by Anya — The Growing Years


Anya’s first day of school is full of new friends and trouble.  Her little sister couldn’t keep herself out of trouble either.  As promised, their big brother Jessie punishes them accordingly.


Today’s my first day of High school, and I’m most definitely not looking forward to getting up at 6:00am which is not fun at all. I rolled out of bed as I heard my alarm I walked to the bathroom to put on the clothes I had set out the day before.

Today wasn’t just any typical first day of school; it was also the anniversary to my parents’ death. They died 2 months ago in a car accident. I was still getting used to the idea that my older brother Jessie, who is 18 and is starting his senior year in high school is now our legal guardian, which means we’ll be in the same school which I’m not looking forward too. My twin little sisters Zana and Tegan who are 12 were starting their 7th grade year and are up and ready to go since they’ve been up since 5am.

“Zana why are you wearing my shirt”? I yelled

“Because you never wear it”…She whined

“Yes I do take it off NOW”… I screamed

“NO” she yelled back I chased her around the house till I ran into Jessie.

“good morning”… I smiled sweetly.

Jessie rolled his eyes “Zana, Tegan come in here please” my sisters came in Zana still wearing my shirt. I wanted to yell but then Jessie started talking.

“Guys I know this is going to be weird not having mom and dad here anymore …But, just because they’re gone doesn’t mean that you can get away with murder around here. Now I’m going to drop Zana and Tegan off at school then go to school with Anya but first let me warn you: if you guys get into any trouble I won’t hesitate to spank you. Understand?”..

All of us looked at each other. “Yes sir” we said all at the same time. Like our dad, Jessie was a firm believer in spanking and I knew he was serious about what he said.

Jessie cooked us pancakes and eggs with orange juice even though I hated orange juice. I drank milk instead.

“Zana if you don’t take off my shirt I’m going to hurt you,” I told her.

“You’re not going to do anything Anya,” she answered back…

“Oh yea WATCH ME” I screamed jumping up and trying to grab her but we were both grabbed by Jessie.

“Please not today guys.” Jessie looked tired so I looked at Zana.

“You better not mess it up” she smiled sweetly.

After dropping Zana and Tegan off at school we headed to the high school. When we got there I jumped out of the car and ran to meet my friends before the bell. “ANYA” my befriend, Callie, screamed. I hugged her and we both jumped up in down. I was so happy to see her. We compared schedules to find we only had one class together which was English at 3rd period. The bell rang and we parted ways.

My first class was history and I hate history. I find it so pointless why we need to learn about things that happened a long time ago that have nothing to do with today’s reality. But any ways my teacher’s name is Mrs. Coil and I think she’s the most boring teacher I ever had. I thought I just might die.

I didn’t know anyone in this class. My desk was next to the new girl Piper Romero. She had short kinky hair and huge brown eyes. “Hey, I’m Anya”.. I said.

“Hey, I’m Piper,” she answered back.

“This class bites doesn’t it?”

“Yea it does,” I answered back. “So what does your schedule look like?” I asked her and she showed me. We had all the same classes except 7th period science. “Hey we’ve got almost all the same classes.” I smiled.

There was about 15 minutes of class left and since it was the first day Mrs. Coil gave us free time to walk around the classroom and get to know everyone.

“Hey, you want to get out of here?” Piper whispered.

“Yeah, how do we do it?” I said excitedly.

“Well since there’s only 15 minutes left of class anyways and everyone’s walking around we can just slip out no one will know,” she said. I agreed. Donna was staring at us but I didn’t know her so I just ignored her.

We slipped right out and no one knew just like she said… well, except for Donna, but I didn’t pay much attention to her. We walked around the school exploring since it was our first day and we didn’t know where we were. We ended up by the gym when I heard a familiar laugh. “Oh my god, we have to hide!” I turned around to see Jessie. Luckily his back was towards me but his friend’s wasn’t.

Jessie was in a co-ed gym with juniors, seniors and some sophomores, when a boy nudged him and asked, “hey isn’t that your little sis?” Jessie turned around just as I was running away.

“What’s wrong?” Piper asked.

“It’s my brother. He would kill me if he finds out I snuck out of class.”

“Mine too,” Piper said.

“You have an older brother too?” I said my mouth wide open shocked to have found someone I can relate to.

“Yeah well my step brother,” she said still running behind me. “I think we lost them,” I said. We started walking again. “So how old’s your brother? I asked her.

“17. He’s a junior… my mom got a divorce when I was 3 and she remarried Jeff, Cole’s dad, and they had my little sister Jacinta, who’s 12, and then Cody, who’s 8… but when I was 12 my mom got cancer and was put into the hospital. Ever since my step dad Jeff takes care of us but he has to work non-stop to pay my mom’s hospital bill so Cole takes care of us and he thinks spanking is the way to go.”

“Same here!” we laughed until I heard on the loud speaker.

“ANYA MANTEZ and PIPER ROMERO please report to the office immediately!” We both looked at each other scared out of our minds. We walked into the office. I looked up to see someone I never expected… Donna! She had a smile on her face and pointed at us. “See I told you they snuck out.”

My mouth dropped open. “Are you kidding?!” I yelled. “We’re in freakin high school not elementary school.”

“MRS.MANTEZ my office NOW,” the principal boomed.

I pushed passed her. “Tattle tale,” I said, Piper following behind me glaring at her.

“Girls, sneaking out of class is a very serious offense. What do you have anything to say for yourselves?”

“I’m sorry,” we both said at the same time heads down.

“Good. Just to make sure you’re sorry I will be giving you both after school detention. But you Miss Mantez will serve another after school for your outburst at Miss Kadwell… she was only trying to help.” I rolled my eyes. “Okay I will call your parents and then you can go.” My heart sank. “Www why do you have to call home? We learned our lesson truly please don’t call home.”

“I’m sorry but I must inform your parents.” Mr. Lamon looked at my file. “This says I should contact your brother Jessie, is that right Miss Mantez?”

“Yes sir,” I said.

“And I should contact your father Jeff or your brother Cole, Miss Romero?”

“Cole” she puffed.

Within 5 minutes both Cole and Jessie were sitting in the principal’s office not looking to happy to be there. Cole was tall with curly brown hair. He had big green eyes but had them fixed on Piper who sank in her seat when he walked in. Mr. Lamon told them both the whole story and told them our punishments. They all shook hands and we went back to class dreading our fate of when we got home. Piper and I went from total strangers to best friends in a matter of hours. By 3rd period I introduced Piper to Callie and they hit it off laughing and everything. By the end of the day I was in a good mood laughing with Piper only to have to get in the car with Jessie. “Bye Piper.” I smiled giving her a hug. “Good luck” we both said at the same time making us giggle.

We had to swing by the middle school to pick up my sisters Tegan and Zana, and since we got out at 1:55 while the middle school let out at 2:10, Jessie decided to take that time to lecture me.

“Anya what the hell is wrong with you sneaking out of class like that wandering the halls? I knew when Jordan said he saw you I should have gone looking for you, but no, I said, my sister wouldn’t do that. But was I wrong.”

“Jessie I’m sorry I really am.. it’s just Mrs. Coil wasn’t teaching and I wanted to tour the school so we left. It was only for like 15 minutes and we wouldn’t have gotten caught if donna hadn…” Jessie cut me off.

“So you’re saying it’s okay to sneak out of class when a teacher decides to be nice and give you free time to meet your classmates and if you do something wrong it’s alright to blame another student for being trustworthy?”

“That not what I meant.. I mean I don’t think…I mean I don’t know but I’m sorry I really am.”

“Oh you will be very sorry.” That statement made my stomach turn.

Just then Tegan came skipping to the car.

“My day was amazing, I love AP history the best and I made a new friend named Jacinta and she lives right down the street she has a sister named Piper in your grade Anya,” Tegan went on.

The clock hit 2:20. “Where is Zana?” Jessie huffed.

“Oh umm she…” Tegan began to talk when Zana opened the door and hopped in.

“Where were you?” Jessie asked.

“Oh I was in.. I was at my locker it wouldn’t open…” Zana said glaring at Tegan.

Jessie knew she was lying. Brothers know everything. “Okay we can leave when you tell me the truth Zana Noel Mantez,” he said using her full name so we knew he meant business.

“Okay, okay I was in the principal’s office… But, I can explain.”

“Please do,” Jessie said rubbing his forehead.

“Okay well I kind of mouthed off to my teacher a little and she over reacted… so can you sign this note,” Zana finished, smiling.

“Are you kidding me?? First Anya, now you… I guess I’ll be doing a double spanking tonight.”

I slumped down in my seat and Zana whined, “but Jessie I didn’t say that much she over reacted I don’t need spanking honest.”

“Zana, I know what you need and that is a spanking. I don’t want to hear another word about what you think you don’t need, GOT IT?” Jessie said getting angry. The rest of the car ride was silent expect for Tegan’s happy humming songs.

We pulled into the drive way. “Anya and Zana have a seat in the living room… Tegan you can go start your homework.”

“But it’s the first day Jessie… I don’t have homework.” Tegan whined.

“Tegan then please go to your room while I deal with your sisters.”

“Uggg okay,” Tegan stomped up the stairs to her room.

In the living room Jessie sat in the chair and shook his head. “It’s the first day of school and both of you got into trouble. I’m so pissed I don’t know what to do. Zana give me the note.” Zana reached in her bag getting out a yellow paper. “You called the teacher a bitch?? ZANA!” Jessie yelled.

“I’m sorry I was just upset because she wouldn’t let me sit next to Blair instead she made me sit by Gordon the geek I didn’t mea..”

“Save it Zana. Come here.”

Zana walked to Jessie and he didn’t hesitate to pull down the navy skirt she had on and pull her over his lap bringing her panties down to meet her skirt. “Zana I’m so disappointed in you.”

“I know Jessie I’m sorry I really am.”

“I know you are but your still getting a spanking for being disrespectful.” And with that Jessie started to spank Zana.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, “OWWW! Jessie please I’m sorry!”

“You’re nowhere near being done young lady. SMACK Don’t you SMACK ever SMACK ever SMACK use that SMACK, SMACK language SMACK, SMACK towards anyone again SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!”


Jessie continued to rain down hard smacks to Zana’s bottom. “Anya go get me that hairbrush in your room.”


“Now Anya,” Jessie yelled. I came back in record time. I handed it to him and he continued spanking Zana’s reddened bottom. She kicked, screamed and yelled. Jessie finished up with 10 good hard smacks to Zana’s sit spots which made her howl even louder.


“I know baby, I know.” He snuggled Zana for a minute until she calmed down.

“I love you, Jessie.”

“I love you, too, little one.” He hugged her.

“I will never do it again.”

“Better not or it will be worse next time.” Zana gave Jessie a quick hug and ran to her room.

“Come here Anya.” I walked over to him. “Anya I’m so disappointed in you. You’re a freshman in high school, not a 2nd grader… you know sneaking out of class is unacceptable and you also know yelling at someone when you were wrong is not okay either.”

“I know Jessie… I’m sorry it won’t happen again honest.”

“I know it won’t happen again.” With that he yanked down my pants and panties and pulled me over his lap. Once again Jessie didn’t start up with a warm up.


“This will SMACK teach you SMACK not to sneak SMACK out of SMACK, SMACK, SMACK out of class.”


“I know.” With that Jessie picked up the hair brush.


“I don’t think so, young lady. You deserve this spanking.” With that Jessie continued to smack my backside more with the brush until I went limp over his lap.


Finally he stopped. “I know baby I know you won’t.” Jessie hugged me until I stopped crying. He kissed my head and sent me up to my room.

I called Piper who was sniffling as well. We talked for 2 hours until Cole told her that was enough. I slept on my stomach that night.

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