I Wanna Go Home!

Sydney is bummed that she’s stuck going to day camp instead of getting to lounge around in the air conditioning with her neighborhood friends all summer.  After being a brat all day to the counselors who are only there to make her life more miserable than it already is, Sydney swims into trouble.  The problem … More I Wanna Go Home!

Molly: Chapter 13

The next morning, Molly called and woke me up. I wasn’t surprised that she woke me up because I usually outsleep her, but I *was* surprised when I saw that it was only a little after seven. “Molly?” I asked. “Is everything okay?” “Yeah,” she whispered. “Everyone’s asleep, though.. I wanna come home.” “Why?” “I … More Molly: Chapter 13

Daycare Drama

Camilla is not into this going to daycare thing.  She’s definitely too old.  And she’s going to make sure that everyone knows how annoyed she is.  That’s okay… they know how to handle her… but not before she can create some interesting drama! ———- “This is stupid,” I insisted as my mom drove my younger … More Daycare Drama

1: The Brat

Aubrey’s ten year old sister is a pain, and she’s fed up with it.  When Serenity refuses to do as she’s told, Aubrey teaches her a lesson… er, sorta. ———- I had about had enough of my bratty ten year old sister. She was to the point of doing everything possible to annoy the living … More 1: The Brat

Molly: Chapter 1

Molly – Chapter 1by Breanna Carter The only thing I didn’t like about October was the fact that I had to spend all night at the skating rink watching kids for twelve hours as they celebrated the fact that they got to bug someone other than their parents. It was something that we’d done for … More Molly: Chapter 1

Lizbeth Downtown

Part 2 in the Lizbeth series.   Lizbeth goes downtown with Katrina after her father told her that she couldn’t.  They stay out a little too late and the cops bust them for being out past state curfew. ——— “But Papa!” I whined. “Why can’t I go with Katrina to that club tonight? It’s an … More Lizbeth Downtown

Lizbeth Home Alone

Part 1 in the Lizbeth series.   The curious pre-teen sneaks a cigarette from her dad and nearly burns the house down trying to smoke it.  Something else will be burning when her father finds out what she did (ha ha ha… i know, that was dumb, but I couldn’t resist). ———- The piercing sound … More Lizbeth Home Alone