Chapter 16 – Chloe’s First ‘Family Meeting’

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Violet fidgeted on Molly’s bed in a short skirt and fishnet thigh-highs, one leg crossed over the other. Every so often she’d snap at someone, growing more impatient by the moment.

“Do you have more important things to do?” Gabe asked her from the doorway.  If possible, he looked even more handsome than normal in a button-down shirt neatly tucked in, black pants, and black belt with a shiny buckle. His hands rested on his hips, eyebrows raised as if ready to smack her. 

“Yeah actually, I have shit to do cuz my boss is a dick and gave me homework.”

“Guys…” came Molly’s exasperated sigh. “C’mon, no fighting. Toby claims he’ll be here in a few minutes.”

“Yeah, let’s stay positive,” Izaak said from his spot on the sofa next to me, stuffing his face with chips and salsa. “Tell us about your work.”

As Violet rambled on about her life as a consultant investigator, I sank into my seat, ready for the awkwardness between Izaak and me to disappear.  Our vibe had been weird since the morning after my last spanking when I complained to Toby about the paddling that awaited.  Then when Toby suggested we talk out the fairness of my punishment with the ‘family,’ I didn’t give it a second thought, figuring Izaak would veto the idea in a heartbeat.  But he hadn’t.  And now here we were.  

If I focus on being obedient, nothing too awful will happen, I told myself as my eyes scanned the area.  

Molly’s room was spacious, a converted den with a beaded curtain that she had opened wide for the meeting. Pictures adorned the walls:  mostly candid snapshots with friends, some of her travels, and a poster of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell with yellow curvy script that read “never grow up.”  Underneath was her queen-sized bed with a ragged shamrock blanket that Violet picked at as she yammered on and on.

“Yo and I bet Clo could get these rich twats to say anything cuz she’s so fuckin’ hott.  Receptionist shit ain’t her thing… she should help me instead.”

“Hey!  Be nice!” Molly demanded from her fluffy green recliner across the room, throwing a pillow at her.

“See what I deal with all day? Where the hell is the doc?” Gabe glanced at his watch, then turned to Violet, licking his lips. “I need to punish this girl already.”

Before anyone could answer, the buzzer sounded and Molly leapt to her feet, sprinting to ring Toby in, then unlocking the front door. Violet went back to playing on her phone and Gabe snatched it, nearly causing her to pounce on him. 

“Behave,” he ordered, stowing the device away on Molly’s bookshelf. 

Violet’s face scrunched up in a scowl, but I could tell she had mixed feelings. She loved when he bossed her around. Working with them would be like a soap opera.

“Apologies for the late arrival, the train…” Toby’s voice trailed off as he came inside Molly’s room, first greeting Gabe with a handshake, Violet with an air kiss to the cheek (Mexican-style), and Izaak and me with a fist bump. 

I scooted over to provide extra space for him to sit next to me, feeling light-headed when he did. His hair was spiked, and he smelled fresh, like soap and a dusting of cologne. He was dressed in navy jeans and a tight black t-shirt, cool casual.  Even though I was annoyed Toby conned Izaak and me into attending the meeting, currently he just looked hott.

My heart stopped when Molly and Gabe came back with three straight-backed wooden chairs from the kitchen.  They strategically placed the furniture so we were in a circle, and Gabe ordered Violet to come sit with us. “Always so bossy,” she snarled, but obeyed.

Okay… so this is really happening…

From the recliner, Molly began the meeting… or whatever we want to call it. “After last weekend’s fiasco, we had an intervention with Violet.” She looked at Izaak and me, since we hadn’t attended, then glanced at everyone else. “And it went so well that we figured it may be an interesting ‘experiment’ to see how effective community interventions are for behavior change…”  

Violet raised her hand but didn’t wait to be acknowledged before speaking. “Is Clo really that difficult?  She seems like such an innocent little angel!”

Everyone stared at Izaak, and he peered at me. “I’m good at hiding my devil horns.”

“The fuck does that mean? That you’re a liar?”

I shrugged and Izaak spoke. “I’m sure we’ll get into specifics later.”

Molly waved her hands. “Guys, focus, please. This is like family therapy… I’ll have to find a ‘talking stick’ to pass around…”

“You could make it a talking hairbrush and smack whoever interrupts with it,” Violet said with a laugh.

“That’s a great idea!” Molly shrieked and opened the drawer next to her to reveal a plastic hairbrush. “Whoever is holding the brush gets to talk. And we should also establish ground rules. I’ll propose the first: what happens in the meetings is confidential. We’ll pass the ‘talking hairbrush’ around the room and all make a rule.” 

Toby was next: “100% honesty and authenticity.” 

Then me. I blushed, not knowing what to say. “Listen and try to understand everyone’s perspective.”

Izaak. “Be respectful.”

Violet. “Rules are stupid and I refuse to participate in this.”

Gabe. “Arrive on time.”

The brush was returned to Molly, and she paused to appreciate the silence that followed before speaking again.  “Other admin things to discuss?”

Violet’s hand shot up, and she leaned on the edge of her seat, ready to stand up with excitement.  “What if everyone votes against the spanker?  Something should happen to him in those situations, just to keep it fair.”  She tossed the hairbrush back to Molly.

“That’s a good question…”

“Can I have that?” Toby asked, and Molly smacked him on the leg, but passed it anyway.  “We’re not going to waste time on your unlikely hypotheticals.”

“Fine, what about a tie-breaker?  There’s an even number of us. You can’t tell me it’s not a possibility.”

Toby kept a bored expression.  “Plenty of people could act as tie-breakers.”

“But what if they’re biased?  We need someone who ain’t gonna pick sides.”

Molly snatched the hairbrush from Toby.  “You’re not following the talking stick rules!”

Gabe held out his hand for the brush and Molly gave it to him, expecting that he wanted to talk, but instead he jerked Violet out of her seat and landed two loud swats over her skirt, then passed it back to Molly.

“Umm… thanks.  Anyway, Adam or Vic could be the tie-breakers.  They both would be unbiased enough, don’t you think?”

Violet’s eyes rolled, but she nodded, continuing to ask questions.  The entire conversation was making me too nervous, so I zoned out, running a fingertip over my cracked blue nail polish as I lost myself in a daydream.  

The reverie worked to calm me down until I heard Toby’s sharp tone directed at Violet: “Give Izaak the opportunity to speak.”

Gulping, I looked up at my roommate and immediately noticed the tension.

“Why didn’t you tell me that Chloe paid off your dealer?”

I blushed and squirmed in my seat, feeling like a very uncool middle schooler whose dad was scolding one of the popular kids.

Violet rolled her eyes.  “Bro, come on, I don’t even remember that night.”

“I’m not buying that excuse.  I asked you directly if I needed to know anything about Chloe and your dealer, and you assured me I did not.  You lied.”  Izaak shook his head all disappointed-like and heaved an annoyed sigh.

“There’s nothing you needed to know.  Clo is a grown ass woman, she can handle herself.”  Then huffed and folded her arms.

Izaak’s nostrils flared.  “Yeah?  Did you know this ‘grown ass woman’ stole it from a gang member?”

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.  “What?”  She glanced at me, then back to my roommate.

“Yeah.”  He nudged me to speak.

“I… swiped it from the sexist poker guy…”

First Violet’s mouth dropped in shock, then she let out a loud cackle.  “Sis!  That’s badass!”  She reached forward for a fist bump, but Gabe stopped her with his piercing glare.  “It was Chucho, right?  The one with the gold tooth and…”

Gabe cut her off.  “Stay on topic.”

She gave an exaggerated sigh and eye roll, but continued to her point.  “Chucho’s fine.  Clo’s fine.  I got her back.”

Izaak frowned and leaned forward, staring at her hard before glancing at Molly.  “How will this work?  Do I make a motion for her to get spanked?”

“Hey!! Wait!!”  Violet shrieked.

“I’ll second that motion,” Gabe responded with a smirk.  “Do you have a heavier implement than that hairbrush?”

“What the fuck!!  Wait, I oppose!”

Molly sauntered to the closet and retrieved a plastic box full of implements.  “Have your pick.”

I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around my legs, sinking back into the fluffy couch cushions, hating Izaak but also wanting him to comfort me.  My body shook in nervousness.  Why did I agree to this? 

Gabe settled on a thick leather strap and showed it to Violet, slapping it against his palm to make her jump.

Toby spoke:  “Who agrees that Violet should be spanked with the leather strap for not disclosing the information about Chloe?”

I bit my lower lip as I watched 4 out of the 6 people in the room raise their hands.  Violet snorted in disapproval and I was about to stand up for her, but Izaak interrupted when he clapped me on the back with his large hand, grasping onto my shoulder as he spoke.  “I will also make a motion that Chloe gets spanked for stealing that money and putting herself in danger.”

My entire face became heated as all eyes turned to stare at me. 

“With the added embarrassment of having a whole ‘family’ involved in her comeuppance, I believe a solid over-the-knee hand spanking will suffice.”

Part of me wished to scream at him, while another part desired to crawl into a hole to hide.

“Bro, are you serious?  A hand spanking?  That’s so pussy…”

Gabe grabbed Violet’s ponytail and jerked her head back, growling in her ear, “Shut your fucking mouth.”

She slapped him away (luckily he had already let go) and rolled her eyes.  

Izaak responded to her anyway.  “You’re right, it’s light given the seriousness of her actions.  However, keep in mind how long you have known all of us, compared to Chloe.”  He paused and I hung my head, hating that he was talking about me as if I wasn’t there.  So awkward.  “Also, don’t discredit my hand spankings until you’ve experienced one.”

Violet snorted, but said nothing, cut off by Gabe’s scowl.

“Chloe, would you like to give a defense?”

I inhaled deeply and sat up straight, looking at Toby.  His gaze was friendly and concerned.  Pushing the hair out of my eyes, I cracked a pathetic smile.  So embarrassing.  “Izaak already punished me the day after everything happened.  It was terrible — a hard hand spanking followed by 120 with a heavy wooden hairbrush.”  I put on my best pitiful angelic face, eyes filling with tears.  Glancing up at Izaak, who still seemed unhappy with me, I said, “I’ve learned my lesson.  I don’t need more.”

“That punishment was for substance use.  The spanking was broken into two parts to help the message sink in.”  

“But I don’t need the second part.  I haven’t stolen anything or put my life in danger since that night…”

Izaak’s lips pursed as he shook his head. Then he glanced towards Molly and Toby, so I did, too.

Molly spoke now.  “Is this a pattern for you?”

My stomach dropped in panic, heart speeding up as I wondered how I should respond.

“Bro, don’t go hard on my girl.  She’s good people!”

Thankfully, everyone looked at Violet, giving me a second to take a deep breath and regain myself.  When Izaak and I lived in Michigan, he’d caught me stealing more than once.  So even if I wanted to lie, I couldn’t.  “It’s not a habit, but I guess I’ve taken similar risks before…”  My lower lip poked out as attention focused once again on me.  Cuteness was my last resort to get out of trouble.  But judging by the look on everyone’s faces, I was about to be bare bottomed over Izaak’s lap in front of four almost-strangers-kinda-family.  

“Yo, this ain’t fair for Clo… but it’s a good show… fuckin’ hand spanking, ha!”

Gabe grumbled and leaned towards Izaak.  “Would you like to demonstrate on this brat?” he asked, jerking his thumb in Violet’s direction.

Despite her protests, everyone agreed with the addition to her punishment, then they all agreed on mine.  Our fates were sealed.

Violet was first.  She pushed her skirt and panties down with the fishnets, kicking them to the side, then stood up straight and fearless.  Her body was a perfect hourglass, curvy hips marked with fading cane lines, starting at the top of her round bottom, ending mid thigh.  The smug look on her face didn’t change.

“Hands on the chair,” Gabe ordered.

The exaggerated eye roll Violet gave would’ve earned me a hearty swat, but her Dom ignored it as she flattened her palms against the seat and stuck her butt out.  “Can’t believe I’m gettin’ another beating this week!”

Without waiting for her to fully settle, Gabe slapped the leather strap against the center of her bottom.  The loud CLAP! made me flinch and lean into Izaak.  My face reddened as the second swat landed and I noticed everyone watching, reminded that I was next.  With an inaudible whine, I scooted even closer to my roommate, laying my head on his upper arm.  

“I’m sure you’ll earn a few more before it’s over.”  His voice was cruel with a hint of humor, or possibly pleasure, I couldn’t tell.  More swats followed, along with Violet’s grunts and protests.  

“What the fuck!  It’s — OW! — Thursday… you already plannin’ to beat me tomorrow again??  Ayy fuck!  That hurts!”

“Shut your mouth and take your punishment,” he hissed, slapping her thighs and prompting a louder yelp.

I’d never been so close to someone else getting spanked, yet the scene seemed far away… I felt removed, as if sitting in the audience of a Broadway show, watching actors play out a modern version of something Shakespearean.  Paying attention was a challenge because anytime I saw Violet’s red bum, my heart rate sped up and hands got sweaty in anticipation.

“Bro, okay, that’s enough,” she said, standing and reaching back to rub the sting away.

The fury in Gabe’s glare made me shiver.  “Did I say you could move out of position?”

“Fuck off, it’s not that serious.”  Her lips curved up in a slight grin, and I knew she was enjoying every second.

I was terrified!

Staring at her intensely, Gabe unbuckled his belt, whipping it out of the loops and folding it over.  “You think it’s cute to be disrespectful in the middle of a punishment?  We’ll see how you feel when we’re done.”  He inched towards her, flicking her shirt.  “Strip.  Let’s add in a little more degradation since the pain isn’t enough.”

“What the fuck.  Don’t we have to vote on this shit?”

Gabe looked up and sought approval from everyone.  The others agreed, but I buried my face in Izaak’s bicep, refusing to make eye contact.  

“Seriously??  Ugh, such bullshit,” Violet grumbled, slipping the shirt over her head and tossing it aside with her bra to follow.  She stood more confident than ever, bony shoulders back, cherry red bottom sticking out, stomach sucked in a little.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of her aesthetically sculpted shape. 

Gabe seized her by the hair, and the pair moved towards us.  Izaak strode to one of the vacant chairs so that Gabe could hoist Violet over the arm of the sofa.  My heart skipped a beat when my boss’ fierce scowl landed on me.  “Hold Violet’s hands while I’m whipping her.  And don’t let her reach back, or you’ll trade positions.”

My eyes widened, and I looked at Izaak, wondering if he’d let Gabe do that. Then Violet’s bony arms extended to my lap, and she looked up at me, flipping her purple hair out of her face. “This is bullshit!” she said, reaching for my palms as Gabe landed the first lash. The biting pain caused her to squeal and shout, “fuck!”  

The deafening sound of leather meeting flesh made me jump each time.  Gabe swung the belt much heavier than Izaak ever had with me, and Violet kept almost breaking our grip, only remembering at the last second when I re-squeezed her fingers.  I squirmed when she shouted obscene words at him, something I’d never do with Izaak, and was met by Gabe with harder swats, sometimes on the thighs.

When he finished up, he put his belt back on while Violet grumbled in pain.  “Are you ready for her?” he asked Izaak, ignoring his spankee’s strife.

“What the fuck… I don’t…”

Before she could get more out, Gabe leaned over her and wagged his finger in her face, growling, “You shut your fucking mouth or I’ll start over.”

Violet’s jaw clamped shut and she let out a pouty huff as Gabe pulled her ear, forcing her to stand.  Once she was upright, he smacked her with his hand to get her moving towards Izaak.

When she was within arm’s length, Izaak reached for Violet’s wrist and yanked the naked girl over his lap. His right hand rested on her throbbing bottom and he held her in place with his left.  The purple-haired anarchist looked uncomfortable in the childish position, completely mortified but entertained. 

“Let’s see what you think about these hand spankings now,” Gabe mocked from aside me, folding his arms.

Izaak’s energy was more serious and caring.  Maybe he didn’t care about Violet… but he cared about something.  Me?  

But a different side of him emerged once his hand lifted.  He turned into a machine.  The swats came down much more vigorous than he’d ever spanked me, so fast Violet didn’t have time to catch her breath and swear at him.  She was flailing her arms and legs in every direction, tempted to block the swats, which just prompted him to spank even harder to make her submit.

I shivered, tearing up as I glanced over at Toby.  He was fixated on the scene but noticed my gaze and our eyes met for a minute.  The worry must’ve been written all over my face because he threw an arm over my shoulder.  Not the reaction I was expecting, but I kind of liked it.  

When the spanking was finally over, Violet let out a big, “fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk that hurt!” thankful to rub her stinging backside.  

Izaak lifted her up and handed her back to Gabe. And now I was ready to run.  If he gets that reaction in Violet, what will he do to me?  And will he extra-embarrass me since I didn’t get the paddling he’d planned?  

As I watched Gabe give Violet a final scolding, my foot began thumping in apprehension.  I chewed on my fingernail, avoiding eye contact with Izaak, as if that would make him not see me.  But much to my horror, once Violet was dismissed to get re-dressed, my roommate approached, reaching for my wrist.  I shivered, close to a breakdown.  

A hush fell over the crowd as all attention wandered to us.  My heart rattled against my ribcage.  Ugh.  Is this really happening?  

Thousands of thoughts ran through my mind in the second that Izaak jerked me up from the sofa.  Is he going to make me strip like Gabe did with Violet?  Will he spank me as hard as her?  Will everyone think I’m a baby because I can’t handle as much?  My body isn’t even close to perfection like Violet’s… will they be disgusted by all of my fat?  Why did I agree to this?!

As Izaak sat, I shot Toby a glare.  I expected him to be smirking like Gabe had been with Violet, but he had the most serious expression I’d probably ever seen on him.  It poked at an unfamiliar guilty sensation.

Before I could analyze it, Izaak turned my chin so I had to look at him.  “I won’t lecture you about stealing being wrong.  You should already know better.”  I opened my mouth to argue, but fortunately, unlike Gabe, Izaak didn’t give me the chance.  “No excuses, kiddo.  You’re a big girl.”  My face flushed at being spoken to like a child.  Even though he did it at home, the others didn’t need to hear!  

He said no more, just helped me over his lap.  A whimper escaped from my lips, and even though I sucked in a deep breath to not cry, one tear slipped out.  

Over his lap I could see Violet to my left.  She was wincing but shot me a look of solidarity.

I avoided making eye contact with Gabe because… omg so awkward.

To my right, Molly looked almost ready to cry, but she showed me a half smile, also in solidarity.  

And at her side was Toby, still with a flat, serious expression.  

My skirt slipped up my thighs, and I squeezed my eyes shut, now deciding to bury my face in my hands.  It’s better I don’t see anyone’s reaction to my bare bottom….

Izaak really did skip the lecture.  It was a creepy kind of quiet right before the first swat landed, jiggling my bottom for everyone to watch.  My face burned as the next swats descended, and I couldn’t contain my squeals.  He quickly developed a rhythm, bouncing his large hand on each butt cheek a few times, then focusing on my sit spots for a few smacks before repeating.  

There was no warm up — he started almost full force without allowing me the chance to breathe (well, that’s how it felt, though it wasn’t as harsh as Violet’s spanking). I howled, trying not to squirm and look like a crybaby.  But it stung so much!  His hand spankings are ferocious.

“I’m sorryyyyyy,” I whined, knot in my throat beginning to untangle as I allowed tears to fall.  “I won’t do it again!”

Izaak remained quiet, legs rigid underneath me, continuing his methodical swats.

My cries increased with each smack.  The heat in my backside (and face!) was becoming almost unbearable, and eventually I couldn’t stay still and struggled to reach back, hoping it would at least earn me a break.  But Izaak didn’t miss a beat, just grabbed my hand and held it at my side, locking me tighter into place.  I idly wondered what Gabe and Violet were thinking about my ruckus.  

“Pleaseeeeee!  No more!  I’m really s-sorry!” I choked out.  The punishment persisted much longer than Violet’s.  The shame and humiliation of everyone watching was almost worse than the spanking. But the pain on top it all is what made me dissolve into a pool of tears.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” 

“Yessss!” I howled, warmth spreading to the tips of my ears.  

And finally, the spanking stopped. Izaak kept me there for only a second to replace my panties and skirt, then as he does in private, lifted me to sit on his lap.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my forehead into his chest, not wanting to face everyone.  I felt like a kid embarrassed in public — I just wanted Izaak to carry me home while I hid from the world.

But that didn’t happen.  He let me cry for a moment and everyone else did… other stuff.  I’m not sure what they were doing because I got lost in Izaak’s scent, the warmth of his arms wrapped around me, the rhythm of his breath.  When he spoke, his chest vibrated against my cheeks.  My bottom was on fire and achy, nose stuffy from crying.  

After a few minutes, he pried me away to lock eyes.  I was scared to face him, but eventually found the courage.  

“Are you okay?  Was this okay?”  His voice was low, uncertain.

At first I shrugged, but then I snuggled closer and peered around the room.  Everyone was busy with their own stuff, not even remotely focused on me.  I only made brief eye contact with Toby, blushed, and turned back to Izaak.  “Yeah, it’s all okay,” I murmured.

“I didn’t use the paddle because,” he looked up at our family, then down at me, “it didn’t seem necessary.  But no more stealing, putting your life in danger, none of that.  Do you understand?”

Chewing on my lower lip, I nodded.  “I’ll be a good girl,” I promised, snuggling up into his chest again.

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Chapter 17 – Violet’s Weekend with Toby

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  1. Just spent awhile rereading the whole series- I’d read them all as they came out and had missed a lot of details. Dying to know what happens when they figure out Pattie is Chloe?! Are the insinuating Chloe murdered someone? I need answers😂

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  2. thanks for the comment 🙂 hehehe, chapter 19 will give some of the answers about chloe’s past, but I’m still working on revisions. hopefully i’ll finish soon 😀


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