Allie & Natalie’s Weekend at Neal’s

After visiting their mom in prison, the girls spend the weekend with their father. ¬†There’s a lot of emotions happening, which means that they definitely won’t be able to keep themselves out of trouble. ¬†Good luck, Neal! by Lenore and Breanna ———– Natalie’s forehead stuck to the frigid window in the backseat of Peter‚Äôs car … More Allie & Natalie’s Weekend at Neal’s

Danielle: Getting Burned

¬†This was a random story I wrote based on the following writing prompt: ¬†“Are there adults around? ¬†Tell a story (based on truth or fiction) where someone is playing with fire–literally or metaphorically–and probably shouldn’t be.” ¬†Danielle is hanging out with the wrong crowd and ends up getting burned… well her bottom anyway. ——— I … More Danielle: Getting Burned