  When I stopped, my fingers were covered in her fluids and she looked at me sheepishly, cheeks still pink (both sets of cheeks!).

I came in now with my mouth, ready to explore her with my tongue, meanwhile reaching under her bra with my hands and grasping her breasts.  I’d never eaten a girl out before, nor played with her boobs, but I knew what felt good to me and tried to do the same to her.  I felt like my job was to please her.

And for my first time performing oral sex on a woman, I’ll have to say I did a pretty good job.  But I think Elena started to feel guilty and she pulled me away from her pussy, throwing me beneath her as she decided it was her turn to have her way with me.

She unfastened her bra and threw it away.  “You don’t think it’s fair that I’m naked and you’re not, do you?” she asked, all embarrassment having faded by this time.

“It’s okay, really, I don’t mind…”

She cut me off by pulling me out of my shirt.  I was so much more self-conscious of my body than she was, but I couldn’t really stop her.  Besides, as she’d said, she’d seen it all before anyway!

“We were really naughty,” she told me, now working on getting me out of my jeans.  “We really deserved the good spanking we got from Pedro.”

The tone she used, so innocent and cute, got me all riled up again.  How was it possible that she was making me feel that way?  Did she… like… the spanking?

“And I think we have to tell Santiago,” she added, “and ask him to spank us as well.”

“What?!” I asked, looking at her like she was crazy.

“Shh!  We deserve it.  We were really horrible to him, letting him take the blame all day for something we did…” She finally managed to wrestle my jeans and panties off and get up on her hands and knees above me, boobs practically in my face.  The look she was giving me was seductive and playful.  Did she want another spanking?  I reached up between her legs and felt her pussy again…  “Hey!” she said, pushing my hand away.  “It’s my turn!”

“Does getting spanked excite you?” I asked.

She blushed and said, “shut up!” in a cute embarrassed voice.  “We were bad friends, and it’s better that we admit to it instead of him finding out from someone else.  You know how quickly things spread through camp.  He’ll know it was our fault by tomorrow evening.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

She blushed deeper and nibbled on my earlobe before whispering:  “It’s not the spanking I like necessarily… it’s the aftercare I get with you.”  She lay down beside me (practically on top of me) and reached down to feel how wet I was.  “And I think you like it, too,” she said in a mischievous voice.


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