Bri & Ana

photo by Dee!

One of my oldest series, and probably the most disorganized. Brianna has lived with her older brother, Terrence, since her parents passed away in a car accident. And she really loves him, most of the time, but sometimes he can really drive her crazy! Especially with his discipline methods — he still believes in spanking!

But then she meets Anastasia, who coincidentally is also spanked by her older brother. You’d think these teenaged soccer stars would try to be positive influences on one another…

This series has been made into an ebook! There will be 6 parts in total, all which can be found on LSF Publications: Spanked by her Brother

Stealing Is Bad — M/f nc
Skipping Class — M/ff nc

Cheater, Cheater — M/f nc
Skipping Again — M/f nc
Party! — M/f nc
Stolen Car — M/f nc
To the Park — M/f nc
Concert — M/f nc
Heavenly Weed — M/f nc
Summer of Concerts — M/ff nc
Ashton’s Car (Anastasia)  — m/f nc

Brianna’s First Day of School — M/f nc
Anastasia’s First Day of School — m/f nc
Bad Grades — M/f nc
District Championships — M/f nc
State Championships — M/f nc
Ditching School (Anastasia) — m/f nc
Rated R Movie — M/ff nc
Chicago Fun Part I – Souvenir Hairbrush — m/ff nc
Chicago Fun Part II – Chad’s Party — m/ff, M/ff nc
Anastasia’s Birthday – Part I — f/f nc
Anastasia’s Birthday – Part II — M/f nc
Spiffy Big Brother (Anastasia) — M/f nc mouthsoaping
U Drink, U Drive, U Walk — M/f nc

Food Fight — M/f nc
Lesson Finally Learned — M/f nc
The Homecoming Dance — M/f cons, M/f nc, M/f cons
The Soccer Party — M/f, M/f implied
A Bit of Jealousy — M/f nc
The Good Old Days — M/f nc
Dinner At Romano’s — M/f nc
Viva Mexico – Part I
Viva Mexico – Part II — M/Ff nc
Viva Mexico – Part III — M/F nc
Temper Tantrum — M/F nc


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