Stabler Girls


Breanna and her little sister Lenore always seem to find themselves in trouble. Their single father does his best to keep them on the right track, and that means most of the time they end up with reddened backsides. Written by Breanna Carter (that’s me) and my friend, Lenore.  If you like this series, check out the latest series Lenore and I have written: Allie & Natalie.

Running Lies — M/ff nc voy
The Eminem Concert — M/f nc, M/ff nc voy
Framed — M/f nc, M/f nc
Playing With Fire — M/f nc
Brownies — M/f nc
Guitar Sisters — M/f nc, M/f nc
Garage Mishaps — M/f nc
Jerry — M/ff nc voy
Coming Out of the Closet — M/ff nc voy
Punching Douchebags — M/f nc voy, M/ff nc
Patience Is A Virtue — f/f nc
Nightmare in the Stabler House — M/ff nc voy
Blackmailed — M/f nc, M/f nc

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