Molly As a Teen


This is an excerpt from the new Molly ebook.  Just a heads up, Molly’s age has been changed to be 16 years old instead of 12.  Enjoy! 🙂


That night I was haunted by nightmares of marijuana and prison, and I awoke before sunrise with an uneasy feeling in my stomach.  Also, a skunky smell was drifting through the apartment, and the sound of teenaged girls giggling rang in my ears.  It took me a minute to realize that I wasn’t dreaming anymore, and that clearly it was time to have the talk with Molly that I’d wanted to postpone until the evening.

An inaudible groan escaped as I pushed myself out of bed.  I wasn’t even sure how I was going to confront these mischievous teens.  Should I knock?  Should I just barge in?

I opted for a mixture of the two, tapping on the door then opening it to be greeted by a cloud of smoke which surprised me so much that it set me into a coughing fit.

“Ohmygod, Brian are you okay?” Molly asked in a hazy voice, bursting into a fit of giggles.

Once I regained my breath, I turned on the light to get a better view of the culprits.  The window was half-open and Ali was trying to hold the joint outside as best as possible, but it was cold and she was shivering so fiercely that I wouldn’t have been surprised if she unwittingly dropped the evidence.  Molly was at her side, snuggled up in her green sweatshirt, lighter in hand, eyes squinty to avoid the brightness.

“What’s going on in here?” I asked, almost kicking myself for sounding stupid.  It was obvious what was going on, but I expected a confession.

Molly wasn’t about to give me one, despite being caught red handed.  She gave her best innocent face and batted her eyelashes as she said, “nothin’.”

Sighing, I walked over to Ali and plucked the joint out of her hand.  “I know what this is, and I also know that the two of you are too young to pick up this nasty habit.”

“Can I have that back?” Ali asked in a whiney voice.

I glared in her direction and said, “Sure.  Come here.”  I motioned for her to follow me, and led her to the bathroom where I gave her the joint back.  She gave me a confused look.  Pointing to the toilet, I commanded:  “Flush.”

“Brian, come on, don’t be ridiculous,” Molly said as she appeared in the doorway.

I could feel my blood pressure rising as I attempted to maintain patience.  I wasn’t in the mood to be tested.  “Ali, flush,” I said again, more firmly this time.

The meek young woman glanced over at her friend.  Molly just shrugged, so Ali looked back up at me to see how much I meant business.  I guess she saw how serious I was, so she dropped the remaining cigarette into the toilet and flushed.

I felt the anger pulsating through my veins, clouding my judgment of what to do next.  So I just shook my head at the two girls and said, “I’m really disappointed that you’d do this.”

I could tell that it hit Molly deeper than Ali.  “Please don’t call my parents,” Ali said.

I chuckled, but didn’t grace her with a response, just walked away.

At this point, going back to sleep wasn’t a possibility.  Instead, I clamored around in the kitchen for a few minutes before deciding that I could make pancakes.  When I was taking care of my little sister, I’d learned about myself that cooking was a good way to get my mind off of things.  The food wouldn’t always taste great, but giving my full attention to the task helped me clear my head enough to finally figure out how to solve whatever problem was at hand.

I decided to turn on music, too, to better engage my senses.  This way, even the words going through my head had nothing to do with Molly and Ali having the nerve to smoke weed in my apartment.

Mission accomplished.  A few minutes later, the smell of oddly-shaped buttery pancakes took over the stench of cannabis.  Add in the aroma of freshly-fried bacon, the stoned teenagers emerged from Molly’s room, a look of regret on their faces.

“We’re sorry,” Molly said, breaking my trance and almost causing me to jump.

“We’ll talk about it in a few minutes.  Set the table for breakfast.”

Molly just nodded and did as told, instructing Ali on what to put where.  I poured myself a cup of coffee as Molly made their chocolate milk, and then we all sat down at the breakfast table together, like one of those cheesy family tv shows.  I suppressed the urge to make everyone hold hands and give thanks.

“Thanks for the breakfast,” Ali said shyly, as if reading my mind.

“No problem – the distraction was useful in thinking of what to do about your recreational activities of the morning.”

Ali blushed and Molly focused on eating, both avoiding my glare at all costs.

“Do the two of you have anything to say for yourselves?”

Molly was the first to pipe up, “We just wanted to try it!  It’s no big deal.  Please don’t be mad, Brian.”  She poked out her lower lip in attempt to soften me up, as always.  It wasn’t going to work, though.

“Ali, after breakfast you can call your parents to pick you up.”

Now she looked up at me.  “Are you going to tell them?”

“No,” I said.  She breathed a sign of relief until I said, “You are.”  And then I saw her lower lip quiver in disappointment.

After breakfast I sent both girls to get ready for the day.  Molly was in the shower when Ali’s parents showed up.  They were more upset than I was, and I could tell that Molly wouldn’t be the only one with a sore bottom all day at school.

I was cleaning up when Molly emerged from her room.  I glanced over to see she was dressed but barefoot.  She was also wearing a skirt, which surprised me, considering how cold it was.  I pointed this out to her.

“I thought I’d put my leggings on after we have our talk about this morning,” she said weakly, looking at the floor.

Everything in the room stopped for a moment as I looked at Molly.  It was that easy for me to forgive her – all I needed was for her to accept responsibility for her actions.  Now I felt bad for having decided to punish her… but she was even expecting it at this point, so I couldn’t back down.

“Molly, there’s something else I need to ask you about, too,” I told her as I finished wiping off the table and tossed the towel to the side. We sat down at the table and I lifted her chin so that she would look me in the eyes as we spoke.  “Last night as I was looking for your homework, I stumbled across a few disturbing things in your backpack.  Any ideas what those things were?”

I saw her squirm in her seat as she remembered what she’d been hiding from me.  It was almost as if I could hear her mind going through her backpack contents, beginning with the weed, then with the envelope, then with the receipt.  “Oh…” she said, face turning the shade of red that her bottom was about to be.  “I…” she swallowed a lump in her throat, trying again, “I’m… sorry, Brian.”

“I asked you a question.”

She gulped again.  “The money… the receipt…” she stammered.  “I was going to turn it in for the yearbook, I really was… but they extended the deadline and I really wanted this jacket that was on sale and thought I could get the money from my paycheck this weekend and just use that for the yearbook.”

I could tell that she felt bad, but more because I found out than actually realizing she had done something wrong.  “Molly, the money isn’t the point.  You know if you had asked me, I would have given you the extra for the jacket.  The point is that you didn’t tell me, that you took advantage of my help and didn’t have the decency to tell me about it, but instead went behind my back, and during school hours!  And what about the weed?  Were you going to mention that?”

I saw a tear slip down her cheek and she sniffled, realizing how much trouble she was in.  “I’m sorry, Ali and I just wanted to try it…”

“Did you use my money to buy it?”

She looked up at me, making eye contact for a moment to see how upset I was with her.  “Brian, it’s not like that…  we weren’t trying to… I didn’t mean…” she couldn’t find her words, and eventually just broke down, crying for real.

Hearing her sobs and sniffles chiseled away my anger.  I knew she hadn’t meant to betray my trust.  She was still learning and figuring out boundaries and limits.  And as her current guardian, I felt it was my duty to help ensure she learned a lesson from this incident.

“Molly, I forgive you,” I said.  “But I need you to understand why I’m upset, not just blindly apologize to make me feel better.”

She nodded, still staring at the floor, which was starting to annoy me.

“Look at me,” I ordered.

Slowly, Molly lifted her head, chewing on her lower lip, blue eyes red and glossy.

“Did you get in the car with someone who was under the influence?”  I tensed up, waiting for her answer.  I wanted to hear that she didn’t, but most of all, I wanted to hear the truth.


I allowed myself to breathe again and beckoned her to elaborate.

“Ciara started to drive us home, but I kinda freaked out and Katie drove the rest of the way.  She only has her permit and isn’t supposed to drive without her dad, but she wasn’t high and I felt safer with her.  I’m sorry, Brian…”

“You did the right thing,” I said.  “I wish you had called me to pick you up, but I understand why you didn’t.”

There was a tense silence as Molly wondered what other incriminating evidence I had against her.  I listed her infractions in my head – stealing money, skipping class, smoking weed – trying to think of a fair punishment.

The silence was broken thanks to the piercing ring of my cell phone, which I promptly went to silence.  Now wasn’t the time for distractions.

“Molly, how do you think you should be punished for this?”

The teen sat frozen in her chair, not having expected that question.  She looked around for a moment, then down at the floor, then back to my eyes.  “I dunno, but I guess I earned a spanking…”

“And why is that?”

“Because I did a lot of irresponsible and disrespectful things,” she muttered, still chewing on her lower lip.

Of that she was correct.  I pulled my chair out a bit and beckoned her towards me.  Standing her in front of me, I looked up into her eyes.  Her tears had dried for the moment, but I anticipated they would start again any moment now.  “Kiddo, I don’t want to see you throw your life away.  It’s important that you don’t get caught up in drugs or skipping class because one stupid decision today could change your life forever.”

She nodded and allowed me to help her over my lap.  She didn’t struggle or squirm, just calmly positioned herself with her toes inches from the ground and her hands touching the floor.  I circled her waist, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down to her knees.  She wiggled a little. “Please, Brian, not too hard…”

I said nothing, just began the punishment. I spanked rhythmically, peppering her sit spots and slapping her thighs every so often. She was doing a good job of staying calm, but I sensed it wouldn’t last for long.  I held onto her a little tighter as I increased the speed and intensity of the spanks, turning her normally pale cheeks to a bright crimson color.

“Oooowwwww,” she cried, starting to whine and kick a little now, allowing her inner child to escape.  “Okayyyy, Brian…. I’m sorry!!”

“I know, kiddo,” I answered, but didn’t let up any. “I want you to think about this and what will happen if I ever catch you smoking weed again… because if you think this hurts, it will be nothing compared to the spanking you’d get then.”

She made an audible groan at my statement and kicked her feet a little.  “I won’t smoke anymore,” she promised.   “And I won’t skip class either!”  She kicked again, whimpering like a small child.

“What about stealing?” I asked as I began spanking a little harder.

Her sit spots were turning scarlet when she finally reached her hand back to cover her aching posterior, and the first tears slipped down her cheeks.  “I won’t steal either!”  I caught her hand and held it at her side.  Stopping the spanking for a moment, I allowed her to calm herself before the second half of the punishment.

“Stand up,” I commanded, and she obeyed.  I marched her to the corner, then went to the bathroom to search for the wooden hairbrush.  I’d never used it on her, but I wasn’t very thrilled with her behavior and knew that this would make a lasting impression.  I opened up the top drawer and found it lying there.  It felt heavy in my hands as I picked it up, turning it over to feel the cold, smooth back.  A pang of guilt spread throughout my body.  This was really going to hurt Molly, and I worried that I would be taking it too far.  Would she end up disappearing like last time?

I pushed the thoughts out of my mind.  Molly had agreed to be disciplined like this… she expected it, she craved it.  I had to do my part.

When I arrived back in the living room, I saw her standing there, nose against the corner, skirt hiked up, panties at her knees and bright red bottom sticking out on display for all to see.  She was still sniffling a little, and I felt like I could hear the thoughts racing through her head:  Where did he go? What’s he gonna do? I’ll never be able to sit again!

“Molly, come here.”

The young woman turned and somberly shuffled towards me.  She was looking mostly at the floor, but occasionally peeked up at me with a pouty lip.  It took a few minutes before she saw the hairbrush, but I could tell the exact moment that she did.  Her eyes widened and mouth dropped, and tears started falling from her eyes again.

“Brian… please…”

She was close enough to me now to where I was able to grab her wrist and pull her towards me.  I sat down and brought her in front of me, staring deep into her sad blue eyes.  “Kiddo, I need you to promise me something.”

I could tell it was the last thing she had expected me to say because she stopped fidgeting for a moment and directed all of her focus to me.

“This is a severe punishment,” I reminded her.  “And it’s because I don’t want you to screw up your life.  You know that I care about you, right?”

She gave a weak nod.

“So I want you to promise me that you’re not going to pull a stunt like you did last time you were punished severely.”

She blinked a tear away.  “Brian, I’m not going to run off again, I promise.”

I breathed a sigh of relief.  “Okay little one, come on.”  I helped her over my lap and back into position.  I could feel the warmth radiating from her backside, and as I rested the cool, smooth hairbrush on her sit spot, she shivered ever so slightly.  “Give me your hand,” I ordered, knowing she would be tempted to reach back at some point.

“Do I hafta?” she whined.


Defeated, she put her right hand behind her and I grabbed it.  Lifting up the hairbrush I noticed her squeezing my hand for dear life, and then I brought the heavy wood down, causing a loud POP to ring through the apartment, then a loud cry from Molly.  She hadn’t expected it to hurt as much as it did.  I brought it down again, slow and steady.

Her bottom jiggled after each swat and the darker red it became, the louder her cries became.  She finally started kicking and pleading again.

“Oooookayyyyyy, Briannnnn,” she squealed, trying to squirm off my lap.  “I’ll be a good girllllll!”

“You are a good girl, Molly, you just have to make better choices,” I told her, punctuating every few words with a hearty swat.

“I’ll make better choicessssss!” she promised, now slightly sobbing.

“Good, because I don’t want to have to repeat this any time soon.”  I stopped spanking for a moment, giving her time to regain her composure.  She was semi-trembling, and her backside was red from the top of her cheeks, all the way to the bottom of her sit spots.  She would not be sitting comfortably at school…

“What is this punishment for?” I asked, as per ritual.

It took her a moment for her to find her words: “S-smoking weed, a-and… skipping class… a-and stealing your money.”

I gave her a final pop on the bottom and replaced her panties and skirt.  She needed a moment to process everything, then I helped her up.  She fell into my hug and continued apologizing.  “It’s over, Molly.  We can move on from this, okay?”  I kissed the top of her head, then, seeing the time, instructed her to get cleaned up for school.  In the meantime, I checked my phone to see another message from Rachel.

“Brian, it’s really really important.  Please call me back today.”

I made a mental note to call her after dropping Molly off at school.  But alas, when Molly was finally ready, we risked being late for school (both of us!), and I hurried outside without even thinking about the cell phone I left laying on the coffee table.


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