Chapter 15 – Violet’s First Day at work

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“Rule number one now that you’re working with me, answer your goddamn phone,” Gabe barked as he tore the door open. He flipped the light switch on and stood there for a moment until I peeled my eyelids apart to see him dressed in office attire, hands on hips, not thrilled. 

I wasn’t either. “I’m getting tired of you people interrupting my sleep.”

“No wonder you were fired. Did you forget about work today? Come on, it’s already 8:30, let’s get a move on.”

“Are you kidding? I was up all fucking night researching your girl.”

“Does it look like I’m kidding? UP!” 

Glaring, I pushed myself out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom. Honestly, I was marginally excited about working again, and the dynamic with Gabe kept my adrenaline pumping. Having a sense of purpose kept me on track.

My shower was quick, and I emerged only a few minutes later in my towel, hair dripping. Gabe sat on the recliner flipping through paperwork and peeked up when I entered. 

“Can you give me a few to get dressed?”

“And give you a window of opportunity to snort that shit again? No way. I’m not taking any chances, and besides,” he licked his lips, “it’s not like I haven’t seen it all before.”

I smirked and unwrapped myself, now using the towel to dry my hair. Gabe watched as I dressed in red silk bikini panties with matching bra, slacks, and a long-sleeved button-down black shirt. Then I sat on my wooden stool (and ouch!) to apply make-up, covering the circles under my eyes.  Gabe stared at me in silence, making me uncomfortable, but I was too tired to care. When I was working on my eyeshadow, he spoke.

“Did you use any last night?”

Glancing up at him with a half-glare, I snapped, “No. You delivered the message loud and clear yesterday.”

“Good. Did you figure out who Pattie Cake is?”

“I’m not that talented, but we’re a few steps closer than when we started.  I need a little more info from your cringy client.”

“My receptionist is scheduling a meeting for next Monday so you can ask all questions off-the-record.  He’ll bring a copy of the blackmail video she left in 2013.  I’m sure you’ll find more identifying information in it.”

He continued discussing the case as I finished getting ready, then slipped my feet into black boots. When I finished, he pushed me out the door and downstairs where his driver was waiting.

It was an uncomfortable ride to the office. My ass was still sore from last night and Gabe rambled about cases the entire time, to me and on the phone. I texted with Molly while he made calls, giving her shit for having decided he should be my spanker. It was working, but what a (literal) pain in the ass.

When we finally arrived at the massive building, he handed me a notebook. “By the end of the workday, I need your list of debts. Work on the cases I’ve given you and meet me in my office at 7:30 to discuss what you’ve written. Understood?”

“I’m not gonna keep saying ‘yes, Sir,’ just so you know.”

“I know.” He placed a hand on my back to guide me into the elevator and we ascended to the 46th floor.

The familiarity gave me a sense of nostalgia as we walked towards his office. A beautiful blue-eyed chick sat at the secretary desk. She stood when we arrived, grinning as if recognizing me. 

Gabe stopped and pointed at each of us as an introduction: “Chloe, Violet.”

“Yes, we met a couple of days ago,” she said, winking at me.

“That’s right, she’s the reason you came in hungover yesterday. I’m already not sure how I feel about you two working together.”

I finally recognized her from paintball — Izaak’s friend. The hott girl who’d saved my life at Dominic’s. “No need to worry. I won’t be too bad of an influence,” I said with a slight laugh. “Good to see you again, Clo. We’ll cause some trouble later this evening.”

She smiled and nodded, then sat back at the desk, staring at a blank computer screen as Gabe escorted me into his office. He passed me a stack of folders and pointed to the conference room. “Consultants don’t get offices, but there’s plenty of space for you to use.”

At least it was a step up from last time I worked with him. I’d started as one of the housekeeping staff, back when I was supposed to be in high school, later promoted to an interpreter. Eventually I helped him with cases, but he always kept a tight leash, not allowing me to roam the office. Now, though, it seemed like he trusted me enough to let me out unsupervised.

I sat in the conference room with case notes and a laptop all day, researching various people. Some of Gabe’s clients needed me to prove fraud, which was always fun. Others called for me to hack into email accounts to help lead Gabe to evidence. That was less exciting. But it all kept me busy and prevented me from thinking about losing Jason or my old job. And before I knew it, the sky was already turning pink from the sunset. 

It was about that time that Clo pushed open the door to my ‘office’. “You’ve been diligently working all day.”  She looked nervous but wore a professional smile. 

I peeked up from my laptop and stretched a little, glancing outside. “Yeah, I was properly motivated.”  I paused as images of the spanking flashed into my mind.  “Sergeant Douche was so pissed, I’m surprised he didn’t come beat my ass, too.”

She blushed and reached to rub her butt.  “He was too busy making my life awful, but I guess he still wants to talk to you at the ‘family meeting’ or whatever.”

My eyebrows raised as I closed the laptop.  Most of what I’d set out to accomplish was finished, and some part of me felt connected with Clo, interested in the mysterious vibes she emitted.

“I’m not sure how Toby convinced both Izaak and me to join this idea of his… does he do that?  Persuade people so easily?”

“Ha!  Yeah, if he didn’t have a moral compass, he’d def be a con man.  What idea are you talking about?”

She blinked in confusion.  “He said that you and Gabe were on board…  God, it’s going to be so awkward if I’m spanked in front of my boss.  I dunno how you do this…”  She caught herself before flying off on a tangent, then explained to me the concept of community spankings.  

Part of me was turned on by having multiple spectators again.  Another part was humiliated that this plan was devised without my consent, and being under Gabe’s protection meant that my consent didn’t even matter.

“We need to form an early alliance.  Whatever we’ve done, we’ll always vote in each other’s favor.”  She held out her little finger.

I smiled, obliging the pinky swear.  She seemed so innocent… the devil on my shoulder couldn’t shake the idea of corrupting her.  The fun we could have together… 

“How was your first day?  Anything I need to do for you?  What cases are you working on?”

“Getting back into my flow has been nice.  I have a whole stack of bullshit to do.”

She tiptoed to me and glanced through the folders.  “Something interesting?”

“Oh, you have no idea….”

But I was cut off by Gabe swinging the conference room door open.  “I’m not paying you to sit around and chitchat,” he said to us both, then shot me a mean glare.  “Have you not seen the time?  You’re late.”

“My bad… I was just…”

“My office.  Now!”  And spun towards Clo.  “Miss Patterson, I’m not against telling your Dom about this poor behavior at work.  Straighten up or he will be notified.  Am I clear?”

Her freckled cheeks became pink.  “Yessir,” she blurted, dodging out of the room.

Gabe turned back to me, and his powerful scowl was enough to prompt movement.  I gathered the folders and scampered to his office.

The yellow light from the lamp gave an eerie look to Gabe’s angry face as the door slammed behind us.  He pointed to the chair across from his desk, beckoning me to sit.  My ass was tender, but I didn’t grimace as I sat, determined not to show him the pain it caused me.  He came in front of me and leaned back, half sitting on the desk.  “Do you intend on taking this job seriously?” 

“I was taking it seriously.”  I handed him the stack of folders.  “Finished all these.”

Eyebrow cocked, he said, “There’s no way…”  

He opened the first folder, flipping through, then the second and third before flopping them on his desk.  Satisfied, he turned back to me, eyes pleased with my work.

“Was it good enough, Sir?”  

“It will do for now.  Let’s see your list of debts and an exact number.”

“You’re obsessed with that.”

“I’m not giving you $10k so you can piss it away again.”

“If it’s my money, I’ll do with it as I please.”

He stood and took a step forward, giving a slight chuckle.  “That’s where you’re wrong.  Stand up.”

“Stop telling me what to do…” I grumbled.

Before I had the chance to obey, he snatched my upper arm and dragged me to my feet.  “Take those down,” he ordered, tugging at my slacks.

“So fucking bossy, bro.”  But I unlatched the button as Gabe walked towards the closet where he kept his rattan cane.  With a deep breath, I looked out at the dark NYC skyline, impressed with the view from his corner office.  When I’d worked for him a few years ago, his name wasn’t on the wall and he had a much more intimate workspace.  Now, though, it was huge and impressive.  I decided to pull my panties down, too.

Gabe came back towards me, cane in hand.  He had taken off his suit jacket, and I took a moment to admire his broad shoulders and meaty arms.  I hadn’t paid attention to him yesterday or that morning, but now I could see he’d been working out a lot over the years.

“It’s been a minute since I’ve been caned in your office.”

“Over the desk,” he ordered.

“I’m still bruised.”

“Good, you deserved it.”

With an eye roll, I leaned over the desk, poking my bottom out. 

“Where is the list of your debts?”

“Didn’t get around to it yet.”  

Gabe grumbled something under his breath, plopping a pad of paper in front of my face.  “The amount and name of everyone you owe.”

“Ugh, I’m gonna need more time for…”  Without letting me finish, the cane crashed across my ass, taking me by surprise and almost causing me to shout at him.  But then I remembered we were at the office.  Even though most people had already gone, better not make the leftovers raise their eyebrows.

“You will do it now.”

I growled — “Grrrrrrr” — and was met by another lash.  Fucking Gabe.  Whose idea was it to work with him again?  I was starting to regret this.

I racked my brain trying to remember who all I owed.  Andy and a few of my poker mates… and paying Clo back.  Probably I should add in the money for Jason, even if I was still pissed at him.  And my credit cards… I’d gone crazy with them the last few weeks, including my old company card that I’d received a bill for.  Fuck me for my lousy spending habits.

When everything was written, I calculated it all, and it was closer to $15k than 10.  Shit… I hadn’t expected that.  

Gabe took the pad from me and glanced over my debts.  I buried my head in my hands, not wanting to face him.  My behavior had been nearly perfect the last few years.  No coke, no crazy spending, keeping steady with my job.  And somewhere it all crashed.  The break up was the cherry on top. I was suffering long before that.

“This is a substantial amount more than you estimated yesterday.”  Gabe’s voice startled me away from my thoughts.  


“Excuse me?”

“You know… YOLO… you only live once.”

The notepad fell to the floor, and I felt another cane stroke against my bottom, maybe harder than the previous two because I couldn’t stifle my squeal.  “Wrong answer.”

“Fuuuuck, Gabe, geez, I’m sorry.  I suck at math, I didn’t have a calculator or piece of paper yesterday.”

He whipped the cane in the air, whooshing sound causing me to shiver.  “Do you remember what it’s like being under my protection?”


“This is only the beginning.”  Another lash, less harsh, producing more of a moan to escape.  “If I find out you’ve blown this money, what will happen?”

Before I could answer, another lash cracked against my bottom.  “You’ll beat me black and blue.”

“I have an arsenal of implements ready to bring on the tears.  And I’m also not afraid to humiliate you.”  He took a fistful of my hair, tugging my head back to look him in the eyes.  I was tearing up, guilty feelings coming to the surface mixed with the pain from that stupid cane.  “Bare naked, twisted into whatever position I desire, in the presence of whoever I desire.  Am I clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

He released me and cracked the cane down again, then again, determined to make me shed tears.  It was working.  I was almost broken down.  “Get your shit together, Violet.”  A couple of more lashes fell, making sure he covered my butt in red stripes before stowing it away.

I wasn’t full out crying, but there were definitely tears that I tried my best to dry as I awaited his instructions to stand and readjust my clothing.  When I was decent again, I grabbed a tissue from his desk, drying my eyes and removing any unwanted makeup.  

Gabe walked back to his desk and opened the drawer, grabbing a piece of paper and envelope.  It was my contract and signing bonus.  Scribbling my signature across the paper, my heart pounded with excitement.  Especially when I peeked inside the envelope to see that Gabe had already predicted I’d need $15k.  Or he had planned to be nice?  Nah, that didn’t sound like him.

My ass was throbbing as I exited the building, leaving Gabe to finish up his work.  Instead of bothering with public transit, I hailed a cab and eased in, blurting out my address.  As I stared at the city speeding by, it dawned on me that for the first time in weeks, life felt… normal.

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Chapter 16 – Chloe’s First ‘Family Meeting’

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