Chapter 2 – Chloe: Izaak’s New Roommate

Previous:  Chapter 1 – Violet’s Chaotic Relationship Here’s the original version if you’d prefer 🙂  If you would like a soundtrack to go along with this, check out my playlist on Spotify or YouTube. This chapter’s songs: “Troublemaker,” “Sweet Disaster,” “Trouble,” “Judgment Day,” and “The Darker the Weather.” ———- “You scared the shit out of … More Chapter 2 – Chloe: Izaak’s New Roommate

Too Drunk

Melissa and Emmy are college students who can’t help but party it up while they’re studying abroad in Mexico.  After a few drinks, both girls are intoxicated beyond belief and Melissa ends up telling her cute waiter friend that she, um, kinda likes spanking.  Imagine how she felt the next day when she didn’t even … More Too Drunk

Drunken Rampage

What’s better than getting drunk and telling off your ex-best friend?  Oh, I don’t know, maybe getting hauled out by a cute co-worker to whom you confess your love for spanking.  And then the next morning you’ve already forgotten about it and he’s already starting to spank you and you’re like wtf?  Yeah, that was … More Drunken Rampage

Stupid Paddles

Based on a real life (consensual) spanking I received from a non-spanko friend. ———- I wiped my sweaty palms on my jeans. My heart pounded inside of my chest. Why was I so nervous? This had happened to me plenty of times before.. or at least three times prior to this particular occasion. It was … More Stupid Paddles

Like a Father

Autumn is curious about spanking, especially with her classmate, Robert.  When he catches her getting an attitude with her mom, he leaves us wondering if he is also curious about it 🙂 ———- Robert was the type of guy that I could imagine being a good father. I guess that’s a weird thing to say, … More Like a Father