by Candace — Amy and Josh


This was originally posted here.  While Amy’s parents are out of town, her older brother Josh is in charge.  She breaks the rules and Josh isn’t too happy about it!


Amy rubbed her arm ruefully after her angered brother let go of it. She mumbled in a little bit of agitation as her amber eyes became downcast. She had just been forcefully led inside by her 6 foot 5 towering brother, who was easily able to overpower her because of his strength, which he had acquired from working out every other day. He was well-built, with a soft shaped face, yet a strong chin. At the moment, his features were contorted with furious anger.

“Amy Lee Baoshan!” He growled as she resigned to just looking at her black leather calve-high boots. “I can’t believe you!”

She silently thought, ‘Believe it.’ She had been at quite a reckless party, where drinking had been involved, as well as quite a few other things that their parent’s would not agree with her being involved in. But her parent’s were on their anniversary, in New York, and her older brother had been left to watch her. He usually would be at college right now, but he had a break and had agreed to watch her.

She felt somewhat angered at this. She was 16 years old–plenty old enough to take care of herself for a week. She could drive; she could do anything she wanted to or had to do. As long as her parent’s lent her money while she was gone. But no, Josh had to come down and watch her as if she was a baby. What, did they not trust her? But as she was scolded fiercely by her brother, she supposed they had a reason to not trust her.

“You know no parties is a rule,” Josh growled as he stood close, but she did not meet his intense bue eyes, which contrasted with his dark brown hair attractively, “And you dared to go to such a party! DRESSED LIKE THAT!” Josh growled loudly as he studied her attire.

She did admit, if she had been caught at the party just wearing some normal flare jeans and a tee shirt, his anger wouldn’t be this hot. However, her attire was much more scant then that. Her black shining leather boots trailed up to her calves, the fishnet stockings trailing up to her mid thighs, where they disappeared under her short, patched skirt. If she would bent over, she would be giving someone a show. Not to mention her tube top, which was vibrant pink, failing to cover her stomach or shoulders. Her hair was in a loose pony tail, and her make-up was heavy and bright. She had felt daring. She didn’t know he would get back from his friend’s so early to find her car gone. And it wasn’t hard to find where she was, thanks to how close and loud the party had been. There was car’s all over, and Josh had quickly spotted out her’s among them.

From there on it had been down-hill. Not only did her brother walk in like a dad and drag her out, but he did it in front of all her friends. she secretly was angry with him for this, for embarrassing her so much. She felt like a child as Josh towered over her, scolding her like one.

“You know the rules, and you know not to dress like THAT!” Josh continued to rant, “Go get dressed for bed, NOW! And come back when you’re done.”

Amy didn’t need to be told again. she quickly turned on heel, anxious to get away from him, and out of the outfit. She didn’t like being dressed like that in front of him. She felt naked, especially the way his eyes dug into her. Some other guy, like a boyfriend, would have been fine. But Josh was her brother, and to be dressed like that in front of him made her blush and feel exposed and like a child when he glared down upon her.

She quickly pulled off the out fit and found some loose pajama pants. Amy pulled them up over her plain blue panties, and then pulled on a tee shirt for a top, and sat down on her bed with a relieved sigh. Amy wondered what would happen next. Sure, Josh had yelled at her. And since he had been put in charge of her he was allowed to ground her, which was obvious to be a factor in her punishment. Other than that he’d probably continue to blow his hot air at her, but she really had nothing to worry about. Even if he told her parents, the worse they would do was probably ground her and put a hold on her allowance.

“GET IN HERE!” Josh’s deep voice thundered all the way from te living room, making Amy jump and tremble all at once. She sighed getting up. Amy wished she had some earplugs. After this, she was probably going to go deaf. Mumbling, Amy returned to the livingroom, to find Josh standing there, looking very angry indeed. His arms were crossed over his strong chest, and she felt very intimidated as she looked up at him. He made her sit on the couch.

“You’re grounded,” Josh started. Amy wasn’t surprised, “I’m going to tell mom and dad, and you’ll probably get your allowance taken away.” Amy still did not feel shocked. She just looked up at him, waiting for the yelling and scolding, knowing it was coming.

“And,” Josh paused. He looked at Amy almost thoughtfully as if he was contemplating his words. His face seemed to loosen, as if he could think of no other way to put it, and said simply, “I’m going to spank you.”

Amy felt her face go red. Spank her? He couldn’t. He wouldn’t. She was sixteen! Far too old for such a childish punishment! Too old for her brother to do such a thing! NEVER. She looked at him with a difiant glare, then smirked. “Ha!” She laughed stiffly, getting up. But her legs, despite her confidence, trembled under her, “Good one Josh. Real funny. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She turned to return to her room, but found her path blocked by her frustrated looking brother. She tried to move around him, but again he stepped in her way. She felt her stomach churn as she looked up at his determined face, “Josh…” She said this uncertainly, her voice weak, “You are kidding…right?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding?” He asked calmly.

As Amy took in his set, tightened jaw, the dangerous glint in his eyes, mixed with determination. She frowned and back away from him, shaking her head. “Nooo…I’m too old. And you can’t.”

“Wanna bet?” Josh almost smirked, but the disappointment he felt quickly washed the look from his face. He advanced toward her. As soon as he had opened the pathway, Amy twisted past him, and saw the clear hallway. If she could just reach her room…

But she was denied. As soon as she had miraculously slipped past Josh he had quickly turned on heel and caught the back of her shirt. She was yanked back to him as if she was tied to him by a rubber band. She struggled and tore free of him, and the thought she heard the seam in the collar of her shirt rip as she did this, then shot towards her room.

She was fast, but not fast enough. She couldn’t beat Josh’s long muscular legs, and soon he had caught her in another bind; This time a much more firm and final hold, by her arm and not her shirt. Amy began to whine and plead as she wiggled and struggled as she was carried unwillingly back to the living room in her brother’s strong arms, but Josh wouldn’t hear any of it.

He deposited himself on the couch, dumping her over his knee unceremoniously. He placed his left hand firmly on the middle on her lower back, keeping her pinned. His left arm lifted high, and his hand stretched open like a paddle as he held it high in the air. Josh mercilessly spanked Amy’s upturned pajama-clad bottom rapid- fire, excluding yelps and protests from the squirming girl.

“JOSH!” Amy yelled, as the onslaught continued on her stinging bottom (her pj bottoms were about as thin as her panties were, leaving little protection) “STOP! Ow! Dammit! IT HURTS!”

Josh’s hand stopped in mid air right above the girls squirming hind- quarters. “What was that?” He asked in an icily dangerous tone, making Amy gulp nervously. She shouldn’t of cussed. But at the same time, she could feel the pressure of his left hand on her back, and it was quite lenient right now.

Amy took the opportunity. Twisting violently she disheveled herself from his lap, landing clumsily on her rear. As soon as she hit the floor she sprung to her feet, and bolted toward her room as fast as her feet could carry her. She reached it with a fleeting feeling of freedom, and slammed the door closed behind her. Panting, her heart pounded in her chest as she rested with her back against the door.

“Don’t make me come in there and get you.” Josh’s voice carried easily through the door to Amy’s ears, even though he was speaking quietly.

“You aren’t going to spank me like I’m a kid!” Amy shouted through the door, anger evident in her voice.

“You are acting like a child, and I have ever intention and right to treat you like one.” Josh said cooly. Suddenly Amy felt herself thrown forward as she door was thrown open as a heavy force was combined with it. It was Josh. He had hammered his shoulder into the unlocked door, easily knocking Amy away and opening it at the same time.

Amy felt disorientated as she sat on the floor, her weight supported by her knees and hands, as she was on all fours. Josh lifted her body, his arms around her waist. He tucked her easily under one arm, her face pointed in the same direction of his back. She could feel her feet dangling from the floor. Her dizziness went away, and she felt the fight revitalize within her again.

She kicked furiously, trying to kick him in the stomach or arm with her heels, and at the same time she pounded on anything available to her in her position with her balled fists. His lower back, legs, even his butt. Suddenly a loud slap echoed through the room and she felt a sharp sting in her backside. And again the sting was refreshed as Josh’s hand again landed on her available bottom.

“You’re right,” Josh said through his teeth, paddling her rear end, emitting a squeak from Amy once more, “You aren’t a child.” He gave her three more hard spanks, causing the sting to build in hr backside. “But you are acting like a five year old.”

Suddenly Amy felt herself flipped right side up and onto her feet. She stood unsteadily and was spun around. Her hands found her bottom, rubbing at the sting gingerly. “Don’t rub,” She heard Josh command behind her as, at the same time, he took her by both wrists and pinned them to the small of her back with one of his large hands. He pushed her forwards, toward the livingroom.

“You think that hurts?” Josh asked sincerely. Amy nodded. “You haven’t felt anything yet.” Amy gulped. “I’m going to take you over my lap and warm your stuck up little butt with my hand–and I might use my belt too, since you decided to be such a little brat about this and ran away like you did. And before I do, I’m going to take down your pants AND panties. That’s right, you’re getting this on your bare bottom. And I’m not going to stop until I feel like it, and my arm can go a long time, believe me.”

Amy felt scared now. Josh was going to really scorch her bottom. She had only gotten spanked a few times as a kid, and none of those had ever been very hard or long, none the less bare.

Josh was telling all this to her purposely. He did plan to spank her; Hard, on her bare bottom, AND for quite a long time. But he wasn’t going to be completely merciless. He wasn’t going to wait until his arm was so tired he couldn’t lift it any longer, of course not. He just felt like scaring her a bit. Rattle her up. He didn’t know if he was going to really use his belt or not yet. If she started acting up during the spanking, he decided he would.

He’d never delivered a spanking before, but he decided it wouldn’t be that hard. He knew how to control his strength well enough so that he wouldn’t hurt her too badly. He planned to turn her butt red and sore, but not to bruise it. Afterall, she was his lil’ sis, and he cared about her a lot. However, when she was a brat and misbehaved like this, he thought a spanking sounded like the perfect solution.

Reaching the living room again, he sat down on the couch. But this time instead of just dumping her on his lap, he had her stand at his right thigh. He looked up at her.

Amy felt awkward. She knew Josh was probably just kidding about using all the energy in his arm to spank her, but she knew his strength. Even before he went off to college she had remembered his frequent visits to gyms. She looked toward the hallway. Maybe this try would be a lucky one.

Josh saw the glance and knew exactly what she was up to. He narrowed his eyes, “Don’t even think about it.” Amy frowned and looked down a bit, staying put.

“Please, Josh,” She begged, speaking very fast, “I promise I’ll never do it again-I dunno what I was thinking, I was just there and I was dressed like that, I guess I wanted to fit in! Please don’t spank me, I’m too old and you’re my brother and mom and dad didn’t much and-”

Josh’s finger’s pressed against her lips to silence her. He lowered his arm again. She didn’t look at him and just sniffed. “Amy, I love you. You’re my little sister. I just want to look out for you. But going to a party like that, especially dressed the way you were, is dangerous. Someone could of taken advantage of you easily, and I’d hate myself if that happened, because I had been the one in charge of you. I thought I trusted you enough to leave you alone. I didn’t think you’d be so immature and sneak out deliberately disobeying me, mom, and dad. I’m very disappointed in you.”

Amy couldn’t meet his eyes. Her’s were already brimming with tears. His lecture had been a punishment in itself. She felt so guilty. She had disappointed him, disobeyed her parents, put herself in danger.

“I’m sorry.” She sniffled and wiped at her eyes.

Josh’s eyes softened a bit as he took in his apologizing sister. Still, she needed to be taught a real lesson. “Well, be that as it may,” He said, turned strict again, “I’m going to make sure you never do that again.” Without another word, he patted his lap.

Amy looked at him piteously, her hands over her bottom. “You aren’t really gonna spank me on my bare…” She trailed off as Josh nodded. “Nooo…” Amy pleaded biting her lower lip.

“NOW!” Josh growled, making Amy jump slightly. She dared to shake her head slowly, still biting her lower lip. Josh seized her wrist and pulled her over his lap. He quickly found the waistband of her loose pj bottoms, while she wiggled over his thighs unwillingly. She knew she deserved it, but she didn’t want to admit it. Those few spanks had been plenty for her.

Josh slide his fingers into each side of her pajama bottoms and slid them down. He had to admit his sister was becoming an attractive young woman, and probably would attract all the guys’ eyes at her school. Of course he wasn’t interested in looking at his sister’s rounded bottom, he had his own girlfriend’s to admire. To Josh, Amy’s bottom was just a little girl’s which was about to get reddened.

After her pants were around her knees, he quickly had her panties join them at her knees. He wasted little time and placed his strong left hand on her lower back firmly, to keep her from squirming too much. Amy was still wiggling to get off his lap, though not half as hard as she had the first few times. She felt somewhat resigned to her punishment, but with her bare bottom exposed to her brother’s eyes, she was blushing red and beyond humiliation.

“Josh! BARE?!” She whined, “Come on!”

Josh ignored her with a small smile at her embarrassment at having her bare rear over her brother’s knee. He raised his right arm high, then swung down his hand with a resounding “SMACK!” He then quickly set to work on sending the warmth of the spanking all over her bottom.

She yelped at the first spank, surprised at the sting. The spanks over her pajama’s hadn’t seemed to hurt that badly. But the skin of his hand colliding with the skin of her bare bottom added an extra snap. As Josh continued spanking her, she wiggled more fiercely as the sting grew.

“Ow! Josh! It hurts…” She winced as another spank landed on her bouncing bottom.

“It’s not (Smack) supposed to (Smack) feel good,” Josh said while still spanking her exposed rear, keeping the pace relatively fast and the spanks at a medium strength. “It’s a (Smack) punishment.”

Amy still complained and whined between spanks, yelping with each one. Soon Josh was tired of her overreactions. He sped up a lot in the pace of the spanking, giving her three extra hard spanks one right after the other. Amy squealed and kicked her feet. “JOSH!”

“Amy,” He mocked, then growled slightly. “If you really want something to complain about, I’ll give it to you.” Amy quickly became quieter throughout the spanking.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

Amy drummed her toes on the couch, closing her eyes tightly and biting her lower lip as her bottom bounced under her brother’s strong hand. The sting was everywhere in her rear end now, and she could feel it steadily growing.

Spank. Spank. Spank.

Spank. Spank. Spank.

Spank. Spank. Spank.

Josh watched Amy’s bottom turn a light shade of pink. He made sure he distributed the rosy color all over both cheeks of her bottom, then sped up and spanked harder, turning the faint pink into a hot vibrant pink. Amy yelped her protest at this, but didn’t complain otherwise.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

Amy felt tears sting her eyes as her bottom started to feel like it was on fire. She gripped onto Josh’s pant leg tightly with both hands as if it might help relieve some of the fire. Josh was amused by this. She was cute in a little girlish way, humble and sniffling over his lap as he turned her bottom red.

Josh began to spank slow as he scolded her, but kept the spanks hard and aimed directly at the lower portion of her bottom cheeks that joined with her thighs. He was going to make sure it would be a pain to sit for a while. “If you EVER (Smack!) do anything like that again, I PROMISE (Smack!) that I will do THIS (Smack!) again. And it will be longer (Smack!) harder, (Smack!) and you’ll be very VERY (Smack!) sorry!”

“I’m sorry!” Amy cried as she kicked her feet, her red bottom glowing as it bounced with each spank. “I won’t do it again…” Tears wet her face. Josh soon ended the spanking, which in the end was very fast and hard, making the girl cry and squirm over his lap. He made sure the last spanks were delivered to her sit-spot.

He then let Amy sit up on his lap, softly. Amy immediately winced with a small yelp as her weight shifted onto her bottom. Josh blinked a little, then stood her up. He stood up himself. He hugged her and rubbed her back gently. She let her sobs become absorbed in his chest as she buried her face into it, hugging him tightly. She murdered her apologias again and again.

“Shhh..” Josh said, his voice now gentle and soothing. “It’s okay. I forgive you.” He rubbed her back warmly, then helped her replace her underwear. She winced as the tight fabric clung over her red, sore bottom. She sniffed, her pj bottoms at her ankles now as she rubbed her butt with both hands.

“Heh,” Josh grinned playfully at her after she had calmed down and just sniffled, “Better behave or big brother Josh is going to be giving little Amy a lot of trips over his knee.”

Amy smiled some, and pushed him. He chuckled and hugged her again, brushing some hair from her face, “Now get to bed.”

She nodded slightly one hand on her bottom still. She could feel the warmth through her underwear. She bent down and lifted her pj bottoms back to their proper position, and rubbed her sore rear through them.

Amy turned to walk to her room, but stopped. She looked back over her shoulder at Josh, biting her lip slightly. Josh watched. She looked about ten years younger to him right now. The way she bit her lip when she was nervous or in trouble and knew it, the way she looked over her shoulder at him with her shiny large eyes like an innocent little girl; All childish of her, but he thought it was adorable.

He smiled gently, “Yes, Amy?”

“Can I…” She turned to him looking at the ground, blushing a little, “Sleep with you tonight?”

Josh blinked in surprise. He smiled again and ruffled her hair playfully with his hand. Amy smiled. “‘Course, you can, runt.”

He grinned as they walked toward his old room, which still had abed and some of his belongings, (he had never gotten around to completely clearing it out, and it was convenient for him when he did stay at his parent’s.) Amy leading as he trailed behind. He usually slept in only his boxers, but he decided that Amy was the only one who got to show off her underwear.

“Don’t snore,” He warned, with a smirk and a playful glint in his eye, “Or I might have to spank you for the second time tonight.”

Amy laughed a little and crawled into the bed under the covers, then sat down as Josh sat beside her. She winced. Josh laughed and Amy gave him a small glare, blushing a little.

“Is someone’s naughty little butt red and sore?” Josh teased as he lied back, gathering Amy into a warm hug. Amy rested her head on his chest. She felt like a little girl again as he gently rubbed her back.

Josh was almost positive that before the last curtains of sleep enveloped his younger sister, she had mumbled softly into his chest, maybe even whispered thank you. He lowered his head and kissed her forehead softly, closing his eyes. The next morning Josh lie with his sister protectively under his arm, her head on his chest, a soft smile on his face.

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