by Cat — Sabotage


Tash almost gets kicked out of the council, but her older brother stands up for her.  That doesn’t mean she won’t get punished at home…


“And the Sassos eventually ended up destroying Earth, because humans would not give in to their demands…”

Tash rolled her eyes, not listening to the droning of her teacher. “Boring.” Everyone talked about the origin of the spaceship Sakante, which meant ‘Hope’ in the Cashar’s language, as though it was the best, and most important, aspect of their life. Really, as far as Tash was concerned, it was just a sign of their failure.

Tash was in a classroom with nine other human teenagers, and ten Cashar, making twenty young people in total. Tash barely noticed the strangeness of Cashar. She had been born on Sakante, and so she knew nothing else.

Every Cashar, just like every human, was slightly different. They looked vaguely humanoid in shape, but their hair was more like fur, and spread down their arms. They came in all sorts of different colours, some even mixed, and they usually had feathery wings which matched the colour of their bodies. They very often didn’t wear clothes – they did not see the need to hide themselves.

Tash herself had black hair down to the middle of her back, and pale skin. Her eyes were dark and large, and she was thinner than most. Kit, her older brother, was always trying to get her to eat more, but Tash was in direct competition with Cassandra, who was sometimes her best friend, and sometimes her worst enemy, and thinness was one of the things she wanted to get better than Cassandra.

Tash frowned slightly as she met the green eyes of Cassandra. She was rather cute, with long auburn hair, and her form was small and delicate-looking, like a china doll that Tash had once seen a picture of. They’d had an argument earlier, and neither of them were speaking to each other.

“Tash, are you paying attention?” the teacher demanded.

Tash flushed, and pulled her gaze away from Cassandra’s, though not before she saw the other girl snicker slightly at seeing her get into trouble. “Yes, of course I was,” she lied, faking an innocent look, which she was actually quite good at, if she did say so herself. The last thing she wanted was to get into trouble with the teacher yet again. Kit would definitely not be happy about that.

At just that moment, one of the female Cashar, named Nira, dropped her pen onto the floor, and started chirping agitatedly. The teacher immediately turned to her, and Tash breathed a sigh of relief, as she didn’t seem to be about to get into trouble.

Tash had to wonder, though, if it had really been an accident, or if Nira had diverted the teacher’s attention deliberately. After all, Nira’s older brother, Retro, had indicated on more than one occasion that he would like to get to know Tash better.

Despite the fact that Cashar and humans were compatible as a species, and other humans dated Cashar, Tash was still pretty sure that she wouldn’t be able to date outside of her own species. She just didn’t feel comfortable doing so.

Tash was training to be a systems engineer. She had lots of ideas of how to make the systems of Sakante run smoother, but no one would listen to her, so she had to wait until she was qualified.

Still, Tash thought that she had an idea of how to put one of her ideas to work…

* * *

Tash and Kit’s living quarters were quite nice and spacey. There were lots of places to sit down, and they had a couple of potted plants that were kept alive by artificial light shining on them.

Tash was sitting at the computer screen, doing her homework. After Kit had found her playing games instead of doing her work for the umpteenth time, he had given her a spanking, and then locked her out of doing games with a password that only he knew.

Tash shifted slightly, remembering that time. She had had trouble sitting down for the next few days, and then had had to come up with an excuse as to why she preferred to stand up. She would die of embarrassment if anyone knew that her older brother spanked her.

Tash had an odd feeling about the disc she had slipped into the systems of Sakante. She thought that it would work all right, but what if it didn’t? And what if Kit found out? He probably wouldn’t be happy about her sneaking into the computer systems.

Tash felt her heart slip into her throat as she heard Kit come in without his usual cheery greeting. He was the youngest member of the Council, and he was one of the ones responsible if anything went wrong with Sakante.

Tash looked up into stone grey eyes, and gulped. Maybe he didn’t know it was her, and was just trying to frighten her into a confession? “Hey, Kit,” she said, trying to force a cheerful note into her voice.

“Care to explain this?” Kit handed Tash a disc. Without looking at it, Tash knew that it was the same one she had used.

Oh, crap… Tash tilted her head slightly. “Where did you get this from?” she asked, trying to keep her tone neutral.

“Retro found it,” Kit explained. “He didn’t guess it was yours. You’re lucky, Tash. The Council wanted to make an example of you, but I persuaded them to let me handle it.”

Tash didn’t feel very lucky, and she knew that lying wasn’t going to help her at all. It would just make things worse for her. “What happened?” she questioned.

Kit frowned slightly. “You almost caused the whole system to crash,” he answered. “We’re not near any planets. Had we had any serious damage, it’s likely that Sakante would have ended up being totally destroyed.”

Tash closed her eyes for a moment, shuddering slightly. Oh, no… She’d never meant for that to happen. “Does Retro know?” she wondered.

“Of course he does,” Kit replied, his tone difficult to read. “He helped me to persuade the Council that if you weren’t given the chance to experiment, on a smaller scale, of course, then you’d just continue to go behind their back.”

What? Tash peeked at Kit, hardly able to believe what she was hearing.

Kit’s face was serious. There was no suggestion that he might be joking, that he might be playing a trick on his sister.

“Really?” Tash whispered.

Kit nodded slowly. “But, I’m still going to punish you,” he added. “Maybe then you’ll learn to think twice before doing something that could endanger the lives of everyone on the Sakante.”

Tash hadn’t really expected anything different, but she still tried to argue anyway: “But I’ve learned my lesson, Kit… I won’t do it again, I promise.”

“Good, then I won’t have to spank you again,” Kit responded heartlessly. He took hold of Tash’s wrist, and led her over to the sofa. He pulled her gently over his knee.

Tash grabbed onto one of the cushions, and buried her face in it. The room might have been soundproof, but she still didn’t want to make loads of noise.

Kit rested his hand lightly on his sister’s trouser seat. He didn’t bother scolding – Tash already knew what she had done wrong.

Kit raised his hand, and brought it down hard on Tash’s bottom. He quickly followed that smack with others, continuing until Tash was sniffling slightly. He then undid her trousers, and pulled them down. He left her knickers where they were – Tash didn’t need the added humiliation of being spanked bare bottom. She wasn’t too old for a spanking, but she was too old to have her knickers pulled down like a child.

Kit continued the spanking over Tash’s knickers, each loud smack echoing through the apartment. He continued until he could feel the heat radiating through her knickers, and Tash was sobbing, and then he pushed her off his lap. “Get up and bend over the arm of the sofa,” he ordered.

Tash began crying harder, but she slowly obeyed. The guilt she felt over almost causing the destruction of the Sakante was extremely strong.

Kit pulled his belt through the loops, and placed one hand on Tash’s back, pushing her down slightly. The belt whistled through the air, and landed on Tash’s bottom with a loud CRACK!

Tash gasped, but didn’t straighten up as Kit continued the thrashing. Her thin knickers didn’t offer much protection at all. She buried her face in her arms, and just cried, not able to fight any more, and feeling terrible about what she had done.

Finally, after what seemed like several lifetimes, Kit stopped. He dropped his belt onto the floor, and then stepped forward to gently hug Tash, stroking her hair as she cried. “Sh, it’s all right, sis.”

It was a while before Tash was able to stop crying, and she still hiccupped slightly then. “I’m sorry…”

“I know, I know,” Kit soothed. “It’s all right, Tash. You’re forgiven.”


Did you know that this author has written a spanking novella? Check it out here: Taming the Wildcat

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