by Sk8ers_flippin_rock — Par-tay!


Camryn and Sidney go to a party they’re not supposed to, and when they’re too wasted to drive home, enlist in the help of Cam’s brother.  He isn’t too pleased with their misbehavior, and punishes them accordingly.


It had been Cam’s idea to come to Jason’s house tonight. Sid had been totally against coming but she wouldn’t let Cam get into trouble without her. But now Cam was thinking that Sid was right. Not that she’d ever admit it in a million lifetimes, but still. Sid had tried to tell her before they even came that it was a bad idea, but Cam chose to be stubborn and ignore her. She was coming down off the high from the pot they had smoked earlier but she was still dizzy from the vodka shots. Poor Sid was a lot worst though. Cam stood by her friend as she hunched over the bushes by Jason’s pool, her whole body heaving as she threw up all the wine coolers and vodka she had consumed that night. Cam felt sorry for her but there wasn’t much she could do for her friend except ensure her privacy.

Cam leaned against the side of the house as a wave of dizziness and nausea passed over her. Why had she thought this was a good idea? It was all Jason’s fault. Stupid, stupid Jason. He’d cornered her and Sid by there locker after sixth period that day and told her that he’d be delighted if Cam and Sid would come to his party later that night to celebrate the end of the school year. Sid had shook her head violently but Cam was captivated by Jason’s hypnotic stare. She’d assured him that they’d be there later that night and Jason smiled and winked while Sid glared icicles at the back of Cam’s head. Cam eventually convinced Sid to come with her since everybody who was anybody at West Valley High School would be there.

It had all seemed so glamorous before hand, but now she looked at Sid squatting in the bushes and frowned. “We are never fucking doing this again. I can’t believe all the stupid shit you get us into Cam. You just HAD to say that we’d be here tonight, didn’t you? All because that stupid boy smiled at you. Not like you’ve even seen that loser all night anyways.” Sid spat at her friend.

Cam shook her head, “No, I don’t think that I have.” But just as the girls were discussing his absence, Cam caught a glimpse of Jason by the pool.

“Maybe we should go…” She didn’t want Jason to see them in their current state. Her hair was pretty messed up from a pretty extreme game of spin the bottle that was going on earlier and someone had spilled their drink on her Save Ferris shirt earlier. No, she definitely didn’t want Jason seeing her like this.

“No duh.” Sid said sarcastically. “I’ve been saying that we should leave all fucking night.”

“I’m not arguing with you now. Let’s get the hell outta here.” She grabbed Sid’s hand and pulled her through the crowd of people by the pool. They were almost to the back gate when someone yelled, “Hey, Hampton! Camryn Hampton!”

“Shit.” Cam said under her breath and continued pulling Sid towards the gate.

“Hey!” The same voice called, closer this time and someone grabbed Cam by her shoulder. Cam felt her whole body tense up.

“Camryn Hampton, did you think you were leaving my party without even saying goodbye to me?” Jason spun her around to face him.

“Uh… Yes?” She said, blushing.

“Like fun you aren’t. You didn’t even say hello.” Jason replied. He chuckled and pulled her into an embrace then clamped his lips onto hers and kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth deeply. “There’s your hello.” He said breathing heavily after he stopped kissing her.

Camryn had daydreamed about kissing Jason Newton before. He was the It Boy of West Valley and any girl would give anything to be at his side. But after the kiss Jason just gave her, she never ever wanted it to happen again.

In his drunken state, his idea of a gentle and romantic kiss was actually pretty much the opposite of gentle and romantic.

Cam tried to push him away. Sid didn’t even seem to notice what was going on at all. She leaned against the fence and held on for dear life, looking as if she might pass out.

“Jason, stop!” Cam protested. “I need to go.”

“Not so fast.” Jason said and pulled her back. “You can’t leave without saying goodbye properly.”

He slipped his hand under Cam’s shirt and grabbed her left breast under her bra and gave it a hard squeeze.

Camyrn yelped involuntarily, “Holy shit Newton!! What the fuck is wrong with you???” She slapped him across the face as hard as she could and backed away from him. Jason was so drunk that he didn’t feel anything when she struck him, and he just laughed at her.

“You sure are feisty, aren’t you?” he laughed and pulled her back, trying to kiss her again.

“Jesus H. Christ, Jason! What the hell is your problem??” Obviously he wasn’t taking the hint, so Cam kneed him in the crotch, grabbed Sid by the wrist and ran through the gate before Jason could figure out what was going on.

Sid and Cam had made it half-way down the block when they saw Jason chasing behind them.

“Ohmigod! Is he seriously chasing us??” Sid wailed “What the hell? What is he planning on doing if he catches us?”

Cam didn’t want to know. Jason was very drunk, and drunken people did very unpredictable and sometimes terrifying things. Cam new this from experience.

Cam and Sid ran as fast as they could in their slightly intoxicated state, and after three blocks Jason gave up. If he were sober he would have caught them easily. He stopped running and called after them, “You weren’t worth it anyways bitch!!” Cam and Sid didn’t stop running until they couldn’t see him anymore.

When he was finally out of eyesight both girls collapsed on the lawn by the nearest house.

“That was so fucking crazy!” Cam and Sid were suddenly laughing hysterically at their narrow escape, but as suddenly as they started laughing, Sid stopped and stared solemnly at Cam “We hafta call Seth,” she said.

Cam frowned at her friend, “Are you sure?”

Sid nodded, “Neither one of us is in any state to drive home, and even if we were, there is no way I’m going back to Jason’s house any time soon to get my car.”

“Shit, I guess you’re right. I’m gonna be in so so so so-oo-oo much trouble though Sid, Seth is gonna kill me.”

Sid smiled sympathetically, “We’re both gonna be in trouble though Camryn.”

“Ya, but you won’t be in as much trouble as I’m gonna be in. You’ll parents will just lecture you a bit. Maybe ground you… but that’s it.”

“But you’re parents are out of town though Cam. They can’t do anything from Tahiti.”

Cam bit her lip. “Ya, but Seth is home. He’ll call them and rat me out. For sure. But it’s not like we have a choice.” She took a deep breath and fished her cell phone out of her pocket and saw that she had three missed calls. All of them were from Seth.

“Shit. I am so dead meat,” she whispered, dialing her brother’s number. He answered on the second ring. Cam had half-way hoped that he wouldn’t answer at all. Not like that would help anything.

“Cam?!?!” Her brother answered his phone anxiously.

“Ya Seth, it’s me.” she replied.

“Oh thank God. Are you okay? Where the hell are you? I was just about to call the cops.”

“No Seth, don’t call the cops. We’re fine. Do you think you could maybe, possibly come pick us up?”

“Why?? What’s wrong with Sid’s car? Did you guys get in an accident?”

“No…” Cam responded tentatively. “We just aren’t in much of a state to drive home is all…”

“Have you been drinking Camryn?” He asked her seriously.

“That is quite probable.”

Seth mumbled something into the phone that sounded something like “You have got to be kidding me.”

“So let me get this straight,” he said to her. “You guys aren’t at the movies right now — that’s a given since it’s three in the freaking morning. And I’m gonna take a wild guess that you never had even the slightest intention of going to the movies at all. Am I right?”

“Ya, I guess so…” Cam muttered into her phone.

“So you lied to me.” It wasn’t a question.

Cam bit her bottom lip and didn’t answer.

“Well??” he asked impatiently and when she still didn’t answer, Seth asked, “Camryn, do you have any idea how freaking worried I’ve been?”

That made her feel a little guilty. “I’m sorry Seth,” she said meaningfully.

“I want you and Sid to stay right where you are. I’m coming to get you. Tell me where I need go. Cam heard the sound of keys jingling together heard Seth moving around as he tired to put on his shoes while talking on the phone. While he banged around Cam told him where they were. She heard him close the front door as he left the house.

“Okay Camryn. I’m on my way. I want you and Sid to stay put.” he added, knowing her tendency to wander. “I’ll be there as soon as I can.” and then the line went dead.

Cam turned off her phone and slid int back into her pocket. She kicked rock into the gutter with her toe and turned to face Sid, “He’s on his way.” she said sullenly.

Sid just nodded and planted herself on the curb.

“You want a smoke?” she offered, extending her pack to Cam. She accepted and sunk down on the curb next to her friend. Sid lit her cigarette and took a long puff before she turned to Cam and lit her cigarette for her. Cam copied her friend and took a long drag to calm herself down. They both sat in silence puffing at their cigarettes until Sid suddenly said, “This is probably the stupidest thing that we’ve ever done.”

Cam just nodded in agreement, battling her own thoughts. Both girls were a little tipsy from the alcohol, and Cam still had a bit of a buzz from the marijuana that she had smoked a few hours before. Cam felt kinda goofy from all the foreign substances in her system and she leaned her head towards her friend and smiled at her, showing off her braces — something that she rarely ever did since she was ashamed of the wires running across her teeth. “You do hafta admit that it was one helluva a party though.” She nudged Sid with her elbow, trying to get her to her to lighten up. Sid just frowned, “For you maybe. You spent the whole night sucking face with Shane Wilson while I was puking my guts out.”

“Whatever. I saw you and Kenny Anderson hook up when we first got there.”

“Who, that dickhead?” Sid exclaimed “The whole fucking night all he tired to do was get in my pants and he has a really small…”

She was cut off by someone behind her loudly clearing their throat. Cam guiltily flicked her cigarette onto the sidewalk and gulped hen she recognized the large shoe that stepped on her spent cigarette and rubbed it into the pavement to put it out.

“Care to finish that statement Sidney?” Seth asked.

Sid blushed bright red and spun around. “Oh shit…” she muttered.

Seth yanked his sister to her feet and grabbed her shoulders so that she was looking him in the face. He stared her down, not saying anything and looked her in the eyes long and hard, as if he could look into her mind. It made Cam feel really uncomfortable and she tried to pull away from him. He glared at her and finally said, “You’re stoned.” and then let her go.

Cam looked blankly at her brother and said, “Yes. I am. And I’m drunk too.”

Seth frowned, “I can tell. You and Sid get in the car. We’re going home.”

There wasn’t much the girls could do but comply. It was a very quiet ride to Cam’s house and Seth was seething the whole way there. He gripped the steering wheel so tightly that his knuckles turned white. Sid and Cam sat next to each other in the back seat and tried not to breathe. They were both kind of scared of Seth and how angry he was and didn’t want to make him even more upset. When they finally pulled into the driveway of Cam’s house, Seth ordered Cam to get out of the car and go inside. He told her he would be back cuz he was gonna take Sid home.

“Wait Seth,” Sid pleaded. “Don’t take me home. Let me stay here tonight. I already told my parents that I was gonna stay here tonight and if I come home right now they’ll know that something’s up.”

“Of course they’ll know something is up, cuz I’m gonna tell them about how I had to come pick you guys up and how both of you are went to a party and got drunk and high. I’m pretty sure if I were your parents I’d want to know what was going on.”

“Oh Seth,” Cam cried, “Don’t take Sid home, please? It’s three in the morning. Just let her stay here.”

Seth sighed. “Camryn, I’m gonna deal with you tonight, I don’t know what Sid’s parents are going to do to her, but I’ll let them figure that out. If Sid stays here tonight she’ll be here while I’m dealing with you. Just so you know…”

Cam’s face turned white as she realized what her brother meant. Sid looked at both of them, confused at their exchange.

“Maybe you should take Sid home then Seth.” Cam said softly.

“No, don’t take me home. Just let me stay, I won’t interrupt you guys. I’ll just crash here for the night. I’m in no shape to face my parents right now.” Sid said desperately.

Cam looked as if she were about to cry. “I guess you can stay Sid.” she finally said. “If it’s okay with my brother…”

Seth took the keys out of the ignition and said, “Yes. It’s fine with me, but first thing in the morning I am taking you to get your car and then we are going to your house to explain the situation to your parents.”

Sid nodded solemnly and got out of the car.

“Camyrn, I want you to go up to my room and wait there while I get Sid some blankets and stuff.”

All the color drained from Cam’s face again and she just nodded in reply. Sid wondered why her friend seemed so upset when her Seth said that, but she didn’t ask. She just followed them into the house silently. Cam disappeared upstairs once they were in the house and Seth went down the hall to get some blankets for Sid so that she could sleep on the sofa. He handed them to her and gave her a severe look. “Goodnight Sidney.” He said coldly and switched off the light. She could hear the disappointment in his voice and felt bad. Seth was a cool kid and Sid had a lot of respect for him. He wasn’t rude or demeaning like many of her other friends older brothers.

“Seth… wait,” she said to him before he could leave.

“What is it Sidney?” he asked her somewhat exasperatedly.

“Well I was just wondering if there was anyway that you could maybe… not tell my parents?” She asked hesitantly.

“I’m sorry Sid,” he replied. “I gotta tell them.”

“Are you gonna call your parents and tell on Cam?” she asked.

“No. I’m not. I’m gonna deal with Camryn myself. If I leave it to my parents they won’t do anything. I don’t know how your parents are going to deal with you Sid, but I need to go upstairs and take care of my sister. I’m tired and I want to get this over with and go to bed. Good night Sidney. Try to get some sleep.”

“What are you going to do to Cam? Maybe you can er… deal with me too? That way you won’t have to tell my Mom and Dad.” Sid ventured.

Seth didn’t say anything but he raised his eyebrow at her, “I don’t know Sid. I think you’d rather have your parents take care of this than me.”

Sid thought about this for a second. Cam had looked pretty freaked out when Seth had told her to go upstairs, but anything was better than dealing with her parents… Right?

“No, I really don’t want may parents to know about tonight. They’ll never trust me ever again and I won’t be able to leave the house for a year.”

“Okay Sid, it really is up to you. If this is what you want…”

“Yes. Please. Just don’t tell my parents,” she begged.

Seth nodded in agreement and motioned for her to follow him upstairs.

Cam was in Seth’s room waiting on the bed and looking really anxious. Sid was really starting to worry now because she didn’t know what was going on, but Cam was obviously upset about whatever it was that Seth was going to do.

She grew even more anxious when she notice that Sid was there, “Are you going to let her watch, Seth? What’s going on??”

“Sid would rather me take care of this than her parents.” Seth stated. Cam looked a little surprised to hear this information, but she didn’t say anything. Seth told Sid to sit on the bed next to Cam and he moved the chair by his desk so that he could sit facing them.

“I think that we need to talk about what happened tonight, girls. I’m very unhappy with both of you,” he began. “For starts, you both lied to me and told me that you were going to the movies when you were really going to a drinking party. I don’t know how you thought you were going to get away with that, and you obviously didn’t. You had no idea how worried I was about you. I sat here waiting and waiting for you to get home and you never showed up.” He looked at the girls to see if what he was saying was sinking in at all before continuing. “I was in high school once too, and I know what kind of stuff goes on at those parties. I’m not clueless like Mom and Dad. I’m sure that they would just ground you or something lame like that, and your parents too Sid. But if they ground you, you’ll just brush it off and this will happen again. I know the way it works. I did the same thing.” Cam rolled her eyes, she had obviously heard this speech before. Seth gave her a sharp look before going on. “I want to make sure that this never ever happens again because dangerous things happen at those kinds of parties and I would never forgive myself if either of you got hurt. I care too much about both of you.” he turned to Sid, “Even you Sid. You’re my sister’s friend and I’ve known you for so long that I feel like you’re just as much a part of my family as Camryn is.” Sid blushed slightly.

“I really don’t want to have to do this, but if it will keep you from doing this in the future, then it is worth it.”

“What are you going to do?” Sid asked quietly.

“I’m going to spank you.”

Sid looked shocked, but Cam acted like she had been expecting Seth to say this all along. Sid didn’t know what to say, but she decided that letting Seth spank her would be better than dealing with her parents. And he was right. She felt that her parents grounding her was more of an inconvenience than a punishment, and sometimes when it ended, she had forgotten why she had been grounded in the first place. Plus, how bad could a spanking be? She remembered getting one or two swats when she was a little girl and they hadn’t been all that bad.

Cam was surprised that her friend was willing to take a spanking. If she had a choice, she would rather deal with her parents than have Seth spank her. He spanked really hard and it always made her feel like a little girl.

“You’re first Camryn.” Seth said and beckoned his sister to his side. She blushed when she realized that her best friend was going to witness this, but did what Seth said anyways. She knew from experience that it was better to just do what he said and get it over with. Seth started to unbutton her shorts, but then stopped and gave her a look. “I think these shorts are a little bit too short, Cam. You’ll give boys the wrong idea wearing these.”

Cam rolled her eyes at him. “Okay Mom,” she said sarcastically.

Seth gave her a hard whack that made her yelp. “I mean it Camryn,” he said firmly, “I don’t want any dirty boys getting any dirty ideas about my baby sister. If Mom were here she would have a fit! You can’t dress like that Camryn. ”

“Okay, okay. I won’t wear them anymore.” Cam quickly agreed, still hurting where Seth had hit her.

“Good.” Seth said and yanked her short shorts down to her knees. Cam blushed bright red and tried to pretend that she was somewhere else as Seth draped her over his knees.

Sid could only watch in shock as she watched Seth start to spank Cam and she realized that she was next.

“Would you mind telling me why you’re getting this spanking Cam?” Seth asked his sister as he hit her. Cam started whimpering and squirming to avoid his hand, but didn’t answer his question. Seth slapped her harder. “Well?” he prompted.

“Um… because I lied to you and went to a party and got drunk.” she said hastily.

“Yep,” he replied but didn’t let up “that’s right Camryn. And I don’t ever want you going to a party like that ever again. You and Sidney are very lucky that nothing bad happened.” Cam started crying. “I know, I know. Please stop Seth. I understand.”

“Not quite done yet Cam.” he said and pulled her underwear done so that he could really get his message across. He was serious when he said that he didn’t want this happening again, and he was going to make sure that it didn’t. Cam put up a big fight, kicking and squirming after he did this, but Seth held her tightly and started spanking her again.

Sid felt really sorry for her friend and sort of embarrassed too. Cam’s poor bottom was bright pink after Seth pulled her underwear down, but now it was bright red and Cam wasn’t even trying not to cry. She had all but forgotten that Sid was there.

Cam stopped kicking and fighting and just laid still and cried while Seth spanked her. He gave her a few more hard smacks and then stopped. Cam didn’t notice at first that he had stopped.

Seth picked up his distraught sister and held her close while she sniffled and tried to compose her self.

“Do you want to go wait in your room while I take care of Sid? I’ll come tuck you in after I’m through.” Seth whispered in her ear.

Cam nodded and pulled her shorts back up and shuffled sullenly to her bedroom leaving her friend alone with her brother.

When they were alone Seth looked at Sid and said, “Are you sure that you want to do this Sidney?” Sid really wasn’t sure at all that she. In fact, her brain was screaming “NO, NO, NO!!” but she heard her mouth say, “Yes Seth,” in a voice that could never be hers. It sounded much too calm.

“Alright then, come here.” Seth told her.

Her legs felt shaky, like they were made out of jello as she walked over to Seth’s side.

He unbuttoned the button on her shorts and the butterflies that had been in her stomach before threatened to break free

“Sidney, what I said to Cam about her shorts being too short goes for you too.” he eyed her halter top. “And your shirt too. You don’t need to flaunt your body like that. You’re better than that Sid.” Sid nodded and Seth pulled down her shorts and helped her over his lap. She wondered if maybe she should let her parents deal with her instead and after the first two hard smacks that Seth gave her, she was sure that she’d rather listen to one of her dad’s boring lectures than this. But it was too late, and no matter how much she squirmed and pleaded, Seth didn’t stop. “Why are you getting this spanking Sidney?” he asked her.

“B-b-because Camryn and I lied to you and went to a party where we could have gotten hurt or taken advantage of.” she choked out

“That’s right. It could have been very bad and I’m just glad that both of you are okay.” he told her as he continued to reign smacks down on her bottom. “And it’s not gonna happen again.” he stated and pulled down her underwear just like he had done to his sister and started spanking again.

“No Seth! It won’t happen again!! I promise.” she assured him and when he still didn’t stop after she begged him to, she started crying because she didn’t know if it would ever end. She gave up on fighting him after she stopped struggling he gave her one or two more whacks and then stopped. Sid didn’t understand why, but she felt better even though she was so sore that she would probably be hurting tomorrow.

“It’s all okay now kiddo.” he assured her and let her cry on his tee shirt. Eventually she got up and Seth followed her into Cam’s room. Camryn was already asleep since she was exhausted and after Seth said goodnight to Sid she fell sound asleep just a few minutes later. Both girls slept on their stomachs.

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