Starting Over


New Series!  A group of urban adult spankos struggle to find balance when their kinky interests and real lives intersect.

Purple-haired anarchist and Queens native, Violet, strays from her desired path after a devastating break-up and job loss. The only person who can possibly get her back on track is a hotshot, corporate lawyer named Gabe.

Hailing from the midwest, Chloe moves in with a friend from college and now-FBI agent, Izaak, in hopes of hiding from her past. Little does she know that her new hardass boss is connected to an old acquaintance who could destroy the life she’s built in New York City.

Disclaimer:  This is an adult story… lots of drug use, some sexual scenes, and potentially very intense punishments.  

Robotic audio version can be found here.

Chapter 1 – Violet’s Chaotic Relationship
Chapter 2 – Chloe: Izaak’s New Roommate
Chapter 3 – Violet’s Defeat
Chapter 4 – Chloe’s New Life
Chapter 5 – Violet Spiraling
Chapter 6 – Chloe’s First Day of Work
Chapter 7 – Violet Meets Chloe
Chapter 8 – Violet Paintballing
Chapter 9 – Chloe at Dominic’s
Chapter 10 – Chloe’s Consequences
Chapter 11 – Violet Reunites with Gabe
Chapter 12 – Violet’s Job Offer
Chapter 13 – Chloe Before NYC
Chapter 14a – Molly’s Self-Care
Chapter 14b – Molly’s Turn
Chapter 15 – Violet’s First Day at Work
Chapter 16 – Chloe’s First ‘Family Meeting’
Chapter 17 – Violet’s Weekend with Toby
Chapter 18 – Violet Makes Amends
Chapter 19 – Chloe’s Dirty Little Secret
Chapter 20 – Violet’s Good Girl Session
Chapter 21 – Chloe’s Back to Bad Habits
Chapter 22 – Molly Gets a Cat
Chapter 23 – Molly’s Second ‘Family Meeting’
Chapter 24 – Molly Hosts a Sleepover
Chapter 25 – Molly’s Day Off

Outtake: Molly in Lockdown

For more (disorganized and unfinished) writings in this series, check out my LiveJournal. Beware of spoilers!