Danielle: Danielle’s Illegal Endeavor

Danielle is always looking for something new and exciting to do, so when Miguel asks for her assistance in something that isn’t exactly lawful, she doesn’t think twice before agreeing to do it.  Of course, after Carlos gets ahold of her, she’ll wish she had…  (this story takes place, obviously, before the Studying Abroad stories) … More Danielle: Danielle’s Illegal Endeavor

Go Mets

Part of the Jessica and Katelyn series.  Jessica is frustrated when she’s grounded during the big Mets game.  But since when has being grounded ever stopped her from doing what she wants? ——– Robert and I were constantly at each other’s throats. This time it was about my school work. While Katelyn brought home all … More Go Mets

Jessica: The F-Word

Jessica always makes sure that she gets her point of view across, even if that means punching someone in the face.  Her vice principal, whom she has come to know fairly well over the last couple of months, has finally decided to take action and get Robert involved.  Poor Jessica. ———– “Landon is a fag-got!!!” … More Jessica: The F-Word