by Aleksandra — Through Hardships to the Stars

Aleksandra Jakubowska’s first story translated to English. On the inside, Marta was just a terrified 17 year old, trying to make sense of this miserable world after being abandoned by her parents. On the outside, she’s a royal brat who’s gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd. It doesn’t take long for her to end up … More by Aleksandra — Through Hardships to the Stars

Tio Ricardo (español)

Esta historia escribí en ingles por mi “tío” y ya lo traduci a español.  Gracias a todos mis amigos que me ayudaron!!!!  Y por favor, disculpa los errores. ———- Mis papás decidieron mandarme a Colombia en mi último año de colegio. Me dijeron que yo necesitaba conocer otras culturas… que no agradecía las cosas simples … More Tio Ricardo (español)

Tio Ricardo

Disclaimer: I do not intend for this story to be a stereotypical Colombian story about drugs… I do understand that Colombia is a beautiful country with loads more than marijuana. In fact, the only reason I chose Colombia is because I happened to be eating a Colombian empanada when I wrote this. So I hope … More Tio Ricardo

Molly: Chapter 13

The next morning, Molly called and woke me up. I wasn’t surprised that she woke me up because I usually outsleep her, but I *was* surprised when I saw that it was only a little after seven. “Molly?” I asked. “Is everything okay?” “Yeah,” she whispered. “Everyone’s asleep, though.. I wanna come home.” “Why?” “I … More Molly: Chapter 13

Molly: Chapter 12

After finding out that Molly was serious in her wishes to spank me, I didn’t know what to say. She had a point, because no matter how old she was, I really would spank the daylights out of her for using such disrespect towards her mother. It’s weird, though, thinking about how this adorable 12 … More Molly: Chapter 12

Molly: Chapter 11

It was Friday morning and I’d just dropped Molly off at school. The nervous anticipation was eating me up. In a few hours, I’d be going to see my mom, whom I hadn’t seen in so long. I felt like a bachelor who was taking his girlfriend to get his parents’ approval. I guess it … More Molly: Chapter 11

Molly: Chapter 10

Molly – Chapter 10by Breanna Carter While Molly was in the shower and getting ready for school, I cooked breakfast, glancing at the news every so often. Nothing exciting was happening really, which Molly made clear when she came into the living room clad in a pair of khakies, white polo-type shirt tucked in and … More Molly: Chapter 10