by Dee — Introducing Kiera


A new story by Dee.  After the death of their father, 9 year-old Kiera is sent to live with her sergeant-like, uptight big brother.  It doesn’t take long before she disobeys all of his rules and finds out what his “penalty” is for disobedience.


My big brother is a brute. Ok maybe that’s exaggerating a bit…but he is very scary and really strict. He is merely a professor at a high private University, yet he looks and behaves more like a sergeant that you’d think he worked for the military or boot camp. Especially with his built 6’2 body, blond hair and blue piercing eyes appearance.

Many people are fearful of him. But they also respect and admire him.

Me? Well, aside from scary, I don’t know what to think of him yet. I’ve only lived with him for a couple of months. You’d think I would know my brother but my family story is kind of complicated. Basically, we’re actually half-siblings…we have the same father but different mothers. From what my dad told me…my brother’s mom passed away when my brother was 15 and my dad got remarried to my mom who was much, much younger than him. My brother had already moved out by the time dad got remarried so that’s why I don’t know too much about him.

So why am I living with my brother now you ask? Well…uh…this is kind of hard for me to say….but my mom left my dad and me. She said something about how she was still young and has a life to live, how she wasn’t ready to settle down and that she made a mistake. I don’t understand what she meant…but she just upped and left when I was only 3. I can’t say I really miss her since I don’t really remember her, but my dad missed her dearly and although he was great to me he was constantly sad about her. And now, my father passed away. People keeps telling me he died because he was pretty old and sick….but I think it was because he was too sad.

Anyways, during the funeral, nobody was able to find my mom and my relatives were discussing on what to do with me. Nobody wanted to take me in and they were all leaning on handing me over to an orphanage or foster care. That’s when my brother stepped in. It was the first time I ever saw him in person. I only always saw him through photos and stories. He was much scarier in real life.

At first, I was terrified at the idea of living with him because of all the rumours I’ve heard about him from my cousins, such as how he would force his students to arrive to school 2 hours prior to regular school hours just to make them do military exercises and for the ones who do not attend gets caned by him. Or how his voice is loud and scary that when he yells he can even frighten a tiger!

But…the fact that he decided to take me into his home and take care of me when no one else would made me feel…grateful and that perhaps he isn’t so bad. Besides, it sure beats being sent to an orphanage. And so far, he is nothing like what the rumours portrayed him as. Sure, he is very serious, efficient and a bit of a neat freak. But he is also shy, awkward and considerate.

He is very strict though and has this high standard for morals and rules. He has rules for everything and almost for everyone, including himself. I never knew how serious he was about them until I broke one of his rules.

I will never forget that day, especially since it was my first time getting spanked by him. Man I was so terrified I thought I was gonna die!!

So what happened, you ask? Well…Let’s just say I lied about a broken vase. And why was the vase broken? Uh….

Well, see…

It happened about a month or so after I moved in with my brother. Things were pretty awkward and nerve-wrecking for me. I mean, I was living with a guy who scared a lot of our relatives and the only thing running in my mind were the rumors I kept hearing about!

I’m pretty sure my brother was pretty nervous himself at the time. I think he was trying his best to make me feel welcomed even though he wasn’t very good at it.

Anyways, during the first month of living together, my brother did not hesitate to recite all the rules with me. It was pretty overwhelming and a bit annoying hearing them. Not even my own dad had this much rules for me! For almost half of the rules he recited, he would end it with “A penalty is at hand if this fails to be followed”.

Obviously, I didn’t dare to question about the penalty with him. Just hearing it was frightening enough.

Many of the rules were your typical parental rules such as, no running in the house, no yelling, no lying, be obedient and stuff like that. Also, because I moved in with him during the final months of school, he enrolled me into a school that I will attend in September. So for 4 months, I don’t have school. That doesn’t mean I’m free for fun though.

My brother still wakes me up early to help him do some morning chores and takes me to the University he works at because he wants me to be productive and claims that it’s too dangerous for a 9 year old to be home alone.

So one morning, I was helping my brother with the chores by sweeping the living room while he cleaned the kitchen. The living floor had been recently polished so it was a little bit slippery. Of course, for a kid, cleaning and doing chores gets boring rather fast. So as I shifted my feet across the floor a little, I felt it slipped as though I was on ice. I began giggling as it was pretty entertaining and I began having a little fun sliding my foot around. Eventually I was sliding back and forth across the living room completely forgetting that I was supposed to be sweeping.

I then got an idea and ran to the far end of the living room as I was planning to run and slide to the other side as fast as I could. I looked down at my bunny slippers and gently scraped my feet. While I looked at my slippers, I saw that I was wearing white socks and began to wonder…what if I slid with just my socks on. Would I go faster? Only one way to find out! I quickly removed my slippers and shuffled my feet again, feeling the floor be much more slippery. Oh man, it so much slippery with just my socks! I took in a deep breath.

Just as I began to lunge forward I felt a huge hand grasp my right upper arm, stopping me from proceeding my fun. I looked up to see my brother keenly staring down at me, clearly displeased.

“Damien?” I subconsciously called out. How long had he been standing there?

“Don’t do that Kiera. The floor is really slippery because it just got polished so it’s not a good idea to fool around here like that.” My brother said in his rough voice. I slightly pouted, getting a little irritated with his stern being.

“But I was just having fun…it’s fun sliding around here. It feels like I’m skating!” I whined. My brother shook his head before turning me around to face him and kneel down to my level, making sure we were eye to eye.

“Kiera, just because something seems fun doesn’t mean it is appropriate or safe. This is a living room, not a play room. There are many furniture and objects here that can break or even be of harm to you. The objects here are expensive to replace, and you are irreplaceable. I wouldn’t want to deal with any of that.” My brother explained in a stern but gentle voice. He was making eye contact with me, making sure I was listening.

“Well, maybe if you didn’t have so much stuff around it wouldn’t be much of a problem” I said without thinking. And I kind of said it with a semi-attitude tone in my voice. I didn’t mean for it to come out the way it did but I was upset that I couldn’t even slide around the living room. However, that upset feeling immediately went away when I saw my brother give me a really cold stare as a warning sign that I shouldn’t have said that. I silently gulped and hung my head.

“…I’m…sorry…I just…wanted to have a little fun…” I whispered sadly. My brother’s face softened a bit. He put his fingers on my chin and gently made me look at him.

“I know…but I’m only doing this for your own good. For now, if you want to run around, jump or just release your energy…then take it outside.”

I just nodded. Damien then stood up and awkwardly ruffled my hair. He wasn’t really good at being affectionate.

“c’mon, it’s about time for us to go. I don’t tolerate tardiness even if it’s me. Hurry up and get dressed” my brother instructed, ushering me to go upstairs with him.

I followed right behind him and half way up the stairs, my brother suddenly stopped to looked down at me

“By the way, did you manage to finish sweeping, Kiera?”

I froze in my spot

“Oh…uh….n-no I was just about to…” I stammered. My brother let out a quick and soft sigh

“It’s alright. Don’t worry about it. I’ll finish doing that for you when we come back.” He replied. I was a little surprised that he didn’t get angry or something. Maybe he felt a little bad about scolding me. I smiled at him

“Oh, but do please go put the broom away.” He added.

“Ok!” I happily responded. I turned around and made my way down the stairs as my brother continued to go up to get dressed. I hopped down the last 2 steps of the stairs and dashed my way towards the living room. I quickly spotted the broom and made my way towards it until my right foot slipped against the polished floor and I almost fell. I managed to catch my balance and regain my posture. I stood there feeling rather confused. The floor wasn’t this slippery before. That’s when I looked down and saw that I was still only in my socks. I hadn’t put my slippers back on.

I began to shuffle my feet a bit to, once again, feel the slippery floor beneath my feet. My lips slowly began to turn into a smirk as the feeling of enjoyment came back. I then suddenly stopped dead in my tracks when I thought I heard my brother come in but as I listened closely, what I’ve heard was just my brother’s heavy footsteps roaming around upstairs with music playing out loud.

I mischievously looked around the living room, pondering. My brother is busy getting ready and because he likes to be well groomed this can take a bit of time. I know he said I shouldn’t, but I’m sure I can just slide a bit here one more time without him knowing. It won’t be bad. It’ll be fine, right? I mean, what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him, right? What could go wrong?

Deciding to fulfill my desire, I quickly went to the one end of the living room and lunged forward, making sure I gave myself a good push. I slid fast and hard across the living room. My god it was fun! I giggled when I reached the other end and bumped against the wall. This was too fun. I can’t do this outside…at least not now in the spring. I’d have to do this in the winter where there’s ice and that’s months from now!

I kept repeating the same procedure. Sliding from point A to point B of the living room, bumping against the wall. Trying different ways to slide. On my butt, on my tummy, on my feet. Time to time I would fall but it wasn’t as bad or painful as how my brother made it sound. Eventually, I decided to challenge myself and tried to slide across the room while doing the arabesque pose. I went to the far end of the living room and lunged forward.

I managed to do the pose for only a second before I lost balance and control of my sliding. Everything happened within seconds but to me, everything was in slow motion. I tried to regain my balance but I was still sliding and I began to slide off course from my original route. I then saw that I was headed towards a table stand that held an expensive looking vase!

I tried to stop with my heel but obviously that didn’t work. My stupid socks didn’t help. Next thing I knew, I felt pain as my body crashed against the table stand and I felt my heart drop as I saw the vase fall to its doom, shattering across the floor and making a loud CRASH!

I winced and grimaced as the sound echoed around the living room. I remained still in my spot, expecting to hear those footsteps of my brother run into here follow by a thunderous roar of his yelling, asking what has happened.

But such thing hasn’t occurred.

All I could hear was my breathing and feel my heartbeat pound against my ear. Perhaps he didn’t hear the loud crash? After all, he was listening to music. I quickly got up, making sure I was careful not to accidently touch any of the broken glass.

I began to internally panic as I saw the mess I made…

“Oh no no no! noo!” I whined to myself. Why did this have to happen!? Why!? I studied the shattered vase, imagining myself gluing them together…but there were so many tiny pieces that it’ll be such an impossible task! What to do. Damien will kill me for sure!! I’ll definitely get the penalty! I didn’t know what the penalty was at the time, so not knowing made me panic even more.

“Kiera!” my brother shouted from the top of the stairs, causing me to jump 2 feet into air. I silently panicked before poking my head out of the living room. Did he hear the crash after all!? What should I say??

I looked up at my brother. He was looking over the banister in his white undershirt tucked in his navy blue khaki pants. His belt was already within the hoops of his pants but unbuckled. His hair was only semi-combed. He still wasn’t ready

“…Y…yes?” I squeaked

“What’re you doing that’s taking you?!” he asked me, giving me a sheer look of suspicion. I blinked a few times before answering

“I uh…was just sweeping a bit more!!” I lied. My brother stared at me for a few seconds as though he doubted my words. I was getting more and more nervous and hoped he didn’t noticed me biting my lips. Damien then simply buckled his belt and sighed.

“I already told you not to worry about that. Now come up and get dressed! I will not be happy if you make me late!” he stated. I gulped

“Coming! Just gonna put the broom away!” I called out. My brother grunted before turning around to head towards the washroom. I sighed of relief as it seemed that he didn’t hear the crash after all. But the relieved feeling only lasted for a millisecond when my attention returned to the vase. What should I do? I can’t put it back together and if I put it in the trash, Damien will for sure find out.

Seeing as how I was running out of time to come up with a plan, I swept the broken vase under the sofa that had an inch of space between it and the floor, deciding to deal with it later. After I swept all of the pieces, I ran to put the broom away in the kitchen and quickly made my way upstairs to get dressed.

During the ride to school, I was really quiet due to being in deep thoughts about how I can throw out the vase without my brother knowing. My brother noticed my awkward silence. He kept glancing back at me through his rear mirror. I was normally quiet during our car rides but I guess it was obvious to tell that I had something in my mind. He didn’t bother to ask or anything. Probably because he assumed I was still shy around him which isn’t a totally lie.

Time went by slowly for me during my brother’s session. The morning half went uneventful and I spent most of my time doodling pictures in my notebook instead of reading. By lunch time I spoke with some of his students during the break and even ate lunch with them. They were really nice despite our huge age difference. They actually tried to have a conversation with me and I had fun. I even hung out with my brother during his break and found out that he really loves his Danishes with his coffee. Eventually I had forgotten all about the vase.

When we arrived home, my brother ordered take out because he had work to do in his office room so he wouldn’t have had time to make a decent meal. I didn’t mind, food is food. We wolfed down our food in silence and my brother made his way to his office. I helped clean up the table and began to wash some of the dishes we used, not realizing my brother coming back to grab the broom I put away in the morning.

Just when I was rinsing the last cup I heard my brother’s heavy footsteps stomping into the kitchen. I turned around and watched my brother enter the kitchen with a scowl look on his face. He looked at me and I winced, feeling uneasy and wondering what was going on.

“Kiera…” he began with a deep low voice, “This morning, when I asked you to put the broom away…you didn’t happen to fool around with the polished floor again, have you?”

I was confused for a split second before my eyes widened and my heart began to beat fast as my brain slowly filled my mind about this morning’s incident that I had totally forgotten about! But how did he…? Did I leave imprints on the floor? Impossible! And it couldn’t have been the vase…I hid it so well!

“ngh….n-no sir!” I lied with an obvious nervous tone in my voice. Damien raised his eyebrows. I think he was a bit shocked that I had just tried to blatantly to him. He lowered his eyebrows and sighed in disappointment. He approached closer to me and as he did he reached down into his pocket and pulled out a piece of glass with a distinctive pattern that I remembered all too well.

“Does this look familiar?” he asked

My eyes widened a bit more as it became filled with guilt and worry. He had found the vase after all. My mind was filled with questions on how did he managed to find it rather than feeling bad I broke it.

“Judging by your reaction, I’m sure the answer is yes” He said when I didn’t say anything. His expression was cold and his eyes were harsh. I fiddled with the rag that was on the counter, trying to avert his eyes. He grabbed me by my chin and made me look at him. He looked deep into my eyes as though he was able to find out the truth in them.

“Did you, or did you not knock my vase over by sliding across the room?” he asked me once more. His voice was so low and quiet, almost a growl. It was obvious that he knew what I did and I knew that lying would only make him madder. But I couldn’t bring myself to admit to it either. Afraid, I looked into my brother’s eyes as tears began to form and I closed my eyes in shame.

I heard my brother sigh and felt him release my chin. I opened my eyes only to stare at the floor. I dared not look up to him. None of us said anything at all for a few seconds but for me it felt like minutes. I began to get more and more anxious as my mind kept wondering about what he will do to me. I’ve never been punished by him before so I don’t know what he can do to me. What if he makes me sleep outside? Or makes me do military stuff? Or worse…what if decides to kick me out because he no longer wants a child to ruin his house? Was that the penalty he was referring to when I first moved in? In that case, he probably regrets pitying me at the funeral.

“…Come with me, Kiera” My brother suddenly instructed in a strong, demanding voice. I jumped a bit at the sudden sound of his voice and saw him walk away from the kitchen. Not wanting to piss him off anymore by making him tell me again, I immediately followed.

As I followed him towards the living room, I saw the shattered pieces of the broken vase out in the view. Beside it was the broom. I mentally face palmed when I remembered that my brother said he would finish sweeping for me later tonight. If I had remembered that before, I would’ve insisted in finishing it myself! Or at least hid the broken vase somewhere else.

My brother was silent as he led me up the stairs, beckoning me whenever I hesitated. Echoes of our footsteps were the only sound that filled the house. I felt like I was a prisoner about to face his death.

Damien led me into his office room. He opened the door and walked towards his desk. I reluctantly entered his room and stood in place near the door, feeling really afraid and sad. What if he really does want to kick me out? I hope he can just ground me. Even if his rules are annoying as heck, I still want to live here. I don’t want to go to an orphanage.

My brother pulled out his computer chair from his desk and crooked his finger at me as he sat himself down.

“Come here” he demanded. I fiddled with my shirt for a bit before slowly making my way to him.

He’s gonna kick me out! He’s totally gonna kick me out! I bet he’s gonna tell me to pack up. What am I gonna do? Where am I gonna live?’ All these thoughts rushed into my head at once when I walked towards my brother. Once I was close enough to him, Damien reached over to grab my hand and pull me closer to him.

Here it comes….” I said to myself, on the verge of tears. I looked at my brother with puppy eyes as he was about to speak.


“Please don’t kick me out Damien!” I blurted out as I fell onto my knees, allowing the tears to come out. I was so scared about being sent away, I couldn’t contain myself or bare to hear the bad news. Even though my brother was scary and strict, he’s still family I would rather live with.

“I’m sorry I slid across the living room floor and I’m sorry I broke your vase! I’m sorry! It won’t happen again! I promise!! Just please don’t send me to the orphanaaagge!!” I cried.

My brother tilted his head as he raised his eyebrows as though he was surprised to hear my words. But he then lowered them and gripped on my arm

“So you did continue to fool around the polished floor after I ordered you not to? I thought as much. But not only did you disobeyed me, you also broke my vase, tried to cover the evidence, got caught and tried to lie your way out of it. That’s a lot of faults in one day young lady.” my brother said as I cried.

“I’m sorry Damien! I’m sorry!!”

“Kiera, remember what I said before when I told you about the rules? What did I say if you break them?” Damien asked, clearly ignoring my apologies..

“Th-that…th-there w-w-will be a penalty…” I whimpered as I sniffed. My brother nodded

“Correct. And I believe that now is the appropriate time for you to face it. I’m very disappointed in you, young lady! I was hoping it wouldn’t ever come to this.”

I winced at that statement as Damien reached down to lift me back on my feet. He pulled me between his legs, holding my hands.

“Are you ready to go?” My brother asked

I shook my head, “Please Damien! Pleassse noooo!!! Noooo!!”

“Oh?” he asked with a surprised look, “And why not?”

“B-b-because…I’m sorry!!” I cried. My brother shook his head

“If you were really sorry, you would’ve fessed up the moment you broke the vase. I would’ve been disappointed but I would’ve let you off easy. But because you’d rather deceive and hide the evidence instead of being honest, it looks like you really need to learn your lesson and I’m going to teach it to you with a good old fashion spanking!”

My eyes went wide again. They were as big as saucers when I heard my brother say that. A spanking? THAT’S my penalty? I mean, sure it’s far better than being kicked out and I admit I felt a bit relieved. But I’ve never been spanked before and it’s not something I would like to experience. I fell down on my knees again and began to cry. Feeling scared once again.

“Nooooo!! Damien nooo!!! Not a spanking!! Nooo!!! I’m sorry!!!!”

My brother shook his head again as he stood up, looking bigger and scarier all of the sudden. My instincts kicked in and I began to crawl away to safety until my brother bent down to pick me up again, only this time, he gave my bottom a hard smack. That smack stunned me as the pain shocked my body. Damien took that opportunity to place me over his knees and adjust my position so that my butt is sticking out. After the shock, I automatically began to wildly kick my legs, screaming and begging for forgiveness.


“Kiera….” My brother said with a warning tone.

“No!! Pleaaaseee!! Don’t spank me!!” I cried as I kicked some more and squirmed around his lap, swinging my hand to cover my bottom. That’s when I felt my brother grab my hand to pin it on my back and smack my bottom hard 5 times.

Smack smack smack smack smack!

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” I screamed as I began to cry harder than before

“Enough!” my brother growled, “If you keep struggling you’ll only make it worse for yourself!” I stopped my kicking but didn’t lit up on my crying. That didn’t seem to bother my brother though because he soon began spank me.

Smack smack smack smack smack!

“AH DAMIEN NOOO!” I shrieked.

Smack smack smack smack smack!


Smack smack smack smack smack!

“Damiiieeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn!! Waahhhhh” I bawled. The pain was unbearable to me. I mean c’mon, it was my first spanking and I was a petite, too short for my age, 9 year old girl getting spanked by a buffed giant 28 year old man!

“You are to never disobey me. I told you not to slide across the floor because of accidents that can occur. Not only did you break an expensive vase of mine, but also caused one of the shattered glass to scrape against the newly polished floor! Be thankful that the vase hadn’t fallen on you or else you would’ve been feeling a far greater pain than this!” My brother scolded, spanking after each word.

“AAA!! I’M SORRY!!! I’M SORRY! DAMIEN PLEASE STOOOPPPP” I didn’t realize that I had started to mildly kick again until I felt my brother briefly stop spanking my bottom to gently push my legs down and pat it.

“No kicking” he ordered softly before resuming the spanking. All I could do was cry and plead for him to stop but my cries fell deaf in his ears. I guess I should’ve known that he wouldn’t take any sympathy from me.

After a few more hard smacks I felt him promptly grab the waistband of my shorts and lowered them just below my bottom. Leaving me just in my panties. I freaked out and began to squirm around again, doing my best to escape. My face was already red from all the crying but now I’m sure it’s even redder from the blushing. Probably not as red as my butt though.

My brother gave me an extra hard smack on the back of my thigh making me shriek in pain

“Stop squirming or the panties comes down as well!!” He threatened

“AAHhh but Damien no more!! Please no!! waaah!!! I’m sorry! Please stop! It huuurts” I tried to plead again.

“It’s a punishment hun. It’s supposed to hurt. If you do not wish to repeat this little session, then I suggest for you to think about this in the future and behave better.” My brother said as he resumed the spanking. I started to cry harder as his smacks on my almost bared skin stung and burned more than when it was over my shorts. I gripped onto his pant legs as my cries soon turned into loud wails. My screams were really high pitched that I wondered if I gave my brother a headache. Probably not because he just kept on raining down the smacks.

Finally, Damien ended the spanking by giving me 5 final smacks.

Smack smack smack smack smack!

I laid limp on his legs, just crying and bawling my eyes out. Damien patted my back as he allowed me to stay there to cry for a few seconds before gently lifting me up and carrying me towards a corner in his office. He set me down on my feet and made me face the corner, my shorts now around my ankles.

“Stay here for a bit while I go clean up the mess. All is forgiven but I really do hope you’ve learned your lesson. Think about this the next time you make poor decisions” He softly instructed as he gently patted my sore bum. I was still crying but nodded. I heard him leave the room and I somehow began to cry hard again.

I was replaying the incident in my mind and then I actually felt really bad for breaking his vase and lying to him. This guy could’ve just easily allowed our relatives send me away but no, he took me in and decided to raise me. He brought me into his home, gave me his food and spent money on me. And there I go repaying him by disobeying him, breaking his property and lying to him. And even then it seemed that he had no intentions of sending me away at all since he didn’t ask me to pack up. I guess he isn’t as mean or bad as what people had said about him. That made me feel a bit worse.

I was so deep into my thoughts that I didn’t realize how long I’d been in the corner nor did I heard my brother come in. I just remember hearing him softly call my name and gently grab me by my shoulder.

I looked up at him. My crying had died down but tears were still coming out and I was sniffling and hiccupping. Damien gave an uneasy sigh before he slowly lifted me up and held me as he softly walked around his office room, hugging me. Trying to comfort me. My shorts slipped off while I was being lifted, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was to be comforted. Damien rubbed my back and gently bounced me up and down as though I was a toddler.

I didn’t mind. In fact, I actually liked that. A lot.

And I sure didn’t hesitate to wrap my arms around him and bury my face into his neck, sniffling.

“I’m sorry!!…I’m so so sorry…” I muttered repeatedly. Damien patted my back, quietly shushing me saying that it was ok. That everything is fine.

I felt really safe and secured and I was surprised that this didn’t feel awkward at all. Normally, my brother wasn’t good at expressing or being affectionate and the times he tried, backfired. But now it felt natural.

“Kiera…” My brother suddenly said as he mildly pushed me away a bit so I can look at him. I gave him a puzzled look.

“Did you really think I was going to send you away?” he asked in a concerned tone. I sniffled and slowly nodded, feeling ashamed that I did. He sighed, “Where on earth did you get such an idea? To think such thing is a bit upsetting. I know about the rumors people says about me, but they’re just rumors. Know that I’m not cruel or heartless. I took you in because I wanted to take care of you. You’re my sister and never will I ever wish to send you away.”

He brushed a bit of my hair away from my face and my heart felt heavy. So my brother is aware about how people portrays him. He doesn’t seem to care about it much, but I think it bothered him that I believed the rumors. He never shows expression so it’s hard to read his face but for once I think he looked a tad bit sad.

I hugged him tightly with all my might, “I know…and I’m sorry.”

My brother didn’t respond. He just planted a kiss on my head as he held me longer. I’m pretty sure I’d fallen asleep in his arms because next thing I remember, I woke up in my bed the next morning….with a very sore bottom.



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