Motivating Molly – Chapter 14

SPOILER ALERT!  This is the final chapter of Motivating Molly.  I’ve edited out some specific spoilers, but couldn’t stop them all. ———– Molly’s Journal Saturday 10/11/2008, 11:26pm Location: skating rink parking lot  Mood: nostalgic Title: amends I found this journal today when going through some of my stuff at mom’s house.  It’s crazy reading through … More Motivating Molly – Chapter 14

Chapter 6 – Chloe’s First Day of Work

Previous:  Chapter 5 – Violet Spiraling If you would like a soundtrack to go along with this, check out my playlist on Spotify or YouTube. This chapter’s songs: “Perfect Day,” “Favorite Liar,” “Last Nite,” and “Seven Nation Army.” —– The subway station was only a block from the apartment, nestled above a cafe where Izaak … More Chapter 6 – Chloe’s First Day of Work

by sethor — The Grass is Greener Over Here Huh?

[Author’s Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction. The author does not in any way endorse the spanking of real children in real life.] Twins Sam and Sarah compare the spankings they receive from their parents.  Neither of them know what they’re in for…  ———– In a normal kitchen, two young people sat at … More by sethor — The Grass is Greener Over Here Huh?

The Emo Story

Involves the spanking of a college-aged young woman by her friend.  And it’s sad but sweet.  Not going to give anymore of a summary than that 🙂 ———- Garth Brooks used to be my get drunk and party music. My best friend and I would drive to Texas with our mixed CD deafeningly loud, air … More The Emo Story

Beach Party

Jennifer seems to care more about partying since she went to grad school than she does about actually going to class.  Fortunately, she has a mentor who knows the appropriate remedy to that. ——— It was 4:27am when my phone began vibrating in my pocket. I was lying on the beach, stoned out of my … More Beach Party

Too Drunk

Melissa and Emmy are college students who can’t help but party it up while they’re studying abroad in Mexico.  After a few drinks, both girls are intoxicated beyond belief and Melissa ends up telling her cute waiter friend that she, um, kinda likes spanking.  Imagine how she felt the next day when she didn’t even … More Too Drunk