Back on Track 2

Jocelyn is back, and still smoking.  This time Alan’s the one who spanks her.     ———- It seemed like a good idea when I thought of it.  Usually that’s how ideas go, right?  Well, I had been smoking it up in my friend’s apartment munching on marshmallow popcorn when the idea crossed my mind.  … More Back on Track 2

Back on Track

(story revised 1/4/2019) Jocelyn is going down the wrong path, and her two older brothers will do what they can to help her get back on track. ———- It sucks when you think you’re home alone and you’re not.  Especially when you’re doing something that you shouldn’t be doing… like smoking weed. My older brother, … More Back on Track

Stabler Girls: Jerry

Part of the Stabler Girls series.  Breanna meets Lenore’s friend, Jerry, who ends up causing them more trouble than he’s probably worth.  But Lenore loves him like crazy, and it’s really all Great Aunt Mildred’s fault! ———- It was spring break, and Lenore and Breanna’s Great-Aunt Mildred (not to be confused with great Aunt Mildred, … More Stabler Girls: Jerry

Tio Ricardo

Disclaimer: I do not intend for this story to be a stereotypical Colombian story about drugs… I do understand that Colombia is a beautiful country with loads more than marijuana. In fact, the only reason I chose Colombia is because I happened to be eating a Colombian empanada when I wrote this. So I hope … More Tio Ricardo

Danielle: Danielle’s Illegal Endeavor

Danielle is always looking for something new and exciting to do, so when Miguel asks for her assistance in something that isn’t exactly lawful, she doesn’t think twice before agreeing to do it.  Of course, after Carlos gets ahold of her, she’ll wish she had…  (this story takes place, obviously, before the Studying Abroad stories) … More Danielle: Danielle’s Illegal Endeavor

Not Normal

Jenn decides to party it up with her best friend, and by party it up, I mean get drunk and high.  Right before her older brother’s concert that she’s going to.  Nevermind that she’s not old enough to drink, and Ben is totally against her smoking weed.  The night only gets worse when she gets … More Not Normal


Gabriela (Gabi) and her friends are celebrating the end of the school year with loud music and speed.  It’s a great time until the cops crash the party.  And then Gabi makes some bad decisions that make even her older brother want to spank her.  So he does. ———- Can you please point me to … More Chemicals