by Dee — Natalie

 Fourteen year old Natalie is concerned about one thing only:  making friends with the cool kids in her new high school.  This causes her to make some bad decisions which allows her to see a side of her older brother, Lucas, that she’s never seen before.
“Natalie! Hurry up or Luke and I are leaving you!” yelled Cody from the bottom of the stairs as he put on his backpack. It was a typical school day for the Kamiya kids. The younger kids all already left for school and Jade and Kenta already left for work. Lucas offered to give Cody and Natalie a ride since their high school was on the same direction as his work. They could’ve walked since it was a 30 minute walk but they were running late because of their sister.
“Just hang on! I’m almost done!” replied Natalie while she stared at herself in the mirror, checking every side of her body. She made a face and grunted as she stripped off her shirt and tossed it on her messy bed that is now full of clothes.
“Ugh! Nothing looks good on me today!” muttered Natalie while she rummaged through her closet. Ever since she started high school she had been so concerned about her looks and what people think. Of course it’s understandable since every freshman wants to be cool and that was the case for Natalie. She wanted to be popular and hang out with the cool people. She figured that since her eldest brother Lucas was really popular when he was in high school it shouldn’t be so hard for her. Her outfits, however, have been giving her a tough time.
“Dammit Natalie! We’re leaving!” yelled Cody as he opened the door and walked out.
Lucas sighed and grabbed his keys. “Girls…” he muttered.
“Wait!! I’m coming!!” yelled Natalie. She quickly grabbed a shirt and pulled it over her head while she ran downstairs.  She tackled her backpack and ran out the door and into the car.
“Sheesh man, about time. Why must you always make us late?” asked an annoyed Cody.
Natalie buckled her seatbelt and panted, “Shut up,” she said.
“Alright guys, let’s get going. We’re already late,” said Lucas as he turned on the engine. He backed the car up from the garage to the road and drove off. Upon arriving the school Lucas was in such a hurry that he practically shoved his siblings off the car and was gone before any of them said their goodbyes. Cody and Natalie speed walked to their school and Cody opened the school entrance door and held it for his sister. When he looked at her he snorted.
“What’s so funny?” asked an annoyed Natalie as she entered through the door.
“I can’t believe you take forever getting ready” said Cody with a smirk. The two of them walked down the hall together.
“Well excuse me! I have to look my best, the cool kids are starting to notice me and who knows? Maybe they’ll let me hang out with them!” said Natalie with a hopeful look, “My clothes are all out dated, and I need a new wardrobe”
Cody just shook his head and stopped walking, “A new wardrobe eh? Is that why you took one of Kimi’s shirt?” he asked with a smirk as he pointed at the shirt Natalie was wearing. Natalie stopped walking and turned to face Cody with a confused look. She then looked down and saw that the shirt she had on was indeed Kimi’s. It was baby blue with dark blue polka dots with a tiny white bow near the collar. There was puppy on the front of the shirt and a big blue paw at the back. It was a shirt of Blue’s Clues. It was Kimi’s Blue’s Clues pajama top.
“OHMYGOSH!!” squeaked Natalie. What a way to start her day! She was devastated, she was such in a hurry that she didn’t even realized what shirt she grabbed. She couldn’t believe that out of all of her clothes she just had to pick her 10 year old sister’s pajama shirt. One of the disadvantages of sharing a room and closet with somebody.
 Cody just laughed and began to head towards the opposite side of the hallway, “Later. Hope the cool kids notice you”
“Shut up, you bastard!” Natalie whispered sharply since they were in the hall way and she didn’t want to draw attention from the classrooms. She didn’t know what to do. She had the urge to run back home to change but then she’ll miss her first period class and half of her second period and she knew that skipping was wrong unless it was an emergency…But this WAS an emergency, kind of. Having a wardrobe malfunction can be pretty bad. Especially since it’s a kid’s pajama shirt that is tight around the breast area making them pop out more and not able to cover her tummy area very much.
“I’m sure if I explain this to my parents, they’ll understand.” Thought Natalie, “I’m not skipping to have fun, I am skipping to change clothes.” And with that she headed out of the school building without being noticed.
As she was speed walking home she passed by a plaza where most of the high school students hang out for lunch. She glanced at it and then saw something that caught her attention. It was the group of cool kids lounging around, smoking and laughing. Natalie became alarmed and did not wanted to be seen so she walked even faster with her head down hoping they won’t notice her. Because she was walking so fast and not really watching where she was going, she bumped into somebody rather harshly.
“Ouch! Oh my gosh, I-I’m so sorry I should’ve been watching where I was going,” apologized Natalie, still with her head down.
“Heh, it’s ok, you seem to be in a hurry. Guess I should’ve moved out of the way,” replied a female voice. Natalie looked up to see the person’s face and once she did she silently gasped and unintentionally held her breath. The girl she bumped in to was a girl named Scarlet. And she was one of the cool kids! She was a slim girl with light pale skin, very dark hair and hazel eyes. She had a nose and eyebrow piercing and a tattoo of a butterfly on her left upper arm. She was wearing a dark green tank top that showed off her belly button piercing and tight jeans. She was gorgeous!
“Oh no, it’s… It’s my fault” Natalie said. She was becoming very nervous and her voice was kind of trembling. Just then Scarlet leaned closer and studied Natalie’s face. Natalie blushed and shrunk a little.
“Hey, I think I know you. Aren’t you that Kamiya kid in my first period class?”
Natalie perked up as Scarlet said her last name. So she does notice her! This made Natalie happy and become shy so she just nodded with a small smile.
“I’m Scarlet, I sit at the back of the class with my friends,” said Scarlet. Natalie knew who she was and where she sat but she didn’t say anything. She didn’t want to sound like a creeper who stalks people, “I gotta say though, I never expected you to skip. I thought you were a goody good student.”
Natalie slightly shrugged and looked at the floor. She wanted to tell her about her wardrobe malfunction and how she isn’t exactly skipping. But for some reason she felt like a complete loser and wanted to impress her and show her that she is not a goody two shoes.
“Well, you know I got bored in class and decided to do something else. So I thought I would… come to the plaza but then decided to just go home and…chill?” said Natalie, hoping that she didn’t sounded lame.
Scarlet smirked, “Oh I see. Well since you have nothing to do, wanna come and chill with us? We’re just going to hang around here until lunch is over, then we’re gonna go back and attend our afternoon classes.”
Natalie beamed at the invitation. She couldn’t believe that she was being invited to hang out with the cool kids! She felt excited and was really giddy like a little girl. Of course she had to keep her cool and must not ruin this moment. So she shrugged and shoved one hand in her pocket.  “Yea that sounds cool or yanno, whatever.”
Scarlet just chuckled and led Natalie towards the group.
“Oh by the way, I like your shirt. Blue’s Clues. That was my favourite show as a kid.” Said Scarlet with a smile. Natalie blushed and then became devastated again when her shirt was mentioned. She had forgot all about that since she was in some kind of trance while talking with Scarlet. But then she became confused when she heard what Scarlet said.
“You like Blue’s Clues?” asked Natalie, a little surprised.
“As a kid I did. I don’t watch it anymore of course but I still find it cute. And that shirt looks good on you. It shows your figure and it’s tight at the right place. Where did you get it?”
Natalie quickly and nervously searched her brain to answer the question. No way was she going to say that it belonged to her little sister, “Oh I bought it…at…uhm…this second hand store where they sell used clothing. Yea! I just found it and thought it looked cute.” Said Natalie, hoping it sounded real.
“Cool, maybe I can check the place out!” said Scarlet as they finally joined the group. There were two boys and two girls sitting on the bench being silly and smoking. They looked up when the girls arrived and Scarlet introduced Natalie to her friends, “Hey guys this is Natalie, from our first period class. She’s skipping so she’s gonna chill with us. Cool?”
“Yea that’s cool. Hey I’m Nikita,” said a blonde girl who took a puff from her cigarette. The other three stood up and introduced themselves.
“Yo! I’m A.J, what’s up?”
“I’m Peter”
“Hi! I’m Vicky!”
Natalie said her hellos and still couldn’t believe that she was here talking with them! They all complimented on her shirt, especially the guys who wouldn’t stop staring at her chest. That little special attention made Natalie feel more confident in herself. And she liked it. She sat down on the bench beside Peter and joined their conversation about their homeroom teacher, how she was so boring and always looked so depressed. Sometimes they wondered if she was depressed because she wasn’t married and she was in her mid-50’s.
Just then, Peter pulled out a box of cigarettes and offered them to Natalie.
“Should’ve offered earlier but…want a smoke?” he asked as he popped one out.
Natalie stared at the cigarette and silently gulped. She didn’t want to smoke. She knew that the cool kids smoked and did drugs but she didn’t think they would offer her. She didn’t think this far ahead, she was just trying to get them to notice her. She thought that smoking was bad and stupid, plus her parents will totally murder her if they saw her or any of her siblings smoke. She moved her eyes from the cigarette and looked at the people she’s hanging out with, not knowing what to do. She wanted to refuse but she knew that would make her look lame. They were staring at her until Scarlet took the cigarette from the box and took it for herself.
“You don’t smoke do you? Sorry, I should’ve known,” said Scarlet. The way her voice sounded didn’t please Natalie. She felt like she was starting to look down on her and considering her as a loser. Oh but she was so close to be part of the gang! She can’t back down now.
“No, no! Wait, I do smoke!” said Natalie, a little too eagerly. Scarlet chuckled.
“Oh yea? Seriously? You don’t look like a smoker,”
Natalie tried to think of something quick, “Well, I don’t smoke every day since…since I have a large family and it’s kind of hard to…to…sneak out for a smoke. Plus my parents are strict so it’s not like I can do it freely.” Said Natalie in a matter of fact tone. She hoped that mentioning her parents being strict didn’t make her seem like a baby but Scarlet seemed to be satisfied with her lie.
“Ooh yea, strict parents. I know what you mean. My parents found a pack of cigarettes in my jean pocket last month and threatened to send me to boot camp if they caught me smoking again.” Said Peter, “But whatever, what they don’t know can’t hurt them which is why I smoke out here.”
Vicky nodded, “Yea my mom freaked when she caught me smoking at my balcony. But whatever, she’s not going to do anything except yell which I can tolerate.”
“Yea well, it’s like what Peter said,” said Scarlet as she got on the bench and sat between Peter and Natalie, “What they don’t know can’t hurt ‘em,” she grabbed Peter’s package of cigarettes and popped one out and offered it to Natalie, “So, wanna join our gang?”
Natalie smiled wildly as she was offered to join their group. She then looked at the cigarette once again and pondered on what they said, “What they don’t know can’t hurt ‘em” it made perfect sense! At least to Natalie it did… Natalie took the cigarette and allowed A.J to light it up for her. She immediately began coughing and wheezing causing the group to laugh. She eventually got the hang of it and was soon smoking along with them.
They started to walk around the neighbourhood, laughing and puffing on their cigarette. Natalie felt a little guilty for smoking behind her parents back but after a while she was just too happy to worry. She was with the cool kids! She had done it! She was now one of them. And to make things better, Peter was constantly flirting with her. Boy was she having the time of her life. Before they all knew it, it was time to head back to school. Lunch was over. Everyone put out their cigarettes and Natalie began to walk away until Scarlet pulled her back.
“Whoa girl, slow down. We can’t let the teacher know that we’ve been smoking. Can’t afford having our parents called,” warned Scarlet as she began to spray perfume all over on Natalie and on herself. Natalie squinted her eyes and coughed. The perfume had a strong scent but it did cover up the smell of smoke. Once they arrived to school they each went their separate ways and into their class.
The rest of the afternoon went by uneventful. With the exceptions of a couple of people whispering about her shirt and having many guys hit on her. Other than that the rest of the day just went by. When it was time to go home Natalie saw her brother Cody already walking home. Even though they both always walked separately to school, she sometimes liked to walk home with him. She was about to run towards him until Nikita jumped in front of her, “Hey girl! Just so you know that tomorrow we’ll be at the plaza at lunch time! Don’t be late!”
“I won’t. See ya tomorrow!” said Natalie. The girls gave each other props and Natalie ran to catch up with Cody.
Natalie was such in a good mood on her way home. She wouldn’t stop telling Cody about it while they were walking home.
“And you thought I would get made fun of because of my shirt! Turned out that they liked it a lot! And the boys loved it too!!” giggled Natalie. Cody growled silently as Natalie went on and on. Once they were closer to home Cody was about to tell Natalie to shut up until he heard her say something about smoking.
“Wait, did you say smoking? Did you smoke?” asked Cody as he stopped walking to look at Natalie. Natalie covered her mouth when she realized that she had slip and told him that she had been smoking. She was too excited and forgot that she wasn’t supposed to be telling anyone in her family.
Cody stared at his sister and could tell that she indeed smoked. He wasn’t really surprised though. He knew she was bound to do it sooner or later since she was a teenager now and wanted to try things. He shrugged and started walking again, “Look, I don’t care if you did. Not my business. Sorry I asked.” He said. Natalie was surprised. She thought for sure he would tell on her. Then again, Cody didn’t really care what she did. He wasn’t the protective kind like Lucas, which was kind of a relief. Cody then turned around and looked down at her shirt, “But you better change when we get home! You look disturbing wearing that thing!!”
“Well the boys at school thought I looked great.” Said Natalie with a pout.
“Well they’re stupid. They clearly have no taste.”
Natalie punched Cody as they walked towards their door. When she opened the front door all of their younger siblings came out of nowhere and ran past them and into the house almost knocking the two of them over. Cody grumbled, he really found them annoying. Kimi stopped running and looked at her big sister.
“Nat, why are you wearing my pajama top?”
“Grabbed it by mistake when I was rushing in the morning. We gotta rearrange our closet.” Explained Natalie as she gently pushed Kimi in the house and followed her in.
Kenta and Jade were already home and they were making dinner together. Lucas was on the couch reading a magazine. The kids were all screaming and running disrupting him from his peaceful afternoon. Natalie figured she could take a shower just in case the perfume had worn off and still had that faintly smell of smoke. Before she made it to the stairs her parents came out from the kitchen to greet their kids with hugs and kisses. Once they were about to reach Natalie she panicked and thought of something to stop them.
“Uh, wait! Don’t come near me. I…smell! Really bad.” She said as she took a few step back, “they made us do a lot during P.E”
“Oh honey, I don’t care!” said Jade as she approached closer. Natalie backed up some more.
“Mom, trust me. I’m thinking of you! I really smell. I want to shower so I can smell nice!” Natalie said in an almost pleading voice. Jade stopped and wondered what was wrong. She then thought that maybe it was her time of the month or something which can make you feel icky and uncomfortable.
“Oh alright. If that’ll make you more comfortable. But once you come back down I won’t hesitate to hug you.” Said jade with a smile. Natalie smiled back and then noticed her father staring at her with a serious look on his face. Uh-oh. Did he suspected something? Could he smell the smoke?
“I’m going to wait for the hug too. I don’t think I’d want to see you wearing clothes like that!” said Kenta as he gestured his hand towards Natalie’s shirt. Natalie blushed when her parents stared at her, “Well Natalie, care to explain why you’re dressed like that?”
“Isn’t that Kimi’s cute little pajama top?” asked Jade.
Natalie nervously laughed and quickly filled in her parents about her mishap in the morning. She totally left out the part about the gang and the smoking. No way was she going to mention that! But she knew she had to come up with a reason as to why she skipped her class and would need a note. She then thought of a clever lie.
“So because I was in such a hurry, I forgot my keys. So when I came back home to change, the door was locked and I took my time trying to get in but no luck. SO I had to walk back which is why I missed my morning classes. I’m, sorry” concluded Natalie. She hoped it sounded real to them as it did to her and looked up to see her parents’ reactions.
Kenta shook his head as he tried to supress his laugh. Jade only chuckled, “Oh Natalie, sometimes you can be so clumsy,” said Jade, “I’ll write you that note to explain the situation to your teacher.”
Natalie couldn’t believe they bought her story! Can this day get any better?
“But let this be a lesson to you, Princess,” said Kenta, using Natalie’s nickname, “You should pick out your outfit the night before so you would not have to repeat this incident.”
“Yes Daddy,” Said Natalie, “I’m going to take a shower now.”
She ran upstairs to her room to get her towel.  Just when she reached her room, Lucas appeared at her doorway and knocked softly even though the door was open.
Natalie turned her head to face the door and smiled when she saw her brother, “Hey, what’s up?”
“The kids are making a ruckus. I figured I should come up here and have a chat with you,” replied Lucas.
“Can it wait? I’m about to take a shower,” said Natalie. She threw her towel over her shoulder, “excuse me,” she said when she tried to squeeze by Lucas through her door. Lucas moved out of the way to let his sister through but then grabbed her by the arm to stop her from going to the bathroom.
“Actually, I need to chat with you now before we get any interruptions.” Said Lucas. There was something odd about his voice. He sounded serious. Natalie just looked at him.
“Oh… ok. Is something wrong?” asked Natalie becoming concerned.
Lucas didn’t say anything. It looked as though he was taking his time thinking on what to say, choosing his words carefully. He then sighed and looked at Natalie.
“Nat, I saw you today.” Lucas simply said.
“What?” asked Natalie. She had no idea what was going on.
“I saw you today at the plaza near lunch time with a group of kids. Not only were you skipping and wearing such a ridiculous outfit but you were also smoking! And to make matter worse you completely lied to mom and dad!” Lucas hissed. He tried not to be loud. He didn’t want to get their parents attention. Natalie eyes grew wide. How on earth did he see her? She thought he had to work today. What business did he have at the plaza?
“How did you…? Weren’t you supposed to be at work? What were you doing at the plaza?” demanded Natalie.
“I’m the one who should be asking the questions here sis. But if you must know, I was at work. It’s Tuesday, I work as a delivery boy today. I was in the car delivering pizzas and that’s when I saw you with the group of kids. Honestly Natalie, what the hell??” asked Lucas with a disbelief look on his face.
Natalie sighed. So far she was able to hide her wrong doings from the teachers, Cody, even though he knows she smoked but could care less, and even from her parents. The day had been going so smoothly for her and here was Lucas, ruining it by confronting her. This annoyed her.
“Well?” asked Lucas. Clearly he was upset about this matter which bothered Natalie because it wasn’t any of his business. She rolled her eyes.
“Luke it’s none of your business. So I smoked, big deal!” Said Natalie, trying to release from her brother’s grip, “Is this why you came to talk to me for? To pry into my business?”
“Yes I have,” replied Luke, “So who were those kids?”
“Those “kids” are a group of people who are popular, that’s all”
“I see, and you want to be a part of them right?”
Natalie rolled her eyes again, “so what if I do? It does not concern you.”
Lucas ignored what she said, “How long have this been going on for?”
“How long have you been smoking behind our backs for?”
“Oh my god Lucas!”
“Natalie, answer me.” Said Lucas.
“For fuck’s sake Luke! Just leave me alone and mind your own goddamn business!” spat Natalie. Lucas sighed and released his grip from her arm and raised his hands as surrender.
“Alright, I’ll leave you alone. I’ll just go tell dad and let him go into your business and deal with you instead.” Said Lucas as he turned away and walked towards the stairs. Natalie was dumbstruck. No way was he going to tell on her! Lucas was never a tattle tale unless it was necessary. Oh wait, this situation was pretty serious. Natalie couldn’t believe how her day was turning. It was going so well. She didn’t want to get in trouble with her dad. Suddenly getting questioned by Lucas didn’t seem so bad. She ran after her brother.
“Wait!” yelled Natalie as she grabbed onto his shirt from the back to prevent him from proceeding to go downstairs, “Today was my first time smoking. I had never done it before. Honest. I didn’t even like it, I just wanted to be with them. I won’t do it again. I promise. Just please… please don’t go tell dad.”
Lucas stared at his sister as she hung her head and tightened her grip on his shirt. He sighed, “Alright,” he said and then went back upstairs with her following him. He went back into her room and had her stand against the wall so he can tower over her.
“Look, Natalie, the reason I was prying into your business is because I know what it’s like to desire the popularity and acceptance from your peers. The reason why I’m confronted you first instead of just telling dad is because I understand that as a teenager you just feel the need to try things and make your own decisions even if it’s stupid. Dad would’ve automatically spanked you, and even though I think he should so you won’t do it again, I’m giving you a chance to learn from your own mistakes without having a sore ass. I’m not that much older than you, I graduated high school last year,” Said Lucas as he softened his voice, “So I know what it’s like to experiment and try to impress. And believe me when I tell you that it’s not worth to do stupid things just for popularity. I know it sounds cliché but take it from somebody who had been in these situations.”
Natalie nodded and then looked at her brother, “You smoked when you were in school?”
Lucas shook his head, “No not really. I did try it yes, but I never picked up the habit. I only did it once and thought it was a pointless way to damage your body especially when my favourite gym teacher had lung cancer from smoking. When he died, it made me hate cigarettes or any kind of drugs that can damage you on the inside. That’s why I don’t want to see you smoking at all, got it?”
Natalie didn’t know what to say. So she just nodded. Lucas ruffled her hair. Just then Jade called out to everyone that dinner was ready. Natalie was nervous to go downstairs for fear of having Lucas telling on her until Lucas leaned close to her and quietly said, “I won’t tell dad. It’ll be our little secret. Just don’t do it again. Promise me?” Natalie nodded and Lucas smiled, “You’re a good kid and much too young to be smoking and I don’t want you ruining yourself. Besides, you have a lot of younger siblings that are starting to follow your example. Don’t want them to end up smoking now do we?”
Natalie shook her head. She didn’t really expected to get a lecture from her brother but then again, she was grateful that he wasn’t going to tell on her. Man was she lucky. She headed towards the stairs and as she started to go down Lucas said, “Oh but Natalie, if you do wind up doing it again you WILL be sorry. And I will find out. If not me then dad most certainly will” Natalie just rolled her eyes and off they went for dinner.
The next day, Natalie was relieved when she saw her new group of friends in class. She really didn’t wanted to skip class like yesterday but she also didn’t wanted to appear as a goody good girl. Thank goodness they didn’t skip every single day. Natalie asked a boy who sat near the cool kids, if he could switch seats with her. The boy looked at Natalie and immediately agreed. That was easy, but then again, Natalie was a pretty young lady with her blond hair and blue eyes so many guys had a crush on her even though she’s oblivious to it.
Once she got her seats switched she greeted the gang and they welcomed her. They began talking about what they can eat for lunch and settled for pizza and Peter told them that he managed to buy a new pack of cigarettes. Natalie became serious, just how much are they going to smoke? She was about to tell them that she no longer wanted to smoke until the teacher came in the classroom and began the lesson.
Natalie wasn’t really paying attention to class. She was too concerned about lunch time. She kept on playing different scenarios in her mind as to how she can refuse to smoke without looking like a lame loser or goody goody. She knew she made a stupid choice yesterday and was lucky to get away with it. Her parents are still oblivious to what she did. She then thought of what Lucas said to her and how he was being all parent like on her.
She then thought of what he said after, “If you do wind up doing it again you’ll be sorry.” She suddenly felt a pang of annoyance. She looked at the cool kids and observed them. They all looked so cool and so…free. They do things that Natalie could never do. They all had piercings on their ears and faces and Scarlet has one on her belly button. Natalie’s parents aren’t letting her get her ears pierced until she’s 16. Scarlet and the boys had tattoos. Natalie’s parents would kill her if she got a tattoo. She then looked at the girls’ outfits. Nikita and Vicky were wearing tight tank tops and really short shorts. Scarlet was wearing a belly top with a short skirt and tights underneath. Natalie looked down on her own clothes. She was wearing a blue plaited button shirt with a white shirt underneath and a jean that fits. Her outfit wasn’t bad but she wanted to wear a tank top and belly tops with tight shorts but her father forbids her in wearing them.
Suddenly her life seemed to be so unfair. She felt like a prisoner with no freedom and having her family shove their noses into her business and trying to have control over her. First she has strict parents who had barely let her have any freedom and now she has a brother who seems to be controlling her life as well. She hated this. She was 14 for Christ’s sake! What does it matter if she smoked? She’s not a baby like her sister Ashley. She knows what she’s doing.
Of course she was being irrational about this, because even though her parents are strict they’re not THAT strict. They had let her get away with things but at that moment she was not thinking right.  Perhaps that was her rebellious teenage mind that was awakening.
Finally lunch time had arrived. The gang met up at the school entrance and walked together to the plaza. Natalie knew that today was Wednesday and that Lucas was at his other job that doesn’t require him to do deliveries. So she knew she was safe. Even though she didn’t care about what Lucas had said to her the day before, she still didn’t wanted to get caught. She just had to be more careful. They had their lunch and then came the moment to smoke again. Natalie took the cigarette without any hesitation. She felt free and grown up when she puffed the cigarette which was different from yesterday where she felt guilty.
“Wow, you’re sure taking it all in today,” commented Nikita as she puffed her own cigarette.
“Yea, I just don’t get to do it often. So I’m just taking what I can here,” said Natalie bluntly. She was obviously doing it to spite her family even though they don’t know what’s going on.
“Oh yea! Good idea!” said Scarlet as she finished her cigarette and pulled out another one, “since we still have thirty minutes left of lunch might as well have seconds.” Natalie nodded as she finished hers up as well and reached for another one. She felt a little sick from smoking too fast but she didn’t let that stop her. They all started talking and laughing and just enjoying the nice weather. It made Natalie feel a tad bit better. Just as she was about to finish up her second cigarette, a shadow casted over her from behind and before she knew it a hand grabbed her shoulder.
“Natalie! What the Fuck are you doing!?!?” yelled an angry voice causing everyone to jump. Natalie shot her head back and looked up to see a pissed off Lucas looking down on her angrily. Shit. Natalie still had the cigarette in her mouth, too stunned to move. All she could do was gulp. Lucas harshly turned Natalie around to face him and yanked the cigarette out of her mouth and waved the thing in front of her face.
“Would you care to explain to me why the fuck this piece of shit is in your mouth after you promised me you wouldn’t do it again!?” he growled. Scarlet and the rest were staring at them with wide eyes and open mouths, their cigarettes dangling from the tip of the mouth. No one said a word, they didn’t know what to do. Natalie was still shocked as to why Lucas was there at the plaza when he was supposed to be at work, which was miles away from her school! No way could he have skipped work just to stalk her. Could he?
Lucas shook Natalie when she didn’t answer, “Well!?”
Normally Natalie would’ve been scared and feel remorse for doing something stupid that lead her to trouble. But as she quickly glanced at her peers she saw that they were watching and other students who were at the plaza stopped doing what they were doing and stared. She felt really embarrassed and immediately became really mad at Lucas. How dare he? How dare he come to interfere her time with the cool kids and embarrass her! She violently shook herself to free from his grip and glared at him.
“The better question is why the fuck are YOU here!? Shouldn’t you be at work!? What are you doing following me around and observing what I do!? Just fuck off!” yelled Natalie. She was beyond pissed. Lucas was making her look like a loser and she wouldn’t stand it. Lucas angrily stared at his sister while she yelled at him. Clearly she didn’t know how much trouble she was in and how her attitude is only making it worse. Lucas slammed the cigarette to the ground and snatched her ear and began to pull her away.
“You’re coming with me” he ordered in a deep voice. Natalie was caught off guard, she knew Lucas was mad but she thought he’d call their father for sure. Instead he was yanking her ear which was totally unexpected. Natalie glanced at her peers. They haven’t moved an inch. They still had the same wide eyes expression. The other students and passerby’s were whispering and making sympathetic faces. Some of them even went like “oooh” quietly. Lucas led her to his car and opened the door to the back seats and shoved her towards it.
“Get in!” he said.
“But Luke…”
“Natalie I swear to god if you don’t co-operate I am going to humiliate you right here right now!” threatened Lucas. Natalie gulped and got in the car. As much as she was still bothered by her brother’s “outburst” she didn’t wanted to take the chance of him being able to humiliate her more.  When she was in her seat she glanced at Lucas as she slammed her door closed.
 Lucas went to the driver’s seat and slammed the door hard when he got in. He stabbed the keys in the engine and started up the car. As he was backing up, Natalie looked out the window and saw the amount of people that had witnessed their outburst. They were all still staring and Natalie felt really ashamed and embarrassed, especially when she saw her gang. Scarlet gave her a sympathetic look as did the rest of the gang. When Lucas got on the road Natalie didn’t say a word. And neither did Lucas. The car ride home was very silent and it made her nervous as the atmosphere was most uncomfortable. She began replaying the scene that just happened over and over in her head. This was not supposed to happen. Suddenly, her anger subsided a little when she realized the trouble she was in. Oh man, Lucas will definitely tell on her for sure. Why did she have to smoke again? Why didn’t she just keep the promise she’d made to Lucas? Now she was in huge trouble and was scared. Tears started falling down her cheeks and she began to cry silently.
When they arrived home, Lucas turned off the engine and turned around to face his sister. She had her hands over her face as she cried. He began to feel bad seeing her like that but he knew that she’ll just do it again if he doesn’t give her the consequences of her decisions. Lucas turned away and unlocked the doors. He got out of the car and went to open the door for Natalie.
“Get out Natalie.” He said simply as he began to walk towards the house. Natalie did as told and followed Lucas inside, wiping her tears away.
“Lucas…I’m…I’m so sorry! I…*sniff* I didn’t mean to do it.” Said Natalie, trying to get her brother to not tell their father. Lucas didn’t say anything. He just led her towards the living room and made her sit on the couch. He then went to make a phone call to Natalie’s school to inform them that she wouldn’t be attending the afternoon classes. He then went back to the living room waited until Natalie calmed down a bit before he spoke.
“Well Nat. I gotta say that I’m quite surprised at you. Not only did you smoke again after promising me you wouldn’t but that was some outburst and language. I’d never thought I would ever hear you say those things, especially to one of us.” Said Lucas.
Fresh tears started falling down Natalie’s cheek, “I know Lucas. I’m so sorry I was just so mad I just…I just wasn’t thinking”
“You sure weren’t!” exclaimed Lucas, “I’m seriously disappointed in you sis! I expected better from you! You usually listen to advice and always make the right decision. I understand that you want to be with the cool kids, but what did I say about doing stupid things for popularity? Huh? I said that it was not worth it! Did you not understand that?!!”
Lucas kept scolding Natalie about her actions. She didn’t know what to do. She was getting annoyed but knew that if she yelled he’ll definitely tell on her. So she kept apologizing and promising to never do it again hoping that he’ll believe her.
“You sure won’t once I get through with you” said Lucas.
“wha-what do you mean?”
“I’m giving you a spanking!”
“WHAT?!” screamed Natalie. A spanking? From her brother? No way! “Lucas, no you can’t!”
“I can and I will,” replied Lucas. Natalie was beginning to get nervous and angry. She knew that her father had given Lucas the authority to spank his siblings after the incident with Kimi but so far he had only spanked the young ones because they were young and easily misbehaved. He never had to spank her or Cody. It would be weird! She was only 4 years younger than him there’s no way he can have the authority over HER.
“Come here Natalie,” said Lucas as he sat on the couch and patted his lap.
Natalie shook her head, “Luke you can’t! Please I’m not a kid! And you’re not dad!”
“Dad gave me the permission to spank you guys if needed, and you definitely need it!”
“B-but I’m sure he only meant the kids!! You can’t do it to me!! I’m too old!”
 “He said anyone of you guys since you’re all still underage. And you’re never too old for getting your ass beaten when you do something stupid!” Said Lucas, “Now come on! Quit stalling or you’ll only make it worse!”
Natalie couldn’t believe what was happening. She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to run out of the house but if she did, Lucas would tell and she’ll definitely get the beating from their father and she didn’t want that. But if she stayed she’d get it from Lucas and she DEFINITLEY did not want that. She was stuck, no matter what she’ll do she’ll get a spanking either way.
“Natalie if I have to come and get you it’ll be worse. Trust me” Lucas said making Natalie snap out of her thoughts. She still didn’t move an inch.
“Luuuke! Come on! Don’t be like this!” whined Natalie as she nervously gripped on her shirt.
“One…two…” Lucas started counting like he did with the younger kids.
 “For the love of God Lucas, stop!!!”
Lucas jumped out of his seat and went towards Natalie faster than she could react. He grabbed her arm, pulled her towards him and began smacking her behind.
(Smack) (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
(Smack) (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
“AH! Lucas!! NOOO!! STOP!!” cried Natalie.
“I (smack) told you that (smack) (smack) if I had to come get you (smack) (smack) it’ll be worse! (smack)” yelled Lucas.
He then proceeded to drag her towards the couch, smacking her all the way. Natalie screamed and whine. Even though she was being spanked over her jeans it still hurt as hell! Luke sure had a powerful hand. She tried to escape his grasp by hitting him and making herself heavier by dropping her body to the floor but nothing worked. Lucas simply lifted her up with ease and continued to smack her until they’ve reached the couch.  When they did, Lucas sat down still holding onto her arm and looked at her. She already had tears in her eyes but was still pouting and glaring. He sighed knowing that this was going to be tough.
“Natalie, know that I’m not trying to be an ass. But you really had this coming. Smoking, lying to mom and dad, breaking promises and now giving unnecessary attitude? You say you’re too old for spankings yet you act like a child. If you were really mature then you would’ve listened to what I’ve said yesterday instead of breaking a promise and then losing your temper when confronted. You really think you’re too old to be punished when you pretty much acted like your youngest sister Ashley?” Lucas scolded. Natalie just looked away and tried to rub her bottom but Lucas kept firmly hold of her hands.
“Y-you said that you understood that as a teenager you just feel the need to try things and make your own decisions even if it’s stupid…” Natalie stated.
“Right, which is why I didn’t say anything to dad and which is why I didn’t make such a huge fuss about it. But I also said that I wanted you to learn from your mistakes without having to spank you. I was giving you a chance to show that you’re maturing but you’re clearly not. And I also did say that if you were caught again you would be sorry!” and with that Lucas began to unbutton Natalie’s jeans. This caused her to freak out, she started panicking and screaming.
“Lucas! NO! STOP! LUCAS!! PLEAASEEE STOOOP! I’M NOT A KID” She tried pulling herself away from Lucas’ grasp but she couldn’t so all she could do was mildly bounce her body up and down to make him stop. She suddenly felt that getting a beating from her father wouldn’t be so bad. At least it won’t be as awkward and embarrassing as this moment with Lucas so she began pleading, “Lucas!! Please! Just…Just call dad!! Let him deal with me!! Please! You can go tell him!!”
Lucas already undid her button and pulled her zipper down and was about to pull down her pants until he stopped to look at Natalie when she told him to tell their father, “Oh believe me Nat, I will tell him about this once it’s over. I’m sure he would love to hear what his teenage daughter has been up to and he’ll definitely like to know that you have lied to him . Better yet, why don’t you tell him yourself when we’re done?”
Natalie was now crying. She felt scared, she had never seen Lucas be this way. Even with their younger sibling he was never really this hard on them. She just really felt uncomfortable and completely regretful for smoking. She then felt Lucas’ finger hook onto the waist of her jeans and panicked. She swayed her hips to the opposite side to prevent him from pulling down her pants.
“Lucas please!!! This is too weird!! Just call daddy!!” begged Natalie, her face was super red from the embarrassment of possibly having her brother see her panties. Who could blame her?
Lucas stopped and stared at his sister and felt bad. He felt like a bully but knew he couldn’t give in to her, otherwise she would most likely have him at a disadvantage, “Alright Natalie, listen” said Lucas as he made his sister look at him in the eyes, “I understand that you’re at the age where you require privacy in some areas since you no longer have the body of a young child. But I am still going to carry on with this punishment but I’ll give you 2 choices on how we can do this.” Natalie sobbed quietly and slowly nodded while still blushing pretty badly.
“You can keep your pants on but you are to go out and cut me a switch so I can beat you with that and then have dad give you the bare bottom spanking when he gets home OR…you can just bare your bottom right now and I’ll tell dad that you’ve already been taken care of. Your choice.” Said Lucas as he crossed his arms.  Natalie just looked at him with wide eyes. Why couldn’t he just given her the options to call their dad now and have him take care of it?? If she were to keep her pants on, she would get a double spanking and she doesn’t think she can handle that. But having her brother see her bare bum…it’s not like they’ve never seen each other naked before but that was when they used to take baths together when they were under 7 years old. This was much different. She was practically a young woman!
“Well Natalie! I’m waiting.” Said Lucas.
Natalie sniffed and then sighed. She might as well make this easy for herself. So with a shaky voice she quietly said, “I-I’ll…let you deal with it…”
 Lucas nodded and then grabbed her hands, “Let’s get this over with then.“ he said and gently tugged down her jeans down to her knees. Natalie whimpered and blushed even deeper but knew she could make things worse for herself if she caused problems. Lucas then guided her over to his lap and positioned her correctly. He then raised his hand up high in the air and began to rain down the smacks on her bottom.
(Smack) (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
(Smack) (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
(Smack) (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
(Smack) (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
“OWW! OW!! LUCAS NO!! I’M SORRY! I’M SO SORRY!! AAHHH!” cried Natalie. It hurt much more on her panties than it did on her jeans. She began squirming and wiggling around while clutching onto the couch cushions.
“You better (smack) (smack) not smoke ever again! (smack) (smack) You hear me!? (smack) (smack) Smoking is a stupid thing to do! (smack) It corrupts your body (smack) and slowly kills you!!(smack) (smack) It does not make you cool at all! (smack) (smack) (Smack) I do not (smack) want to have my sister ruining herself (smack) (smack) just to impress people who are not worth it!! (smack) (smack) (smack)” scolded Lucas.
“OW!! AH!! OK OK!!”
“And you are to (smack) never ever lie!! Especially towards mom and dad! (smack) (smack)! I can’t believe (smack) (smack)you would do such a thing (smack) (smack) behind their backs!!” yelled Lucas.
“OW!!! B-BUT!! AAHH! W-what they don’t k-know aaahh!! C-can’t hurt them!!” cried out Natalie.
“(smack) (smack) (smack)!! Maybe (smack) not at the moment! But you’ll be hurting (smacking) (smacking) yourself first!! And once it’s too late (smack) (smack) you’ll hurt not only mom and dad (smack) (smack) but the rest of us too!!! (smack) (smack)” yelled Lucas.
‘AH OK! I get it!! I get it!! OW! LUCAS STOP! I’M SORRY I WON’T DO IT AGAIN! I just wanted them to accept me! They even said I was their friend!” cried Natalie.
“You still should’ve (smack) (smack) refused the smoke, if they were (smack) really your friends then (smack) they would’ve respected your decisions! (smack) (smack) If they made fun of you (smack) or made you feel bad (smack) just for not smoking (smack) (smack) then are those the type of people you’d want to consider as friends or spend time with!?” asked Lucas.
Natalie cried and actually let what Lucas had just said sink in to her. Sure Natalie had a lot of good friends in middle school but they all went to a completely different high school than her. Since she had none of her friends there to form a cool group she figured that being part of the cool gang seemed to be…well cool! But she knew what her brother said was right. He was right all along. She should’ve just refused to smoke and if they really liked her they still would’ve let her join. She then realized that perhaps Lucas wasn’t trying to control her life at all. He was just thinking what’s best for her…like her parents!
Her thoughts got interrupted when she felt Lucas fingers hook onto the waist of her panties and yanked them down to join her pants. Even though she knew he was going to do that…that still didn’t stop her from freaking out.
“LUCAS NOOO!!!! WAAAHH!!” she screamed as she began kicking furiously.
(Smack) (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
(Smack) (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
“OWW!!!” cried Natalie
“I suggest (smack) you stop kicking (smack)!!” yelled Lucas.
“Please Lucas no more!!!” pleaded Natalie.
(Smack) (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
(Smack) (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
“I’ll stop when I feel like you’ve learned your lesson!” said Lucas
(Smack) (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
(Smack) (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
“OW!! OW!! Lucas pleaaaaaaaaaase!!”
“Will you ever smoke again!?” asked Lucas
“And if they offer you?”
“I’LL *sniff* I’LL REFUUUUUSSSEEE!!” cried Natalie.
(Smack) (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
“If I ever find out that you have smoked again! I will not hesitate to bare your bottom and whip you with my belt!” threatened Lucas
Natalie just laid there, taking it all in. She was crying hysterical. Her bottom was bright red and on fire.
(Smack) (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
(Smack) (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
(Smack) (smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
Just when she thought she could not take it anymore, Lucas stopped, “Alright sis, your spanking is over.” He helped her get off his lap so she could stand. He looked away so his sister could fix her bottom clothing. Natalie hissed when the materials touched her sore bum. She was still sobbing hard and tears never seemed to stop falling. When she was all dressed Lucas stood up and went over to his sister and pulled her into a hug, gently rubbing her back and stroking her hair and occasionally kissing her head softly while Natalie buried her head into his chest. She thought for sure she would be mad pissed at her brother for spanking her but instead she felt all warm and secure, the same feeling she has with her father. She clutched onto Lucas’ shirt and hugged him tight as she continued crying while Lucas continued comforting her. Neither of them said a word.
When Natalie started to calm down Lucas gently pushed Natalie away so he could look at her face, “I really hope you’ve learned your listen Nat. I don’t want to have to spank you again but I will if it’s necessary. And I really do not want you smoking. Even if you manage to find a way to do it behind our backs, know that you are only hurting yourself.” Said Lucas.
“I promise I won’t ever do it again. After a beating like that, I’d say that it wasn’t worth it,” admitted Natalie. She then wanted to ask Luke something that’s been kind of bothering her. She looked up at her brother, “Luke?”
“…why did you care that I smoked? I mean, I know you’re my brother and all and I care about you too…but siblings don’t usually care as much parents do…and you acted like dad…” Natalie trailed off not knowing how to ask the question but Lucas caught on and smiled.
 “I know that it felt weird having your big ol’ brother be all parental on you, but as the eldest one out of all of us 8 kids, I was a lot involved in helping mom and dad with all of you guys. Even with you and Cody despite our small age difference. I guess you can say I helped them raise you guys since the beginning, like a guardian. And because I was always expected to set a good example for you guys and look out for you guys, I guess that’s what made me be all mature and parental like. Especially after that incident with Kimi, it made me realize that I cared about you guys more than I thought.” Lucas explained as he brushed some hair away from Natalie’s face.
“Oh, I see,” Natalie said quietly. She didn’t wanted to admit it, but she felt kind of lucky to have one brother who cares about her, “I’m really sorry about today Luke.”
“Well, you’re forgiven on my behalf. But you are going to have to tell mom and dad everything and then I’ll tell them that I have already taken care of it.” Said Lucas as he looked at her. Natalie groaned but knew better than to argue.
That evening, Natalie told everything to her parents and even admitting that she had lied to them as to why she missed her morning classes. Her parents were shocked and disappointed. Jade was slightly crying from the news and Kenta was very quiet. Lucas filled them in on how he disciplined her and that she truly was sorry. Kenta nodded and gave Lucas a pat on the back and looked over at Natalie.  “I’m so sorry guys. I honestly didn’t like smoking. I just wanted look cool in front of them but now I know that that’s dumb.” Said Natalie.
“Oh honey, I know teenage years are tough when it comes to your peers especially since you’re just entering high school but know that you will have regrets in the future when you make wrong choices now.” Said Jade as she hugged her daughter.
“Since Lucas already disciplined you and you truly do seem to be sorry, I won’t punish you myself. But I will ground you for the rest of the week. No hanging out, no phone calls, no computer and no television. Understood?” said Kenta sternly. Natalie hung her head down.
“Yes daddy.”
“And I don’t want you hanging around with these kids either. I don’t think they’re good influence…”
Natalie jolted up when her father said that. She didn’t want to stop hanging out with her new friends!  “No daddy, please? They’re not bad people! Sure they smoke, but they didn’t forced or pressure me. I made that decision myself and I regret it! They’re really great people!”
Kenta didn’t say anything and just looked at his daughter. Natalie gave him a pleading look.
 “I’m sorry Princess, but this is for your own good. Until you can prove to me that they are indeed good people I do not want you being around them because so far you have only proven to us that they are not very good friends. So I want you to stay away from them. Can I trust with that?” asked Kenta, giving Natalie a very stern look.
Natalie pouted but then sighed, “yes Daddy.”
Kenta smiled and hugged his daughter tight, “Alright, go do your homework now.”
Natalie stood up and left the family room to go upstairs and Lucas followed. When they reached to the top of the stairs Lucas was about to enter his own room until Natalie stopped him.
“Wait Luke, there’s just something that’s reaaaallllyy been bothering me.”
“Oh yea? And what’s that?”
“About that phone call to you…who was it? I mean, who the hell decided that they had the need to call you and inform you that I was smoking?” Natalie asked almost in disbelief.
Lucas smirked and simply rested his hands on her shoulder, “Yanno sis, there are actually a lot more people who care about you than you think. Just don’t worry about it ok?” and with that Lucas left to his room leaving Natalie unsatisfied with his answer.
Once in his room Lucas pulled out his cellphone and saw he received a text message.
You better not have told her that I called you when I saw her smoking. I don’t want her or anyone thinking that I cared. I just didn’t want to get accused of not looking out for her.
Lucas grinned as he replied.
You were always the bashful one Cody. Quit trying to be cool…but don’t worry. I won’t say anything. You are such a good brother.
SHUT UP!! — Cody wrote back.
The next day, Natalie was very hesitant to go to school but was forced by her parents. As she entered the school she was greeted by the cool kids. Surprisingly, they were very sympathetic and were apologizing for causing her problems. Natalie also apologized for lying and making them uncomfortable. Scarlet and Nikita were jealous of Natalie for having such caring, hot brother. Natalie rolled her eyes and shook her head. They asked if they could still hang out and Natalie sadly told them what her father had said. The group then decided to no longer smoke just so they can get Natalie’s parents approval, besides…it was getting boring anyways. Just then, when they walked down the halls towards their first period class, Peter leaned in and slightly opened his backpack.
“Hey guys!! Look what I snatched some vodka from my dad’s den!”
The End


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