Stabler Girls: Framed

Lenore gets accused of cheating on a test, and then her dad finds out that Bre forged his signature.  I know two people who won’t be sitting comfortably at dinner. ———– Lenore sat looking confused, staring at her math test. She’d gotten a 96% on it – her best ever yet! But when Ms. Delphane … More Stabler Girls: Framed

I Wanna Go Home!

Sydney is bummed that she’s stuck going to day camp instead of getting to lounge around in the air conditioning with her neighborhood friends all summer.  After being a brat all day to the counselors who are only there to make her life more miserable than it already is, Sydney swims into trouble.  The problem … More I Wanna Go Home!

The Circus

Fiona will do anything to go to the circus.  And she has quiet an adventure on the way there, but it lands her across the lap of her Brazilian “brother.” ——— The only thing I ever wanted was to go to the circus. Of course, my family made that nearly impossible, always busy with their … More The Circus

Molly: Chapter 13

The next morning, Molly called and woke me up. I wasn’t surprised that she woke me up because I usually outsleep her, but I *was* surprised when I saw that it was only a little after seven. “Molly?” I asked. “Is everything okay?” “Yeah,” she whispered. “Everyone’s asleep, though.. I wanna come home.” “Why?” “I … More Molly: Chapter 13

Molly: Chapter 12

After finding out that Molly was serious in her wishes to spank me, I didn’t know what to say. She had a point, because no matter how old she was, I really would spank the daylights out of her for using such disrespect towards her mother. It’s weird, though, thinking about how this adorable 12 … More Molly: Chapter 12