Jessica: Family Time — Jessica and Daniel

Plot-heavy story from Jessica’s POV during the time in which her brothers have instituted the “no spanking” policy. ———– The summer between 7th and 8th grade marked a big change in our lives. Katelyn and I just couldn’t get along… I think I was a little bitter towards her because of the whole nearly-killing-me thing. … More Jessica: Family Time — Jessica and Daniel

Stabler Girls: Framed

Lenore gets accused of cheating on a test, and then her dad finds out that Bre forged his signature.  I know two people who won’t be sitting comfortably at dinner. ———– Lenore sat looking confused, staring at her math test. She’d gotten a 96% on it – her best ever yet! But when Ms. Delphane … More Stabler Girls: Framed