Chapter 20 – Violet’s Good Girl Session

Warning: This chapter is kinkier than my usual (and gets sexual 🔥)

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If you would like a soundtrack to go along with this, check out my playlist on Spotify or YouTube.  This chapter’s songs: “Obey,” “The Violence,” “Goddess,” “Lights Down Low,” and “Bad Guy.”


Most of the afternoon I was in the streets gathering evidence, so I wrapped up work a little early, strict instructions to finish paying off my debts.  It had been officially one week since I used.  The techniques Toby had taught me were enough to distract my cravings as long as I stayed away from Dominic’s, but after shamefully repaying my old job, Andy and my poker buddies were the only people left on my list.

I was ready to get out of my financial hole, but I wasn’t sure about being close to drugs again, so I stalled by going home to change out of work clothes.  It was a hot Tuesday in late-July… if I had to deal with junkie gangbangers, I needed to be comfortable.

After changing, I flopped onto the recliner, turning on the PlayStation to shoot zombies while chain-smoking cigarettes.  Things I do when I’m getting frustrated, according to what I’d learned over the weekend.  But supposedly video games aren’t the solution… at least that’s what Toby had said.  He was probably right.

I sighed and turned my game off, glancing at the clock.  

Don’t be alone when you’re triggered.  There’s a group of us you can call.

It wasn’t my style to look for handouts, but Gabe had warned me of the beating that awaited if I didn’t pay off the remainder of my debts tonight.  Taking Toby up on his offer was better than potentially buying more coke.  A relapse wouldn’t be taken lightly.

When I texted him, though, Toby was busy.  Of course.  A reminder of why I don’t depend on people.  I’m with Izaak.  He’ll drive you.

Ugh.  We’d enjoyed basketball, but I wasn’t convinced our friendship would work.  And Izaak had dragged me away from Dominic’s last time, causing beef with Andy and company.  I didn’t need extra drama.

Nevermind, I wrote back.  I can handle it.

He immediately responded: It wasn’t a question.  

My eyes rolled, and I punched in, fine.  Straight attitude.  Gabe would’ve made a comment or threat, but Toby ignored it.

Twenty minutes later, Izaak pulled up.  I stepped out my cigarette and climbed into the passenger’s seat of the suburban.

“You need to quit that nasty habit,” he scolded.

“Fuck off.  I have enough people bossing me around.”

I slammed the door as he checked his phone, brows furrowed when he tossed it back into the cup holder.  “You’re welcome for accompanying you to pay off your debt.”

“Bro, I told Toby I got this on my own.”

His head shook, face still serious as he pulled out of his street parking spot.  “You’re in denial.  One step in that bar, you would be right where I found you last weekend.”

My arms folded in a huff.  “Whatever.”

There was a tense silence for a minute as he weaved between cars.  “You need a good attitude adjustment.”

“And I suppose you want to give it to me?”

“A few days in my care would teach you how to be more respectful.”

I let out a loud, “Ha!” even though I felt a little tingly at the fantasy.  “As if you could handle me that long.”

“Of course I can.  But you may regret it.”

There was another tickle in my tummy as I licked my lips, wishing to make a smartass comeback.  But unfortunately, we’d arrived at the bar.  As expected, Andy stood at the bottom of the stairs, puffing on a cigarette and shooting the shit with his buddies.  I sighed, nervous at the itch in my nose.  

“Should I go with you?”

“No,” I said, glancing at him.  “But stay close, just in case…”

He nodded.  “You have fifteen minutes.  One second longer and I will come for you.  I don’t care if I have to carry you out, do you understand?”

“I’m feisty, you’d have to tie me up or you wouldn’t get very far.”

“There’s rope in the trunk.”

A chill swept over my body as I opened my mouth to fire back, but he cut me off.

“Stop stalling.  Go.  Fifteen minutes.”

I grumbled and pushed the door open.  Even though I have a love/hate relationship with being humiliated, I didn’t want to take the chance of Sergeant Douche coming in and causing a scene.  

Andy shook his head when I approached.  “Ah, mira, she decided to show her face.”  The guy who’d pulled a gun on me last week stood at his side, shoulders back and chest puffed out to intimidate me.  “Did you bring your fed?  Gonna frame me again?”

“Fuck off, nobody framed you.  Here’s your dough.”  I took the wad of $100 bills out of my pocket, tempted to throw it in his face, but remembered Izaak was watching.

Andy snatched the cash, counting then stuffing it in his wallet.  “Your girl got us in shit, robbin’ Chucho and callin’ the cops.  What’s her name?  Chloe Peterson or somethin’?”  The skinny twerp inched towards me, half-smiling like he did before fucking me a couple of weeks ago.  Bile stung the back of my throat at the thought.

“Bro, you did that to yourself.  Leave my girl alone or I’ll fuck you up.”  Then I pushed him away with ease and headed up the stairs, ignoring his cackle and my chattering teeth.  

I hurriedly paid off everyone else, careful to ignore my poker buddies so they wouldn’t rope me into a game, and I made it back to Izaak in record time.  “Three minutes to spare,” he said, tapping on his watch as I slid into the SUV.  “Toby advised me to ask, how does it feel to be free of debt?”

“Yeah, fine,” I muttered, staring out the window as he pulled out onto the street.  What’s Andy plotting against Clo?

“No smartass response?  How uncharacteristic.”

I looked at him.  “Savor the moment while it lasts,” I half-sneered.  My mood had shifted, now concerned with how to protect my friend from Andy’s attack.  My gut reminded me to tell Gabe, fearful of violent consequences like had happened last time the ‘hoodlums’ sought revenge.

We were silent the rest of the ride home, only the low hum of 90s music providing a melody for my thoughts.  So much on my mind that I didn’t notice when we arrived until Izaak spoke again: “Football this weekend?”

“You got it,” I replied with a fist bump.  “And… um… thanks for… you know.”

Eyebrows raised, he shook his head.  “Say it.”

With a groan and exaggerated eye roll, I indulged him.  “Your help.  I appreciate it.”  Then I ducked out of the Suburban, more vulnerable-feeling than when I was spanked in front of everyone at the meeting.

“Esperanza,” he boomed in a severe voice that made me turn around and face him again.  “You’re welcome.  I know you would do the same for me.”

As if Izaak would ever need my help like that.

By the time I entered the empty apartment, my thoughts were spiraling out of control.  Flashbacks of jail haunted me… not the imprisonment, I can deal with shitty conditions and people hollering at me.  The problem had been the loneliness.  I’d had nobody… no family, no friends, no support. 

The silence in Vic’s room pierced my eardrums.  An itch in my nose reminded me that coke would block out the static.  And it’d help me focus on making a plan to save Clo. 

No!  Said an inner-voice that sounded like Toby.  Using again isn’t worth it.  You don’t want to face everyone’s disappointment.

I reached for a cigarette, inhaling so sharply it made me dizzy.  When my vision unblurred, I noticed my backpack full of implements off to the side.  So much sexual tension had built up since this whole thing started… thoughts of my punishments were a turn on (I didn’t want an actual repeat, though!).  I’d been in an almost constant state of arousal, but Gabe wouldn’t allow me to do anything about it without his permission, which was another torture altogether.  Maybe he could reward me before I broke the news about Andy.


When I stepped out of the elevator into Gabe’s penthouse apartment, he waited for me in the doorway of his living room, red tie slightly loosened, sleeves rolled up.  As he subtly licked his lips, I followed his gaze to my cut-off jean shorts.  My legs weren’t as toned I’d like, but the shorts made them look good while also showing off my butt. 

“Officially debt-free… I think you owe me a reward.”

“For what??  There’s no prize for handling obligations.”

I rolled my eyes, in no mood to deal with his bullshit.  “You’re such a dick.”

He took a step towards me, smirking.  “If anyone deserves a reward, it’s me for providing motivation.”

“Should I applaud you?”  I gave a golf clap, then slugged him on the shoulder.  “Great work, champ!”  With a flirting gaze, I walked past him towards the living room, discarding my bag next to the coffee table.

He followed, turning off the light in the entryway. “Did you behave this weekend?”

I shrugged. “What do you think?”

My hair was yanked back, forcing me to face Gabe’s scowl. “I think you need to check that attitude, Young Lady.”

“And if I don’t?” I teased. 

With a smirk, Gabe released me and walked to his bedroom, returning with a gag.  Before I could protest, he shoved the rubber ball into my mouth and hooked the strap behind my head.  The whole time, I playfully tried to push him off me.  “Do I need to cuff you, too?” he asked after successfully gagging me, then his eyes darted to my bag.  “What’s in that backpack?” 

I tossed it on the ground in front of him, hearing the belt buckles clang together when it landed with a THUD!

Gabe glanced at the bag, then back up at me, frowning.  “Wrong answer.  Try again.”

With an eye roll (that earned me a light slap across the face), I bent down and ripped open the backpack, causing half the items to spill onto the floor.  Gabe folded his arms, suggesting that revealing wasn’t enough.  He sought deep submission.  Last week should have trained me for this.

One at a time, I half-heartedly dug each object from the bag, placing it on the coffee table before him.  Usually I do everything in a rush, but tonight I tried to be artistic (ha), as if getting ready for a photo shoot.  The thick tawse was smoothed down and laid at an angle where Gabe could easily reach for it.  The belts were coiled up, lined in order of thickness.  And finally, a heavy bathbrush was set at the other end of the table.   

In the bottom of my backpack sat a small black butt plug I’d forgotten about — something Jason was into, but I never particularly enjoyed.  My attempts to zip the bag back up before Gabe said anything were futile.

“What’s this?”  He snatched it out, more smug than I’d ever seen.

I tried to argue, but fucking gag wouldn’t allow me, making him chuckle.  Ugh… he was loving this entirely too much and didn’t bother hiding it.

Gabe shoved the plug into my hands.  My glare only caused him to jerk my hair back and say, “fix your face.” 

He wanted me to artistically put it with the other implements, but I was tempted to throw it in the trash can.  That object can go fuck itself!  But okay… maybe a tiny part of me was curious about how he’d use it.  So I placed it next to the thickest belt.

“Why aren’t you wearing your schoolgirl uniform, Young Lady?  I expect proper attire when you come over here.”  He shook his head, clicking his tongue at me.  “You’ve earned a punishment.  Strip.”

Body quivering, I started with my shirt, slipping it over my head.  I caught Gabe’s gaze as I unhooked my lacy black bra, shimmying it off to give him a show.  Then I wiggled out of my shorts and panties, kicking the pile of clothes to the side.

Pointing to a leather bench, he said, “On your hands and knees.”

When I was in position, Gabe walked forward and grabbed my ponytail, yanking out the scrunchy.  I looked up at him through strands of my almost-black hair.  His hand cupped my chin, and he tilted my head up to look him in the eyes.

“I like it when you’re an obedient little slave.”

My eyes rolled before I had the chance to prevent them.  Gabe slapped me gently across the face.

“I will put something else in that mouth if your brattiness doesn’t stop, Young Lady.”

A twinge in my belly prompted me to nod in submission, looking down at the floor.

His fingers reached for the clasp of the gag, unhooking it and freeing my voice.  Tossing it to the side, he said, “Head down, ass up, knees apart.  Present yourself to me.”

As I readied myself for him, Gabe inspected the implements, settling on a lighter belt.  I eyed him as he walked back towards me, folding the leather and popping it together to scare me.  It didn’t work.  I licked my lips, sticking my butt up more for him.

I watched as he rested it on my naked bottom, then lifted and crashed it down.  The sting prompted a slight whine which, I’ll admit, sounded more like a moan.  He brought the belt down a few more times, not getting any stronger reactions, even when it was dangerously close to hitting between my legs.

“That barely tickles,” I teased.

Eyebrows raised, he said, “Oh?” and then discarded it, reaching now for the tawse.  Without giving me time to process, he swung it with such force that the loud CLAP! was followed by my yelp.  “How’s that?  Still tickles?”  Then landed another blow on my thighs.

“No, Sir!” I howled, reaching back to rub the sting out.

Gabe allowed it for a few seconds, then gave me a light swat on the hand with the tawse.  “Get in position.  Hands in front of you, Young Lady.”

The next few lashes weren’t as severe, and in fact were exactly what I wanted: Perfect intensity, all over my bottom and thighs, certain to leave bruises but tolerable in the moment.  

When he stopped it was to say, “I think you’re enjoying this too much.”

My brain felt floaty, which Toby would describe as endorphins or runner’s high.  I call it subspace.  

Gabe slapped the leather down, this time right at my sit spots and, ahem, a more sensitive region.  He did it again, causing me to whimper.

The tawse dropped to his side, and he moved in closer, fingers slipping inside me.  “For it to be a punishment, you can’t enjoy it this much.  I’ll have to take care of you then start over.”

“N-nooooo,” I whined, quivering in pleasure as his fingertips nudged up against my clit.  Gabe knew the buttons to push and the right pressure to apply, so that within seconds my body tensed, then I sighed in ecstasy, relaxing.  Subspace was now on full blast.

Gabe had other plans.  He re-positioned me and brought the tawse down to the center of my bottom.  

“Ayyyy!” I shouted at the sting that I now felt more strongly.

“Much better.”  Another lash, then another, until my butt was on fire.  Slow and steady.  “You think you deserve a reward for paying off your debts?”

I moaned in response, face smushed into the cushion of the bench because my body was too heavy and calm.  

The spanking stopped for a moment, and I felt Gabe’s warm breath near my neck.  His voice was almost a whisper.  “And what do you desire?”

I shivered and turned my head, prying my eyelids open to see him leaning over me.  “I want you to fuck me.”

His eyebrows raised, though I didn’t figure he was surprised at my response.  “You think you’ve earned that from paying a couple of bills?”

My eyes narrowed into a glare, wondering if he was trying to provoke a fight.  “And doing fucking amazing at work.”

“Is that more attitude?”

“Do you want it to be, Sir?”

“Prove you deserve a reward and submit completely to me.”

The request lit a fire in my chest, but I stopped myself from attacking him.  “Nevermind.  Just beat me until the urge to do something stupid passes.”  Then buried my face back into my arms, shifting my attention to my throbbing backside.  When Gabe’s footsteps came closer, I didn’t hear the jingle of any belt, so I suspected the bathbrush.

I was wrong.

Gabe grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled them apart, poking in the plug’s head.

I nearly leapt off the bench, but he shoved me back down.  “Do not move, Young Lady.”  Oops… that escalated quickly. 

“What the fuck, why you usin’ that god-awful thing?!”

“You’re having the urge to use again, and I’m making sure you won’t.  Be still and accept your fate.”  Then shoved it in further.

I whimpered like a sad puppy, less relaxed because I knew how uncomfortable that stupid plug would be.  My eyes squeezed shut, fists balled up, trying not to show him how much I hated it but wishing he’d stop.  

Once the object was stuffed entirely inside my little hole, Gabe walked to the front of me.  “Look at me.”

Allowing myself to breathe, I shyly glanced up at him.  His face was so serious.

“Ever had ginger root?”

I shook my head, shivering at the idea.  

“It will happen if you snort that shit again, am I clear?  If you need to occupy yourself until the urge passes, read up on figging.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He walked behind me, circling my waist and sliding the plug out, allowing me to finally relax.  “On your back,” he commanded.  “I’ll give you a few more bruises to keep you grounded for the night.  The doc talked to you about your drug cravings?”  With a nod, I rolled over and lifted my legs into the air.  Gabe grabbed my ankles and looked down at me.  “Obey his instructions.”  

The bathbrush didn’t rest on my sit spot for long before it crashed down, causing me to yelp and squirm.  This hurt a million times worse than Toby’s paddling over the weekend!  The next swat landed on my other sit spot, and I didn’t have time to breathe before the following blow crashed against my thigh.  He only needed to repeat the process three or four cycles, and it was enough to give me an adequate reminder for a couple of days.

“Stay in position.”  Eyes closed, I listened as he plopped the bathbrush down, then I heard the jingle of a belt buckle.  When Gabe returned, he pried my legs apart, making me blush profusely.  But my bruised thighs and ass made me much more compliant, so I said nothing.

I mustered up the courage to peek at him and saw the thin belt wrapped around his hand, leaving a small strip of leather that he was about to slap down on my inner thigh…

The loud pop and intense sting prompted a squeal, then he repeated on my other thigh, and I made the same noise.

“Young Lady, you’re still enjoying this too much.”

The inner thigh swats were light compared to the others, but in such a sensitive area it was hard for me to stay in position.  Eventually he gave up trying to enforce it, and I opened my eyes to see him undressing.  A flash of Izaak’s sexier body came to my memory, but I refocused on Gabe, who now pulled me down the bench so my hips were hanging off.  He easily slid inside of me.

“You’re such a bad girl,” he moaned, yanking my hair.  “What will happen if you disobey?”

He thrust against my sore bottom and I groaned, close to climaxing again… “You’ll punish me.”

“I will make you cry.  I’ll make you hate me.”

“Fuck you,” I provoked, digging my fingernails into his back.

He fucked me harder, deeper, bringing me to orgasm almost immediately, and then another before he shivered, letting out a groan.  We were both panting and sweaty, and as we pried apart and I lowered my legs, I felt my new bruises.

Gabe cleaned up and offered me a shower, which I obliged because his showerhead is like getting a professional massage.  After re-dressing, I planned to discuss Andy, but got interrupted by a phone call.

It was my NYPD contact.  “The case you inquired about is sealed because the perpetrator was a minor.  But lucky for you, I know a guy…”

Chapter 21 – Chloe’s Back to Bad Habits

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