special thanks to Dee for drawing this photo for me 🙂

This story has been made into an ebook:  Motivating Molly 

Brian is the manager of a skating rink, which is the hot spot for many of the local teens.  Molly just happens to be one of those teens (well, pre-teens).  Brian and Molly have a special relationship that is a little too adorable to be true, but this has been one of the most popular of my series.  Enjoy! 🙂

Chapter 1! — M/f nc
Chapter 2!
Chapter 3!
Chapter 4!  — M/f nc
Chapter 5!
Chapter 6!  — M/f nc
Chapter 7!
Chapter 8!
Chapter 9!  — M/f nc
Chapter 10!  — M/f nc
Chapter 11!
Chapter 12!  — f/M sorta
Chapter 13!  — M/f nc
Excerpt #1 from ebook:  Molly As a Teen — M/f
Excerpt #2 from ebookMotivating Molly:  Chapter 14 — M/F

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