by Anonymous — The Mullen Siblings


While home from college, Kristen steals money from her family’s business. Her brother is not impressed and after she is caught, decides to dish out consequences on his own.



The small family business had been established for over fifty years now in the little New Jersey town. It wasn’t a huge company that made any of its owners filthy rich, but it was profitable and had kept the Mullen family fed, clothed, and sheltered for three generations. They sold health products to local retailers and via catalogs. Now the business had expanded to include direct internet sales. The tidy main office currently staffed about twenty-five employees.

Being that it was a family business, Kristen’s entire family worked there. Her brother Dan had an office, as did her mom. And her father and uncle ran the business. She was on winter break from her junior year of college, but always worked there during her school vacations. She’d just finished a full day of work, and stopped at the door to Dan’s office as she left. He was in there with Brendan. Brendan was a guy who’d started about six months ago. Kristen had met him over the summer, but then had to go away to school. If being honest, she’d have to admit that she’d spent many a night with eyes hooded, dreaming of him. Brendan was a couple of years older than her, probably twenty three or twenty four, and was just perfect. He was funny, confident, and smart. When he laughed or teased Kristen, and brushed his smooth chestnut hair back with one hand, it seemed like magic. And to top it off, he had a great athletic build, too. She’d hoped to somehow get to know him better over holiday break.

As she stopped by Dan’s office, she pressed her foot against the door frame and grinned. “Bye Dan. See you at home. Night Brendan.”

“See ya, Kris,” Brendan answered back, wringing his hands a little as Kristen walked off. Brendan handled the accounting for the company, and he’d just brought an apparent irregularity to Dan’s attention, involving his only sister.

“See, Dan, this check is made out to GHR Packaging, for invoice 3299, but we don’t have a record of any previous payments to any company by that name. It’s for $200, signed off on by… Kristin,” he concluded after clearing his throat.

Dan took the check and examined it closely. “I know for a fact there’s no GHR Packaging. I’m going to get to the bottom of this. I’ll call the bank tomorrow and see if it was deposited. But I appreciate you bringing it to my attention first instead of my dad. He overreacts to shit like this,” Dan commented.

As Kristen got in her car, she looked at the check in her handbag and sighed. Was she proud of what she’d done? No. But she felt justified. Her parents were just as cheap with her as hired help off the street. This was the first time she’d done anything of the sort, and with thousands of dollars in accounts payable going out every day, she couldn’t imagine that a legitimate-looking check for $200.00 was going to raise any eyebrows. She deserved to go into the city and have some fun with her friends after all.


The next morning during her coffee break, she noticed Dan and Brendan huddled in Dan’s office yet again. This time she just glanced over and caught Brendan’s eye for a second, but didn’t say anything. It was kind of weird actually. Even though the two were about the same age, she didn’t think her brother and Brendan were really friends.

Dan glanced out and saw his sister standing in the break room, stirring her coffee.

“I called the bank. It’s a bad check. The good news is there’s no evidence that it’s happened before,” he told Brendan in a hushed voice. “But… Yeah, good catch by you. I’m gonna talk to her after work. But I want you to hang around. Just in case she denies it, you can prove it was her,” he went on as Brendan nodded.

She didn’t know why, but Kristen was a little on edge the rest of the day. Something just didn’t feel right. She bit her lip and kept telling herself to forget about it. There was no way anyone was onto her. And if they were after all, she’d just yell at her dad about how she was so neglected and cry a little. Her dad was a sucker for a few crocodile tears. She was the daughter of the owner; she knew nothing bad could happen anyway.

As she shut down her computer and picked up her handbag and winter jacket, she thought it was odd that Brendan and Dan were the only ones around again. Dan always locked up, and she didn’t like to start early, so she and her brother were often last out. But Brendan was usually gone by this time. And it didn’t seem like he was doing anything at his desk, evidenced by the Tetris game on his screen when she walked by.

“Kris,” she heard as she approached her brother’s office. “Can I talk to you for a minute before you go?”

“What?” she growled as she stood in the doorway. “I’m meeting some friends tonight.”

“Well, maybe you should call them and tell them you’ll be late,” Dan replied, walking over to the doorway, prodding his sister into the room, and closing the door behind them.

“Sit down,” he instructed her, motioning at one of the two chairs in his office, apart from his big leather chair.

“What do you mean, be late? I’m not staying to help clean up one of your messes,” she insisted as she sat down. “I’m part-time,” she reminded him.

“What’s this?” Dan demanded, sliding a photocopy of her check across his desk to her as he sat down, frowning across the large desk at her.

Kristin gulped for a moment, her face flushing. But then she regained her composure, determined to get out of this. She smiled and brushed back her shoulder-length dark brown hair.

“Oh. I remember this one. I… I got an invoice in my mail-bin from a vendor. So I just wrote the check and mailed it. I have the invoice at my desk still if you want to see it.”

“I don’t care if you made up a phony invoice,” her brother answered. “I called the bank. Interesting that a person matching your exact description cashed it, using a brand-new account,” he revealed. “And Brendan has copies of everything if we need more proof,” he added, nodding out toward the main office area where Brendan was still playing his game.

Kristin’s eyes squinted and she shifted her mood instantly from defensive to fiery.

“You know what? Fuck you, Dan,” she seethed. “You sit in here and make $60,000 a year, plus profit sharing, and for what? Because you’re the family heir? Hmmm? And I get ten bucks an hour as a temp. How am I supposed to go and have a little fun with my friends?”

Dan stood up from his chair and placed his hands on the edge of the desk. “And that makes it okay to steal from your own family’s business,” he scolded her. “Steal? Really? You know I went to college too. Graduated. This job I have is a reward for working hard here, and in school. Mom and Dad want what’s best for us. That’s why they didn’t pay me a high salary until I graduated, and they’re doing the same for you. They want you to have a reason to work hard at school,” he continued.

“Whatever,” Kristen grumbled. “Then tell Mom and Dad. Dad will understand. You know it’s the first time this happened. He loves me,” she boasted, barely holding back from sticking her tongue out at her brother like she did when she was nine. “He’ll understand me wanting one fun night out.”

“Nope,” came the answer. “I’m not telling Mom or Dad.”

Kristen’s eyes widened, almost in disbelief. “Oh…. That’s awesome. I really owe you one,” she said softly, beginning to get up from her seat.

“Not so fast, Kris,” he scolded. “I’m not going to tell them because I’m going to give you what you should’ve had long ago when you did things like this. Remember sneaking out to a club in New York when you were sixteen? Getting caught at the school dance with pot?” he went on. “If you were disciplined properly, this probably never would’ve happened,” he concluded, waving the check copy in the air.

Kristen just looked at him in disbelief. “What the fuck are you talking about?” she demanded.

“Come over here,” he simply answered, nodding to his side. Kristen gingerly stood up and gulped, unsure what was going on, but a little nervous. She strode to her brother’s side and stood there. They fought at times, but she knew Dan would always do what was best for her. She had a hard time disobeying him when he was being serious like this.

Suddenly, and without warning, Dan grabbed his sister by her wrist and pulled her body down onto his lap, sliding his chair out from the desk at the same time. She shrieked and put her hands out to prevent from hitting the ground, but Dan had a firm hold of her. “What are you dooooing?” she cried out.

“Be quiet,” he demanded. “Do you want Brendan to hear you getting punished out there? I’m giving you a spanking.”

“Are you crazy?” she cried out, a little lower. It was humiliating to even think about Brendan knowing she was in here, at twenty years old, getting a spanking for stealing from the company. Instinctively, she placed her hands over her bottom, on top of the black dress pants that covered her full-figured bottom.

“No. I’m completely serious. You deserve it and you know it,” he said firmly. “Now move those hands away.” When she didn’t respond, he quickly tugged her hands away from her bottom and began raining down swats with his strong right hand.

“Noooooo, I’m sorry,” Kristen moaned, trying desperately to shield her bottom again with both hands. She’d never been spanked in her life, and her first thought was that it hurt. It really stung. The only other thing she could ponder now was the mortifying thought that maybe Brendan knew what was going on behind Dan’s closed office door.

As the next few swats came down with a smack on Kristin’s rear, her legs began to flail up in the air as she bit her lip and tried harder to escape.

“Stand up,” Dan ordered her after landing another ten swats or so.

“Okay, okay. You got me,” his sister mumbled as she stood up, smoothing out her top and pants. “I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Oh, no,” Dan retorted with a chuckle. “You think we’re done? I’m going out to get a drink from the water cooler. Take down your pants to your ankles, and when I come back, I want you standing facing the corner.”

Kristen’s eyes fairly bulged out of her skull at this command. “No,” she gulped. “Pants down!? No way… no way,” she protested in disbelief.

“Do it,” Dan warned. Or else I’m going to have to have Brendan come in here and help me finish your punishment. He’ll hold you, and I’ll pull them down and finish. Is that what you want?” he asked, pausing at the doorway. Once his sister shook her head “no” dejectedly, he went out to get his water, returning a minute later.

As he expected, Kristin was facing the corner, her black pants at her ankles, just a pair of maroon panties covering her bottom now. The pink flush on her bottom and thighs was visible a little where the panties failed to offer protection over her otherwise pale skin. “Good,” he said after taking a gulp of water and sitting back in his chair. “Come back here and get back over my knee,” he instructed calmly. Slowly, Kristen turned and waddled over to him, careful not to trip over her pants. She rubbed her sore bottom as she walked over. Even over her pants, the spanking had really made her butt tingle. She didn’t want to think about how it would fell just over her panties. “Please, not much more,” she pleaded, a single tear running down her right cheek.

“Those tears aren’t going to affect me like Dad,” he shot back, holding her arm as he set her back in place. “Now move your hand away. Last time I’m going to warn you,” he insisted, raising his right hand again.

Slowly, she gulped and moved the hands away, focusing on part of the carpet pattern, hoping if she just zoned out, this could be over soon. Maybe there’d still be time to go out with her friends….

“Thwack,” came the sound as the first swat struck her already sore bottom over the thin panties. A whine came out of Kristen’s throat, followed by another after the next swat. Her brother couldn’t have landed more than five strokes before she shrieked and covered her bottom again, cupping her hands tightly over the panties, feeling the next swat hard on the back of her hand.

“That’s it,” Dan scolded her. “I warned you about the hands. Stand up again. In the corner!”

“Nooo, what are you gonna do?” Kristen cried out as she stood up, more tears coming down her cheeks now.

Dan didn’t answer, but simply strode out of his office, turning and giving her a stern glare as he left. “Brendan, come in for a sec, please,” he called out across the empty office. A moment later, Brendan appeared in the doorway, tie loosened and top button of his dress shirt undone. He started for a moment at the sight of Kristin facing the corner with her pants at her ankles, pointing, but unable to get the question out.

“We’re handling this here and now so it doesn’t happen again. But she’s having trouble following directions, so I need your help,” he explained to Brendan. “Kristen- come over here and bend all the way over the desk. Brendan is going to stand on the other side and hold your hands so we can get this finished,” he called out to his deeply embarrassed sister.

Slowly, Kristen turned around, a deep flush on her teary face at the thought of the dreamy Brendan witnessing this complete humiliation of her and her poor bottom. “Pleeeeease,” she whined softly, which was answered by her brother just shaking his head. Her head down, she slowly strode over to the desk, and unable to look at Brendan, leaned over, extending her hands. Dan slid his chair away as Brendan locked all five fingers with Kristen’s, giving him a solid grip on her.

Quietly, Dan took off his belt while Brendan was getting a grip on Kristin. When she was firmly restrained, Dan slowly rolled down the maroon panties, revealing her plump, reddened bottom as they dropped to her ankles over her pants. “Nooo,” his sister shrieked, wiggling her butt. “You didn’t say it was going to be without panties!”

“You had your chance to behave,” he shot back coolly. “Now I’m going to finish up on the bare, and then you can go home.” Winding up, he let the belt land across her bottom, making the flesh jiggle for a couple seconds after it fell with a loud noise. “Ahhhh, you didn’t say it was a belt!” she cried out, struggling to free herself, but unable to due to Brendan’s tight grip. She could feel the cool air seeming to rush across her sore bottom, such a contrast to the warmth that radiated from her blushing rear.

Winding up, Dan tried to aim for a spot away from the red stripe that the belt had just left. He landed the next swat, and the next, each accompanied by a loud cry from his sister. Finally, when the stripes from the belt had merged into one red shape, almost a rectangle, across her punished bottom, he dropped the belt to the floor.

“That’s enough. Have you learned your lesson?” he inquired.

“Y…y…yes,” came the answer from between sobs, more of embarrassment than pain. “Nev… never again,” she sobbed.

“Good. Now go stand in the corner again. You can pull up your panties, but leave the pants down. I’m going to walk Brendan out.” Slowly, Brendan let go of her hands, freeing her pale knuckles for the first time in what seemed an eternity. Gradually, she stood up, placing one hand in front of herself for modesty, and turned. Stooping over, she trembled as she pulled up the panties, and made her way to the corner, slowly massaging her tender bottom. She didn’t know how she’d sit down for days after this.

“Thanks, Brendan. I appreciate it,” Dan said opening the door and showing his friend out, the soft whimpers from his sister fading out as the door closed behind Brendan.

One thought on “by Anonymous — The Mullen Siblings

  1. Brendan had to have a wonderful time, at least for a while watching her spanked. Very good story.


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