by sethor — The Grass is Greener Over Here Huh?


[Author’s Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction. The author does not in any way endorse the spanking of real children in real life.]

Twins Sam and Sarah compare the spankings they receive from their parents.  Neither of them know what they’re in for…


In a normal kitchen, two young people sat at a round table, eating their breakfast and chatting. Two older people, adults, were circulating around them, eating cereal bars and getting ready and dressed.

The oldest male, tall and strong, with short black hair was speaking. “Now kids, your mother and I are just going to be gone for the day. We will be back tonight by ten or so.”

The boy at the table nodded. His hair was a little long, but also black. “Sure thing dad.”

A woman walked into the room, still brushing out her long, brown hair. “Now you both know the rules. Stay inside all day, don’t open the door for anyone, no one comes in, not even your friends, and be good.”

The girl at the table, her hair also long, but black like her brother’s sighed and nodded. “Jeeze mom, we’re both almost twelve. We’re not babies or anything.”

The father nodded as he began to tuck in his shirt into his khaki slacks. “Your mom and I know that Sarah, that’s why we trust you and Sam today. If you both can behave today, we might let you have friends over without us being here.”

Sam looked up and nodded. “Cool dad. We’ll be fine, right Sarah?”

She quickly nodded too. “Yeah. We know all about 911 and what to do in an emergency.”

Their mother straightened out her hair finally. “And if we come back and find this place a mess, well, you both know what to expect then.”

The children nodded their heads solemnly. They certainly did know what to expect.

She spoke again. “All right then. There’s some leftovers in the fridge and pizza rolls in the freezer, just use the microwave. Don’t touch the stove, OK?”

Both children nodded.

“Good. You ready dear?”

“All set. All right, you kids have fun today. We’ll see you tonight if you’re not asleep by then.”

“Love you!”

“Bye mom!”

“Yeah, OK, bye dad!”

The parents walked out through the living room, then out the front door, which they then locked behind them.

Sam finished his breakfast and walked over to clean up his plate. “You got it lucky you know.”

Sarah gulped down a mouthful of toast before speaking. “What?”

He continued to scrub his plate, his back to his fraternal twin sister. “You just get whipped by mom. She can’t be as bad as dad with his belt.”

She smirked, sticking out her tongue when he couldn’t see her. “Shows what you know. I bet you couldn’t take even a minute of being spanked with the big brush she keeps upstairs for my butt.”

Sam set the plate and his silverware in the rack to dry. Then he turned to her and shook his head. “You think you’re such a … ” He paused and glanced out the window, seeing an empty driveway. ” … badass don’t you?”

Sarah chuckled. “Ooooh. You’re real brave when no one’s around to hear you bro. I could even make you cry with a brush I bet.”

Sam smirked back at her. “And I could make you cry with dad’s belt.”

“Could not!”

He grinned. “Could too.”

Sarah sighed as she got up and cleaned up her own dishes. “Nuh uh.”

Sam smirked and leaned against the counter. “Then how about I get to prove it?”

She turned to him “What?”

Sam smiled. “You’re so sure I can’t make you cry, then I get to spank you with dad’s belt the same way he spanks me. Whattya say?”

Sarah’s face paled. She frowned, but thought about it. She spoke a minute or two later, slowly and with purpose. “Fine … but only if I get to put you on my lap and whip you with that brush of mom’s too.”

Sam blinked. The surprise of her proposition silenced him for a moment. “OK. So we gonna really do it like mom and dad do?”

Sarah’s cheeks began to blush. “Well sure. Everything.”

Sam grinned and looked up at the clock. “Fine. It’s nine-thirty now. You get to wait until noon for your spanking.”

Sarah frowned. “Oh. That. I hate waiting for it Sam.”

He nodded to her. “Yeah, well me too.”

“Fine. Then you get it at four o’clock. Deal?”

Sam held out his hand. “OK. Deal.”

Sarah took his hand and shook it. “You’re gonna have to tell me how dad does it, he’s never spanked me.”

He nodded. “I will. You’ll have to show me how mom wants you for it too.”

“Yeah, I know. So … what now?”

Sam shrugged. “You want the TV?”

Sarah shook her head, finding a sudden nervousness in her tummy. “Uhm … not really.”

Sam nodded. “Be in your room at noon. You’ll get it like dad does it to me.”

She nodded as he walked towards the living room. “Same for you at four o’clock.”

Sam nodded as he slumped down on the couch. “Yeah, I know.” As he clicked through the channels, he felt a bit of uneasiness of his own. He wasn’t as scared as he would be if he was waiting for his dad to take the belt to him, but he still knew his backside was going to be sore.

Sarah walked to the hallway and down to the rear of the house. She passed the closed door of her parent’s bedroom. She turned the knob slowly, silently cursing that the door was not locked. She turned and walked back to her room, across the hallway from her brother’s room.

She flipped on her radio, and as some music played, she hopped onto her bed and stretched out there in her blue jeans and T-shirt. She looked around at her posters, computer desk, and stuffed animals, and began to wonder why she had agreed to this. She sighed and rolled onto her side, looking at the alarm clock by her bed. It was almost ten o’clock. She closed her eyes and whimpered herself to sleep.

Sarah was woken up by a knock on the door. She blinked “Huh?”

She heard her brother’s voice from the other side of the door. “You’re not trying to get out of this are you?”

She peered at the clock. It read 11:55. She shook her head. “Nuh uh, no way.” she said with more courage than she felt.

Sam chuckled. “Good. Now we’re doing this just like mom and dad do, yeah?”

She sat up and sighed. The butterflies in her tummy seemed to have multiplied while she napped. “Yeah … “

“OK. Then strip. You got to be totally naked when I come back in, or you get it even worse. You have four minutes.”

Sarah frowned. “Naked? You mean it?”

“Totally. I’ll be back soon.”

Sarah sighed. She stood up and started to ease off her T-shirt. She actually did know her father spanked her brother only when he was nude, as she had managed a peek now and then at it happening. Her glee at seeing it happen to him seemed to fade as she was about to get it herself.

After her shirt was set on her chair, off came the girl’s jeans. She sighed and pushed down her pink panties as well. She shuddered, even though it was not cold. The eleven year old turned in front of her mirror once, noticing how pale her skin was, other than her arms, legs, and face.

In their parent’s bedroom, Sam walked over to the closet and opened the door. He reached up for the belt, a nervous tremor running down his spine as he picked up the long piece of leather. He stroked a hand along it, feeling how cold it felt now, and then turned, knowing it would be warmed up soon.

The door opened soon after that. Sarah was sitting on the bed, nervously covering herself.

Sam grinned and closed the door behind him. He’d heard the older boys talk about seeing girls naked, but this was just his sister, not a real girl, as far as he was concerned. “OK. Stand next to your bed and bend over. Your hands go under you, and you can’t cover up or get up until I say so, got it?”

Sarah gulped and leaned across the bed. She made a small nod as her hands folded under her undeveloped chest.

Sam stepped beside her, folding the belt in half. He knew he could not hit as hard as his father did, but he would give it his best. He raised his arm, then snapped it down. The belt whished through the air, then landed with a loud crack across her backside.

Sarah yelped. She grunted and leaned into the bed a moment. She felt the sting burning her still as the belt was pulled up from her, and she suddenly gained a new level of respect for what her brother could take. She’d heard him get it harder and longer than this. Until now, she thought he was just a baby, but that idea was quickly fading.

Sam brought his arm down a second time, making another loud report in the room, and leaving a second red line on his sister’s rear as he pulled up the belt. He was enjoying things from his end, thinking it about time his sister finally got the same sort of spanking that he did.

Sarah yelped again. She began to pant, yowling and screaming as the belt landed a third time on her rear. She kicked and panted, whining as she tried to fight back her tears.

Sam grinned. He knew she’d be crying soon. He snapped the belt as hard as he could on her seat. When she shrieked, he paused to listen, but still did not hear any sounds of crying, though she was panting hard. He raised his arm and struck again.

Sarah lasted five smacks of the belt before she finally began to cry. The stinging, burning pain in her rear end got the best of her. She kicked and gave a loud howl as the belting continued on, shaking and starting to bawl as the belt continued to land.

Sam was enjoying this. He gave her a total of ten smacks with the belt before he stopped. Ten was normally what he got unless he’d really messed up. He paused to admire how bright red her seat was all over. He listened to her cries and grinned. “OK. I’m done. Now dad usually makes me go to the corner too until I stop crying. Get up, no rubbing.”

It took Sarah a few moments to stand. Her legs felt like jelly beneath her as she shuffled to her own after-spanking corner, resisting the urge to rub her bottom. She put her hands in front of her and sighed as she stood in the corner, still crying and shaking like she did after one of her mother’s spankings.

Her brother sat down on her bed. He petted the belt as he watched her. He knew she would not hold back on him in a little under four hours from now either, but for now, he would enjoy this. He smiled with pride at having given a good, solid spanking with the belt.

Sarah tried to breathe deeply, but it still took her almost ten minutes to compose herself. She turned as she quieted down, a small blush rising to her face as she noticed Sam had been watching her the whole time. She sniffed, wiping at her eyes with her hands. “So am I done now?”

Sam stood up and grinned. “Yeah. Looks like I made ya cry sis.”

She sighed. “Yeah, guess you did. Now you’re not going to try to worm out of yur spanking are you?”

Sam shook his head. “Nuh uh. Just get me and let me know hat to do and everything at four. Uh … you need anything?”

She shook her head. “No, just lemme be alone for a bit.”

“Sure thing.” He walked out and closed the door, taking the belt with him.

Alone again, Sarah turned in front of her mirror again. Her bottom was just as red as it ever was after a spanking, but she did notice some differences. The darkest shades of red were in stripes on her bottom. Also, the redness was all over her rear, even on her side a little bit, not just on the top of her rump cheeks.

She winced as she rubbed at her backside, watching how well her hand contrasted the redness on her bottom. She took consolation in one thought. She was already through the worst of it, and she got to spank her brother in a few hours. She would never tell this to another living soul, nor even put it down in her diary, but she’d wanted to spank Sam for a while now.

Sam put the belt back on the hook, making sure it looked like nothing had disturbed it. Then he left the master bedroom and went to his own room. He walked into the room of sports stuff, movie posters, and model cars, and slumped down at his desk. He felt strangely tried, but also excited in a way he didn’t understand.

He turned on his computer, bringing up one of his racing games, and passed the time speeding around different tracks.

In her room, Sarah napped for about half an hour, then got up from her bed and looked in the mirror again. Her bottom was still very red, but not as bad as before. She bent over, wincing, and picked up her pink panties. She thought it funny her panties, and what they covered, should both be so rosy. She eased them up, almost whining as they came up over her seat.

She then pulled up her jeans again, wincing as she buttoned them up. Then she slipped back into her shirt and looked around. She got a pillow from her bed and put it on her desk chair, then sat down there and quietly thought about things while the time passed. She felt foolish for accepting a spanking, but was also eager to give her brother what for. She wait there until ten minutes until four. She stood and went to the bathroom, washed her face, then came out and knocked on Sam’s door.

Sam blinked. He looked at the clock and frowned. Suddenly this idea did not seem so bright, but the damage had already been done, so ii was too late to go back on his word now. “Yeah?”

Sarah called through the door. “OK. Go stand in the corner and wait for me.”

He reluctantly switched off his computer. “OK. Got it.” He stood and walked to his own after-spanking corner and stood there.

Sarah nodded and walked into their parent’s bedroom. She shivered as she lifted up the brush her mother seemed to keep around just for spankings. She gave a few firm pats on her palm with it and walked back to her brother’s room. She walked in, closing the door behind her, and smiled as she saw him in the corner.

She sat down on his bed. “OK. Drop your pants and come here, lay down on my lap.”

Sam felt himself blush as he dropped his jeans to the floor, wearing just a plain T-shirt and his white briefs as he walked over to her. He eyed the brush and frowned, but lay down across her lap.

Sarah grabbed the waistband of his underwear and pulled it down until the thin material was bunched around his knees. She grinned a bit as she saw his bottom, so pale and plump. “Now, hands under you and no covering up.”

Sam tucked his hands under his chest and gulped. The air in the room felt very cold on his upturned and exposed backside. He nodded to her and laid his head down so his face was resting in the blankets on his bed.

Sarah paused just a moment, enjoying the sight and the scene. Her bottom still ached, but she was finally going to spank her brother. She held her hand up, savoring the moment a few heartbeats longer, then she began.

Sam winced at the first strike of the wooden back of the hairbrush on his rear. He winced again as it then landed on his other side. He sighed as he lay there, starting to whine as each side was smacked so hard again by the brush.

Seated under him, Sarah was enjoying herself. She noticed how each swat only seemed to pinken the skin there, but that the glow was turning brighter as she continued. She gave a hard smack of the brush down right on the top of his thighs, turning his sit spot a bright pink.

Sam yowled as he was smacked there. The pain was just growing with each swat, and he was beginning to think the brush was no laughing matter either. As each side of his rear was slapped again, he found himself panting and kicking weakly, the itching, burning pain growing steadily.

Sarah smiled where she sat. As her brother’s bottom began to redden in spots, she watched him closely, loving how he would now lurch with each smack of the brush. She then aimed the next series of smacks right along the divide between Sam’s two cheeks.

Sam began to really howl as he was slapped along there. Though he tried to fight them back, he knew he felt tears coming on. When the brush gave another firm smack on his sit spot, Sam bucked and then started to whine, crying now.

Sarah saw he was crying. She also liked it. She gave a couple more firm smacks to each side of her brother’s warmed backside, then she stopped. “You had enough Sam?”

Sam shuddered. His heart raced, and he panted, sucking in a breath through his cries. “Yeah! It’s enough!”

She grinned down at the crying boy. “All right. Same as dad does, over to the corner until you stop crying.”

Sam winced. He stood up and shuddered, waddling to the corner with his underwear around his knees.

Sarah grinned as she watched, even spying her brother’s privates for a few moments. Once he was in the corner, she leaned back on her elbows and felt the warmth of the brush as she watched her brother and his red bottom.

Sam shuddered there, He rubbed his eyes and whimpered, the pain burning bad in his seat, and not lessening any as he stood there. His cries turned to whines, which in turn faded to sniffles.

Sarah finally nodded. “OK. I guess you’re done. I made you cry I think.”

Sam turned and rubbed his bottom finally now, not caring about being nude in front of his sister. “Well yeah. So guess we both get it bad huh?”

Sarah nodded, her smile fading some. “I guess so. So what now?”

Sam shrugged. “I’d kinda like to lay down. We can make dinner when I get up then?”

“Sure. Oh … uhm … mom and dad never find out about this right?”

Sam blinked as he pulled his briefs up, whimpering as they touched his sore rear. “Well yeah. We didn’t do anything bad I guess, but I don’t think they’d be cool with this any either.”

“Yeah, me neither.” Sarah’s face began to blush again. “Hey Sam?”

He looked at her as he laid down, on his front, on his bed. “Yeah?”

“I hope we get to be by ourselves again sometime.”

Sam smirked. “Me too sis.”

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