The Emo Story

Involves the spanking of a college-aged young woman by her friend.  And it’s sad but sweet.  Not going to give anymore of a summary than that 🙂 ———- Garth Brooks used to be my get drunk and party music. My best friend and I would drive to Texas with our mixed CD deafeningly loud, air … More The Emo Story

Beach Party

Jennifer seems to care more about partying since she went to grad school than she does about actually going to class.  Fortunately, she has a mentor who knows the appropriate remedy to that. ——— It was 4:27am when my phone began vibrating in my pocket. I was lying on the beach, stoned out of my … More Beach Party

Stupid Paddles

Based on a real life (consensual) spanking I received from a non-spanko friend. ———- I wiped my sweaty palms on my jeans. My heart pounded inside of my chest. Why was I so nervous? This had happened to me plenty of times before.. or at least three times prior to this particular occasion. It was … More Stupid Paddles