Katelyn and Jessica


Katelyn and Jessica are 13 year old twin sisters who recently suffered the tragedy of their parents’ death. Their older brother, Robert, and his husband, Daniel, agree to take custody of the two girls. Both the new parents and the young teens grow close and endure chaos on so many different levels. Written by Breanna Carter (that’s me) and my friend, Mackenzie. You can find a complete collection of Mackenzie’s stories on her blog: Mackenzie’s Incredible Story World

Run Away Smartass — M/f nc (by Mackenzie)
The F Word — M/f nc
Drinking Young — MM/f nc (by Mackenzie)
Go Mets! — M/f nc
Starvation Kills — M/f nc (by Mackenzie)
Why Did Katelyn Cross the Road? — M/f nc (by Mackenzie)
Searching for Trouble — M/f nc
Never Again Part I — M/f nc (by Mackenzie)
Never Again Part II — no spanking (by Mackenzie)
It’s Okay To Be Imperfect — no spanking (by Mackenzie)
Family Time – Jessica and Daniel — no spanking
Asking For It — M/f (by Mackenzie)


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