by Lenore — Sibling Rivalry


Christa hates being the middle child — she never gets away with anything!  First her big brother makes her play baby games with her eight year-old sister.  Then she supposedly has an “attitude” towards him.  There’s only one way to deal with a mouthy twelve year old…


“Would you get out of my room!?” Christa exclaimed, as her younger sister, Tina entered for the zillionth time that day. “I told you, I don’t want to play with you.”

“But you have to play with me!” Tina argued.

“I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do,” Christa replied. “Now, get out!”

“But I’m bored!” Tina whined, flopping on her sister’s bed. “Now play with me!”

Christa shoved her sister off the bed, causing the younger one to fall to the floor. “GET OUT OF MY ROOM!”

“Ow!!!” Tina wailed. “I’m telling!”

“Go for it,” Christa shrugged. “I’ll tell Michael what a pest you’ve been.”

“Michael! Christa shoved me off the bed!” Tina cried, running downstairs, tears in her eyes. “She won’t play with me either!”

“Stupid little Brat,” Christa muttered, as she began reading her book once more. Though, moments later, she was once again interrupted, only this time by her brother.

“Christa Anne!” Michael exclaimed. “Do you care to tell me just why you’re shoving your sister off the bed?”

“I told her to get out,” Christa replied, eyes still on her book.

“That’s no reason to shove her off the bed! You’re twelve-years-old!” Michael lectured. “If she’s pestering you, you come and tell me about it, and I’ll get her out for you. You do not take matters into your own hands.”

Christa rolled her eyes. “Are you even going to tell her off for pestering me? I mean, she started all this by barging in here uninvited — kind of like what you’ve just done.”

Michael crossed his arms over his chest, and eyed her warily. “You better cool it with the attitude, young lady.”

Christa cast a glare at Tina, who stood in the doorway of her room, watching the lecture.

“And furthermore, why can’t you play with her?” Michael demanded. “That’s all she wants, is your company.”

“I’m busy,” Christa answered. “And maybe I don’t want to play some stupid, little baby game.”

Michael reached over and plucked the book out of her hands. “Would you entertain her for a half hour at least? I’m trying to get stuff done, and I can’t if I have to keep coming up here to sort you two out.”

“No!” Christa snapped, reaching for her book. “I told you, I’m busy!”

“You’ll play with her, or you’ll be grounded,” Michael stated firmly. “It’s your choice.”

“That’s not fair!” Christa argued. “She can entertain herself.”

“Christa, do not test me,” Michael said firmly. “Now, do as you’ve been told.”

“C’mon! I got my Littlest Pet Shop stuff set up!” Tina smiled. “You can be the pet shop keeper this time!”

Christa muttered a soft curse under her breath, as she followed her sister out of the room and across the hall. It figured he’d take Tina’s side — he always did. She was the baby of the family, and had him wrapped around her little finger. Herself, meanwhile, was nothing but the forgotten, good-for-nothing, middle child. She was the one who was apparently at fault for everything, no matter if they’d been there when it had happened or not.

A long while later, after dinner, Christa got on the phone, and called up her best friend, Bre. She needed someone to vent too, and Bre was going to be it.

“It’s not fair,” Christa complained. “I mean, if the little Brat hadn’t come in here to begin with, I wouldn’t’ve gotten into any trouble. I don’t see why I was the only one in trouble either! She started the whole thing! And then Michael just waltzed on in here like he owned the place!”

“Well, technically he does,” Bre giggled. “He is the one who pays the bills and stuff.”

“He’s so busy playing ‘Dad’, that I think he’s forgotten how to be a big brother,” Christa grouched. “All he ever does is yell at me for everything. He doesn’t yell at Tina, like he yells at me. I wish I were the youngest, then maybe I wouldn’t be in trouble all the damned time.”

“If you didn’t get so mouthy, you wouldn’t be,” Michael spoke from behind her. “Now, get off the phone.”

“What for?” Christa demanded, covering the mouthpiece, so hopefully Bre wouldn’t hear. “I’m having a private conversation here.”

“A conversation that is now over, unless you want to have a lengthy conversation with my hand,” Michael ordered. “Now, tell Bre good-bye and hang up. It’s about time you got ready for bed anyway.”

Christa glanced at her clock. “It’s only eight-thirty!”

“Christa Anne, it’s a school night,” Michael reminded her. “Now hang up the phone, before I hang it up for you.”

Christa glared at him, before speaking into the phone. “I gotta go Bre. My brother’s being a jerk.”

“Good luck,” Bre told her friend, as they both hung up their respective phones.

“Is Tina all ready in bed?” Christa demanded. “I mean, it is a school night and all.”

“She’s getting ready now,” Michael answered.

“Why do I have to go to bed the same time as an eight-year-old!?” Christa exclaimed. “I’m twelve, for crying out loud!”

“You’re a twelve-year-old who is acting worse than an eight-year-old,” Michael replied. “Maybe once you act your age, we can discuss you having a later bedtime.”

“I’m not going to bed earlier than her!” Tina exclaimed from the bathroom doorway. “That’s not fair! I should be able to stay up just as late as she is!”

“No one is staying up any later tonight,” Michael retorted, rubbing his temples. “Now, be a good girl, and get into bed, please Tina.”

“You better not let her stay up later than me!” Tina snapped. “Just because she’s older, doesn’t mean she’s more important or special.”

“No, that’d be you, because you’re the baby,” Christa muttered, glaring at her sister. “You get away with everything.”

Michael followed Tina into her room then, to read her the story she had requested earlier.

Christa got ready for bed, as she seethed quietly. She crawled into bed, and lie there, waiting to see if her brother was going to come say goodnight to her too — though, her wait was futile.

The next morning started off bad. They were running late, as they’d slept in, and Tina was pestering her sister once more.

“Would you shut-up and leave me alone!?” Christa shouted finally. “I’m trying to eat my breakfast here!”

“Michael! Christa told me to shut-up!” Tina tattled.

“Christa, don’t use that word!” Michael yelled from the next room. “And Tina, quit your tattling!”

Christa smirked, when she heard him tell Tina to stop tattling. It was about time the little Brat got lectured for something too.

Tina saw her sister smirking, and smacked her arm angrily. “It’s not funny!”

Christa’s eyed blazed. “Don’t you go hitting me!”

Tina smirked in return now, and smacked her sister even harder. She could do whatever she pleased; she was the baby after all.

Christa finally had enough of being hit, and smacked her sister in return.

“OWW!!!!” Tina howled, beginning to cry crocodile tears. “Michael! Christa hit me!”

Michael came into the room then, his eyes narrowed. “I can’t leave you two alone for five minutes, can I?”

“She hit me first!” Christa defended herself.

“Would you for once be the bigger person?” Michael snapped, as he rubbed Tina’s arm where Christa had smacked her, “She’s going to bruise. And you know better than to hit her, Christa Anne.”

“She knows better too!” Christa argued.

“I ought to spank you for this,” Michael stated, glaring at her.

Christa straightened up in her seat. “You always told me, that if anyone hits me, to hit them back, but harder.”

“That rule does not apply to your little sister!” Michael replied. “Now, get a move on! We’re late as it is!”

“Asshole,” Christa grumbled, as she went past him to put her bowl in the dishwasher.

Michael delivered a hearty smack to her backside. “You’re treading on extremely thin ice, Christa Anne.”

Christa yelped, and rubbed her bottom. Her eyed filled with unwanted tears of frustration. She said nothing though, as she grabbed her knapsack and stormed out to wait in the car.

From the moment she arrived at school, her day just got worse and worse. Turned out she’d left her homework at home, and the teacher was sending home a note accusing her of not having finished it. She also got told to stand out in the hallway, for talking to Bre — she’d been filling her in, on the Tina situation.

The end of the day couldn’t come fast enough for her, and she was a bit relieved to see Michael’s car pull up in front of the school. Though, seeing the mood he was in, she might’ve just been better off to stay at school.

On the way home, her and Tina got into yet another fight — this time over who was sitting in the front seat. Then, after both being told to get in the back, they fought over who had crossed the imaginary line between them.

“Christa, get in the house!” Michael ordered, once he’d parked the car in the driveway. “Tina, go play for a bit or something.”

Christa got out, slamming the car door shut behind her angrily. It figured she’d be the one to wind up in trouble. Being the middle child sucked monkey balls.

Once inside, she stormed up to her room, slamming her bedroom door shut hard as she could. She wasn’t helping her case any, but she was just so damn angry.

Michael stormed in, uninvited moments later. “You need to lose the attitude. It’s beginning to get old.”

“Being treated like crap is beginning to get old too,” Christa smarted off. “I’m not the only one making mistakes, you know.”

“No, you’re not,” Michael agreed. “But you’re the older one, and should be setting a good example for her to follow.”

“Well, maybe you ought to set a better example yourself,” Christa snapped. “Then maybe I’d know what I’m s’pose to act like.”

“Just behave, will you?” Michael stated. “I’m giving you one last chance to redeem yourself.”

Christa shook her head. “Don’t bother, I’ve got strike three, right here.”

She pulled out the teacher’s note and handed it to him.

“I asked you all weekend long if you’d any homework that needed to get done!” Michael growled. “And you lied to me!”

“I’m not going to deny it, because I doubt you’ll believe that it is finished, and I just forgot it by accident,” Christa sighed heavily, as she sat on her bed. She had only forgotten to bring it in — it had been finished — but she knew her brother would never believe that, given her homework history.

“You’re getting a spanking,” Michael said finally, after a long moment. “For picking on your sister, for being a smart-mouth, for lying to me, and for not doing your homework.”

“And she gets away with it, yet again,” Christa grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest self-consciously. She stared down at the floor, feeling extremely frustrated and hurt.

Michael said nothing, as he pulled out her desk chair. “Come here Christa Anne.”

Christa kept her head down, as she made her way over to her brother, her heart aching.

Michael said nothing, as he undid her blue jeans, and let them drop to her feet. He eased her over his lap, then removed her panties as he began to spank her thoroughly.

“I’m not going to allow you to cop an attitude, Christa Anne,” he stated firmly as he spanked. “I’m not going to allow you to lie either. Lying is a nasty habit, that you don’t need to be picking up.”

“I’m sorry,” Christa mumbled, tears streaming down her face.

“And no more fighting with your sister over stupid little things! If she’s bothering you, come tell me,” Michael continued, as he smacked her sit-spots. “And you need to do your homework! Otherwise you’re going to fall behind and end up repeating a grade! And you’re better than that!”

Christa just lie there crying, as she squirmed about over his lap. She really started to cry though, when he started in on her with her wooden hairbrush. Her legs kicked up as she howled loudly, her hands flying back.

Michael pinned her wrists to the small of her back, as he placed his one leg over hers to keep her still. He spanked her sit-spots for two minutes straight then, and finally tossed the brush aside.

Christa sobbed broken-heartedly, as she felt him rub circles over her back.

“Shh. You’re forgiven,” Michael soothed. “I love you, Kiddo.”

“No you don’t!” Christa protested, rolling off his lap and moving away from him. “You don’t love me at all!”

“Of course I do,” Michael insisted.

“Then why am I always the one in trouble!?” Christa cried. “I told you yesterday Tina was bugging me, yet you still made me play with her, when I was busy reading my book!”


“Then when she hit me this morning, all you cared about was the fact I’d hit her back!” Christa shouted. “She hit me twice, and you didn’t even care! Yeah, not hard to see just who the favourite is here.”

“I don’t have any favourites,” Michael argued. “I love you both the same.”

“Liar!” Christa screamed. “She’s your favourite! You didn’t even come say goodnight to me last night! You read her a story, and didn’t even come check on me! Don’t say you did, because I now you didn’t! I waited for you to come in, and you never did!”

“I didn’t think you wanted me to anymore,” Michael told her honestly. “I figured you felt you were too old for that now.”

“I’m twelve, not twenty!” Christa exclaimed. “I’d like some attention and praise too, you know! I don’t like only being yelled at for everything, but sometimes it’s the only way to get your attention. Tina just keeps weaseling her way in, on our moments. Sometimes, I wish she’d never been born, because then I could have you to myself again!”

Michael swatted her backside swiftly. “You need to calm down now. Wishing someone hadn’t been born is cruel. And before you accuse me again, of still loving Tina more, let me speak.”

Christa rubbed her backside, as she looked up at him pitifully. She was angry, hurt, and frustrated all at once.

“I love you, Kiddo,” Michael assured her. “I do not love you any less, so get that thought out of your head right now. I may not show it, but it’s only because I’m not sure if you want me to show it or not, you’re in that awkward in between stage. I don’t want to embarrass you, but I also don’t want you to feel unloved. So if you’re starting to feel that way, you need to let me know. I’m not a mind reader, Christa.”

“Why don’t you ever yell at Tina like you yell at me?”

“Because I expect more from you,” Michael replied. “I know that’s not fair, but I know you’re a bright young lady. I just want you to reach your full potential. I’m sorry if I made you feel unwanted and unloved. That was never in a million years, my intention.”

Christa sniffled, as she allowed him to hug her, returning the hug herself moments later. She even allowed him to pick her up and snuggle her, like he used to when she was younger. She’d missed this.

“And tell you what,” Michael spoke, as he held her tight. “We’ll extend yourself bedtime a half hour. Does that sound all right to you?”

“What about Tina? She’s not gonna like that.”

“Don’t you worry about Tina,” Michael assured. “I’ll deal with her and her little attitude.”

“I love you,” Christa murmured.

“I love you too, Kiddo,” Michael replied, kissing her head softly. He held her for a while, then finally lie her gently on her bed. “Work on your homework for a bit, okay? I’m going to go find that kid sister of ours.”

“Kay,” Christa nodded, as she wiped her eyes. She’d stopped crying, but they were still a little watery.

Michael kissed her forehead, then went in search of Tina. Upon finding her, he brought her back inside, and marched her up to her room. He sat her down, and began explaining the rules to her once more, and told her about the new bedtimes.

Tina was angry her sister got to stay up later. Why did she get to do all the cool stuff? She told her brother this, though not in a very nice way.

Moments later, Christa, whom was doing homework, smirked, as she heard the tell-tale signs of her little sister being spanked. “It’s about time,” she thought.


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