by Dee — Lucas


Lucas is left in charge of his 7 younger siblings while the parents are away for the weekend.  Kimi is the first to test his patience with her pre-teen attitude.


Like many young kids in any family, they always think their eldest brother/sister are the coolest and always gets excited when they are left being babysat by them because they are much more tolerant and flexible than their parents. That was the case for Lucas Kamiya. See, Lucas has a large family and he is the eldest out of 8 children. That’s right…8. First, there’s him who is 18 years old, then there’s Cody (16), Natalie (14) , Jacob (11) , Kimi (10), the twins Kenny and Zenny (8) and finally Ashley (5 and a half). His parents, Kenta and Jade, are very fun, caring parents and are always putting their kids as their priorities. However, his father is very strict and is a firm believer in spanking. He does all the spanking in the household. With many kids like that, spanking seems to be the only option to keep his kids in line.

You’d think that having both parents around, Lucas would have nothing to do with his siblings but because it is a large family, sometimes they can’t go everywhere together thus sometimes having Lucas watch over the younger kids while the parents are out. The kids LOVE having Lucas babysit them because he is very lenient with the house rules and knows that he wouldn’t rat them out if any of the rules were broken. Of course, the only type of rules that were ever broken when Lucas babysat was those small types of rules like no sweets before dinner, or no video games before homework. They knew that if they broke a serious rule…not only will he tell their father but he will also spank them himself. Of course they didn’t know that at first and Lucas didn’t either until one day, one of them took advantage of his tolerance.

It happened about 6 months ago during a school day. It was a Thursday morning and the kids were at the dining room table eating breakfast. Their mother was in the living room finishing packing a small luggage. She was going to go out of town for the weekend because she received a call from her sister who was sick and needed someone to help her for she was alone. As she was packing, she was giving her kids instructions.

“Okay kids, listen to your brother and don’t give him a hard time. I’m only going to be over at your Aunt Lisa’s place for the weekend to take care of her,” said Jade as she walked by the dining room table, “I wrote her number down in case anything happens and you need to reach me.”

“We’ll be fine mom, don’t worry.” said Natalie, sipping her freshly squeezed orange juice.

Kenta walked in the dining room buckling his belt just as Jade finished packing and sealed the luggage shut. He went to say good morning to his kids and then turned to his wife, “You ready to go? I can drop you off at the bus station before I go to work.”

“Yes honey, thank you! Lucas, call me if anyone is getting out of hand. I left some money if you want to order anything or need to buy something. Cody I found your CD player, I placed it on your bed, Natalie I ironed your favourite shirt it’s in your room, Jacob I washed your gym shorts they’re in the dryer. Kimi I signed your permission slip for next week’s field trip, it’s in your bag. Kenny stop smearing peanut butter all over Zenny’s face and Zenny stop encouraging him to do so and Ashley, Lucas will take you to kindergarten soon so please go get dressed,” instructed Jade. She then went to pick up her luggage and began to walk out of the door, “Good bye everyone, I’ll miss every single one of you. I love you all!,” she blew kisses at each of her kids and left.

Kenta began to follow his wife but he stopped and turned to face his kids, “Remember kids, I’ll be home no later than midnight. I expect you all to be on your best behavior. That means I expect you all to have your homework and chores finished, understand?”

“Yes sir…” said all the kids said at the same time.

Kenta looked over at Lucas, nodded at him, and then left the house. As soon as the front door closed all the younger kids began jumping up and down and went towards Lucas who was leaning against the wall, drinking his coffee. They began tugging on his t-shirt to get his attention.

“Lucas! Lucas! Can we have pizza for dinner? Please?” asked Kenny, looking up at Lucas with eager eyes.

“Whoa, careful guys you’re gonna make me spill my coffee,” Lucas said as he walked over to the table to place his mug.

“Can we go rent a movie and watch it while we eat?? Please? It’ll be awesome!” shouted Zenny, obviously not paying attention to what Lucas just said..

“I want ice cream and chocolate,” said Ashley, still tugging at his jeans since she couldn’t really reach his shirt.

Lucas just sighed, he did not wanted to spend his day off from work babysitting especially how they were already being hyperactive. It hasn’t even been a minute since their parents left and he was already tired. He was super glad it was a school day and that he would only have to bear with them in the morning and evening. Still, even though they annoyed him and he wasn’t really in the mood, it felt pretty nice to be looked up to and be considered cool. So he smiled a little and ruffled their hairs.

“Alright, we’ll have pizza and watch a movie for dinner. But that means you’ll have to do your chores right after, ok?” Lucas asked, looking at each one of them in the eyes. The younger kids nodded eagerly obviously excited about the evening. Lucas couldn’t help but chuckle, “Okay, then if you’re finished eating breakfast then go get ready for school.” The younger kids scampered to the bathroom to brush their teeth.

“Hey Luke,” said Jacob as he rose from his chair and picked up his empty plate and cup.

“What’s up, Jake?”

“Just letting you know that I have basketball practice after school and coach said he was gonna take us out to eat afterwards. So you don’t have to hold up with the pizza for me. I’ll be home by 7:30.”

“Oh okay, well thanks for telling me, dude. If you’re going to stay out later for whatever reason, call me.” Lucas said. Jacob nodded and left the kitchen and into the bathroom.

Once everybody was ready and was about to leave the door Lucas figured he should at least recite one rule to them. “Before we go, does anyone, besides Jacob, have any plans or something to do after school?” Everyone shook their heads no, “Okay, so I expect you guys to be home soon. If by any chance you are going to stay later in school or whatever, let me know. Call me alright?” Jacob and the younger kids nodded. Natalie rolled her eyes and Cody just grunted. Lucas leaned towards them to whisper.

“Come on guys, I know I’m being dorky here but it’s for the kids’ sake. I gotta at least be strict with one rule. Otherwise they’ll go wild. Help me out a bit will ya?” pleaded Lucas. Natalie just sighed and nodded. Cody didn’t say anything.

“Okay Lucas, I’ll make sure to call you if I won’t be coming home early because that’s the right thing to do!” Natalie said with a cheesy smile and a fake happy tone. Lucas just rolled his eyes.

“Okay everybody let’s go,” Lucas said as he opened the door. He looked at his watch and then at Jacob, Kimi, the twins and Ashley,” Okay, I’ll drop you guys off because you’re running a bit late. So get in my car.”

The day went uneventful. Once Lucas dropped the younger kids at school, he just went to the gym to workout, went to a video store to rent a movie and then enjoyed the entire afternoon being home alone. He rarely gets the house to himself. Once the clock read 2:45pm Lucas left to pick up Ashley from kindergarten. When the two of them got home it was 3:15. “They should be coming soon, I guess I should order the pizza now,” Lucas thought.

As soon as Lucas placed the order, the front door opened and Natalie and Cody entered. About thirty minutes later, Kenny and Zenny entered all muddy and messy.

“Kenny, Zenny… why are you both so…filthy??” Lucas asked

“We wrestled while we were coming home and we fell in mud.” Said Zenny, stretching out his shirt to show the stain.

“I fell in the mud, I think Zenny fell in dog poop…” said Kenny as he playfully shoved his twin brother.

Lucas shook his head and then he noticed that Kimi wasn’t with them. Jacob and Kimi always walked home with the twins since they are in the same school.

“Guys, where’s your sister Kimi? Lucas asked.

The boys didn’t hear his question because they were busy shoving each other and giggling. Lucas was about to ask them again until the pizza guy appeared at the door. He paid the delivery guy and placed the pizza boxes and drinks on the table in the dining room. That’s when everyone went rushing to the dining room but was stopped by Lucas.

“Hang on guys. First things first…wash up,” Lucas looked at the twins when he said that, “Also…” he continued, “Kimi isn’t home yet…Kenny, why wasn’t she with you two?”

Kenny looked up at his brother’s eyes and just shrugged, “I don’t know. We waited for her at the school entrance but she never showed up, so we thought she was already home.”

Lucas became quiet and looked at the clock. 3:55 pm. School ended at 3:10 and it takes them only 20 minutes to walk home from school. She didn’t have any plans since he asked in the morning and it’d be very unlikely for her to get a detention for she is a very well-behaved student. Lucas became a bit worried but shrugged it off. He didn’t want to be a worrier overreact like his mother. He figured she might’ve talked with a teacher at school.

“Did you see Jacob at all before you left?” he asked the twins.

“No. but that’s because he has practice over at the boys gym which is way over at the other end of the school,” replied Kenny.

“Maybe she’s at practice with Jacob?” said Zenny.

“I don’t think so,” said Lucas, “audiences are never allowed during practice unless it was necessary.”

“I’m hungry…,” complained Ashley, reaching out for the pizza box.

“Sorry kiddo but I don’t think we should eat yet until Kimi arrives…” said Lucas, picking Ashley up. Ashley whined and Lucas felt bad but he felt like it wasn’t fair to eat dinner without waiting for a family member unless they tell you to. He was used to that.

“Okay. Kenny, Zenny, go wash up. We’re going to wait at least 15 more minutes for Kimi. If she doesn’t show up, we’ll eat.” The twins nodded and wrestled towards the stairs to take a quick bath. Cody went on the computer to pass the time and Natalie just remained in the kitchen.

“Where is this girl?” asked Lucas, still holding a hungry Ashley.

“Lucas, don’t worry too much. I’m sure she’s fine and will be home soon. It’s only 4:05. Let’s just hope she’s with Jacob,” said Natalie as she opened the fridge to get a cold water bottle

“Well she should’ve called,” Lucas said, a little annoyed, “Did I not say to call if you’re going to come home late for whatever reason?” Natalie just shrugged and leaned on the kitchen counter, drinking her cool water.

“I told them to call! Normally I wouldn’t mind but she’s 10 years old man, I mean if it was you or Cody I’d be ok with it. But Kimi is still too young…”

“Oh Lucas. You’re starting to sound like mom,” said Natalie as she started to leave the kitchen, “It hasn’t even been a full hour. She probably is talking to some friends or something,”

“Yea…maybe you’re right,” sighed Lucas. He figured he should stop worrying. He placed Ashley down and gave her a small snack and led her to the living room. He sat down on the couch and turned on the tv

15 minutes has passed and still no Kimi. As promised, Lucas allowed everyone to eat and watch their movie. Everyone wolfed down the pizza and laughed along with the movie but Lucas was beginning to worry to enjoy the evening with his siblings. Soon the movie finished and the pizza was all gone and still no sign of Kimi. It was almost 6:15. Lucas was becoming more worried and frustrated. He was praying that Kimi was with Jacob, that she was on her way with him. He didn’t want everybody to know he was becoming a worrywart like his parents so he sent his siblings to do their chores while he cleaned up the mess they made in the living room.

At 7:30 the front door opened. Lucas looked up from his cell phone and saw Jacob walk in.

“Hey…” said Lucas while Jacob removed his shoes, “how was practice?”

“It was exhausting but worth it because coach took us out to an all you can buffet. Man I am so stuffed,” said Jacob with a grin,” I’m going to take a shower…” he began to head for the stairs until Lucas made him stop.

“Jacob, where’s Kimi? Isn’t she with you?”

Jacob turned around to look at his brother with a confused look, “what do you mean? I was at practice. We’re not allowed to have audiences. Is…is she not here?” Lucas shook his head, “Did you see her at all after school?” Jacob shook his head and said, “I saw her during the day time to time but afterschool I was to go straight to the gym so I didn’t see her,”

“I see…,” said Lucas, “Well…I’m going out to look for her. Call my cell if she comes home okay?” Jacob nodded as he watched his eldest brother put on his shoes and light jacket. He felt bad because he was not much of a help and he was a little worried about Kimi too.

Once Lucas was ready, he went into the kitchen to get his car keys. Just when he did, the front door opened and Kimi walked in. “I’m home!” she announced. She closed the door, kicked her shoes off and tossed her bag to the side and went into the living room. Completely oblivious to how late she arrived.

“Hey,” said Kimi as she passed Jacob who was still on the base of the stairs and went to sit on the couch to watch TV. Jacob stared at his sister with a dumbfounded look. He knew that coming home late without permission was a ticket to their father’s lap. But she didn’t seem concerned or nervous at all about coming home late. He was about to go over to her to talk to her until he saw Lucas come out of the kitchen and walk towards to where he was standing. Lucas just looked over to where Kimi was sitting and Jacob saw Lucas’ face slowly turn from worried to relief to a bit angry.

Lucas sighed, walked over and stood beside the couch where Kimi was sitting. He crossed his arms and looked down on her, “Where the hell were you?” he asked in a quiet yet stern voice. Kimi didn’t seem to catch the firmness in his voice for she was watching TV.

“I was at a friend’s house,” she said in a matter of fact tone.

“A friend’s house?! You were at a friend’s house?” Lucas asked, his voice getting a bit louder “Do you have any idea what time it is?”

Kimi still had her eyes glued to the TV. She shrugged.

“Kimi, it’s almost 8:00!”

“Oh, I must’ve lost track of time.”

Lucas became a bit agitated. Clearly, Kimi doesn’t realize the trouble she’s in and she doesn’t seem to be taking him seriously. So Lucas grabbed the remote from her hand and turned off the TV.

Kimi finally looked up at Lucas, “Hey! Luke! I was watching that!” she whined

“Well, I’m talking to you so you need to listen to me. You said you were at a friend’s house. Tell me about it.”

Kimi looked at him with a confused looked on her face, “What do you mean? What’s there to tell? I was over at a friend’s house. That’s it.”

“Who’s house was it?”

“Tasha’s. Can I watch my show now? Please? ” Kimi reached for the remote but Lucas kept it away.

“Did you already have plans to go to her house early this morning?”


“Did you already have plans to go to her house early this morning?”

“God Luke, why are you asking me questions. Just give me the remote.”

“Answer me.”

“No I didn’t! She invited me to go over during lunch break.” Kimi got up to turn on the TV manually but Lucas grabbed her by the shoulders and made her sit back down on the couch. He was kind of surprised how his 10 year old sister was beginning to have the same attitude as his 14 year old sister. Oh boy.

“Kimi, do you remember what I said earlier today?” Lucas asked with his hands still on her shoulders. Kimi just looked up at her eldest brother. She couldn’t read his expression. He sounded mad but his face says something else but she doesn’t know what. Anger? Doesn’t seem so and clearly he isn’t joking around either. She didn’t know what he was trying to do or why he was having this conversation with her. He had never really bothered to nag or question them before, so why now. Whatever the reason, it was beginning to annoy Kimi. The way Lucas was asking her questions reminded her of her father.

“Kimi…” Lucas said and Kimi looked away, “what did I say earlier today?”

Kimi rolled her eyes, “that if we were going to stay later in school or do whatever after, to give you a call and let you know.”

“So why didn’t you?” Lucas let go of her shoulders and sat at the coffee table that was in front of the couch so that he was slightly in the same face level as Kimi.

“I don’t know I guess I just forgot ok?” Kimi said with a hint of attitude and annoyance in her voice.

Lucas was losing patience, “You forgot?? How can you possibly forget to call?! Kimi, you know you’re supposed to call and inform us where you are. We must know where you are and whom you’re with to know that you’re safe! If you wanted to go over to Tasha’s place then that’s fine but you should’ve called!” Lucas voice was getting louder.

“Well whatever! I’m home now and nothing happened! So forget about it man.”

“I can’t just forget about it, Kimi. You’ll most likely do this again whenever I have to watch over you guys. Do you not know how dangerous it is for you to break that rule? Sure, today nothing happened to you but don’t be so sure about next time. I’m serious, I was worried sick about you”

Kimi felt a pang of guilt when Lucas said that but the fact that, in her point of view, he was overreacting really bothered her. “Look Luke, quit being such a drama queen. You’re losing your cool!”

“Kimi! I swear to god I am going to go call dad right now to deal with you!”

“Why are you being such a prick? Just calm down!” Kimi said with a bratty tone.

Lucas’ patience was gone. He stood up and pulled Kimi to her feet by grabbing her arm and yanking her out of her seat in one pull. “Do NOT tell me to calm down!!” Lucas yelled causing Kimi to jump a little. He rarely yells and Kimi could tell he was rather ticked off. Upon hearing Lucas’ loud voice, the rest of the Kamiya siblings appeared from different rooms to see what the commotion was. They leaned by the banister and were shocked to see what was going on. Jacob was still standing at the base of the stairs, watching the whole scenario.

“Lucas! My arm! You’re squeezing it too hard!” Kimi whined.

“Well then maybe you should quit being a brat and take what I’m saying into consideration!” Lucas said. He then released his grip from Kimi’s arm and Kimi immediately began massaging her arm, glaring at her brother.

“You’re grounded for the rest of the evening,” Lucas stated, “No TV, no phone calls, no nothing. You are to do your chores and homework only and then you are to go to bed.”

“What!!??” screamed Kimi, “You can’t ground me!”

“I just did!” Said Lucas.

The other kids were staring with their eyes wide. They had never seen Lucas act so…parent-like and they had never seen Kimi throw a fit.

“That is not fair!!! You’re being a complete jerk!” Kimi cried.

“I’ll tell YOU what’s not fair! You going somewhere without calling and leaving your family worried sick while you have a great time!” Lucas yelled, “And then you come in here without an explanation and you act like you’ve done nothing wrong, not to mention the attitude you’ve been giving me! Kimi, you’re 10 years old! That’s too young to be wondering alo-” Lucas couldn’t finish his sentence because Kimi just walked away from him and went towards the stairs and began to go up. Lucas was dumbstruck for a second and then became furious and went to the base of the stairs. Jacob backed away a little but did not remove his eyes from them. He couldn’t believe it.

“Don’t you walk away from me while I’m talking to you Kimi!!!” Lucas roared

Kimi stopped halfway up the stairs to looked down at Lucas, “I just did!!” she screamed. That’s when Lucas did something he never thought he’d ever do. He didn’t know what came over him. Everything happened so fast. He ran up the stairs to where Kimi was, grabbed her arm, pulled her towards him and smacked her bottom hard. The smacking sound echoed and then everything went silent. The other siblings stood frozen in their spot. Too, shock to react.

Kimi was stunned. That one smack on her bum did hurt but she was too shock to react. She looked up at Lucas with wide eyes. Lucas was also shocked about what he just did but he still didn’t let go of Kimi.

“L-Luke?” Kimi asked in a tiny voice.

Lucas didn’t say anything. He gripped on Kimi’s arm and began to go upstairs, pulling her along.

“Luke! What are you doing? Let me go!! Lucas!!” Kimi yelled as she tried to break free from his grip without success. Lucas did not say a word nor did he look back at her, he just kept dragging her along with ease.

The other siblings who were at the top of the stairs, leaning on the banister didn’t know what to do but to watch in silence. Upon reaching the second floor of the house, Lucas looked as his younger siblings who just stared at him with wide eyes.

“Guys, go back to your rooms and finish up your homework. If you’re done then you can go downstairs and do something.” He instructed and began to go towards Kimi’s room. The kids immediately went to do what they were told to do. They were too scared to say anything to their elder brother. Cody and Natalie however, just stood there and looked at each other. Cody just shrugged. Natalie didn’t know what was going on but didn’t like how Lucas was dragging Kimi around.

“Luke! What’s going on? What the hell are you doing? Let her go!” demanded Natalie as she grabbed Lucas’ arm.

Lucas turned around to face his teen sister and Natalie stopped. There was something about Lucas’ expression that she couldn’t read yet it was familiar. He had this serious look that she had never seen him have before. It wasn’t anger or annoyance. But for some reason it made her not want to interfere with what he was doing. She slowly let go of his arm.

“…Just, don’t be so harsh on her.” She said quietly. Lucas simply nodded and dragged a struggling Kimi into her room and closed the door.

Once the door was closed, he gently shoved Kimi towards her bed and sighed. He didn’t know what he was going to do and he really didn’t want to be in this situation but felt responsible in dealing with her recent behavior.

Kimi on the other hand was pretty pissed. When Lucas gently shoved her towards her bed, she ran up to him and began pounding on his chest.

“Lucas what the hell! What do you think you’re doing!! Why are you being so mean to me!?” She was on the verge of tears for she thinks that Lucas is being unfair and treating her badly. It was giving her the idea that her cool eldest brother no longer liked her.

Lucas watched in amazement as Kimi threw a mini temper tantrum by continuously hitting his chest. It didn’t hurt him at all of course but he knew he couldn’t let her go on like this. Lucas sighed, grabbed Kimi’s hands, and leaned down to look at her eyes.

“Kimi…” he said in a low voice. Kimi began to struggle but slowly stopped when Lucas continued, “Listen, I’m not mad at you for going over to Tasha’s house. Unlike dad, I’m ok with you going to places. But I just need you to call or let me know where you are. That’s the only rule I ask of you to follow. You have no idea how worried I was when I didn’t see you come home.” Lucas said in a sad voice.

Kimi didn’t say anything, she just continued to glare at him but upon hearing the last words she felt that pang of guilt again. As much as she was feeling bad for worrying him she was still annoyed at how he was acting like a parent.

“You didn’t had to yell and hit me” she spat.

“You were being disrespectful and bratty and you know it. Aside from breaking that rule, you were giving me attitude when I asked you questions. You wouldn’t have acted like that at all if it was dad who was asking you those questions. And even though I too was shocked that I smacked you I’d say that you deserved it. Well, what do you have to say for yourself sis?” Lucas asked as he let go of her hands and crossed his arms. He really hoped Kimi would realize her mistake and apologize otherwise he would have to do what he doesn’t want to do.

Unfortunately, Kimi was beyond annoyed. Yes she did know her mistake and how she was acting but she was in no way sorry and she did not want to give in to Luke. She knew she was testing her brother but didn’t know why. What she did know though, was that she really hated Lucas being like this.

“I’d still say that you’re being a prick!” she screamed and pouted as she stomped her foot.

“Kimi, you’re already in trouble. Don’t be like this.”

“WHY AM I IN TROUBLE!?!? You’re being so mean and unfair to me! You suck!” Kimi yelled as she began to punch Lucas again. Lucas just sighed.. He grabbed Kimi by the arm, sat on her bed and as he pulled her towards him he quietly said, “You’ve been asking for this Kimi, I’ve been patient and given you many chances to co-operate but you just blew it.” And with that he pulled her over his knees.

Kimi gasped as he placed her over his knee. This position could only mean one thing. No. It can’t be. Lucas would never spank her! He couldn’t! She knew she was in trouble but never thought her brother would ever take this approach. She began to wiggle around his lap in attempt to get off but Lucas took hold of her.

“Lucas! No! don’t! please! I…I’m sorry!!!” yelled Kimi

“Oh so now you’re sorry? Now that you are dealing with the consequences you are sorry? I don’t think so Kimi. I already gave you chances to apologize and I already explained to you your wrong doing yet you continued to deny and be bratty!” Lucas scolded as he started to lift up Kimi’s skirt.

“Lucas NO! DON’T!!” cried Kimi as she felt her skirt being lifted up. She blushed from embarrassment knowing that her brother has now a full clear view of her striped cotton panties. She began kicking her legs. She SO did not want to be here right now. (

smack!) (smack) (smack)

“Owww!!” shrieked Kimi as Lucas spanked her back thighs

“Stop that kicking right now young lady!!” yelled Lucas. Kimi was stunned for Lucas had never EVER used the phrase “young lady” on anyone.

“Luke!! I’m really sorry!” Pleaded Kimi

“(smack) (smack) it’s a little too late for that sis. (smack) (smack) Clearly you don’t understand (smack) (smack) (smack) the seriousness about you not calling in (smack) (smack)!! And telling us where you were! (smack)” Scolded Lucas as his hand rained down on his sister’s bottom.

Kimi began to cry. She was surprised at how hard her brother can spank. He spanks just as hard as their father. Kimi continue to wiggle around and kick her legs while crying. “Lucas NOO!!! You’re overreacting!!!” she cried

“(smack) (smack)! (smack)! Am I now? (smack) What if somebody kidnapped you? Huh? (smack) (smack) What if you got hurt? Or had an accident? (smack) (smack) We wouldn’t know how to reach to you! (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)! Is that considered overreacting?! (smack) (smack)!”

“AAAHHH!!! YESS!! OW! NOTHING HAPPENED!!” screamed Kimi. Lucas just sighed and kept on spanking her. Eventually he hooked his fingers onto the waist band of Kimi’s panties and yanked them down to bare her now pinkish bottom. Kimi gasped and blushed even deeper when she felt her brother bare her bottom. This caused her to go hysterical.

“Lucas!! NO!! STOP!!” she yelled as she kicked furiously. She then reached back and tried to pull back her panties. Lucas however, pinned her hand onto her back and gave her five very hard smacks.



“Don’t you dare try reach back! (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)!! And stop with the kicking right NOW or I’ll take off my belt young lady!! (smack)!” Threatened Lucas as he spanked her sit spots. When Kimi stopped her kicking he continued his lecture, “And I know nothing happened today (smack) (smack) (smack) and we should be thankful! But we shouldn’t take anything for granted (smack) (smack) Anything can happen (smack smack) in a blink of an eye (smack) (smack)! Even when you or any of us (smack) (smack) are not home we are (smack) to call and let each other know (smack) where we are so they’ll know that we’re safe (smack) (smack) and if anything happens we’ll know where to find each other! (smack) (smack) Do you understand!? (smack) (smack)”


Kimi’s now bare bottom had just turned from pink to red. She began to feel horrible now that she realized how she managed to piss off Lucas, her cool brother who is slow to anger and very gentle. He only gets angry at people who he hates and who has done horrible things. And here he is being mad, at her. Mad to the point where he’s spanking her! Man, was she terrible.

“(smack) (smack) (smack) You have no idea how worried I was!” Lucas stated

“OW! B-but you’re *sob* not….mom or…dad!!…*sniff*” cried Kimi

“(smack) (smack) (smack) Doesn’t matter! I’m your older brother, and it’s also my responsibility to make sure your safe,” Lucas explained as he stopped the spanking for a moment, “I may let you guys get away with things but not when it comes to your safety. I was really scared when you didn’t come home on time and when no one knew where you were, I thought the worst thing that could’ve happened. That’s why I want you to know what you did was not right and why” and with that he resumed the spanking.

Kimi just laid there and cried and cried. Her bottom felt like it was on fire and she couldn’t take any more of it but something else was bothering her. Lucas’ voice sounded sad and…worried. All this time she thought he was turning into a bossy jerk and was beginning to take her fun away when in reality he was just worried about her. And here she was, causing him problems. As her guilt, and sore bottom, gets the better of her, Kimi begins to cry harder.

“B-b-big b-brother I’m sorry! *sniff* I’m so sorry!! *sob* I didn’t mean to *hic* to be bad! I didn’t mean to make you worry! *sob* I’m sorry!!” cried Kimi. And she really meant it.

Upon hearing those sincere words Lucas slowly began to cease his spanking. He gave her three final smacks and then began to rub his sister’s back while she cried. He couldn’t believe he actually spanked his sister! He felt a little guilty but at the same time felt like he did the job of setting her straight. Still, he really didn’t like seeing her like this. He pulled her panties back in place, lowered her skirt and gently lifter her up into a sitting position on his lap and held her.

Meanwhile in the room next door which was Jacob’s room, the rest of the Kamiya siblings were shoving each other on the bed trying to make room to press their ears against the wall.

“You think its over??” Asked Kenny

“I hope so! That sounded bad!” replied Ashley

“Kimi is still crying though!” said Zenny

“I can’t believe he actually spanked her! That asshole!” growled Natalie.

“Why didn’t you stop him if you were so worried?” asked Cody

“Because when I tried to he gave me that same look that dad gives me when he had to punish somebody. It just made me not want to interfere” admitted Natalie

“Coward” remarked Cody

“Shut up! At least I tried!” yelled Natalie as she shoved Cody.

“Ashley move out of the way I can’t hear!”

“OW! Kenny! Stop pushing me!”

“I hope Kimi is ok”


Back at Kimi’s room.

Kimi was still sitting on her brother’s lap as she laid her head on his shoulder as she continued to cry while Lucas stroked her hair and gently whispered soothing words into her ear.

“Shh, there, there. it’s ok sis. Let it out. It’s all over.”

“Luke! I’m sorry!! I really am!”

“I know. You are forgiven squirt, I’m sorry I had to spank you but you really worried me. Don’t do it again,” whispered Lucas, he then kissed her forehead and hugged her tight, “I love you.”

Kimi looked up at him with a surprised look, “You…you do??” she asked as tears continued to stroll down her cheeks, “I thought you didn’t anymore because you were mad”

Lucas gently smiled at Kimi, “I wasn’t mad sis. Just worried and disappointed. And I can never hate you. You’re my little sister. Nothing you do can make me hate you,” Lucas said as he wiped a few tears off of her face with his thumb and then gently kissed her cheek, “Now I understand how mom and dad feels when it comes to discipline.” He thought. Kimi felt relieved when she heard what Lucas said and hugged him tight. She promised to never misbehave whenever he babysits. Lucas continued to rock her and softly hummed into her ear. After a few more minutes of hugging and cuddling and kissing and all those corny things, Kimi got off of his lap and rubbed her eyes. Lucas also got up and decided to go check on the others.

“Do you have any homework to do? Dad will be home soon and we wouldn’t wanna tick him off,” said Lucas as he opened the door.

Kimi shook her head, “I did all of them in class. Uhm, Lucas? Are you going to tell dad what happened?” Kimi asked shyly.

Lucas thought about it and nodded. He figured that it was best to do it. Kimi whined but agreed. Kenta came home earlier than expected and arrived at 10. Kimi told her father what she did and Lucas explained that even though he never intended to actually spank her, he did. Kenta was surprised and didn’t really know how to feel about having his son spank his other kids. But after seeing how Kimi was truly remorse and promising to call for anything he decided that Lucas has matured a lot and is even more mature than most 18 years old. He decided to give him permission to spank the kids only when it’s really necessary.

Needless to say, that after that day Lucas was still the cool older brother who let his siblings get away with things. But there were many times where he had to put them over his knees to keep them in line.

The end.

4 thoughts on “by Dee — Lucas

  1. Wonderful…..nicely written…..lucas is cool, caring and firm….. i felt so good reading it…there are only a few people writing bro/sis stories..loved it


  2. I read this story again an realized it was written on my anniversary:) I love it. I really wish you were writing more!!! I have been reading your stories for years. if you ever write a book please post it on your website or here!!!


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